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24/7 Womens Only gym in Henderson. Results Fitness is a place for women to come together, to support

Results Fitness is a 24/7 womens only gym for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and athletic levels, who prefer working out at a gym where they feel that they truly belong. If your goal is to lose weight, rehabilitate from injury, train for an event or if its about connecting with other women and having a community to support you on your health and wellness journey, then look no further. Our team will work with you to achieve your goal and be your biggest cheerleaders every step of the way.


We need your HELP 😎

Ladies please help us support this cause.
For the next 7 days we will be collecting bras, swimwear and new underwear to help women in the islands who are not able to afford them.

Take a few moments this week to go through your draws, ask your friends, family or co-workers and drop them at reception - we will have a box ready for you.

Tag as many women (in the comments) as you know so we can help make a difference 💖. Your support and generosity is truly appreciated.


The BSB challenge has finally ended, and I have been asked to write a small piece. I decided to do the BSB challenge again as I really enjoyed the weight aspect as well as I wanted to get my head back in the game as I had started on the road to self-destruction, AGAIN!

So here I was at the start of the challenge, and lucky Liz became my personal trainer. Boy, did she push me and hold me accountable! She didn’t let me get away with anything, even my negotiating powers with Liz failed, LOL.

At week 6, I started to faulter and struggle. OMG, two more weeks to go, and boy did that last week decide to drag! I think I was hanging out for a celebration treat after final weigh in on Saturday, and then I surprised myself with a healthy meal oh and a muffin later in the day.

There were so many people in the gym, both members and staff, family and friends that saw in me what, at times, I could not see in myself. Their support and encouragement during the challenge and through my journey has meant so much to me that as I type this, I get emotional. Walking into the gym and having a friendly word, a smile, a gesture, makes being a member of the Results Fitness family so special.

So, a big THANK YOU to everyone that has been there for me. You all have a special place in my heart.

Also, celebrating each and every one that completed or is still completing the BSB challenge. You are superstars. No matter how hard it gets, if you fall off, that’s OK, just keep on going, cause the results in the end are well worth it.

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WOW how 8 weeks can fly by so fast😱
CONGRATULATIONS to our incredible members....PHENOMENAL results👍

%LOSS- Mandy Karyn Deirdre
KG LOSS- Mandy Jess Karyn

Photos from Results Fitness for Women's post 31/05/2024

I’m Adrienne Naera & I’m 66 years old.
I had not stepped into a gym in 30 years, had NO intention of going into one ever!

I take care of my 88 year old Dad, hubby & whanau, so time for myself is rare, my dad loves to go out for coffee, brekkie, lunch which definitely goes straight to the waist/hips.

At 58 I had 9 operations for a dirt bug that entered my skin through a cut in my finger whilst I preserving. This bug ate through my bones, tendons & muscle!! As well as a hip replacement 2 years ago.

My sister Donna joined Results at the start of the year…when she came home Donna said….Sis you need to look after yourself so you can look after others around you. Come with me to the gym, it’s AMAZING, friendly, comfortable & you won’t be shy.

I started in Feb/March when my movement wasn’t great, I couldn’t get down to the floor, getting up was harder, grab something to lean on, help me up. My left ankle had very little movement, hopping into a car was hard & painful. My body was always stiff & sore. RESULTS has helped my to move, strengthen my legs & arms.

I’m now in Yin Yoga every Saturday morning, which I’ve never done before, I thought it was for slim people….I feel GREAT after it. With breathing, opening of my chest, movements in places where I didn’t know I had muscles.
I have an excellent Personal Trainer every fortnight, Betty she’s AMAZING. She gives me her time, encourages me to want to move more.

My sister I LOVE RESULTS we know our movements are a lot stronger than before. Donna lives behind me & after our gym morning we rehash things on our decks between our houses, chat about yoga. Now we are going to Move & Groove classes.

We are so GRATEFUL to Results & everyone is so nice, helpful & WELCOMING.

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Almost week to go👍
Look at these PHENOMENAL results for for week 7😱
CONGRATULATIONS to our TOP 10 in kg/% loss💯💯


Kia ora Koutou e te Whānau, My name is Corinna Gittens-Arnold. I have asked to share my “coming back” story and talk about my journey here at Results fitness. So, starting at the beginning. I joined Results Fitness for Women in June 2018. At this time, I was just turning 50 and felt that my life was on hold and that I needed to start focusing really hard on my health.

I have always been overweight, since I was a young teenager. At 50, I don’t know what it is, but something in your head goes, “Wait a minute, what am I doing with my life?” I know, sounds crazy, but you youngins just wait, it is coming for you too, and those of you who are there with me, probably know what I am talking about. While I have been a member of other gyms, I never felt like I belonged there and left soon after joining. But this time was different. I joined up and felt welcome from day 1. Everyone was always amazingly welcoming and this just encouraged me to keep going.

