Heal space is the dynamic co-creation of a group of independent healing practitioners in Santa Fe, N Hours vary by practitioner. Learn more at: healsantafe.com

Heal is the dynamic co-creation of a group of independent healing practitioners in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We each offer a unique blend of transformational healing and growth practices in a beautiful, welcoming space designed to sustain and support you in exploration, realizations and new positive creations. Within our community of practitioners and teachers, you'll find Energy Healing, Therapeutic

Acupuncture Sound Bath 12/27/2023

Wind down your 2023 with an acupuncture sound bath at HEAL! Sunday, Dec. 31, two sittings, 3-4pm and 5-6pm. An intuitive needle protocol combines with the magic of crystal singing bowls and gongs to provide a deep space of relaxation and healing. New to either modality? This is a fantastic way to try them. $40

Dr. Melissa Brock, DOM - www.stardustacupuncture.com
Adrienne Smith, Sound Healer - www.perfect5ths.com

Reserve your spot at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/560996685187?aff=oddtdtcreator

Acupuncture Sound Bath Ever wanted to try acupuncture? Sound healing? Try them BOTH during this one-hour event. Third Saturday of each month.

Ground 12/02/2023

Ground By Beth Budesheim

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Adrienne was born and raised in Los Angeles, a long-time New Englander and former lawyer who worked in higher ed. She teaches sound healing workshops and works with clients one-on-one and in groups, using singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, drums and more.

website: www.perfect5ths.com
Phone: 925.457.1319


When we take time to know ourselves deeply, we live and relate to others from a more conscious, peaceful place, cultivating harmony within and without.
~ Beth

image: ©Beth Budesheim

ColorFull ✥ Visions 10/27/2023

I’ve always believed that health and well-being is greatly supported through holistic means. When we include a variety of self care in our lives, we can really see results and thrive.

Self care can be:
* a walk in Nature
* 15 minutes to just BE and Do Nothing
* a monthly tea with a good friend
* Energy Healing, Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture..etc
* Intuitive Reading- receiving from another or doing for yourself
* Talk Therapy, Life Coaching Business Coaching
* Yoga, Pilates, Gym Workout or other exercise
* Vacation to somewhere you've been wanting to go
* A candlelit bath
* Daily Meditation
* Soak in the hot springs, 10,000 Waves, or day at Ojo Caliente

There are many things that could be a part of your self care and overall wellness. With most self care, when we plan for it it's more likely to happen.

As we near 2024, I invite you to think about who is part of your health and self care team, what types of activity, exercise, services, treatments and modalities would benefit you, and how often you will do/receive these supports to feel your best and stay holistically healthy, body, mind, heart and spirit.

Think about what is currently part of your self care, and if there is something you know you need but haven't been including. This can be a good start in setting your intentions for 2024. If there are many things you feel would be beneficial to you, start by choosing one or two that you will take action on right away. Perhaps there was something you did in the past that was helpful, and you have a hunch that reincorporating that activity or treatment back into your life would bring you some needed balance and greater well-being mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Sometimes things change over time. An exercise routine that we had for 10 years, is no longer what is best for us now. Or we need to try something a little different in a massage session. Or adding in a complementary modality to address a situation from more than one direction and perspective might be really beneficial.

Take a moment to listen in for what you need. Identify your self care priorities and wishes. Make a list, either on paper or on your phone or computer. Then begin thinking about where and how you can give yourself what you need to be more happy, healthy and whole.

Wishing you much peace, love, wellness and joy,


ColorFull ✥ Visions Spiritual Art, Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, Soul Realignment®, Therapeutic Massage. Holistic sessions to assist in the journey of healing, wholeness and self knowing. Distance sessions, and Santa Fe, NM


Lara Harsh, BA, LMT #7173, E-RYT

Intuitive, compassionate bodyworker and yoga instructor with over a decade of professional experience.

Therapeutic, Intuitive Massage Therapy, Sacred Hot Stones,
Prenatal/Postpartum Massage, Creative Yoga Instruction for All Levels, One-of-a-Kind Retreats and Rituals, Poetics, Songs, and Sound Healing

(505) 670-0629

Photos from HEAL's post 10/20/2023

Heal is the dynamic co-creation of a group of independent healing practitioners in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We each offer a unique blend of transformational healing and growth practices in a beautiful, welcoming space designed to sustain and support you in exploration, realizations and new positive creations.

Within our community of practitioners and teachers, you'll find Energy Healing, Therapeutic Massage, Intuitive Guidance & Akashic Records Readings, Reiki, Thai Massage and Thai Therapies, Japanese and Chinese Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine therapies, Sound Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Oracle Card Readings, Coaching, Psychotherapy, Feldenkrais, Classes and Workshops of all kinds.

