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Photos from Wellbeing with Ruth's post 16/01/2023

As an expat living in NZ, it can be challenging at times being away from home, and Christmas can certainly be one of these times! But this year we were lucky enough to have my sisters family come to visit and I was so happy to share this beautiful country with them...

I loved making memories with them and we enjoyed every moment together which involved digging holes on hot water beach, paddleboarding on Lake Rotorua, and snorkeling in the Bay of Islands! But my favorite moments were the simple ones that were spent bobbing around in the sea, strolling through the redwoods, and playing cricket on the beach.

My house feels so quiet now they have left and the transition from such a high can be tough. But I am truly grateful to have made some wonderful memories and show them a snapshot of life in NZ and my second home.

Anyone else's house feel much quieter since Christmas?


This has been my hiding spot over the past few weeks whilst working at my parent’s house in the UK - my dad’s summerhouse. Usually, you will find my dad in this space contemplating the world, reading poetry, or watching the birds go by. However, over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to deliver coaching sessions from here and use it as a space for reflection 🌿

I have connected with people across the world from here, and today I had my last session before heading back to Auckland next week. It has been great to be able to work across timezones and truly experience what remote working can offer (although of course it hasn’t been without its challenges). I will be back in Auckland for my next coaching session and although I am looking forward to getting back to my own office, I sure will miss this little spot in the garden 🙂


Truly grateful to be able to share my parents 40th wedding anniversary with them in England ☀️

Love this photo from the weekend - the two of them side by side where they have been for the past 40 years. A beautiful symbol of love, friendship and commitment. Feeling very lucky to be a part of their family and their journey ❤

Currently enjoying being back in the UK and making memories 🌿

Timeline photos 07/07/2022

Are you due to start back at work soon after a period of parental leave? Would you like some additional support to boost your confidence and create an action plan so you have a smooth and successful transition back?

Less than a fifth of women feel confident returning to work after having a baby, but your transition after parental leave does not have to be overwhelming. My 'Back to Work' personalised program will help to prepare you for this transition. I will support you to manage emotions, build confidence, establish a new routine, create positive habits, and tackle overwhelm.

Choose from a single session or a 3-month program.

Reach out for a virtual coffee if you would like to hear more.


Timeline photos 05/07/2022

Friendships can support our mental health by preventing feelings of loneliness, providing emotional support, and increasing a sense of belonging.

Making time for friendships and social connections is a key aspect of living well/with balance, yet thanks to Covid19, it is not surprising that people are finding this more challenging than ever. This has been a common topic amongst my clients in recent weeks, with many of them wanting to enhance this aspect of their lives.

As an ex-pat living in NZ, I’ve had to work at maintaining my friendships in the UK, as well as building friendships here in NZ. So I have shared some of my own experiences of this in my latest blog which also includes a few tips on where to begin if you want to improve this aspect of life…

Check it out here - https://www.wellbeingwithruth.com/post/how-to-make-friends-as-an-adult

I would love to hear if you have your own strategies for building connections

Timeline photos 03/07/2022

Over the past couple of weeks I have had several coaching conversations around ‘core values’, which happens to be one of my favourite topics to explore!

I love working with people to identify their values and brainstorm ways in which they can bring them into daily life. Values are a core part of who we are and can form who we want to be, which is central to wellness, happiness, and balance.

I work hard to live by my values and bring them to each coaching session with me, so I thought I would share my own core values here:

• Calmness
• Positivity
• Respect
• Determination

Have you ever sat down and thought about your own personal values? If not, you are probably aware of what is important to you which is a great place to start. It can be worth taking a moment to identify which values are most important to us as this can help us to live by our own values and not those of someone else.

What values do you live by?

*Photo taken at Devonport beach on Saturday!

Timeline photos 20/06/2022

Ever wondered what work-life balance actually is? Or how it can be achieved?

I know it can be challenging to manage work and home life (and everything in between) which is why I became a Wellbeing Coach. I work to support and empower women to combat overwhelm and create their own version of balance.

If you are struggling to manage the daily juggle of life, I can work with you to implement effective strategies so you can create better balance, combat overwhelm, and feel energised.

