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Since 1997, has been observed during the last week of October. In honor of the event & every , we're spotlighting Workhouse Wellness and their integration of . Jackie Burrows, LMT, demonstrates specialized therapeutic body work combining , infrared monitoring & . She says her method can manage inflammation, pain spasm cycle, reduce swelling, and help clear waste product. Read more:

Massage therapy may promote health benefits like stress & tension relief. Other benefits of are said to include:

☑️ Pain relief
☑️ Anxiety reduction
☑️ Improved sleep
☑️ Relaxation
☑️ Increased range of motion
☑️ Improved circulation
☑️ Lowered blood pressure
☑️ Reduced headache pain

Hi, I am with Town Hall.
We are preparing a Welcome Kit for new residents that are moving into your community.
Our Welcome Kit can only feature one Massage Therapist and I would like to discuss your being the exclusive Massage Therapist for your communities’ new residents.
I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.
Please message me or for immediate assistance, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed below.
Pam Dugdale
(512) 516-9213

We use Thermal Infra mapping to know where pain and inflammation are and treat it with manual manipu

We’re a holistic practice specializing in many modalities which are integrated.

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Love this week of Thanksgiving and counting gratitude.

With anything you can choose what to focus on. People are dealing with tough situations but realizing it is a situation and there is a way out or through it and how you choose to show up for you is all you have control of.

People are here to help, support and love you! Focus on your fan club and love within by giving yourself a huge hug with a big inhale and slow exhale. Focus on your good, on your gratitudes and you will get to the next moment.



✨Happy National Kindness Day!

We at Workhouse urge you to not just be kind to others but to be kind to yourself! Kindness to the body that fuels you, that can do all the things you do in the day. Kindness to your mind that fuels your creativity and thoughts. Kindness to all of your
imperfections because they are what makes you imperfectly you.

💓With much love and gratitude,

All of us from Workhouse



Come out tomorrow for a Breakfast Happy Hour! From 10-11 we will have yummy bites and drinks, raffle giveaways, table stretching and receive an amazing Frotox to refresh your look!!

Come at 9am for a free boot camp class with Coach of Kimberly Kaevalya Neater]!!!

Our Raffel Theme Reset prizes include:
Hydrate: One 20oz with yellow sleeve
Move: Free Gym Membership Kimberly Kaevalya Neater]
Nourish Reset:
Brain: 1 Neuro Therapy session with
Body: 1, 60min Structural Wellness session with us


“Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts”

Knives sharpen knives!


Need some help feeling better from the inside out?! We gotcha!

We love when people come out looking happy and refreshed!

Reminds me of when John was here this week with his quick response post trx was, “I can’t wait to do that again”!

Well, we can’t wait to have you back!!


Cryo Massage!
Our team knows how to work magic with our one of kind ! Not only to attune our session based on your objective temperatures but our localize and our experts help you move through move through pain and regain mobility for better performance and healing!


It’s been our honor and privilege to help austin companies find ways to build better, healthier teams. Leaders like to explore healthier options that the Workhouse team are happy to provide.

Cheers to the journey ahead!!


Welcome to the first day of summer, the longest day of the year! Today here in Austin we will get a little more then 14 hours of sunlight. So much opportunity!

Selfcare is a form of exploration.
You only know what you need by searching your thoughts, feelings, movements and metrics. Over the summer finding new ways to give your body a break and recharge is such a wonderful season to do so.

As you may be leaning in to exploring different places, sounds or sights of inspiration be sure to explore the ideas of being 1% healthier. What might you find that feels good to add in your day?

Jackie’s Recomended Affirmation Mantra:

“I Explore the Abundance of Health and Wellebing Into My Life!”

We invite you to roam around and feel good in it!🤩


Everything starts with your breathe!

Practice, to pause, breathe and reset after a busy week!

Now that it’s the weekend, there is no excuse! How will you care for your body?



🙏🏾There believe there is power in my process. 🧘🏽‍♀️

When you read that, what comes up for you?🧐
Do you think, what is my process? Do I have a process? Do I trust me? Do I trust what I do? What I think? Power, I have power? What is my power?

Where are you in your journey in well-being? How’s your health? How’s your body?

