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These last few weeks I've delved into developing a leadership training programme. A key place to start is defining management Vs leadership, they seem the same but as shown in the post, in essence are actually very different.

Both roles are critical to the success of an organisation. Leadership is required for effective management. But, without management, output and ex*****on is usually poor.

The juggle 🤷‍♀️

Are you a hustling biz owner, in an organisation with a flat hierarchy or in a small team? Chances are, you may be juggling both roles and holeeey this is tough.

As a long time juggler, the game changer for me was really understanding the difference between these roles. Through this clarity you can then understand what situations call for you to respond by leading or managing.

As with any new insight or tool, success doesn't just happen overnight and putting what we learn into practise is where the work and impact begins ⚡️



Let's talk about failure cos, it sucks BUT the truth is, failure is critical for personal growth. It is also imperative for business, failure is the fuel for innovation and creativity.

We NEED to get comfortable with failing. We need leaders that embrace it, and businesses and schools to support and praise it.

But here's the thing, there's no playbook for failure. Too often I see leaders of all levels get into a downward spiral of self sabotage and destruction. As a recovering perfectionist, I know exactly what that feels like.

Here are some self-coaching tips that have worked for me.

When something doesn’t go to plan, notice...

🔸How do you react?
🔸What are you thinking?
🔸How do you feel?
🔸What have you learnt?

Now, if a friend shared their failure with you, would you react the same way?

The truth is, a mistake does not define you. You failed, but you are NOT a failure.

So next time you botch something up, zoom back out on the bigger picture and focus on the learnings. If you enter the spiral talk it through with a friend.

Do not give up but do give yourself permission to fail.



Today marks ! To all my fellow existing and emerging female leaders, it’s not just about today...

Despite so much progress that has been made by the courageous women that have walked before us, there is still a long way to go. Did you know that across the Fortune 500 only 8% of companies are led by females?! 🤯

Women face a multitude of leadership barriers, from deep seated beliefs and mindsets to dysfunctional organisational structures. Whilst solutions to some of these barriers are complex, we can when we see or hear these behaviours at play and support and empower each other to stand up for this movement.

The biggest influence on my leadership journey has been the tribe of incredible, fierce women who have shaped my beliefs from childhood to this day, and shown me that anything is possible. To you ladies, you are amazing, thank you 🙏



It’s been 6 weeks since my launch post and that was not the plan 😬

In all honesty, I've found myself stuck in a web of limiting beliefs recently. Fortunately, this isn’t my first rodeo so I’ve put in the work to shift my mindset.

Reflecting on this inspired me to talk about this topic of self leadership because it certainly hasn’t been easy. It’s taken over a decade of leadership with steep learning curves and failures to get to this realisation...👇

To lead anyone, or anything, we must learn to lead ourselves first!

I know first hand that leading right now during a global pandemic is complex, emotionally exhausting and at times, lonely. I’m seeing people unsupported, burnt-out, and here’s the thing, the constant fire fighting and de-prioritisation of self is 💯not sustainable. It impacts mental wellbeing, relationships and even business bottom line!

More than ever, we NEED disruptive, progressive leaders with a fresh mindset to help solve issues and create a better society. If you lead a business, a team or even a project, at the end of the day, the biggest ROI is YOU!

Invest time, energy and money into building your capability because your family, your team and the world needs you.

My mission here is to help leaders to become better leaders and create sustainable impact. I’ll be sharing resources and content I’ve picked up along the way and as a qualified coach can offer extra guidance to challenge your thinking, support your goals, and be the ultimate hype buddy! 🤗

So, I’m curious to learn if you are still reading this 😆, are you prioritising your own development right now? And if not, what’s holding you back? 🤔



Oh hey there! 👋

Born from the chaos of covid is a new side venture. Led deeply from my values of growth and service, with a desire for disruption and impact, I am pumped to bring this passion project to life!

Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing more on coaching and my mission, with a hope to empower, connect and serve.

Until then, in the wise words of stay awkward, brave and kind 😊


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