Workhouse Wellness

We use Thermal Infra mapping to know where pain and inflammation are and treat it with manual manipulation.

Along with our focused cryo and thermal applications for maximum results in natural pain and stress management. We’re a holistic practice specializing in many modalities which are integrated.


🌷How are you feeling today?🌷
Pain free? 🥸
Energetic? 💃🏽
Healthy? 🐎
Able? 🏋️

✨It’s our wish and our goal for you!!🤩

Start where you and let’s get you to your future self with this intention!!😚


💫“A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything”

P A S S I O N✨

🧹What passions sweep you off your feet??

Our shared Passion is helping people feel better, move better and breathe bigger!

Shares yours👇🏽


Fall in love with taking care of mind, body, spirit and see things align.

The idea of self care sounds fun but the actuality of dedicating time and space to slow down is much harder then it sounds.

Proud of my people for pulling the plug to get center!

just to drop in on a few 😉😙

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🌟 Meet Emilie Constance: The Theta State Queen! 🌈✨

🔮🧘‍♀️ My superpower is... I can help people reach Theta state! 🧘‍♂️🌌

🎯 My goal is to be an integral part in the expansion of success for myself, clients, and my team! 🙌💼

🔍 Why do you do what you do? 🤔

Masssage therapy has always brought me a sense of reward by being able to deliver a sense of peace to others. And guess what? I receive peace too through counter transference! 🌸💆‍♀️

⚡️ How did I find my career in massage therapy? ⚡️

Being athletic from a young age, I took a great interest in healthcare and self-improvement. I led my gym classes and teams in guided stretch techniques, emphasizing the importance of stretching before and after sports. This ignited my passion, leading me to pursue Massage Therapy school (circa 1997). I had a blast learning modalities and studying anatomy and physiology - it became the foundation for my future! 👐📚

😄 And here's a funny quirk about me! 😄

I dabble back and forth with being a vegetarian, but I haven't fully committed yet. Although I might splurge once in a while on some surf and turf, vegan cuisine is my absolute favorite! 🌱🍽️

🗓️ Availability Update 🗓️

Starting from this weekend, I have slots available! Whether it's an evening session or any other time, feel free to DM us for more info. Let's embark on a journey to relaxation together! 🌟💆‍♀️


🚨🎃 Get ready to monster mash those muscles! 🕷️🏋️‍♀️ This weekend, we invited little pumpkins, weekend warriors, and tough teachers to join us for a red light foam rolling session. 💪 Let's banish those pesky gremlins that try to plague our bodies and keep us from feeling our best! 🔴🔥 Who's ready to monster mash 🐲 with their foam roller or with us in session to is week? 👾🎉😁

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ACL Heros👨🏽‍✈️👩🏼‍✈️

With all that production, someone has to do it and those people have our support and care to return them to a fresh body and a fresh mind!!

After 18-22 hours days and 14,000 steps + hit, we are here for their Workhouse Lower Body Reset (deep heat packs, PNF & MyoFascial Release + cryo flushing to help manage build up and inflammation). Know anyone else hurting, send them our way, we are here to help💪🏽!

Austin are y’all ready for weekend 2??


🌸Flower Fresh🌸

Reset with your breathe. Breathe big to return your mind and body back to you!

How are you finding renewal today?



🌟 Join us Tomorrow for an Evening of Wellness and Indulgence! 🌟

📅 Date: August 24th
⏰ Time: 7:00 PM
📍 Location: Workhouse Wellness 2745 Bee Caves Rd Suit 105

Discover the perfect blend of relaxation and indulgence at our Monthly Meditation Club! 🧘‍♀️ Immerse yourself in the serenity of Yoga Nidra, let the resonating sounds of Gong and Sound Bowl Healing soothe your soul, and top it all off with a delightful Cocoa Elixir.

🎶 Let the sound waves guide you to inner harmony, and afterward, treat yourself to the rich, comforting taste of our ceremonial cocoa elixir. ☕️🍫

Whether you're a seasoned meditator or new to the practice, all are welcome to join this transformative experience. Wear your most comfortable attire and bring an open heart and mat!

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now. RSVP by DM’ing here or [RSVP text 737-977-2626].

Get ready to unwind, heal, and indulge with us tomorrow. Your well-being deserves this special treat! 🌿✨



✨Affirmations for healing + the right combo for healing quickly!!✨

🌟 Boost Your Summer Recovery with red light therapy and structural massage therapy at Workhouse Wellness!

🔴 Red light therapy is not just for winter! Even during the summer months, it can do wonders for your healing process. By stimulating collagen production, reducing inflammation, and promoting cellular regeneration, red light therapy enhances skin health and accelerates recovery. Not to mention, it helps with pain relief and relaxes tense muscles.

💆 Combine the power of red light therapy with our exceptional structural massage therapy sessions at Workhouse Wellness. Our expert therapists utilize biohack technologies and targeted techniques to enhance your recovery, promote better alignment, and relieve any discomfort you may face.

🌞 Don't let summer slow down your wellness journey! Visit us at Workhouse Wellness and experience the benefits of red light therapy and structural massage therapy.

Also don’t forget about mindful hydration and nutrition! Resilience from the physical structure to the cellular structure!!

💼 Call us at (737) 977-2626 or visit our link in the bio to book your appointment today! Let us help you optimize your recovery and achieve your wellness goals.


🌞 Summer Mantra: " I Strengthen My Power with Each Step"

In this summer season, let's empower ourselves with a mantra that fuels our resilience. "I Strengthen my power with each step" emphasizes the importance of enhancing our physical and mental strength through breathwork and mindset.