You have so much power within! What’s available right now? How can you level up to receive healing and power within?


I’ve broken down in session, driving home and right next to my 4th grader now. My heart is so heavy and I know I’m not alone.

There is so much wrong, that we adults need to straighten out for them but until then, be heavy handing and armed with hugs. To them, to your friends and family.

This is what we can do now to help heal as we work together to create change.

They (the kids) continue to give our future hope and light. Keep them projected.


The best team in the game!

Love our peeps and Stacy!


What if you made it a practice to anticipate things going well and even if it doesn’t you can handle it!

Start a daily practice as you greet the day with this affirmation and a good morning stretch!

Also!! Yoga Nidra is tonight at 7pm! Come in with us or now we will be streaming it on Club House!!


Don’t let the force of gravity take you.

This month will be dedicating and educating insight into how to hold better posture. We want to shed light on the importance of posture in the human body and bring awareness to increase the habit of holding a more mindful posture.

This essential care to your health for physical wellbeing in your back, neck leads to good posture supporting your whole anatomy and respiratory system.

If you are suffering from lower or upper back pain, you are not alone, 80% of Americans are feeling the same way. So, first and foremost, stop now, reach up, breathe deep and feel yourself move away from the gravity hold.


This flower child is so much light, she ripples flowers and kindness. is a woman of many talents not only a bad A** LMT, she is also our instructor of our First and Third Thursday, self care events!!

Foam Rolling is happening this week!! It a perfect evening activity to close your day and add in your evening routine.



OMG guys,
We have been searching for the right nutritional link and now we are so excited to tell you about our newest team member! Meet Natalina!

She is a gem! Like us, she is so passionate about wellness and through her lens of food she is on a mission to help others live there best life by getting the nutritional link in focus for the individual. She is so passionate about eating well but more so she will lead you to better habits around your food choices. She will also help you break down what’s going on and what you maybe able to add for different benefits!

Send a message to welcome her!! Dm us if you’d like more info!! Stay tuned great things are coming for you!


Wondering who is the sweetie helping you get booked? This is Kelsey! She is our scheduling coordinator who is making sure you get a time with one of our Workhouse experts!!

Don’t mess with her though, she loves kickboxing and may bust her moves out! Lol, she would never, she is sweet as pie!


Third Thursday is coming!! Take the time, feel the energy and drop into the chilliest evening of the month!


{Meet Stacy}

Stacy’s therapeutic session will get to your areas of concern and get you through your pain points!

His nickname San Angelo Flash will get you feeling better before you know it!!

Photos from Workhouse Wellness's post 04/06/2022

Photos from Workhouse Wellness's post

Photos from Workhouse Wellness's post 03/18/2022

As we end winter and begin a new season, things heat up and start moving faster and faster.

We love this quote by Thich Nhat Hanh, “go slow, breathe and smile.”

In all we do sometimes the greatest thing can do is find the balance of slowing down. That can be in the form of a one big breathe or a block of time of intentional breathing. Breath is life so be mindful of it!


Art credit:


We love Cryotherapy!

Whenever we can get it. Winter pools, cold showers but most of all, localize Cryo therapy in a therapy session! That is our favorite.


We love Cryotherapy!

Whenever we can get it. Winter pools, cold showers but most of all, localize Cryo therapy in a therapy session! That is our favorite.



This topic of burnout is becoming more and more common to the average person. The WHO classified as simple as unmanaged chronic stress. Think about chronic pain, if you have it, it would get your attention, right! Same with chronic stress, the signs and symptoms shouldn’t be stuffed away and shamed to think that things are bothering you.

* There are 3 parts to consider and it may be 1 or all of these symptoms…1)Physical or emotional exhaustion 2)Cynicism and detachment 3) Decreased sense of accomplishment or productivity

There are many questions to ask your self in search of coming to terms with where you are mentally. So taking some time to jot what is currently taking up space in your mind, and think about how does your body feel when thinking about particular topics.

Use this holiday to audit your concerns and your your calendar. Disconnect to take a real break, for exercise, activities that will relax and elevate you and not to mention naps or sleep.

Breathe and get more balance✨✨✨


Give yourself the same kindness and love you give others first. Love starts with you first. The world will be a better place once you start with you first.