If you would like to hear more about my coaching program, reach out and let's chat!


Timeline photos 10/06/2022

Do you allow yourself time at the end of each week to reflect on your achievements and plan for the week ahead? This has been a common topic this week amongst my clients, with several wanting to spend more time in reflection mode on a Friday afternoon.

Scheduling time for this at the end of the week presents several benefits, such as:

1. Reflecting on accomplishments can boost confidence and increase satisfaction levels. Celebrating ‘wins’ (no matter the size) can help us to develop a positive mind-set.

2. It can also help us to identify opportunities for improvement, create a clear plan for the following week, and set new intentions. Reflection allows us to acknowledge and be proud of what we have accomplished so far and accept what can be put on hold until Monday.

3. Reflection can also help to keep us on track and stay accountable to our goals. Writing down achievements gives us the ability to look back on these and measure success.

I would love to hear what people think about reflection. Is this is a practice you make time for at the end of the week, and do you see the benefits?

Timeline photos 25/05/2022

Does your work-life feel overwhelming? Are you wondering how you can get your balance back?

Although work might be an important aspect of life, it doesn’t have to be all-consuming. There are so many other parts of life worth our time and attention…

If you are struggling to balance your work and personal life, it could be you need to establish better boundaries.

How about spending some time today considering how you can make some adjustments next week?

Check out these pointers below ….

1. Establishing boundaries could include finding a dedicated space for work, setting an alarm so you finish work on time, planning an activity each day to help switch from work mode to home mode, or deleting your emails from your personal phone.

2. Prioritising activities you enjoy outside of work could also help you to achieve better balance. This could include heading out for dinner with friends, joining an exercise class, picking up an old hobby, or simply taking a bath. It might help to consider what aspects of life you would like to prioritise next week and then block time out in your diary for this.

What one thing could you do next week to help you switch off from work?

Head to my website to download a free guide which includes tips to achieve better work-life-balance…


Timeline photos 18/05/2022

Do you constantly feel like your to-do list is overflowing and there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done?

As a female business owner, I often juggle multiple priorities and have discovered that self-care, and effective time and stress management are at the heart of balance.

Through coaching, I will work with you to put strategies in place to overcome overwhelm and live with balance. My services are designed to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to feel relaxed and free from burnout.

Are you ready to start making change and enhance your wellbeing? Check out my coaching programs at the link below, and book a call to get started.


Timeline photos 16/05/2022

It has been a challenging couple of years since Covid19 and work/home life has become much more intertwined.

Increased flexibility may have brought many benefits, but it may also have led to blurred boundaries and increased isolation.

If this has led to you feeling frustrated and wondering whether to change jobs, click on the link below and download a free guide to support with your decision.

In the guide, I also share some strategies on how to establish better boundaries between work and home life. One way I keep my boundaries in check is by doing an activity after work each day to signify the switch from ‘work mode’ to ‘home mode’ (such as taking a short stroll).

What strategies do you have in place to keep your boundaries in check?


Timeline photos 15/05/2022

How to increase motivation...

Do you feel a little stuck and unsure what is next for you, but are lacking in motivation to make any plans for the future, or even to get through daily tasks?

Head to my website to check out my latest blog post, which provides 6 useful tips for increasing motivation and helping you to get 'unstuck'....


Timeline photos 12/05/2022

Let's talk about wellbeing...

As a qualified Wellbeing Coach, I offer two programs designed to enhance your wellbeing and provide you with the tools and resources you need to get you feeling well balanced, relaxed, and content!

My programs are....

1. Create Balance - a personalised 1:1 coaching program that will help you feel focused, combat overwhelm, and find fulfilment across all areas of your life. Choose from a 3 month/6 month program, or a single session.

2. Back to Work - a personalised 1:1 coaching program than will enable you to have a smooth and successful transition back to work after a break. Choose from a 3 month/6 month program, or a single session.

If you would like to know more about how coaching could help you, book a free 'intro to coaching' call today.

Simply head to my website to book...


Timeline photos 11/05/2022

Should I resign or should I stay in my current job? What if I make the wrong decision? What's next for me?

