South by South Rest Massage

South by South Rest Massage


Steve is a miracle worker. His unique approach to message, getting deep into the facia to re-allign the body. Especially interesting to me was the important of feet alignment so that we step with balance. Steve gives a very balanced massage with care and knowledge. You'll learn a lot about anatomy under Steve's care. Joan Moran
Steve is literally a wizard.... he takes a serious approach on getting the body unstuck. Thanks for being one of the goods ones Steve!
Once you see Steve, you will go back again and again. He has resolved so many issues for me, I can not begin to count them. He is an amazing human being. Thank you Steve, ps, great name.
Thanks Steve! By the way.. Love the name!

'MyoPractic BodyWork' Heals All Types Of Injuries And From The Movement Restrictions Humans Get From Years Of Continued Pressure Of Gravity Forcing Us Downward On The Planet.

I'm a Massage Myopractor of Medical Structural Bodywork... I'll bring your restricted Movement Lines back to their normal supple lengths, you'll feel less restricted body movements and pain free as if you're young again!

Operating as usual


Hello "2021" - I'm STILL OPEN
Got any pain while moving your body through Earth's Gravity? Have you been injured from auto accidents, playing sports or from any type of strenuous activity? Then seek a Myopractic Body Worker like myself (hint hint); and not the ole routine doctors who usually prescribe medicines, which can be dangerously damaging in most cases.


Always in Great Good Health!

YES! I am Open during the Coronavirus Pandemic! I Never get sick nor have I ever been sick most all of my entire life! I'm As Strong as an Ox! 'Bring It On!'
*Not Bad For A 70 Year Old!*
Betcha I'll Make It To My Plan Of Being
120 Years Old Before I Leave The Planet!


I Love Teaching Folks To Better Understand The Pain Coming From The Pressure Of Earth's Gravity. If You're Experiencing Tight Painful Areas In Your Own Body; Please Go To Doctors, Chiropractors, Take Prescribed Prescriptions, Have Medical Surgery OR 'You Can Just Come See Me'. I Believe I Can And I Do Fix Bodily Issues Without Using Gimmicks, Pills Or Surgical Procedures. 👍

[07/18/19]   What is a Medical MyoPractor Bodyworker?

The Answer is Listed Under Comments?

[07/18/19]   The Story On This Doctor Of Medical MyoPractor Bodywork!

See Comments For Answers...


Howdy Peeps!
This "MyoPractor" Absolutely Loves Straightening Out Any Messes Y'all Have Gotten Yourselves Into From The Straining Of The Gravity System On This Planet, Which Helps To Keep Us Grounded And From Drifting Off Into Outer Space!
👾Aliens Or Not, I'll Help You Feel Young Again So Ya'z Can Move About The Planet 🌎 Without Feeling The Restrictions Of Your Own Lifetime's Strained Myofascial Movement Lines!
Accidents, Injuries Or Simply From Feeling Stoved-Up, "Bring It On!" 👍


I Absolutely LOVE Helping Earthlinks Out Who Are In Pain On This Crazy Planet!🌎
Matters Not What Ails You, Come Get
"Serious Medical Pain Healing"!
One Of The Best Medical Healers In Austin, Tx!
"No" Medical Operations Nessicary!
"The MyoPractor Of Medical Bodywork!"
"Text" 512-477-5772 for Appointments 👍


An Interesting Read!
Believe It Or Not!

We Humans Gotsta Have Us Some Touch Or We’ll All Die!

In 1958 Dr. Harry Harlow, a pioneer in touch deprivation research, conducted experiments at the University of Wisconsin that involved the isolation of monkeys during their early development stages. After a period of time, these touch deprived monkeys exhibited evidence of emotional and social impairment. The lack of touching during their early development years had left them neurotic and socially retarded. Most female monkeys refused mating by becoming hostile and aggressive when approached. The monkeys that did mate rejected or harmed their young. Harlow observed that during periods of isolation, the infant monkeys valued tactile stimulation more than they did nourishment. Harlow then created two artificial surrogate “mothers.” One was a bear wired sculptor of a monkey and housed a bottle of formula. The other was a fur covered wire monkey that felt and smelled like other monkeys, but offered no food. The infant monkeys preferred to cling to the “mother” who provided a semblance of physical contact without nourishment rather than to the wire models that provided food.