The world becomes much kinder and lovelier once you have self compassion.

It’s the foundation of health and of your power.

Peace and Love!


You have the power.

When you are getting overwhelmed, your vagus nervous system can take your body to a calm state.

Leaning into activating the vagus nerve to work for you will induce the relaxation responses verses fight or flight.

Anytime your feeling stress or pain, simply start by breathing big.



16 of

Why do I have pain there? Why does it keep coming back? Why do I always feel unmotivated? Whatever your question is, they are valid and worth digging into.

Think about what question should you be asking yourself to get to a body and mind that feels better!





🙋🏽‍♀️Do you sometimes feel exhausted even though you feel like you are doing “self-care?” There is actually a difference between self work, actively working on yourself (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical). On the other hand,self-care is nourishing. Depending on the activities it can be replenishing, relaxing or energizing (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical). Both are important, both can be great! For example, you could be doing the same activities but with different intent, which can draw different energy. For instance, drawing a bath with generous amounts of epsom salt, candles bubble bath gel. On the self-care side, you would soak enjoy and be present. On the self-work side, you would journal, maybe work on your phone, etc. Being deliberate in your activity can really nourish or energize you but mainly keep you in the moment. Understand, what you need in a day and take those steps to be intentional! Both are important, the trick is figuring out what you need. Without balance you will become exhausted and overwhelmed. The biggest step you can step is setting your intention.
Think about, “how am I feeling” and “what do I need”? Then think about what is it you are doing to help build you up or nourish you, starting today into tomorrow.

Lastly, in regards to bodywork, sometimes you need a self care session! Let us know, we are here for which ever direction you need! 🙌🏽✨


Day 8🙈Don’t let your monkey mind get the best of you. We’ve been practicing the idea of “metta” meaning positive kindness and energy toward yourself first.
There can be so much friction to not take care of yourself so start and finish you day with kind words this weekend with a talk to give you motivation.
✨I wish you peace ✨I wish you health. ✨I wish you happiness. Then think about your steps to take towards building a healthy body. It takes work and love to continue to build great habits.

Now if you’ve got physical dilemmas we can help the body moving better! DM is us🥸🤗


5 of

Metta- meditate on the positives, affirmations are essential to keep the mind in the present.

How are you today?
As we keep on talking about mindful moments remember it’s all about habit stacking. Some will stick and some won’t but the ones that will are the ones that you can do now.

✨Building habits is putting mental blinders, once you have them they become stronger once you start making new decisions, then they can become unconscious.


Metta Mindful Movements

✨Living in the Now✨

What’s gone has made you what you are
So don’t fear what’s ahead
Put trust in what will be, will be
And choose to live instead
Don’t live in the now worrying
What may or may not be
Take this moment in your time
And live it totally
There’s no time like the present
Breathe deep and feel alive
Living in the here and now
Will help you rise and thrive
Now is all there ever is
It’s the only time that’s real
Let the future take its course
And leave the past to heal

by Vanessa Hughes

🥳Learning to be mindful in your day will help build wellness habits to kick start 2022! Your healthiest year is ready for you and we are hear for it!!


Mindfulness Opportunity! This is our last Mindful Thursday of the year! Thanks to our wonderful Yoga Nidra Expert Kim, we committed to offering them twice a month this year! It's been wonderful to see how this has helped so many people throughout the year! So here is your last chance to come join!

Our Story

Workhouse Wellness specializes in therapeutic bodywork utilizing Thermal Infra technology. Our tried and true process has been researched and refined since 2014. Our process uses infrared mapping to observe body temperatures that correlate with pain levels. This method provides objective information from the start of your session to your end result. Our mission is to decrease pain and discomfort to help increase your quality of life!

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Welcome to the first day of summer, the longest day of the year! Today here in Austin we will get a little more then 14 ...
Everything starts with your breathe!Practice, to pause, breathe and reset after a busy week!Now that it’s the weekend, t...
This flower child is so much light, she ripples flowers and kindness. @kimberlylynnneater is a woman of many talents not...
OMG guys,We have been searching for the right nutritional link and now we are so excited to tell you about our newest te...



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