These are common questions that my clients are often deliberating over. Being unsure of your vision for the future, as well as being unhappy in your job can lead to feelings of frustration and overwhelm. But what is really leading you to consider resigning? In my free guide I help you to gain clarity on this and offer tips and advice so you can take action and improve your situation.

Head to my website and download your copy today!


Timeline photos 04/05/2022

Many people have left the workforce entirely since Covid19 and according to recent research organisations need to change their tactics to get them back including changing their employee benefits strategy.

But why are people resigning?

Research from McKinsey & Company suggests people are leaving their jobs for three main reasons:

Because they can - leaving a job does not create as much anxiety today as it did in the past, people are more confident they will find another job when they are ready to.

Because they are upset – people have been hit hard by the pandemic and they want to be treated well by their employers.

Because they are exhausted – burnout and stress has increased since Covid19 and organisations need to address underlying issues.

If you are considering resigning, head to my website and download a free guide designed to support you with your decision.



How confident did you feel when returning to work after having a baby?

With less than one fifth of women feeling confident returning to work after parental leave, this can be a stressful time for new mums and a mixture of emotions can be involved.

No matter how you are feeling about your return to work there is support available... Each individual journey is unique and I can support you with yours, whether that be to help you to establish a new routine and prepare yourself for a change, or to help you manage emotions (from guilt to excitement). 🌿

Book a call if you would like support with your return to work..

🌏 www.wellbeingwithruth.com

Photos from Wellbeing with Ruth's post 01/05/2022

Feeling grateful to live in such a beautiful country ☀️🏝😍

Enjoyed a hike in this fab spot yesterday! It's been over 3 years since I visited this area in Auckland and it's just as beautiful as I remember ❤

Anyone got any hiking recommendations? 👇

Timeline photos 27/04/2022

How do we live with balance?

Well, we start by assessing our own vision of balance, and creating a plan to get there! And guess what? You don't have to do this alone... I have designed a valuable and personal coaching program to help you do just that!

My Create Balance is a tailored coaching program that will help you feel focused, combat overwhelm, and find fulfilment across all areas of your life.

Not ready to commit to a 3 month program? Try a single session which can be a great taster into coaching! PM me to book a call and find out more...


Timeline photos 25/04/2022

If you are wondering whether to resign from your job, you may need to assess your 4 C's...

It may help to identify whether it is your company, your current circumstances, your career choice, or the workplace culture that is pushing you towards taking that step. To help you assess this check out the tips below…

1. COMPANY - Consider if your frustrations are due to the company you work for. Do your employer’s values align with your own and is your organisation meeting your needs?

2. CAREER - Allow yourself time to reflect on your career choice and speak to someone you trust about your goals. What is your vision for the future and does your current career fit with that vision?

3. CULTURE - It may be you have experienced a change in workplace culture and you want to realign your values. If so try speaking to your team and discuss how you can collectively work through this.

4. CIRCUMSTANCE - Or maybe your feelings of frustration are linked to the circumstances you find yourself in. For example, is your work-life-balance off? Do you need to establish better boundaries?

Head to my website for more details, and download my free comprehensive guide where you will find practical tips to help you gain clarity on your resignation decision and further info on the 4 C’s (as well as 4 B’s)!


Timeline photos 24/04/2022

What does a balanced life look like? ⚖

Balance means different things to different people, but essentially it is about feeling fulfilled across all areas of your life. Are you satisfied with the following aspects of life?

🌿 Your family & home life
🌿 Your friends and social life
🌿 Your finances
🌿 Your work-life & career goals
🌿 Your personal growth
🌿 Your health & wellbeing

We can become so fixated on one area of life that it can be easy to neglect the others! But, in order to feel fully content we need to live with balance and prioritise all areas 🌱

If you are feeling overwhelmed thinking about where to start with this, get in touch and I can help you put a plan in place to create balance in your life.... PM me to book a call 😊


Timeline photos 20/04/2022

Are you currently on parental leave, but are due to start back at work in the next few months? My 'Back to Work' personalised program will help to prepare you for this transition...

