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George Campus is at the forefront of higher education and training in the Southern Cape.

Nelson Mandela University (George Campus) will focus on becoming a world-class knowledge catalyst for a green economy.

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Two master’s in economics students shine in top 10 of Nedbank-Old Mutual Budget speech competition

Reasons to be Proud: Nelson Mandela University had two Master of Economics students, Ziyanda Magazi and Liyema Mpompi, in the Top 10 of the national Nedbank Old Mutual Budget Competition postgraduate category. Ziyanda won the second prize as first runner-up, with her essay examining the impact of the Just Economic Transition on the South African economy.

“I found the topic very interesting, and I was eager to research and evaluate the potential implications for the South African economy.

“I wanted to offer my views on the South African context of this global deliberation and perhaps the most critical socioeconomic challenge of our lifetime, climate change, said Ziyanda.

Liyema said he wrote the essay at the busiest time of his life during the exam season. “I had to submit my master’s research proposal, present it a week later and my grandmother had passed away shortly before the time, but because I had a plan, I kept my eyes on the prize (being a finalist), so I was able to overcome the challenges that I encountered”.

Read the full story here:’s-in-economics-students-shine-in-top-10

Photos from Nelson Mandela University George Campus's post 06/03/2024

- Autumn 2024 Graduation Ceremonies

Photos from Nelson Mandela University George Campus's post 05/03/2024

Nelson Mandela University hosts Second biennial Robert Sobukwe Institutional Public Lecture

The 27th of February marked a momentous occasion in South Africa’s remembrance of one of its struggle heroes, as Mandela University hosted its second Robert Sobukwe Institutional Public Lecture.

Considering Sobukwe was a teacher, the lecture was fittingly situated in the institution’s Faculty of Education in what marks 100 years of Sobukwe.

Sobukwe was a global African who understood the connection between ourselves and (anti) imperial struggles. ‘African’ is not only in name, but also in the context of viewing us as people of humanity, the keynote speaker, Lebohang Liepollo Pheko (right) said.

Pheko is an activist scholar and political economist whose address was entitled: ‘Defying the Undefiable: A Meditation on Reparative Memory’.

Attendees included the Sobukwe family, the University’s staff and students, high school students, Azanian People’s Organisation (AZAPO) representatives, as well as members of Sobukwe’s political home, the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC).

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sibongile Muthwa, praised the youth for attending what would be a teaching moment for everyone in the celebration of a douance in South Africa’s struggle for freedom, which we now enjoy.

Now, 100 years since the birth of Sobukwe in 1924, Prof Muthwa said “the lecture speaks to our commitment to being an engaged and transformative university”.

“Through this lecture, we can reflect on the teachings and meanings of Robert Sobukwe and the promise these still hold today for a just and fairer world to which he dedicated all of his life”.

Prof Muthwa concluded by saying catalysing such platforms for engagement, strikes at the heart of what universities are for.

Read the full story here:

Gino Fransman OE Week Recording 01032024 04/03/2024

Open Education Week March 2024 - Gino Fransman

An annual celebration, Open Education Week is an opportunity for actively sharing and learning about the latest achievements in Open Education worldwide.

Gino Fransman OE Week Recording 01032024


UPDATE: Postponement of 2024 Institutional Open Days in both George (8 & 9 March) & Gqeberha (15 & 16 March)

We are writing to inform you that the institutional open days originally scheduled to take place in George and Gqeberha over the next two weeks has been postponed.

We are actively working to secure a new date and venues for the open days in May and will communicate this information as soon as possible. In the meantime, the Open Day team will be reaching out directly to staff and students who were involved in the planning and ex*****on of these events to provide further details and answer any questions you may have.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this postponement may cause and appreciate your continued support.

We look forward to welcoming you to our open days later this year.

Thank you for your understanding.


Communication & Marketing


Nelson Mandela University remains vigilant.

As the National Education and Health Workers Union (NEHAWU) led protest action, over the 2023-24 salary adjustments, enters its sixth day, the team on the ground at Nelson Mandela University remains vigilant.

At 15:45 [yesterday, 3 March 2024] the Head of Security received a call from the security control room, reporting that there was a fire between building 123 and South Campus residences. Immediately, the internal fire team from Horticulture and the Department of Emergency Medical Care (EMC), were activated and the fire was soon brought under control. These demonstrations indicate that the teams on the ground are ready and able to manage and bring such situations under control.

