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Earth's Gifts for you.

Coaching for mental and physical health and wellness. Minding your health as a team with practical, action and values-based therapy. I’m so glad you visited.

It's time to give yourself the gift of being the best you, you can be! My name is Jenny Williams and I am a certified life and health coach and personal trainer. The role food plays in mental as well as physical health is a subject I’m passionate about, and my continued education in this area is something I enjoy and value investing my time in. I love food, but dislike cooking, you won’t see styli


You know what makes working out from home better? Winning some fancy new tights 👏👏👏 Thanks they’re super comfy and saw me through another lockdown office workout 💥


I was issued this challenge last night - what a little ripper 💥
Shake off those lockdown blues 💙 Go on…have a go 💪


Words have the power to change your world 🌍 You deserve, and can expect, great things when you shift your focus and language 🗣
'I am not enough' 😢 becomes... 'I am unique and worthy of success' 😃
'I can't break my addiction to bad food' 😢 becomes... 'My body deserves optimum fuel - I deserve to nourish myself with nutritional greatness' 😃
'I have no motivation/I'm lazy' 😢 becomes... 'I am finding my path, I am successful and every positive step is part of my success' 😃
There is an excuse for everything and a reason for some - your mission is to see the difference 👀 Why settle for fine when fabulous is on the menu! 💥
See if you can turn one excuse around today - you're worth it 💚


Be grateful in the moment 🙏
Practicing gratitude and keeping a gratitude journal is an excellent daily practice but don’t wait until the end of the day to think about what you were grateful for 💛
Have a fabulous day everyone ☀️


I finished my workout this morning and was greeted by this message on my phone - "Thank you Jenny for helping me believe in myself again. I can't begin to tell you how good I'm starting to feel." Accompanying the message were two pics, one of the beautiful Tracey and the other of her daily affirmation that she had written for the day 💚
Tracey is doing the work inside and out and is seeing some real differences in how she is feeling. I'm so lucky to be part of her journey. She is already a queen 👑

Photos from Mind Your Health NZ's post 20/05/2021

Worked out in pink today for Pink Shirt Day - a day to focus on the effects of bullying in the schoolyard, workplace, and increasingly online.
Of course everyday is No-Bully Day, but today let's support the Mental Health Foundation's kaupapa as they raise awareness and education of the importance of kindness, equality, and inclusion.
They have a great range of resources available on their website for your school, home or workplace. Check them out at www.pinkshirtday.org.nz
Have a fabulous pink day everyone 💖

Photos from Mind Your Health NZ's post 17/05/2021

This may sound a little crazy but...
Roughly 80-95% of people who go on diets will gain their weight back (plus more in a lot of cases)🤦‍♀️
I want you to say NO to dieting 👎and YES to eating a balanced diet👍 You deserve it 💚


YOU are not a problem to be solved.
Let that sink in...
"I'm overweight, anxious, depressed... I don't have enough time, money, energy... I don't get enough sleep... I have a medical condition... I have injuries..."
None of these are about YOU. They may be happening to you and around you, but they are NOT YOU. Yes, they are uncomfortable and challenging, they suck and they just feel downright unfair. But they do not define you and you don't have to continue your battle with them.
It's a big mental shift to be willing to 'make room' for your distress in order to move forward but I can attest to the many people who have been able to make that shift and the amazing transformations I have seen because of it 💚
Did you need to see this today? Do you know anyone who needs to see this today?

Photos from Mind Your Health NZ's post 05/05/2021

I love that the universe sent a reminder today - and made it big and obvious 😂
It had been a challenging morning and it happened to be the day that I had booked for my husband and I to see the Van Gogh exhibition🌻 After a less than ideal morning this was the first thing we saw as we entered. Magic 🪄
Lessons are always being sent and learned, and reminders of where energy should flow are given. We just need to listen.
A fabulous experience to be surrounded by art and to step away for a moment from the day-to-day and find some beauty 💛


Much is written about the benefits of adding ginger into your diet. But for today I just need it to calm a dodgy tummy 🧻😉 Adding sliced ginger, lemon, and a little drizzle of honey to hot water. Now that's tummy soothing love in a cup 🧡

Photos from Mind Your Health NZ's post 23/04/2021

Calming the mind takes practice - it's a 'muscle' we need to flex and strengthen. So what do we do with all those thoughts that begin to swirl as soon as we begin our meditation 🧘🏻
💭 Start by noticing them, allowing them to come and go in their own time. If you try to ignore them they will often get bigger or louder. A good little trick is to imagine placing those thoughts on something to allow them their freedom.
Try putting them...
✈️ on a plane
🍃 on leaves on a stream
🤍 in floating jars
☁️ on clouds in the sky..you get the idea💡 Anything that will allow them their freedom while you get on with your time out. You don't need to pay them any great attention, just notice them and put them in their place.
💭 Thoughts are tricky little suckers, they will keep coming back whether they're invited or not. So why not make space for them so you can spend more time calming and nourishing your spirit 💚
We don't own our thoughts and our thoughts do not have to own us.
Namaste 🙏