Sessions are booked by contacting each practitioner directly.
Hours vary by practitioner.

Visit our WHO WE ARE photo album to learn more about each practitioner or Learn more at: healsantafe.com

Comforting Gestures through Grief’s Journey 09/07/2023


Comforting Gestures through Grief’s Journey In honor of National Grief Awareness Day today, let's explore two simple yet powerful things you can do to support someone who is grieving, even after some time has passed since their loved one’s death.


Intuitive Oracle Card Message: Take this message with you into your life for the next 5-7 days. Butterfly Spirit: Transformation.

There may be (or have been) a transformation process occurring in your inner and outer worlds. You may experience this at times as a gentle friction between what's desired vs what is being experienced, or how you used to react vs how you show up now.

You may simply be in a sort birthing process, coming into the final push. Birthing is not always 'pretty' or comfortable, and can ask us to call forth deeper inner resources.

Honor any transformation process you have made it through. Celebrate your successes and remember self love. Offer gratitude to the pearl you have made or are in the process of making. Send blessings to anything (person, place, things, patterns, ideas..etc) you have let go of, and step freshly into the new.

If you are still in a transformation process, this card is a message that you are at a threshold of positive change. Keep your sights on the pearl. Align with your heart and your positive intentions. These help create a clear and potentially more easeful pathway of transformation.


Photos from HEAL's post 07/10/2023

We hope you're having a wonderful Summer so far! Remember to notice Beauty where you can. It's all around us, and can be so nurturing for us in many ways. Notice Beauty with all your senses, sight, sound, feel/texture, scent. Our senses bring us home to the body and to our Self. They ground us, and also widen our perception, including our intuition.


Spring Specials and Healing Teams



Say goodbye to back pain and hello to relaxation with our yoga class designed to ease your mind and body. Unwind, stretch, and breathe easy with us!

A three-part series beginning on April 1st!


Wonderful event happening right next door ❤️

Spring is a time of growth and renewal, and our equinox event is the perfect way to tap into that energy! Join us as we breathe presence back into our lives, release stress and emotional blockages, expand our personal wellness, and align with our purpose 🌱🌿

THE TEAM | Mysite 03/12/2023

Did you know you can receive acupuncture, massage, reiki, maya abdominal massage, intuitive readings, energy healing and more at HEAL? Check out all our wonderful practitioners :

THE TEAM | Mysite On Zoom+Video or in-person for the vaccinated: Providing bad-ass, creative, outside-the box support to assist you in enacting the positive change you're looking for. Book Conscious Consults; Muay Thai or Conscious Core classes and sessions, Thai Medicine consults and body therapies, Prenatal/Preg....

Beth Budesheim | Insight Timer 10/17/2022

Guided Meditation can be very helpful in cultivating relaxation and inner serenity as well as promoting emotional balance, mental clarity, deeper sleep, and greater access to our intuition. Please check out my guided meditations at the link below and share with others:

Beth Budesheim | Insight Timer Energy healer, intuitive guide, body tuner, artist, gentle illuminator, yoga and nature lover. Since the mid 90's Beth has been a TM practitioner, and enjoys other forms of meditation as well. Creating inner journeys, supporting others to go deep within, to find inner stillness, access their innate....


A poem by Nayyirah Waheed. Such a beautiful reminder of the power we hold within! ❤️


"Studies show that practicing HeartMath tools can lead to better reaction times, improved sleeping habits, revitalized energy, a stronger immune system, and so much more."

FREE: https://www.heartmath.org/training/heartmath-experience/

HeartMath Experience - HeartMath Institute Learn from an inspiring experiential program that offers new insights and practical techniques to help you respond to day-to-day challenges with more ease and composure.


Most often, before a client arrives for a session, I take a moment to welcome, connect, and visualize them on the massage table. This is one of the ways I prepare myself, center, and align with whoever is coming and set intentions for the session to be of service to what they need that day in body, mind and spirit.

As I do this, I sometimes intuitively receive some initial information which might come as color, symbol, or a general sense of the person and their energy or what they need that day... READ MORE FROM BETH BUDESHEIM



Have you ever found yourself in a rut, having more negative thinking/feeling than you'd like?

Taking moments to address attention and intention, can lift our state of being, flip the switch and widen our perspective and experience.

READ MORE FROM BETH BUDESHEIM: https://www.mynewsletterbuilder.com/email/newsletter/1415386978

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