Santa Fe Salt Cave

Santa Fe Salt Cave


This review is a bit overdue, but I think of this place often which Is a testament to the impression it left on me. My friend and I were in town for the weekend filling up our self care cups and knew this was the spot for us. Kim greeted us warmly and soon it felt like we were old friends. She navigated our journey through a session so nicely and we thoroughly enjoyed the soothing and restorative benefits of the salt cave. I will never come to Santa Fe and not come here. I highly recommend Kim’s amazing healing business!
My cousin and I are working on a new album coming out soon. This is Ailyak , which in Bulgarian means “ the subtle art of doing everything calmly and without rushing, whilst enjoying the experience and life in general.” It’s one of many “ untranslatable words” we will be exploring with the resonant sounds of this 100 year old harp. Also, this is one of my favorite places to give therapeutic harp sound baths, 🦇 ✨💿🧘🧂🪨🌔🪐💫

Catch my next live therapeutic harp sound bath at the Santa Fe Salt Cave next month! ❤️
I tried to find an event for Sept 5-7th but I don’t see anything available on any of these days. Please advise.....
Although I’m glad to be helping to flatten the curve, and I’m glad the Santa Fe Salt Cave is, I look forward to when you can safely reopen. I’m definitely missing my visits! ❤️
We are so excited for tonight's Creative Mingle: An Arts + Wellness Networking Event networking event tonight at Southwestern College! We have awesome prizes donated by Up Yoga Santa Fe , Artisan - Art Supply Source of the Southwest , Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen , Santa Fe Salt Cave , and Santa Fe Community Yoga and incredible food provided by DAYA Santa Fe . It's going to be so fun!

This event is sold out with a long waitlist. Keep an eye out for our next free Creative Mingle networking event in partnership with SITE Santa Fe in April!
Really was an amazing and very relaxing experience! Thank you, I look forward to returning.
Next place to stop this is on my list!
Santa Fe Salt Cave
Is this safe to do while pregnant?
Did you know that Santa Fe is home to a salt cave?
The Santa Fe Salt Cave was created from 9 tons Himalayan salt! This amazing creation holds space for you to heal on many different levels via Halotherapy (salt therapy). Not only are the floors and walls of this man-made cave covered in pink Himalayan salt; they also use a device called a Halogenerator to emit tiny dry salt particles into the cave.
📷: Travels with Darley
Travels with Darley is on location in Santa Fe! Check out these fabulous Santa Fe Salt Cave images, and stay up to date with show details from New Mexico PBS!
Santa Fe Salt Cave Grand Opening TODAY! 5-7PM. We will be giving samples of our probiotic sparkling waters! Also enter into the raffle to win great prizes from Authentic Colombia, Fote Natural Health and Astarte Healing!

Thanks for a great and unforgettable experience! We absolutely loved it!!
What a wonderful and amazing experience. So relaxing, healing and rejuvenating. The cave is so beautifully done and the salts are so incredibly healing. I had never experienced a salt cave before, but will now make it a regular part of my routine for health and wellness. I highly recommend you try this.

We offer Halotherapy sessions inside of an amazing pink Himalayan salt cave! Halotherapy is benefici


Open 10-4 today💞 Time to get cozy & relax in the magical salt cave✨ Sessions start on the hour🫶


Just come be in the salt cave💞

Another day to take it easy and spend a little time just being instead of doing, doing, doing. Dream a little and include a favorite spiritual practice


This is the incredible woman that does the salt cave’s Reiki & Full Moon Ritual ❤️ We couldn’t recommend her powerful and transformative events enough🙌 She will bless the cave with her Reiki Event on 10/27, 11/18, & 12/19 and Full Moon Ritual on 11/7 and 12/8. Purchase your ticket for this special kind of magic today at❤️ You can also check out her other amazing offerings at✨ ❤️


We are just entering Eclipse Season, which is always a highly transformative time.

We have two Eclipses coming up, a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse on Oct 25 and a Ta**us Blood Moon Eclipse on Nov 8.

You can think of Eclipses as accelerated portals to higher states of growth. They can push us where we need to be, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Your forecast for both these Eclipses are on the way, but in the meantime if you want to stay up to date with Eclipses, Moons, and more, get my 2023 Moon Calendar. Available on Etsy -


Happy anniversary to the salt cave💖 Sending out much love & gratitude to everyone that has supported the salt cave over the years.
We opened our doors 4 years ago today. It has been our honor to provide a space for healing, relaxation, & holistic wellness. One of our favorite parts of this small business journey is all the amazing folks we have become friends with along the way💜🙏 We look forward to serving you for many more years to come.
Blessings, Kim & Neptune ✨✨✨ ✨



Feeling like fall.


