Jai Thai Boxing Gym

Muay Thai Gym in downtown Auckland. Beginners welcome - train for fun, fitness or competition We also also opened a branch in Auckland in 2015.

Thai fighters teaching Thailand's national sport for both fitness and fighting. We are a modern, fully equipped Muay Thai Boxing training centre in the heart of Wellington. The art of Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is a fun way to keep fit, burning up to 800 calories per hour while also learning some serious self-defence skills. The first trial session is free if you book in advance and we have cardio,


Many of us can relate to Ted, a JAI member celebrating his 2nd year anniversary! Ted, a computer engineer by day, admits he wasn't always a gym rat. In fact, his gym memberships usually resulted in a week of enthusiasm followed by… well, 🦗🦗🦗
But two years ago, everything changed for Ted. Here at JAI, he found his fitness groove and a supportive community. Two years and a whopping 500 classes later, Ted is completely transformed!
The best part? Ted only committed to one month at first. That single month turned into a life-changing habit, proving that small commitments can lead to big results.
Can you relate to Ted? All you have to do is just show up. You might surprise yourself with what you can achieve!
For more on Ted, visit the link on our bio!

Photos from Jai Thai Boxing Gym's post 19/03/2024

Finding a good training partner is like finding the pot of gold 🌈
They pick you up when you fall down.
Encourage you on days you can't find your mojo.
Make you laugh through pain (and 500 kicks).
Help you find energy for 1 more kick when you've got nothing left in the tank.
And get more satisfaction from your gains then they do from their own.
Cherish them... and make sure you give it back to them just as hard 💪
Jaffit and Tahanee bff4eva 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️


Last event: Reality check , not just cool pics ✌️
Our fighters faced a tough team, took hits to the body and ego. But for those stepping back in, it's time to train harder, smarter . Remember, everyone fights for different reasons, but cool pix for the gram shouldn't be the main one. (Even though we have excellent photographers in our team 🙈).
When the bell rings, only you know whether you put in . And if you have the heart and spirit we look forward to helping you train to be the toughest, most noble version of yourself. Ready to answer the call?
📷 .j.white1


💫 Calling all JAI members! 💫

Join us next Saturday for fun hangouts, food and fun! Entry is FREE and all family (and dogs) are invited!

📅 Sat 24 Feb
⏰ 12:00pm
📍 Cornwall Park

Bring a dish to share and BYO drinks.
We’ll take care of a delicious BBQ and plenty of competitive fun games ☀️🍖🤼

Sports showdown starts at 1:30pm and we can’t wait to crown the next JAI superstars 🏆

See you all for a fun filled day in the sun, loaded with yummy food, competitions and lots of laughter ☺️

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Calling all fight fans!
It's going down next Sunday: the epic Kings vs JAI Interclub Gym Battle! This ain't your average sparring session - we're throwing down in our OWN RING with JUDGED FIGHTS for ultimate bragging rights

Come cheer on your JAI crew as they throw hands (and maybe some kicks ) with the Kings in an afternoon of electrifying competition and community spirit.

This is YOUR chance to:
Witness epic battles in the ring
Support your JAI fam like never before
Soak up the electric fight night atmosphere ⚡️
Only $5 for members, $10 for guests (best deal in town!)
Don't miss out on the clash of the titans! RSVP now and secure your spot for an unforgettable fight night.
Doors open 11.45am. First fight 12pm.
Open sparring will follow.
Limited tickets, visit link in bio to secure your ticket!

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It's time to celebrate another year of JAI🥳
Last year’s Christmas Party at was a blast, and this year will be even better!
There will be a Foosball and Karaoke competition, as well as discounted drinks🥂
See you all there from 4pm, and don’t forget to bring along a small gift for a game of JAI “Dirty Santa”(where you can swap gifts with the person before you)!

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If ever there was a shining example of how Muay Thai can transform lives, Izzy would be walking proof. Despite being introverted by nature, Muay Thai has brought out his infectious enthusiasm and willingness to help others. This much-loved member and trainer at JAI are so addicted that even a moonboot couldn't stop him from training!

How did your voice get so loud?

I like to say that I got it from my mum – she had a very loud voice and the loudest laugh, so I like to think that I inherited it from her.

Does the voice match the personality?

Funnily enough, no! The thing is that even though I can be loud, I tend to be a bit introverted. When I can choose between staying home or going out, I tend to prefer staying home.

But you're always at JAI!

Haha, that's a good point – JAI is my happy place, so I'd always rather be here.

How has Muay Thai changed you?

Muay Thai has brought out my confidence. I used to be very shy, and training Muay Thai has brought me out of my shell a lot! It has allowed me to feel free to be who I am, so if you hear me being really loud, you can thank Muay Thai for that! And you can also thank our trainers here too because they do nothing but encourage.

We can see that you love helping out people in our classes, why is that?

