Vibra-Train is not just a brand name but a system of the highest quality vibration machines ever built combined with the most successful programs ever used.

Vibra-Train is the completed idea of Vibration Training, a science that has been in development for over 100 years. Over the years it has been shown to positively effect the human body in a number of ways from body fat percentage reduction, muscle tone, reducing cellulite, bone health, blood and lymphatic circulation and joint mobility; even anti-aging hormones. Vibration Training's most popular u

The Symbiosis Slimming Method powered by VIBRA-TRAIN 02/03/2024

For those of you who know what it is, now Covid 19 is a shadow of itself, the Cavi-Lipo unit is back up and running.

So Cavi-Lipo for tummy.
Large Tri-Polar to tighten skin on most parts of the body .
Small Tri-polar to tighten skin around jawline and neck .

I will put up a link to our website, which explains the tech better than the actual manufacturer ( not joking I had them change our machine due to an incompetent knowledge gap ) and dispels some of the " too good to be true " marketing myths regarding getting the best from your session )

Please note : The prices are over-seas prices for our over-seas studios. Ours are $60 - $100 a session depending on what you want.

With Judith working in the office upstairs Mon -Thurs & Sun. I can do most times without an issue.

The Symbiosis Slimming Method powered by VIBRA-TRAIN Symbiosis Slimming is dedicated to innovating and combining new technology to help you reach your slimming goals.


Vibra-Train Christmas / New Years holiday hours.

( Only closed Christmas Day and NY day. )

Otherwise we are running our usual split hours ( Weekend and Public Holiday hours )

9am -- 12 noon.
4pm ----7pm

So from 23rd Dec. right through until Jan 7th we are on those split hours.

Back to normal hours on Mon 8th Jan.


Power is back on at Auckland CBD studio..
So open tomorrow as per normal.



Power being turned off.

Please check FB page for updates.
Thank you.


Main power still out.

Thanks to Lloyd's engineering skills big machine out back (and fan) going.

Lights on. Be time effective with workouts please


No power at Studio.
No idea when back on.


Just a reminder for Auckland CBD users. Weekends hours for Friday.


For Auckland /CBD customers. Remember holiday / weekend hours for Monday.


Just a reminder folks. CBD center. ANZAC day only opened public holiday afternoon shift.

4pm -- 7 pm

Whole-Body Vibration Training Protocols for People with Cerebral Palsy: a Systematic Review of Randomised Controlled Trials - Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders 12/04/2023

The start of a new industry and serious Vibration Training research.

Our peer-reviewed paper was published in a SPRINGER MEDICAL Journal.

This paper is the most important one we could get done as it directly involves disabled children, desperate parents, and a replication crisis being used to create confusion and scam said parents.

This is the beginning of the end of all that.

Whole-Body Vibration Training Protocols for People with Cerebral Palsy: a Systematic Review of Randomised Controlled Trials - Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders Objectives Whole-body vibration training (WBVT) has been emerging as a promising therapeutic modality for cerebral palsy (CP); however, reported efficacy is inconsistent and methodological approaches differ substantially. This study aimed to review the methodological protocols adopted by randomised....


For the Auckland CBD Studio only..

Just a reminder to those who forget this is Easter weekend. Which means as usual on public holidays, we are weekend hours right through.

9am --12noon & 4pm - 7pm

Note: Make sure you eat as some chocolate before you arrive.


Hello my name is Lloyd R. Shaw I am a Mortician by trade ( 40 years now ) . I am also in innovation / design / development / engineering in a certain science, but obviously keep up to date with all research pertaining to my field ..Which is Vibration Training / Therapy .

Just in case this is your first visit here. Something to ponder that in time may help others help themselves with this science.

I do have a query for conversation that is slightly outside the scope most discussions seem to be about, but I am hoping it is considered in the discussion and ideas that I believe can change the world for the better, plus drive innovation at a greater pace by proxy.


These subjects cover conflict of interest and the many discipline science replication crisis issues we face at present.

Two separate subjects but over-all are also about misinformation becoming fact. Especially in using a search engine. ( I have witnessed this happen and get worse over a 20 year period. Reinforced by unethical human behavior ) .

(1) With all the information ChatGPT will eventually have access to, combined with its intelligence level and unbiased manner of being able to connect many facts together in a second ( essentially acting like a detective ) . Do you believe it will inadvertently identify ethics violations in research ?

