Touch of Zen Tui Na

Touch of Zen Tui Na

Tui Na is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine that is based on touch.


Sometimes, after coming regularly for a while, clients takes some time off - in this case due to extended travel. When they come back their bodies are grateful!

Whether you come once a week, once a month or once a season its always good to be back!


Tui Na helps with a lot more than just physical injuries.

A lot of people have been cancelling appointments lately due to sickness. But they are surprised when I tell them to come anyway (once the contagious phase is over).

Tui Na is fantastic for clearing lungs and the entire body of the remnants of infection. Treatment greatly speeds up recovery and helps prevent and clear long term lingering symptoms...

Photos from Touch of Zen Tui Na's post 01/08/2023

I like to take photos of befores and afters to track progress. They are also great for helping patients to see and feel progress.

These are three sets of before and afters taken over the course of a month using the cobra technique to help restore normal lumbar curve and alignment.

This client was suffering from chronic sciatic discomfort and unpleasant sensations down the leg. This is a classic pattern that is a result of lumbar misalignment and vertebrae compression of the nerves which innervate the legs.

Can you see the progress? Look at not only the height of the head off the table but also the smoothness of the curve in the lumbar region.

You can see that the afters are clearly improved over the befores. But you can also see that over the three sessions the befores get better each time a well as the afters. Especially obvious between session 1 and 3. So there is steady and lasting progress.

After session 1 the patient reported that the sciatic discomfort was mostly gone except for some residual 'ghost' sensations from time to time. After session 3 these are now virtually gone and she's getting used to a new and much freer 'normal' in her back and legs.

Photos from Touch of Zen Tui Na's post 01/08/2023


This ancient practice was common to almost all cultures around the world including here in New Mexico. The other day a Hispanic patient's face lit up when he saw my cups and told me his grandmother used to cup family members in the old days. Sadly this has mostly disappeared as a popular skill.

Cupping in powerful and an important complement to Tui Na treatment.

In these photos I'm using the cups to correct spinal scoliosis by using the pulling force of the cups to relax chronically tense muscles and to pull the spine back into a straight alignment. Over time the body increasingly 'remembers' how to hold an aligned posture again.

This patient had spinal misalignment since youth which developed into a serious and painful condition. Thanks to regular Tui Na he was able to return to his active athletic life with no pain and full mobility.

If you're suffering from scoliosis, kyphosis or other back conditions, don't just endure the discomfort. Your body will thank you for giving it authentic Tui Na!


Another happy customer!

If you're feeling out of alignment and in pain, don't ignore your body's calls for help.

Photos from Touch of Zen Tui Na's post 12/14/2022

Working with a client suffering from shoulder joint degeneration who would like to avoid surgery.

With Tui Na and the natural healing power of the body we can do many things that are equivalent to surgery without needing to cut into the body.

Below I'm using cupping to draw out inflammation and stagnant blood from deep in the shoulder joint. This is after Tui Na to open the area, break down bad tissue and loosen muscle and tendons to allow change. You can actually see the dark stagnant blood that was stuck deep in the joint drawn to the surface where the body will process and excrete it.

After the treatment the body will go through a healing cycle. Once the treatment has cleared and opened the joint to fresh blood and chi, the body knows what to do : repair and restore joint, tissue and blood flow. Regular repetition of this process will normally bring steady improvement. All this without a scalpel.

Note: although it looks pretty intense the cupping isn't painful. Most people like the feeling as it releases pressure from the joint.

Western medicine resorts to surgery far too readily. There is an important place for surgery when things have gone beyond a certain point of structural degeneration. But in most cases, especially if addressed early, full or adequate function can be restored with high level Tui Na.

There Is No Opponent 12/13/2022

What distinguishes Tui Na from other forms is that it is both a part of Chinese Medicine and also the lineage of Kung Fu and Chi Kung. So in principle there is no limit to what one can attain for these are endless oceans of wisdom. With every year I practice I discover deeper layers.

The famous Bruce Lee scene below applies equally to Tui Na. The only difference is that Tui Na is a healing art, not a combat art. But in true conformity with Yin Yang theory, one must know how to wound the body in order to heal it, just as one must know how to heal in order to wound. It is for this reason that many great Kung Fu masters in history were also skilled tui na practitioners. Indeed it was expected that a noble warrior should be able to heal anyone they wounded in combat and it was in this way that many an enemy was turned into a friend.

Touch Tuina Medical Centre

There Is No Opponent Transcending the Physical

Aziz Wrist Testimonial - Tui Na Magic! 11/12/2022

My latest client testimonial.. I met Aziz during my summer travels. After many unsuccessful doctors visits he was skeptical that Tui Na could improve his agonising wrist pain. Not every problem can be solved with just one treatment, but this one was!

Aziz Wrist Testimonial - Tui Na Magic! Aziz describes how Tui Na restored his injured wrist to full function - after just one session! This was after over a year of suffering pain and inability t...


I'm excited to be bringing high level Tui Na to Santa Fe.

Tui Na is the branch of Chinese medicine least known in the West, although it is said it is the oldest - since touch is the primordial mode of healing.

If you're suffering from acute or chronic pain or anything that you feel is preventing you from living life fully then it's likely Tui Na can help - even if doctors have told you that nothing can be done except pain killers or drastic surgery.

And even if you're blessed with good health Tui Na will make you better at whatever you do in life!

Visit for more information and patient testimonials.

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