I would say I love helping both. With newbies, I love helping them particularly because when they get that 'aha' moment, it's the most lovely thing in the world. You can see their face light up! I have had people start their first training session with me and then they've gone on to do fights before I even have!

When it comes to experienced people, it's a lot more convenient, I will admit. I do love training them because you can be more 'nit-picky' with them and help them improve the little things. Long story short, if I had to choose, I would say I prefer training newbies.

Recently you had surgery on your Achilles and still came in to train with a moonboot on! What made you do this?

Well, like I said, Muay Thai is my happy place. The thing with me is... I just can't stop! I like to follow two sayings that I adore: the first is, "You don't focus on what you can't do; you focus on what you can." And the second is, "Give a person a why, and they can achieve it through any how." My why is Muay Thai, because I love it, and I will continue to train it by any means necessary, whether I am in a moonboot or not!

What was it like getting your birthday beats today? You got 53 kicks from our trainers Falan and Tee, who have over 300 professional fights between the two of them!

Felt like 100, haha!


Wall Mural

Photos from Jai Thai Boxing Gym's post 26/11/2023
Photos from Jai Thai Boxing Gym's post 25/11/2023

No parents (or small children) were harmed shooting this!😂

Today’s kids brought a whole lot of energy with them for kid’s class this morning! We smashed out some flying knees, superman punches, 100 punches and 200 knees🔥

See you next week at Jai - Kids class every Saturday at 10:15am🥊

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Graffiti artist and JAI member Jarrod is the man behind the new artwork on our frontage. We caught up with him to find out how he gets his flow
Q: Are there any similarities between Muay Thai and graffiti?
A: Definitely! Muay Thai is a martial art after all. Freestyling on the bag or shadow boxing is similar to freestyling when painting on a wall. You need to find rhythm and flow within yourself, so they both complement each other. Since starting Muay Thai last year, it has made me more focused on routine and lifestyle. I've cut down on drinking, stopped va**ng, and focused more on my physical and mental state. When I'm healthy, it makes me enjoy and want to paint more, and my work also looks cleaner.

Q: Tell us about the work that you did for JAI.
A: To me, Thai culture is a huge part of Muay Thai, which is why I incorporated temples and Buddha into the design. I'd like anyone who walks into JAI to feel like they are in Thailand!

Q: What do you think about tagging on buildings?
A: The graffiti scene is a community, and some people want to leave a legacy by being prolific. Others use it as an outlet and a form of rebellion against the system. I don't think it's a good idea to tag people's businesses, though. I'm all about development and communication. I like to work with businesses about what we can do to incorporate art into a look that represents them. Putting a mural on a wall can actually stop people from tagging it. Because we're a community, it would be disrespectful to graffiti over another piece of art. Plus, nowadays with social media, it would be easy to contact the person responsible.
Read more about Jarrod's work and how he mixes Martial Arts with Graffiti Art - link in our bio!


When we put a callout for people for members to help with classes, Josh surprised us when he stepped up. Yes, he was always the most respfectul student in class, but also the most quiet - it was hard to imagine him leading a class of students. However, he stepped up and now has helmed some of our beginner classes as well as being a firm favourite with the kids classes.
Now, Josh is ready to take on an even bigger challenge: his first fight! for us!
Join us on Saturday, October 28, 2023, to cheer him on as he steps into the ring and shows us what he's made of!
Q: Josh, what motivates you to step into the ring and fight?
A: I'm turning 30 in December, and I have a daughter who is 3 and I'd like to show her that fighting in the ring is not about violence. Personally, I see it as a way to test myself, to push my limits, and to express my individuality. Fighting is a pure form of self-expression for me. I want to see how far I can take myself in the ring.
Q: What's the scariest thing about stepping into the ring?
A: I'm not scared of anything except getting my front teeth knocked out – I'm not a handsome guy to start with anyway! I don't want to get knocked out in the first minute either, but I understand that's what can happen in a fight. Overall, I'm excited and looking very much forward to it!
Q: What do you enjoy doing when you're not fighting?
A: I love spending time with my daughter. We pick flowers, play hide-and-seek, and she even paints my nails sometimes. I also enjoy playing video games, especially Ace Combat.
Q: What's the biggest sacrifice you've made during your training?
A: Giving up va**ng. I've been va**ng for two years, and I smoked for three years before that. It's been over four weeks since I quit, and I still struggle! But it's the right thing to do. I never had a reason to quit until now. I actually thought I was pretty fit, but one of my trainers, Richie Supa Nola, saw me hunched over and puffed after a round of pads and told me that va**ng affected my recovery. Since I've quit I've noticed a big difference in my stamina and endurance since I quit. I've never had a reason to quit, but now it could be the difference between winning and losing.