We are grateful to see folks are enjoying the benefits of spending time in the salt cave🙏💖




🌟New Event🌟
WalkingStar Sound Healing October 9💫💫💫
Join us for a beautiful & heart opening sound healing in the salt cave. WalkingStar has been playing Native American flute for many years. He is self taught and also plays other sound instruments.
WalkingStar is a ceremonialist of the North and South American traditional ways of native peoples, and channels all his life experiences through his music. In his own words: “My Life has been quite the journey. I started out playing more traditional style flute music. Now as a result of my own growth and evolution over the years it’s changed quite a bit. I’m no longer just performing or playing music. It’s become much deeper. When I drop in it is wide and deep into my heart and spirit. It’s Medicine. My Medicine. My offering to Creation. For me it’s a Ceremony. This gift doesn’t belong to me — it’s for all the people. I just get out of the way. It’s not about knowing, it’s about being in that place of just allowing — over and over again. It’s the Voice of Creation, of the Divine. And I have offered myself to be in service and be a vessel to what wants to come through me.”

Stephy_portillo on TikTok 09/10/2022

Stephy_portillo on TikTok

Stephy_portillo on TikTok Salt Cave “Halotherapy” #505


Our Full Moon ritual in the salt cave on 9/12 is sold out!
Get tickets for our next one on 10/8🌕💛🌕

The Pisces Full Moon peaks on September 10.

This Full Moon casts a veil, encouraging us to shift out of our minds and into our hearts. Whatever is coming up for us now needs to be felt, not rationalised.

Although feelings can be confronting, when we flow with them, when we allow them to fill us up, they shift, they morph, they lighten, and they guide.

Be in a state of allowing with all that you feel.

Your Pisces Full Moon forecast and ritual is up for you now (link in bio)


🙌❤️👏 Yes!

Your only job today is to love yo’self. 🧡 via


Open today & tomorrow 10-4💫

Natural Health Talk- Understanding Halotherapy -The Healing Power of Salt 09/02/2022

Natural Health Talk- Understanding Halotherapy -The Healing Power of Salt

Join our owner at Fruit of the Earth on September 10 for a discussion on the salt cave, Halotherapy, and holistic health✨✨✨

Natural Health Talk- Understanding Halotherapy -The Healing Power of Salt Learn about Halotherapy, the healing power of salt.


One of the best healing events in town is tomorrow evening at Body 🙏💞

Music as Medicine. Monday August 29th at 7pm.

From our hearts to yours. Join WalkingStar and Rick Thunder Bastine as we explore the tenderness of our hearts through sound.


It’s a perfect day to get cozy & relax in the salt cave. We are open from 10-4. Halotherapy sessions start on the hour💞💫

Photos from Santa Fe Salt Cave's post 08/14/2022

What a sweet & salty surprise to see the cave listed for incredible retreats in New Mexico💞 Many thanks for including the salt cave!

Photos from Authentic Colombia - Fine Handicrafts with Purpose's post 08/09/2022

Photos from Authentic Colombia - Fine Handicrafts with Purpose's post

Timeline photos 08/07/2022

Timeline photos

Our emotional health impacts our physical health, there is no way around it. I’ve overcome some of my own emotional barriers in the past; traumas and toxic beliefs are scary to unpack but when you do you give yourself freedom and the opportunity for dynamic growth.

Work with a coach, speak up for yourself, let your feelings out. Deciding to focus on your emotional health as much as your physical health will have big payoffs for your wellness and happiness throughout life.


Relax in the dreamy salt cave and enjoy the holistic health benefits🌌💫🌘


It’s going to be hot for the next few days🔥 Come relax in the cool salt cave🌌 Halotherapy sessions start on the hour⏰
Time spent in the cave benefits respiratory & mental health🌀 and is super relaxing💫

Offering for New Mexico residents🔥 07/15/2022

Offering for New Mexico residents🔥

Have you been wanting to experience healing in the salt cave? There is no better time than now!

Offering for New Mexico residents🔥

Santa Fe Salt Cave 07/15/2022

Santa Fe Salt Cave

Savings for New Mexico residents for the rest of July💫 You will receive $10 off a single Halotherapy session! Have you been wanting to experience the healing in your local salt cave? There is no better time than now! Just tell us that you live in NM at checkout to benefit from this wonderful deal. This amazing offer is valid now - July 31.

Santa Fe Salt Cave Schedule your appointment online Santa Fe Salt Cave


Only 2 spaces left for tonight’s full moon ritual in the pink salt cave! You can purchase your ticket at or call 505-365-2875🌕💗🌌

Who else was up with her at 3am? 🙋‍♀️⁠

Photos from Santa Fe Salt Cave's post 07/07/2022

This Sunday 11-3✨ The wagon will be here offering ALL of her amazing plant medicines🌱🧚‍♂️ Enjoy $10 off a single Halotherapy session in the salt cave with purchase from the wagon💞💞💞 only valid this Sunday 7/10💫


The salt cave is open today from 10-4💞 We are also at Sol Sundays at the railyard talking salt!