Here's a cheeky little food health hack for you... let your garlic breathe 🧄
💚 The health benefits of garlic are well known: High in antioxidants with powerful antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.
🥊 It packs a mighty health punch but this can be blocked when it gets added to heat 🔥
🧑‍🔬 A group of chemists discovered that allicin, the most active ingredient in garlic, becomes almost entirely deactivated when heat is applied. Allicin is created when a protein in garlic, called alliin, and a heat sensitive enzyme called alliinase is combined. To activate allicin the garlic has to be chewed (raw), crushed or sliced.
🤔 So how do we cook our garlic and still keep its nutritional benefits?
Easy, let it breathe... 🧄🧘🏻
Start your meal prep with the garlic. Crush, chop or mince and keep it away from heat for at least 10 minutes. If you are roasting your garlic whole, cut the top off the bulb and let it sit. During this time the maximum allicin is created and stays intact during cooking. You can then fry, saute, bake to your heart’s content and still get all that garlicky goodness 😍😋


Sometimes you’ve got to take those ‘big girl’ boots off and put some ‘love yourself’ slippers on 💚
👿 When those anxieties, worries, fears and inner troll stories kick in, give yourself the love and support you would give to others and surround yourselves with those who will truly and unconditionally give it back to you 💜
Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and healing Sunday 🙏

Photos from Mind Your Health NZ's post 15/04/2021

Look what can hide in such a small packet 👀
It's no secret that I'm a coach with an aversion to cooking and a lack of culinary creativity 😂 I find the best option for our family to still eat is a food box delivery service 📦 I choose meals that will fit in with a healthy framework and adjust where needed. Last night's meal was in need of such an adjustment...
Here is a pic of the two sachets of kecap manis (a sweet soy sauce) that were to be put in with our pork and veg stir fry. The meal also came with a spice flavour sachet which gave it more than enough oomph to make it flavourful without the sauce 😋
Here's how the numbers break down: 49.1g = 12 teaspoons of sugar (approx) x 2 sachets = 24 teaspoons of sugar!
So the message is... always read the label. Knowledge is power and we are in control of what we put in our bodies 👍


💚 Love yourself like your life depends on it 💚
It's something we can do in big and small ways - every day.
Here are some of the ways I choose to love myself (not in any specific order):
🥗 Fuel my body with nutritious food
😴 Get quality sleep
👩‍💻 Unplug from devices
🧘‍♀️ Meditate
💚 Spend time with my family and friends
🏃‍♀️ Exercise
💦 Drink water
🌲 Spend time in nature
📚 Read
🙏 Practice gratitude
🤓 Learn new things.. you get the picture 👍
Loving yourself is not selfish. When your tank is full, you can bring your A-game to all those around you - they deserve the very best of you (and you do too!)🥇
What do you do for yourself?


Today is World Health Day.
The past year has highlighted the need to focus on both body and mind. As we navigated the health concerns of the pandemic, we also dealt with the challenge of lockdowns, business uncertainty, anxiety, fear, loss...
As we slowly see a new beginning beyond the pandemic, let's remember that true health is achieved by having a healthy mind and a healthy body. I believe you can't have one without the other. Let's aim for optimal health in both.


I know Easter has finished but there's always room for chocolate 🍫
I aim to eat wholefoods for the majority of my fuel. But every now and then a little bit of dark choc is just what the body and mind needs 🤪
This is my go-to from so I have a choc fix available at home 👍 Two squares of the dark coconut has only 0.2g of sugar and 73 calories, and three squares of the dark mint has only 0.1g of sugar and 61 calories! They have no added sugar and are sweetened with stevia 🌱 A couple of squares is all that is needed to hit the spot 🎯
What's your go-to healthy treat?


I love finding products that make me look like I can cook 😂
I gave these crackers from a go today and they are delicious and freakishly easy 👩‍🍳
✅ All good stuff in them: Lupin flour, sunflower seeds, flaxseed meal, pumpkin seeds, almonds, chia seeds, cashews, and nutritional yeast.
Now I just need to decide what to put on them 🤔
FYI I’m not sponsored or affiliated in any way with Nothing Naughty - just want to give a shout out to a great Kiwi company with a fab product 👩‍🍳
Next up, protein pancakes... 🥞


Privileged to be part of this crazy beast family for the next 6 weeks 💛

Let’s go team 💥

We wish our next crew (minus a few ✌🏼) all the best as they embark on a life changing experience where they will be working on themselves from the inside out.