Less than a fifth of women feel confident returning to work after having a baby, but your transition after parental leave does not have to be overwhelming. I will support you to manage emotions, build confidence, establish a new routine, create positive habits, and tackle overwhelm 🤗

Choose from a single session or a 3-month program.

Reach out for a virtual coffee if you would like to hear more ☕

🌏 www.wellbeingwithruth.com

Timeline photos 17/04/2022

To leave or not to leave.... 🤔

Are you unsatisfied at work and considering resigning? Download my free guide and take your first step to clarity 🌻

When you’re unhappy at work it affects all areas of your life. It’s easy to start questioning whether to change jobs, but is it actually the job that’s getting you down or is it something else?

Before you hand in your resignation, check out my free guide designed to help you with this decision👇

🌏 www.wellbeingwithruth.com/freeguide

Timeline photos 13/04/2022

Spots available in May for my 'Balance' Coaching Programs.... ⚖

As females, we often have many different pressures coming from numerous angles and it can be a struggle to juggle everything. I offer two coaching programs for individuals, which will enable you you to combat overwhelm, feel fulfilled, and create positive habits. 🌿

Reach out to find out more about my programs! If you aren't ready to commit to a full program, my single session is a great 'taster' into coaching.

Book a call today and take control...

🌏 www.wellbeingwithruth.com

Timeline photos 12/04/2022

Re-sharing my blog on 'Imposter Syndrome' as it can be helpful to have reminders on how to tackle self-doubt when it creeps in without permission!

Head to my website for tips ... 👇


If you are struggling with this and want support to build confidence & overcome self-doubt book a call via my website!

Timeline photos 10/04/2022

Considering resigning from your job? Follow the steps in my FREE GUIDE before taking that leap 🏃‍♀️

Are you feeling burnout, exhausted, and ready for a change? Maybe you are wondering if a new job might be the answer 🤔

Before you join the ‘Great Resignation’, consider your C’s and B’s....

Head to my website to download your copy & find out more 👇

🌏 www.wellbeingwithruth.com/freeguide


Are you feeling overwhelmed and tired of the daily juggle? 😴

We live in a world where we think feelings of overwhelm, guilt, and exhaustion are simply a part of daily life, but things can be different 👏

My Create Balance coaching program gives you the space to explore, plan, and implement, so that you can combat overwhelm and get your time back🕒

Not ready to commit to a 3 month program? Try a taster session! 🌿

DM me to hear more... ✉


Timeline photos 29/03/2022

Sharing a photo from my weekend walk...

Over the past few years I have become much clearer on what I need to do to support my own wellbeing. I regularly head outside during the week for a stroll, but by the weekend I know that to feel energised I must get outdoors for a decent walk and be amongst nature.

With multiple pressures and tasks to juggle, it can be hard to even consider how we can take time for ourselves, never mind actually making it happen. But it is so important to prioritise self-care - what can you do this week to re-energise?

Where do you get your energy from after a long week at work? Do you have any particular strategies you follow to support your mental health?

If you would like support to maximise your time, and ensure self-care becomes one of your priorities, reach out for a chat.

Timeline photos 28/03/2022

I came across this podcast yesterday - ‘The Mental Load’ with Jenny (Career Mom) where she talks about tips to overcoming the mental load, including:

1. Building awareness
2. Believing things can change
3. Recognising your own mental load
4. Dividing the mental load

It is worth a listen... https://careermompodcast.com/mentalload/

If you would like support to make changes, tackle the mental load, and create balance in your life, reach out for a chat!


Less than a fifth of women feel confident returning to work after having a baby 👶

Your transition back to work after parental leave does not have to be overwhelming! 🌿

Check out my ‘Enable & Empower’ program which enables you to have a smooth and successful transition back to work after parental leave. I will support you to:

Manage emotions
Build confidence
Establish a new routine
Create positive habits
Tackle overwhelm

To hear more, reach out and let's have a virtual coffee ☕


What is balance?⚖️

I recently undertook a survey and asked working women what a balanced life would look like for them. Each response was unique, but there was an underlying theme.

Check out my latest blog to find out more 👇


Reach out for a chat if you want help to create your own version of balance!

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How confident did you feel when returning to work after having a baby? With less than one fifth of women feeling confide...
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