*In the early 1960's Bernard Grad, a Canadian biochemist, conducted his groundbreaking touch research on mice. 300 mice were selected and injected in the same manner. One-third were allowed to heal without intervention, 1/3 were held by medical students who did not profess to heal, and 1/3 were held by a faith healer. After just two weeks, the mice held by the faith healer recovered remarkably faster than the mice in both of the other groups.

In the 1970's, Dr. Delores Krieger, a professor at New York University, became interested in touch healing through studies like Grads. She was fascinated with the idea that intent was so important in Healing Touch. Using non-invasive techniques, Krieger wanted to apply the concept of Grads work in a way that could help her patients.
Through Krieger’s research a tangible relationship emerged between touching and healing. She was able to measure an increase in the hemoglobin content of the blood, which directly corresponded to levels of touching. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying molecule in red blood cells. In Krieger’s study, when a healthy person placed his hands on or near an ill person for 10 to 15 minutes with the intent to heal, this was enough to cause a measurable increase.

Published in 1986, Dr. Tiffany Field Ph.D., professor of Pediatrics, Physiology, and Psychiatry of the University Of Miami School Of Medicine, began a research project to study the effects of massage on 40 premature babies. Half of the group was massaged three times a day for 15 minutes for 10 days. The massaged infants gained 47% more weight. They spent less time in the hospital than the babies who were not massaged, even though both groups of babies had the same number of feedings and average the same intake per feeding. The massaged babies were also more active, alert, and stayed about 6 days less in the hospital. The massaged babies were also more socially active, more responsive, and had better coordination and motor skills than the nonmassaged babies.
Then Dr. Tiffany Field published in 1997, at the Touch Research Institute in Miami, where she'd found that individuals who received a 15-minute seated massage twice a week showed increased cognitive ability, performed better on math tests, and completed problems with increased accuracy and speed. These individuals also experienced a significant decrease intention over individuals who practiced traditional relaxation techniques without massage.

In the 1950s, Wayne Dennis published his findings on what he called, infant and child "retardation". His research was based on his experience at an orphanage in Beirut, Lebanon. He found that the facility that contained the orphanage was more than adequate, but because of the orphanages meagre income, personnel was limited to one employee to ten infants. The children were only taken out of the cribs for feedings, diaper changing, and a daily bath. The children remained in the crib until they began to pull up on the sides. From that point, they were placed in a playpen during the daylight hours with two other children. Opportunities for touch were very limited. *A large number of these children died, even though they were receiving adequate nutrition and hygiene. The children who did survived where dwarfed or deformed. The explanation Dennis gave for his findings of marasmus (wasting away) combined with the tactic death rates of the Lebanese orphanages were the result of touch deprivation, lack of physical stimulation, and learning opportunities. The employees were so busy providing for their physical needs, they did not have time to hold and caress the infants. *When aides were hired to rock and sing to these children, mortality rates dropped 70 percent.

In 1970, Dr. Marc H. Hollander conducted a study at the department of Psychiatry, Vanderbilt School of Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee, using a test group of 39 women. He found that the need for human contact varied from person to person. Furthermore, this need for touch changed from time to time. After conducting surveys and interviews with these women, He determined that more than 50% used sex as a way of getting their touch needs met and not because they desired the sexual act.
*Hollander and his team of researchers commented that the "desire to be cuddled and held is acceptable to most people as long as it is regarded as a component of adult sexuality. The wish to be cuddled and held in a maternal manner is felt to be too childish. To avoid embarrassment or shame, women convert it into the longing to be held by a man as part of an adult activity, involving sexual intercourse."