THEN, last year, I got diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I was like OMG, nope, nope, nope. Diabetes is not going to take hold of me. So, I made my way back to the gym, but there was no consistency, there was still resistance to going to the gym constantly and making it a priority.

THEN, something in my head said “get up and get your butt to the gym girlfriend”. Secretly, I think it was Ursh’s voice in my head ROFL. I am part of Ursh’s Ultimate You group and I think I heard her pushing me out of my comfort zone and back into the gym. So, after 2 and half years, a month ago, I went back to Betty, and asked her to once again be my personal trainer. Now, I am training with this beautiful human being twice a week and in 3 weeks have lost 2.8kgs.

Taking care of me, and my wellbeing, is my number one priority now. It does not matter what is going on in my life, the gym comes first now. This is what I make time for.

So, if you too are struggling with self-doubt, resistance to keep going, just know that there is a time that you will want to move forward and continue your fitness journey. There is a future for us all, and for me, training here at Results Fitness for Women, is where I want to and need to be right now.

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Week 6 # has just finished🥳
CONGRATULATIONS to these AMAZING members who have continually showed up for the past 6 weeks💯
WELL DONE to our TOP 10 in kg/% loss💪


Danica and I have been going to different gyms on and off over the years. My friend Clem insisted we tried results fitness and we're so grateful we did.

I especially love my PT Yvette who always caters to my injuries and my Buddy PT Nicola who motivates me to show up and go hard!

Danica especially loves her boxfit classes as it's the most challenging, rewarding and fun class.

We also both have never felt supported and encourgaed like we do at results, this including our physical and especially our mental health.

We both feel at home and included at the results and we are very sad to be leaving such a diverse group of awesome Wahine. We will be leaving our RESULTS FAMILY to move to England for our family & we will definitely miss everyone😢

Thanks Results

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Has just ended💯🔥👊
CONGRATULATIONS to all our PHENOMENAL members & our top 10 in kg/% loss🥳🥳


Fat Melting Machine ??? What is this you speak of Sam… let me explain ladies ❤️❤️🤞


Who knew that being in a buddy PT team could lead to making a new friend😍
We're Sandhya & Deirdre and we BUDDY PT together with our PT Betty every week👍

Working out together not only helps us stay accountable in our training, but it also fosters a supportive and encouraging environment.

We teamed up to do SHRED IT & now we're halfway through BSB💪
Working out with a friend not only makes exercise more fun, but it also helps us stay motivated and accountable. Plus, you can push each other to reach our GOALS faster👊Yes we do have the laughs😂and OMG moments of our workouts...but we get each through it ❤️

We continually check in with each other & by doing this we make a plan to workout either on the gym floor or in a class here at RESULTS FITNESS FOR WOMEN😊

We highly recommend trying a buddy PT session - it's a great way to push yourself, have fun, and build lasting friendships. #

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Another week.has passed for our members on 🥳
This week marks the halfway stage for this 8 week challenge👍
CONGRATULATIONS to everyone & our TOP 10 in kg/% loss💯


Congratulations PAULA YOU ROCK, 🙌🤩🎉. Today you put YOURSELF FIRST and joined our Results Family 🥰👍🏋️‍♀️ and we think that's AWESOME!
Thanks for choosing us, we can't wait to see you CRUSH YOUR GOALS 🙌.
❤️❤️ Welcome to the family, ❤️❤️


Looking for a fun way to get fit and feel fabulous? Join us here at Results Fitness for Women for our MOVE & GROOVE dance class! 💃🏼 Not only will you break a sweat and tone your body, but you'll also boost your mood and confidence. Dancing is a great way to express yourself and let go of stress. Come groove with us and see how good it feels to move your body!


After 2 & a half years, my fabulous client Corinna Gittens-Arnold is BACK and ready to crush her health and fitness goals! 💪🏼 I am so proud of her dedication and can't wait to help her achieve goals👊
Corinna is taking the first step to prioritize her health journey. She did that by first attending a Power class & reaching out to me & together a time was set to reset for the remainder of 2024💪
It's never too late to make YOURSELF a priority.
Corinna here's to making positive changes for YOU & CRUSHING 2024👏🥳
" 🌟🌿💪🏼


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Painless, immediate Fat Melting / can this be true??? #fatmelting #nomorecellulite #nonsurgicalliposuction
Fat Melting Machine ??? What is this you speak of Sam… let me explain ladies ❤️❤️🤞
Congratulations PAULA YOU ROCK, 🙌🤩🎉. Today you put YOURSELF FIRST and joined our Results Family 🥰👍🏋️‍♀️ and we think tha...




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