Feel the rhythm, feel the power, unleash your inner warrior 🥊

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Our JAI Spring Party was a whole lot of fun thank you all for coming along😊

It’s fair to say that not all Muay Thai masters can be pool champions but it was awesome to see everyone giving it their best!💪

Thank you to for having us!

Where should we host the next party??🥳

Photos from Jai Thai Boxing Gym's post 23/10/2023

Our JAI Spring Party was a whole lot of fun thank you all for coming along😊
It’s fair to say that not all Muay Thai masters can be pool champions but it was awesome to see everyone giving it their best!💪

Thank you to for having us!

Where should we host the next party??🥳


Kids class is BACK for term 4!
Every Saturday @ 10:15am - Running until 16th December🥳

Muay Thai is an awesome sport for the following reasons:

- Muay thai is both a strength and endurance workout that makes use of your whole body.

- Kids will learn combos that involve both punching and kicking. They will gain a better sense of control within these movements.

- Our kids classes are structured to empower kids and make them feel big and strong! Sometimes, a confidence boost is all a kid needs to feel prepared when taking on challenges in AND outside of the gym.

- Through Muay Thai and motivation from our instructors, kids will learn the art of perseverance.

- Kids will learn how to protect themselves if they ever end up in a situation where this may be necessary.

- Through Muay Thai kids will learn how to respect and work well with their trainer and training buddies. They may even make some new friends along the way!!


It’s time to show us your SPEED and POWER!!

Our kick challenge will run at the end of each Jai class, starting from today!

Some awesome prizes are up for grabs, so come along at give it your best shot 🏆


Get your game face on for the JAI SPRING PARTY next Sunday!
It's your perfect chance to show off your pool skills.
Think you can beat our trainers in a game of pool? Now's your chance to prove it. 😉
Whether you're a competitive shark or a competitive cheerleader, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun.
(Plus, it's a long weekend, so you can stay late to party if you like!)
So tag your crew and get ready for an afternoon of pool, laughter, and good times with your JAI mates.
Book it on the website/app or link in bio

Tag your training partners

Photos from Jai Thai Boxing Gym's post 29/09/2023

What's Friday's flavour? It's Muay Thai for lunch! 🥊✨

Join us weekdays at 12.15 for a spicy lunchtime mix. The kicks and punches keep flowing and the smiles are free! Our classes are perfect for all levels, from beginners to experienced.


Kick-It With Friends 🥊

Join us for a new Muay Thai Team Training class at JAI Thai Boxing!

Work in groups of 2 or 3 to complete 4x10-minute blocks of Muay Thai moves and strength + conditioning exercises. Your team mission is to complete as many rounds as possible, or die trying... (just kidding, but you'll definitely leave shattered).
This class is for all levels, from beginners to experienced fighters. It's a great way to find your mojo, smash your fitness goals, improve your endurance, find your dream team training partner, and have a blast kicking some butt.
The first class is free on Sunday at 11:30am. Come and try it out, and give us your feedback so we can make it the best class ever!

P.S. We value your feedback, so please let us know what you think of the class! Our goal is to create a fun and challenging team class that helps you reach your fitness goals and have a blast at the same time.
Book on Gym Master and... see you on Sunday!

Photos from Jai Thai Boxing Gym's post 24/07/2023

Clinching & Pads 🥊🥊
How to get the edge against your opponent - even when they are bigger or more experienced?
By learning the secrets of Muay Thai clinching 🥊 from our professional trainers 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫
Next to round-house kicks, clinching is the bread-and-butter of the Muay Thai fight game 🥊 - just look to Diselnoi or Samart Payakaroon who are clinch fighters and legends in Muay Thai
Now you can learn how to use your clinch skills to dominate in sparring and fighting.
The clinch game can help you:
Wear down stronger and larger opponents
Use your skill, not size to tire them out
Frustrate and confuse your opponent by using their bodyweight and strength to your advantage
Get in close to a good striker and prevent them from using their kicks and punches and then...
gain control of the fight by getting in close so you can land those knees and elbows.
Yes Knees 💥 and elbows 💥 are your best friends in the clinch! 💪
Classes are suitable for everyone except complete beginners ⚠️
This class is included in your JAI membership!
We'll focus on clinching techniques 🥊 and have the opportunity to try out techniques on classmates of different sizes and strengths** 💪
And we'll finish with Thai padwork combos 🥊 which include the whole Muay Thai arsenal of all the eight limbs together with clinch techniques to form the complete Muay Thai training session. 🦹
Classes start this Wednesday at 7.30pm🗓
Book through our app or DM us to reserve your spot.