It is far more rampant than many academics want to admit, and that combined with the incompetence and inconsistent behavior seen in many papers is holding many fields back.

(2) With the replication crisis deepening, despite our efforts to get researchers to follow guidelines that would help combat these issues. Many choose not to because it is in many parties interests for research not to be done to a standard it would clearly highlight engineering or ergonomic failures. Will it be able to w**d these results out of its answers / opinions?

If ChatGPT does feature this, will it explain the process it uses to help educate the user as to the reality of peer-reviewed research. As in the process of elimination it chose to use to give the most precise answer ?

In the real world... this is the effect.

To date both the issues above has helped form a wall of misinformation, that is being used to either mislead desperate people with health issues, and far more common that you would believe, scam desperate parents of children with disabilities to pay huge sums for machines that can never live up to the potential and hope they are told / sold. It keeps them poor and desperate.

Similar issues with those fighting obesity and type2diabetes. Different issue but similar tactics.

I suppose my question is, if used properly, and with the help of those educated in the tricks used plus other more obvious ethics issues, can ChatGPT help science get back on track and actually fix much of the damage that has been done. NOT just in my area of interest. Many other sciences are in a replication and ethics crisis and while journals love to discuss the issue, none have proposed a working solution.

I strongly feel ChatGPT might just be an opportunity and possibly the answer. Too good to pass up.

In the long run it could also help with the loss of some public trust in science.

Note : To help fully understand the real world consequences of our present position, I can explain it if you wish, as it is not that complicated but might need some background to comprehend our industries exact position so it can be appreciated how ChatGPT being programmed to filter out known problems it can be expanded upon in 100s of subjects.

Lloyd R. Shaw ( New Zealand )


FYI We are open as per normal. Weather did not effect us at all.

Our thoughts are with anyone who was not so lucky.


Vibra-Train . A place where only logic exists.


Reminder to our regulars , as per the signs in studio, we are closed today.

Give our space a new paint job.



Just a reminder. We are only closed 3 times a year.

Christmas Day
New Year
ANZAC morning .

So closed tomorrow morning shift ( 9am - 12noon )

But still open afternoon 4pm - 7pm

P.S. Even if you do not go to a service. Do your best to comprehend and appreciate past generations who Risked and Sacrificed much for our Country.

Thank God we had, and still have, some people with that mindset and principles . As this Pandemic has highlighted.


As per normal. Holiday / weekend hours apply for Easter.

Split hours.

9am - 12 & 4pm - 7pm


Just to remind everyone. We are open NORMAL hours.

We have our all day week hours, and Weekend / Holiday hours split hours.

Literally NOTHING has changed for us because our set up was, well set up for all of this already.

Come in for a relaxed, safe workout / therapy program. Lockdown is no excuse :)


Remember folks, Holiday Season = Holiday Hours. ( also our weekend hours to keep it simple )

9 am -- 12 noon


4pm --- 7 pm

7 days a week. ( only closed NW day )

We will be back to our normal hours on the 16th.


CBD Studio back open normal hours on Mon / 6th.

Must wear a mask, all other risk mitigation is taken care of.

Enjoy your VT folks, I know lots have been hanging out for it.


So Vibra-Train CBD will be open tomorrow from ..

9 am -- 12 noon & 4pm -- 7pm

EVERYONE must wear a mask. And keep distance from all other users. Plus follow any other safety measures like cleaning equipment etc...

If you need one-on-one assistance, please come with somebody from your personal bubble. Staff will be keeping their distance as well. While Delta is in the community, this practice will stay in place.


Just to confirm, Level 4 means NOT OPEN to anybody.

Hopefully only a few days and back to normal ( the news I have is this threat will pass quickly )


And this is why since 2004 Vibra-Train has focused peoples attention on Whole Body Composition. Creating and keeping high quality muscle around strong bones, that is activated a couple of times a week, is far more important than so many of the so called health experts understood.

So much focus on diet, so little focus on skeletal muscle health. Diabetes (Type II) is essentially the inability to store sugar (glycogen) into the body’s storage (mainly skeletal muscle). The same applies to fat (triglyceride). I see a lot of elderly attempt to do fasting - this is a disaster.


Yes the CBD branch is open ANZAC day. But only the afternoon hours.

Drive safe folks.

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