What hard things are you leaning into this summer?💪🏽❤️✨


{Woman’s Health Spotlight}
Boy we are so blessed to such wonderful females who we support! This amazing nurse (NNP) of 37 years now has shifted and plays pickle ball for 3 hours at a time! Winner!! 🥳 Still going strong and not to mention beautiful!!

It normal to have aches and pains but not all the time, be sure you find your place of support for your soft tissue health so you can be a boss at any age, with what ever you choose!!



Our practice is growing and we are looking for exceptional team members!!

If you or an LMT you know is looking to expand the depth of their practice through a one of kind approach, let’s connect!!

The positions we need to fill are:

- Entry level LMT, (with further wellness depth) part time, looking to have mentorship and training with 2-3 shifts a week.
- Seasoned level LMT , part time, mentorship and training with 2-3 shifts a week.
Workhouse Wellness manual therapy is based on ground up, ailment and pain management through soft tissue health. Connect with us to be part of the best manual therapy team in town!

DM or email “I’m Interested” [email protected]
Call/ Text 737-977-2626


It’s all in our name. We believe your body is your temple and one must work daily to care, love and maintain it.

We are here to empower one’s natural healing within!


Blast off your week!! We hope you all enjoyed spring break vibes this weekend!!

As we start a new week, remember starting your morning by incorporating these habits in your day will keep you centered in your health, healing and happiness!!


Do you have a favorites morning routine?


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Self-Love is a process…

It comes up during all areas of our lives but in particular how we treat our body or what we tell our self.

To test how your doing, try this. Be mindful in the next few days or even in the next week to take stock of the messages you tell yourself when it comes to your body how it moves and how it feels.

Pause the thought or feeling when you notice a self deprecating thoughts. Breathe to show love and to asses what your feeling. Reset with slowing down and replace the movement and care for preservation.


Us due to this crazy weather vs our clients hating to miss their session.

Thank goodness the sun is coming!


What’s your mantra for 2023! Go within and turn that magic on!

Happy New Year, New you! Everyday is a chance to reset. Get curious and tune in to what your body and mind needs!


Our base belief is empowered by the body’s natural abilities to aid in sustainable health and intentional, structural manual therapy.

Alignment + Healthy soft tissue = Optimal structural balance


Our base belief starts with root practices. The practice consuming healthy choices will never go out of practice.
Mindful eating + daily choices = balanced gut health for optimal living


Our base belief is mental health is not an accident, there are practices that help the over all health having a professional therapist will help you get there quicker!
Brain training + dedication = Whole body balance


Santa’s hands are all around!

One of our Workhouse Wellness]/ member surprised our Workhouse Wellness] client with picking up the tab and added 25% grat for the therapist!

I connect fully with myself and others on my path!

We believe there is so much serendipity and love in this world, keep passing it on!! ❤️💣

Photos from Workhouse Wellness's post 11/23/2022

Love this week of Thanksgiving and counting gratitude.

With anything you can choose what to focus on. People are dealing with tough situations but realizing it is a situation and there is a way out or through it and how you choose to show up for you is all you have control of.

People are here to help, support and love you! Focus on your fan club and love within by giving yourself a huge hug with a big inhale and slow exhale. Focus on your good, on your gratitudes and you will get to the next moment.



✨Happy National Kindness Day!

We at Workhouse urge you to not just be kind to others but to be kind to yourself! Kindness to the body that fuels you, that can do all the things you do in the day. Kindness to your mind that fuels your creativity and thoughts. Kindness to all of your
imperfections because they are what makes you imperfectly you.

💓With much love and gratitude,

All of us from Workhouse



Come out tomorrow for a Breakfast Happy Hour! From 10-11 we will have yummy bites and drinks, raffle giveaways, table stretching and receive an amazing Frotox to refresh your look!!

Come at 9am for a free boot camp class with Coach of Kimberly Kaevalya Neater]!!!

Our Raffel Theme Reset prizes include:
Hydrate: One 20oz with yellow sleeve
Move: Free Gym Membership Kimberly Kaevalya Neater]
Nourish Reset:
Brain: 1 Neuro Therapy session with
Body: 1, 60min Structural Wellness session with us


“Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts”

Knives sharpen knives!


Need some help feeling better from the inside out?! We gotcha!

We love when people come out looking happy and refreshed!

Reminds me of when John was here this week with his quick response post trx was, “I can’t wait to do that again”!

Well, we can’t wait to have you back!!


Cryo Massage!
Our team knows how to work magic with our one of kind ! Not only to attune our session based on your objective temperatures but our localize and our experts help you move through move through pain and regain mobility for better performance and healing!


It’s been our honor and privilege to help austin companies find ways to build better, healthier teams. Leaders like to explore healthier options that the Workhouse team are happy to provide.

Cheers to the journey ahead!!


Welcome to the first day of summer, the longest day of the year! Today here in Austin we will get a little more then 14 hours of sunlight. So much opportunity!

Selfcare is a form of exploration.
You only know what you need by searching your thoughts, feelings, movements and metrics. Over the summer finding new ways to give your body a break and recharge is such a wonderful season to do so.

As you may be leaning in to exploring different places, sounds or sights of inspiration be sure to explore the ideas of being 1% healthier. What might you find that feels good to add in your day?

Jackie’s Recomended Affirmation Mantra:

“I Explore the Abundance of Health and Wellebing Into My Life!”

We invite you to roam around and feel good in it!🤩

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Our Story

Workhouse Wellness specializes in therapeutic bodywork utilizing Thermal Infra technology. Our tried and true process has been researched and refined since 2014. Our process uses infrared mapping to observe body temperatures that correlate with pain levels. This method provides objective information from the start of your session to your end result. Our mission is to decrease pain and discomfort to help increase your quality of life!

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