In the 1960s, Abraham Maslow, a renowned physiologist, placed the needs of human beings in a sequential order, from the most basic to the most Ideal and abstract. He believed that these needs directed all human behavior and as these basic needs are met, other needs began to emerge until the individual reaches what he terms "self-actualization". Maslow called this the Theory of Human Motivation.
Maslow states that we have five general needs, beginning from the biological needs of food, water, and sleep. The other levels, in order of importance are safety and security, love and belonging, self-esteem and the esteem of others and finally, self-actualization. Maslow characterized the self-actualized person as self accepting, striving to help others, and engaging in activities that will help the person achieve the highest potential. His model was later redesigned, with the help of other physiologist, to a border list of human needs. It is interesting to note that touching and skin contact are ranked very high on the list, Just below the individuals needs for a safe shelter. Many massage therapists will attest to the fact that clients often receive massage to get there "touch needs" met.

A Hierarchy of human needs:
(Completed in part from Maslow, 1962; Miller 1981; Weil, 1973; Glasser, 1985.)
1. Survival
2. Safety
3. Touching, skin contact
4. Attention
5. Mirroring and echoing
6. Guidance
7. Listening
8. Being real
9. Participating
10. Acceptance
Others are aware of, take seriously and
admire the Real You
Freedom to be the Real You
Tolerance of your feelings
Belonging and love
11. Opportunity to grieve losses and to
12. Support
13. Loyalty and Trust
14. Accomplishment
Mastery, power, control
Having a sense of completion
Making a contribution
15. Altering one’s State of
Consciousness, transcending the
16. Sexuality
17. Enjoyment or fun
18. Freedom
19. Nurturing
20. Unconditional Love (including
connection with a higher power)

The skin is so much more than an external covering. It is a highly sensitive boundary between our body and the environment. It offers protection, heat exchange, vitamin synthesis, waste removal and serves as a membrane of interfering. We can survive without sight, taste, smell, or hearing, but to lose our sense of touch would leave us walled off from our environment and from contact with others.
Touch offers us a sense of nourishment and a feeling of belonging. The need for touch intensifies during periods of stress and cannot be addressed without the participation of another person. Without touch, we experience profound physiological pain. If massage does nothing else than to nurture the human race through touch, our profession will be providing a great service.


Bingo! Another Satisfied Customer!

Amazing afternoon of self care today! Got a massage with Myopractor Steve Clinansmith of South by South Rest Massage. Life changing! So recommend him. Thanks Steve!


Most Humans In "Pain" Tend To Forget That Gravity Is "The Big Culprit" We Live With On This Planet🌎!
So, If You Feel "Pain", Even While Sitting At Computer Stations And Not Moving At All For Another Straight 8-10 Hour Shift! Gravity Is Slowly Wreaking On Our Nerve Space When We Feel More Stoved-Up With Stiffening Body Movements!
It's Simply A Piece Of Cake🎂To Me!
One Who Uniquely Understands How Bodies Move About From Your Plantars (feet) Up And Throughout Our Entire Body, Which Is My Advantage Over Most MyoPractor Bodyworkers!
So, When You're Feeling Any Type Of Body Pain; Bring It On!👍See👀What All Of The "Hype" Is About! 02/12/2018

Bariatric Physician Reveals the 3 Harmful Foods That are Damaging You From the Inside

Everyone Everywhere Needs To Understand The Importance Of Eating Just Fresh Food... And With No Additives If You Please!👍Absolutely A Must👀See! Enjoy! Thank You Dr. Amy Lee!🙏
Dr. Amy Lee Tells It Like It Is! In this video, Dr. Amy Lee reveals the 3 harmful foods that are being marketed as health foods and destroying our bodies from the inside out. Dr. Lee has board certifications in internal medicine, physician nutrition and obesity medicine specialty.