Photos from Karen-Rose's post 07/01/2022


New Moon Update 6-28-22 - The Power Path 06/28/2022

New Moon Update 6-28-22 - The Power Path


New Moon Update 6-28-22 - The Power Path Dear Friends, New Moon in Cancer is Tuesday, June 28 at 8:52 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This moon triggers our emotional connection to safety, home, family, tribe, community, security and comfort. It is a good time to let go of old resentments, wounds of the heart, disappointments and old expe...


We are closed today for maintenance🧿 We look forward to being open soon✨



New Mexico residents get $10 off a single session every Thursday✨ Take a break from the smoke & heat in the magical and healing salt cave. We are here for your wellness 💞🌌

SANTA FE SALT CAVE ​Testimonials "The salt cave was such a magical experience. I had a very powerful meditation myself and felt rejuvenated by the Himalayan salt. I am from Colorado Springs, CO and we definitely need...

Santa Fe Salt Cave 06/10/2022

Santa Fe Salt Cave

It’s going to be in the mid 90s for the next few days☀️ Take a soothing break from the heat in our healing cool salt cave🌌

Santa Fe Salt Cave Schedule your appointment online Santa Fe Salt Cave

Santa Fe Salt Cave 06/06/2022

Santa Fe Salt Cave

We offer Halotherapy sessions in this magical space 💫 Time spent in the salt cave supports respiratory & mental health💗 Session start on hour. Make your reservation for healing today.

Santa Fe Salt Cave Schedule your appointment online Santa Fe Salt Cave


💜Local Love Thursday💜 New Mexico residents receive $10 off a single session every Thursday✨ Open 10-7 today☀️

Relax Your Body And Mind In The Santa Fe Salt Cave In New Mexico 05/20/2022

Relax Your Body And Mind In The Santa Fe Salt Cave In New Mexico


Relax Your Body And Mind In The Santa Fe Salt Cave In New Mexico Looking for a reason to unwind and relax from a stressful week? Stop by the Santa Fe Salt Cave for a relaxing halotherapy treatment.


💞New Event June 9💞 Alchemical Sound🎵 We will be working with the root chakra crystal singing bowl, the solar plexus chakra bowl, the heart chakra bowl, & the third eye chakra bowl as well as natural earth sounds & song. Guided by sound alchemy healer & space holder, Raven Shea.
Visit to purchase your ticket & for more info✨


Thanks for the kind words🙏💜✨


Happy Mother’s Day 💗 We are open 10-4🌸


Honoring and celebrating All the Mamas 💗

Love comes in all forms and so do our relationships… as Rumi says, We are born of love. Love is our mother.

Whether today is one filled with joy, longing, sorrow, indifference, laugher, community, or solitude, we are sending love to all who may need it and enjoy it today 🌸

Graphic by ❤️


Half of the money made from single sessions on 5/9 will be donated to All Together New Mexico. The donation will help those affected by the wildfires. So make an appt, support you respiratory health, and help our neighbors❣️❣️❣️



Online gift certificate sale 5/3-5/6✨
20% off with the code MOM20💜
Available at

SANTA FE SALT CAVE ​Testimonials "The salt cave was such a magical experience. I had a very powerful meditation myself and felt rejuvenated by the Himalayan salt. I am from Colorado Springs, CO and we definitely need...

Timeline photos 05/02/2022


Art is a fractal of the universal creative mystery that birthed and evolves the galaxies.
UNIVERSE means “uni” one, “verse” poem or song. Creator sings one cosmic song, moment by moment, with infinite variations. All sounds, one symphony. All visions, one icon. All beings, one actor. As ecstatic microcosms, we hear, see and express the infinite one.

Cosmic Artist, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 inches.


Free sessions for anyone helping to contain the fires for the rest of May. Thank you for your service🙏


Free sessions to anyone working on the fires for the rest of April. Thank you for your service🙏





Photos from Santa Fe Salt Cave's post 04/06/2022

🎉New wearable art is now available in our retail! WOW✨✨✨It is stunning😍😍😍 Gracias .bitar for providing us with such beauty. We love you! 🇨🇴

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We love @arkmade stickers 😍👁💜
Blissin’s Sound Healing
Did ya’ll catch the season 2 finale of Roswell, New Mexico last night!? We were excited to see the salt cave one more ti...
Ya’ll ever wonder what planet the Roswell, New Mexico aliens came from? Turns out the Santa Fe Salt Cave really is out o...
It was fun seeing the salt cave on New Mexico PBS this morning 👏👏👏 Oops, we accidentally only recorded part of it 🤷‍♀️
Happening tonight in the salt cave from 6:30-7:30!  Call 505-365-2975 to make a reservation.
Today is New Mexico Love day at the cave 💗 Come on in and get local discount & support a local business! It’s a win win ...
🎉🎉🎉 What goes better than salt and pepper? Sorry, chili didn’t rhyme 😜🧂🌶
Are ya feeling those allergies Santa Fe? 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧 Breathing in tiny salt particles emitted by our halogenerator helps relie...
Book your VDay date now! Two halotherapy sessions for the price of one on 2/14!  Both individuals must be present for th...



1424 2nd Street
Santa Fe, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm

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