Remember team, “We do not see things how they are, we see things how we are!”
Be bold, be courageous 👊🏼



If anything sums up the backbone of what I do here at Mind Your Health it is this passage from 'The Power of Now' 🙏
Whether we are working on your mental or physical health (or both) - the ability to step back and observe your thoughts, stories, and feelings is key to moving forward 💭
Flexing this 'observing muscle' provides us the strength to really 'see' what's been powering our behaviours 🧠
It's not easy... but it is simple, and we can do it together 💚


"What do you do?"

I'm a Personal Coach - a combination of health and life coaching. I believe you can't do one without the other. To reach your health goals, you need to take a look at your life. To reach your life goals, you need to take a look at your health. ❤️

A Personal Coach is for anyone who wants to make a change and hasn’t been able to do it on their own yet. If you want to move from here to there in any area of life… whether it be health, life, business, relationships, finances, you name it, you could use a coach 🎯

💚 I love working WITH people to realise and achieve their goals. I'm opening up some one-on-one coaching appointments in the coming weeks. Why not get in touch and let's talk. First session is on the house - no strings attached.

Everyone has a story - I'd love to hear yours 😍


👉 Claim Your Free Starter Pack 12/03/2021

Such a great offer from the place that helps keeps me fit physically and mentally 💛🥊

👉 Claim Your Free Starter Pack


BEWARE of your thoughts - they're not yours.
BE AWARE of your thoughts - they can be great teachers.
The key to not letting your thoughts take over lies in having AWARENESS. We do have the ability to control our thoughts for a short period of time, but this control is fleeting and inevitably they will return.
So make space for your thoughts, give them a name, look them square in the eye and acknowledge them. Acceptance is acknowledging that we have the power to keep moving forward in both the calm and stormy seas.


🚨 Sometimes we just need a bit of time out...
I had a little moment the other day where my toddler brain 👶 began to kick in and required me to put myself in time out ⏳ Yes, you read that correctly, I 'parented' that toddler brain by going to my room, shutting the door 🚪 and giving myself some time to think about what was actually going on 💭 (Hint: the subject of the tantrum is very rarely the reason behind the tantrum 😉).
🧘‍♀️ Take a breath, step back, and notice (without judgement) the thoughts around the emotion 🤔 The aim is not to get rid of the thoughts or feelings, but to notice them, name them and give them space ✅
This simple (but not always easy) practice is the backbone of what I do at Mind Your Health 🌱 Working with you to notice 👀 and name your thoughts and feelings and come up with a plan, that is aligned to your values, to help you move forward ⏩ with your physical and emotional health goals 🎯
Everyone has a story - I'd love to hear yours 💛


You won’t see pics of food from me very often (unless someone else made it 😂) but this is my favourite, quick, easy, go-to ‘meal for one’ when the fam has other plans...🍽
Salmon, edamame beans, baby green beans, baby spinach, lightly fried in olive oil with a scatter of Parmesan ✅😋
Of course you could add any veg that’s in your fridge or freezer but these are my fave 💚
Now for some Netflix in a quiet house 📺👍

Photos from Mind Your Health NZ's post 22/02/2021

🪑Space available - let's talk 😊
Personal Coaching for your mental and physical health 💚 I’ve been in the health and wellness arena for over 20 years and while there seems to be more and more websites, diets, gyms, quick fixes, detoxes and supplements to cure our mental and physical ills, there is an ever-increasing rate of stress, anxiety, depression and physical health issues in our population.
🗓 I have a few spaces available for my one-on-one coaching. I want you to be the best, healthiest version of yourself. It’s time to cut the bells and whistles and begin to ‘mind your health’🌱
Get in touch and let's see what we can do together 🙌Everyone has a story - I'd love to hear yours.


You can't out-exercise a determined cupcake! (or Tim Tam, fries, lollies, wine...)
There are many reasons I choose to exercise...
🧠 Mental health
🫀 Cardio health
💪🦴 Muscle and bone strength
⚡️ More energy
😴 Better sleep
☀️ Vitamin D (in outdoor workouts)
🌲 Time in nature
💛Working out with friends (and coffee after ☕️)
The one thing I don't exercise for is to lose or maintain weight. This may happen as a result of exercise and it definitely contributes to weight management and the support of my metabolism but it's not WHY I move my body everyday. If you rely on exercise to lose weight you can lose sight of all the other reasons it is so good for you. Exercise isn't a punishment, it is a gift we give our mind and body.
Celebrate however you choose to move your body today.