OK Folks! The Straight-Up Truth👍
Most Humans seem to have forgotten that "GRAVITY" has been shoving us downward towards the ground all these years! So, humans should've been "Stretching It Back Out", then you would've NEVER needed my services as "Myo Practor", one who brings the body "Movement Lines" back to normal supple lengths again!
You Get A Fresh New Start!
Bottom line is that if Ya'z need my help: Text away for an appointment, and I'll be glad to give Ya'z the business!👍😎LOL


Let The Competition Begin!
At TKC with 80 Rounds of Sparing... Youngsters Go 39 Rounds, then during the 40th Round, it's "Three-On-One" for the Black Belt!... Then it's the same for the Adults, after the 79th Spar, then again during 80th Spar, it's "Three-On-One!"👍😬


Howdy Folks! Check Out The Review/Story Below!...


Got Any Type Of Body Pain?
Is Your Body Hurting While Trying To Move About? If Yes, Then You Need To Bring It On!
This "Crazy MyoPractor" Melts That Deep Body Tightness Away!
Nothing Else Like It On The Planet... Guaranteed!👍Or Your Money Back!😎


Whatever reason has you feeling all stoved-up, this Myopractor can fix it!
Bring It On👍😎


"Myo Practor Bodywork"
from Steve Clinansmith at South by South Rest Massage in Austin, Texas!
"Dave Warren Tell'n It Like It Is!" From having had a hip replacement a few months back. Explaining what it's like to receive Myo Practor Bodywork!


Got Pain? Bring It On!👍
As a 'Modern Day Myopractor" I use advanced techniques as a form of muscular-skeletal bodywork. A form of a deeper inner stretching of your bodies movement lines, cables or puppet strings so to speak, which relieves long term nerve pain and realigns the skeletal body frame and brings those Myo Fascia movement lines back to their normal supple lengths. This allows you to move about more freely with less movement restrictions, which is mostly due to the "Gravity of this Planet".
"Back in the Day" Doctors routinely attributed back pain to various structural abnormalities of the spine... Go Figure? Then later studies revealed that 88% of most patients had "TENSION" which will relate to migraine headaches, heartburn or stomach ulcer, colitis, spastic colon, allergies and a few less common disorders all of which are related to tension.
Tension in the body most certainly affects the circulation of the blood/oxygen to the areas of the body that are in pain! In 1973 a couple of German scientists discovered that oxygen deprivation to the back area was the cause of back pain.

My theory is that our bodies become crystallized and movement restricted from not drinking enough of the required 8 cups of water each and every day of our lives, which then means over our years of aging we are also drying-up from within.
This crystallization also affects our blood flow, which supplies the nutrients and oxygen to the millions of cells of the body tissue, especially in the said pain areas where it is so badly needed! Our movements then become seemingly short, restricted and painful! Sometimes when we reach out for something, we'll tear the muscle tissue, unaware of this shortened Myo fascia.
All humans move and function starting from the bottom of our "feet" up and throughout the entire body to the tops our heads, because we are dealing with the gravity on this planet. We most certainly become more crystallize, then restricted in our movements, which infringes on our nerves and is perceive as pain! Bingo!


Howdy Folks!
Are you waking-up in a Jam these mornings?
If you'd noticed when you wake-up that your body seems tighter or your movements ache and have pain while first trying to move your limbs, you're not alone on this Planet of Gravity!
I've studied MyoFascial movement lines most all of my life and always have worked on stretching my fascia out since 17 years of age.
I Can Fix That! Is what I tell clients who are in such movement pains. Just know that Tightened Myo Fascia is my Specialty and I'd be more than glad to help you out of your Jam-Up too!
After all, That's what I do for a living... 😎
Whatever pain you maybe experiencing... Bring It On!👍
Pics are from Dr. Netter's "Atlas of Human Anatomy"!


Howdy Folks!
It's a hot summer coming and the first thing to concern yourself about is your water in-take! We Humans tend to usually keep on "Keeping On" through-out the heat of the summer without adding or adjusting our water In-take as we venture outside in the heat.
Our "movement systems" becomes more restricked as we tend to dry out. Don't get caught-up into too much outdoor activities without hydrating also!
If you start feeling a little stiffer in the early rising out of bed mornings, then your body is trying to tell you listen to the warning signs that the nerves are reeking at you... or you'll end up in my office sooner than you should need be! Fair Warning! 👍LOL
Below is an example of how the body slams on the breaks when you reach that point of "the end of the line" with your own movement system...