We're turning 8, come celebrate! 🥳
Cos we'd be super lonely without you 🦗
We'll provide snacks - you've earned it! 🦹
Our friends at Little Turkey are spoiling us with drinks specials - $5.50 for house wines and beers! 🥰
Wear what you like - we've booked the private room upstairs.
We can play our own tunes and dance like nobody's watching 🙈
It's a great chance to catch up proper, without having to catch your breath in-between kicks, knees and punches!
Wear what you like: Active Wear, Leisure Wear, Party Wear, Lounge Wear - surprise us.
Please RSVP on Gym Master so we can set things up for ya 🤩


New sparring program.
No extra cost for members ⚡⚡
Have you wanted to up your technical skills but been afraid of looking silly/getting hurt? Here's your chance to do it in a guided way.
While having a conversation with a retired fighter JH, he casually mentioned that he thought Muay Thai students today had a better understanding than the fighters from 15+ years ago (himself included).
Traditionally, fight training often consisted mainly of smashing it out on the pads and bags and toughening your body through repetitive cardio and conditioning... then figuring out how to actually fight through hard sparring or in the ring.
While those that stuck with it became tough-as-nail, it was a painful journey. And those who didn't want to do hard sparring or fighting would find it difficult to progress in Muay Thai.
Fast forward to today. We believe that you don't have to spar hard or fight to get good Muay Thai skills. Good trainers understand the importance of teaching application of what they teach. They take the time to explain the technique behind the movements, and how it can be used in a real-life fight. And then make their students drill the technique repeatedly (both with and without pads).
Whether you want to fight or learn to spar, or just want to up your technique, we've updated our sparring program to cater for your level.
Level 1. Intro to Sparring. Learn to take a punch (and dish one out). Drill basic attack and defence moves so that you won't take too much damage in sparring. Learn sparirng etiquette in a controlled environment.
Level 2. Intermediate sparring. More advanced drills and 50% freestyle sparring in 50-70% power.
Level 3. Advanced sparring. More freestyle sparring at 70% power. Advanced drills and techniques taught.
*trainers clearance and protective gear required for all classes
While we have 6 days of sparring, we recommend making sure you fit in non-sparring classes into the mix to give your body a chance to recover. Kicking pads are also the best way to condition your shins and build strength and muscle without having to worry about being injured. Plus, it's super fun!
If you have any questions about sparring or training, hit us up! 👊👊

Waitara BJJ | Clifton Fight & Fitness. 28/01/2023

We’ve had our fair share of disasters occur: break-ins, thefts, floodings (x10) and even a visit from a p**n ”artist” but it’s always heartbreaking to hear it happen to another martial arts studio.
Especially when it’s not an act of nature, but one of pure cowardice and cruelty.
More than a loss in the ring- this is the stuff that can really break a team’s spirit.
Our thoughts go out to Clifton Fight and Fitness and waitara BJJ.
If you can afford to show some support link is below. Let’s look out for each other however we can. 🙏

Waitara BJJ | Clifton Fight & Fitness. Waitara Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Clifton Fight & Fitness fundraiser.


Patricia combines her Muay Thai training with hip hop dance classes. You’ll see her doing sparring as well being a regular along with at our Ladies Muay Thai classes. Her goals for 2023 are : "Starting the year with a focus on improving my defence. Gonna practice checking those kicks and making my vision quick. By 2024, anyone who spars me is going to have to be pretty good to tag me 😂😅.”


Jarrod joined us last year and quickly became addicted to the sport as well as the art behind Muay Thai.
His goals for 2023:
"Now I’m no longer a beginner I’m ready to try my hand at sparring. Excited to see what the new year brings for my training and progress.


Move over Harry and Meghan… we’ve got our very own power couple. Beer-loving George and yogi Vic.
While Vic doesn’t like beer (she’s more of a cider gal) this duo balance out their yin and yang with power kicks and punches. 👊👊
2023 goals: "Here's to a new year, new fitness goals, and crushing them all as partners in crime. Victoria’s focus is getting seriously fit in 2023 while George is eyeing a fight.


One of our newest members .liang917 was nursing an injury when he first tried Muay Thai with us… but didn’t let that stop him from deciding to take up Muay Thai straight away.
His resolution for 2023?
“Looking forward to a fresh start in the now that I have recovered. At JAI I believe there’s a place for all.”

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Many of us can relate to Ted, a JAI member celebrating his 2nd year anniversary! Ted, a computer engineer by day, admits...
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Sometimes it’s hard to tell if everyone worked hard. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious 😂😅
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First class of the year 2022🤛
Now that the last classes of 2021 are done and dusted we’d like to take this opportunity to wish yourselves and your fam...
Sunday Boxing achievement unlocked 🥊
Happy to welcome Boxing back to Welly on a cracker of a day !😎Great turnout for Theo's Boxing Circuit class - a mix of t...



76 Anzac Avenue

Opening Hours

Monday 12:30pm - 8:30pm
Tuesday 6:30am - 8pm
Wednesday 12:30pm - 8:30pm
Thursday 11:30am - 8:45pm
Friday 6:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday 9:15am - 4pm
Sunday 12:30pm - 4:30pm

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