📣 FYI: You don’t need to strive to be amazing - you already are 🌟
Have an amazing long weekend everyone ☀️

Photos from Mind Your Health NZ's post 25/01/2021

I was asked the other day "where do you go when you meditate?" My immediate response was "the lounge" 😂 followed by the realisation that what I was being asked was where do I 'go' 💭 And my response to this was "everywhere and nowhere."
🧘🏻 The purpose of my 5-10 minute 'sit' every morning is not to escape or take myself out of my body - in fact, it is the complete opposite. This is time for me to come into my body, be in the present moment and accept all that is within me and all that is outside of me.
🪄 The magic lies is in the noticing...
👂I hear the noises around me as the neighbourhood wakes up - I notice them and let them stay and go in their own time. I feel my body sitting in the chair 🪑sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable, sometimes I may get an itch on my nose👃or hear the cat 🐱 meowing at my feet - I notice all these things and let them stay and go in their own time without trying to change or control them.
🫁 I bring it back to the breath - notice my breathing, allowing all else to just 'be' for 5 minutes.
Then, it's coffee time ☕️😉
Breathe in... breathe out... have a great day everyone 💚


Knowing your passion and purpose is fantastic. BUT, you don't have to know what that is to have a rich, full, and meaningful life 💚
YOUR goals, vision, mission, passion and purpose are all built on a solid foundation of YOUR VALUES 🧱 Living in alignment with your values in and of itself gives you a sense of meaning and purpose.
Values are not about what you want to achieve or how you're going to get there; they are about how YOU want to BE as a human being 😌
🎯 If your goal is to lose weight and get healthy, you could feel overwhelmed by your change of diet and exercise, OR, you could call on values such as self-compassion, self-awareness and mindfulness as the foundation of your WHY. If you're looking to change your career, you may call on values of courage, curiosity, and persistance. Values of kindness, acceptance, and self-care may be your foundation to help deal with anxiety and depression.
YOUR VALUES are unique to YOU. A lot of the work I do is helping you identify 🔍 and live in alignment ⚖️ with your values, achieving your life and health goals, and constantly moving TOWARDS a rich, full, and meaningful life✅
Let’s do this!

Photos from Mind Your Health NZ's post 30/12/2020

Wherever you are and whatever this year has thrown at you, my wish for 2021 is that you find a way to not just survive, but to thrive 💚
This year has taught us many lessons (whether we wanted them or not 😉). Those who know me and have worked with me this year know that there were times that I also struggled to keep moving towards my goals 🧗‍♀️ Fortunately I have the best family and support network around me which, along with my training, has pulled me through and given me so many things to be grateful for 🙏
So, on this final day of 2020, I'm not going to make a resolution list but I will aim to make 2021 a year where I continue to be curious, to learn, to talk less and listen more, to watch less and read more, and to both teach and learn from you ✅
There are a few spaces available 🗓 for my one-on-one coaching (soon to be operating from my home office - watch this space...) Please get in touch if you would like to get cracking into a year of thriving 💥


Unplugging for Christmas 🔌 🎄
I’ll be taking a bit of time out to be present and enjoy spending time with the people who mean most to me (either in person or online)💚
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May you all find some time to relax and enjoy a bit of time off and time out 🦥

Photos from Mind Your Health NZ's post 23/12/2020

“there are miracles in me, waiting their turn to happen, I am never giving up on myself”
A beautiful gift full of uplifting, challenging, and sometimes heartbreaking poetry by the talented Rupi Kaur.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas 🎄 I hope you make some time over your break to sit and see the miracles in you 💚


💚 Just had a blissful hour getting a luxurious facial with the gorgeous Falan 💚
All the team are so lovely, I can highly recommend them for your next pamper session 💝
Finding those things that take you 'out of the world' 🌏 for just a small time can make all the difference and my skin and brows are thanking me too 😉
What's your go-to mini escape?


I have a routine each morning that sets me up for the day ahead...✅
My gym bag is ready to go 👟(I set this up the night before). Our gorgeous dog Lexi is fed and watered 🐕 The coffee machine is on ☕️ and ready to hit the button once I've meditated and given my body a full stretch 🧘‍♀️
Then it's off to the gym, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 get the workout done 🥊 Finally, whenever possible, a coffee and catchup with my training buddy ☕️💛
Body and mind ready to hit the day💥


It’s not enough to have the shoes👟... we have to put them on and move forward ✅
Where are your shoes going to take you today? What bite-sized actions will you take towards your goals 🤩


It might be hard to believe, but everything you do, you normally do with the intention to relieve stress and feel better 💯
Mindless snacking 🍫 binge watching 📺 shouting at the kids 😡 hitting the snooze button 🛌 endless scrolling 📱 one more 🍷 ... (I'm sure we could all add to the list ✅)
What if there was a way to stop hanging on the cliff-face 🧗‍♀️ and propel yourself towards a rich and fulfilling life? And, what if I said you didn't have to give up anything you didn't want to? All you need is a willingness to allow all those situations, feelings and thoughts to show themselves and we can work together to find a place for them ✅
🎢 It's been a rollercoaster of a year and I'd love to help you get ready to kick-ass in 2021! Whether it's for your mental or physical health or both, I'm here to work with you as a team to 'mind your health'.

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