The Myo Practor Story

Come Experience this type of “Myopractor Bodywork”! There's Nothing else like it on the Planet!

Over 20 years experience as a Myopractor of Medical Structural Bodywork... Which’ll Bring your painful restricted Movement Lines back to their normal supple lengths, you'll feel less pain in the movements of your body, as if you're young again!

You’ll not believe how much this helps folks out from chronic pain who’ve had any aftereffects from surgical operations, auto accidents, body or sports injuries, same repetitive movements; as well as sitting at computers in the same position day after day all year long! You name it, I’ll fix it!

I'll teach you how I did this and help you learn preventative maintenance for your particular case scenario too!

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Always in Great Good Health!
Most Humans In "Pain" Tend To Forget That Gravity Is "The Big Culprit" We Live With On This Planet🌎!   So, If You Feel "...
OK Folks! The Straight-Up Truth👍  Most Humans seem to have forgotten that "GRAVITY" has been shoving us downward towards...
Let The Competition Begin!  At TKC with 80 Rounds of Sparing... Youngsters Go 39 Rounds, then during the 40th Round, it'...
Working the Tensions outta Karate participants going 40-80 Rounds for the black belt!
Let The Competition Begin! TKC 1/26/2018'At TKC with 80 Rounds of Sparing... Youngsters Go 39 Rounds, then during the 40...
Working the Tension outta Folks Sparing some 40-80 Rounds!
Got Any Type Of Body Pain?Is Your Body Hurting While Trying To Move About? If Yes, Then You Need To Bring It On!  This "...
"Myo Practor Bodywork"from Steve Clinansmith at South by South Rest Massage in Austin, Texas!"Dave Warren Tell'n It Like...
Howdy Folks!   It's a hot summer coming and the first thing to concern yourself about is your water in-take! We Humans t...
This Vid is regarding plantar fasciitis, where the bottom of your foot, which is where we function from dealing with gra...
Well Now! I guess I still have the Magic Touch regarding fixing knees... Miss Diane here we'll explain how I fixed her k...




7004 Meadow Run
Austin, TX

General information

Experience this "unique style" of Myopractor Bodywork! Nothing else like it on the planet! I guarantee you'll be satisfied with this most effective deep Myo Practor bodywork! Everyone's bodily strain lines are different! About me: Now over 20 yrs. in Austin treating the most difficult pain cases referred to me by doctors, chiropractors and clients. I'm thankful to be so uniquely gifted, and I love to use this gift to help others in need of pain relief. I'll teach you how I did this and help you learn preventative maintenance for your particular case scenario too! How I got started in this industry: Basically I had rid myself of scoliosis and a sciatic bulging disc issue, which was from an extremely tightened and overworked right side of my lumbar area, from working too hard on a dairy farm, which caused by my lower back L4 disc to bulge into the large left sciatic nerve, and blowing out my back at the ripe old age 17, causing extreme pain and not allowing pain free body movements at all, where my body felt like a 70 year old man then at that time! After about 4 years of dealing with going to a chiropractor approximately every 3 months or so each time my back would blow, I got smart and learned how to fix myself. In the process of undoing my tightened myo fascia, then I felt younger and became one loosened and energetic body that wanted to run and jogged an average of 60 miles per week; becoming a long distance runner for some 40 plus years now and never ruined a joint yet! Come Prepared: Please Wear Cotton or Loose Fitting Clothing for your session with this Myopractor style of bodywork. Clothing Removal is not required as I'm working deeper in the body, below the layer of skin! Not wrestling with sheets enables me to stretch and use better range of motion to your extremities. You'll notice much longer lasting results than a regular massage!

Opening Hours

Monday 07:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 07:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 07:00 - 19:00
Thursday 07:00 - 19:00
Friday 07:00 - 19:00
Saturday 09:00 - 19:00
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