On arrival, a second fire was detected. This indicated that these were intentionally started and are being considered as acts of sabotage and are under investigation. While this protest action is legal, such acts of sabotage are unlawful and are in direct contravention of the interim interdict which was ordered on Thursday, 29 February 2024. Both Council and Management at Nelson Mandela University strongly condemn such lawless behaviour and thank staff and students for their continued strength and support to continue the academic programme.

On reflection, it is clear that the NEHAWU led protest action at Nelson Mandela University has been expressed by vandalism, intimidation, arson and criminality from the very onset. As a result of these major disruptions, the start of the academic year has been hugely impacted.

Emergency Management Team


University Council Statement on NEHAWU Strike Activities and Campus Safety

The Nelson Mandela University Council, under the leadership of the Chairperson, wishes to address the current situation regarding the ongoing strike by members of the National Education, Health, and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU). We acknowledge the legal right to strike as essential to the democratic process and collective bargaining. However, while the strike is legal, we must express our profound disappointment with the illegal conduct demonstrated by some striking individuals.

The University is founded on principles of dialogue, respect, and the peaceful resolution of disputes. Our commitment to these principles remains unwavering, even as we navigate the complexities of salary negotiations and other employment-related issues. The transition from lawful protest to acts of lawlessness, including sabotage and property damage, is profoundly troubling and starkly contrasts the values we uphold.

The interim court interdict served to the leadership of NEHAWU clearly outlines the conditions meant to protect all university community members and preserve our property. These legal measures are crucial for maintaining a safe and conducive environment for education and work.

The recent escalation of events, marked by damaging actions, not only undermines our collective efforts to maintain academic integrity but also endangers the well-being and security of our community. We call upon all NEHAWU members to respect legal boundaries and engage in peaceful, constructive dialogue.

The Council fully supports the University's management in taking necessary actions to ensure that academic and operational functions continue unimpeded. We are particularly concerned about the negative impact of these disruptions on our students and the broader university community. We encourage a return to respectful and productive negotiations, focusing on finding equitable solutions to the matters at hand.

Read the full statement here:

Issued by:

Ambassador Nozipho January-Bardill
Nelson Mandela University Council


In preparation of the start of the 2024 academic year , we’ve included a list of essential links and valuable resources to help you get organised.

Find it here:


Higher education is demanding, which is why we’ve created material specifically designed to help you succeed – and increase your chances of greatness. From time management and presentation skills to academic writing and problem solving, our content is available to support and empower you!

Our Hands, Head and Heart Student Success material is available on Moodle, where you can work through the content online or it can be downloaded in PDF format to work through offline.

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Beware cyber syndicate targeting students

A cyber syndicate has been targeting higher education students across South Africa, including Nelson Mandela University.

This poses a critical security issue since this group has been inserting themselves into student WhatsApp groups, directing students to a malicious site under the guise of providing resources related to multiple universities.

Upon clicking the university link, students are prompted to enter their student number and password. Attackers use this information to gain unauthorised access to student accounts (see example of malicious site at bottom on communication).

ICT Services’ assistance
To counter this, please note the following action and recommendations:
1. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Implementation:
o We have expedited the rollout of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all university accounts. MFA is a critical layer of security that requires more than one form of verification to access an account, drastically reducing the risk of unauthorised access.
o Action Required: All users are required to activate MFA on their accounts. Instructions for setting up MFA are provided as an attachment.
2. WhatsApp Group Vigilance:
o Group admins are urged to monitor their groups closely for any unfamiliar members and to verify the identity of anyone who requests to join.
o Action Required: Immediately report any suspicious behaviour or unsolicited link sharing within WhatsApp groups to ICT Services.
3. Awareness and Reporting:
o Be cautious of unsolicited links, even if they appear to be from familiar sources. Always verify the authenticity of requests, especially for personal information.
o Action Required: Should you encounter any suspicious activity or links, please report them directly to ICT Services.

Support and Assistance
Log case with ICT Services on the portal:

- Staff:
- Students:

Or call Helpdesk on 041 504 3000

We understand the potential inconvenience and concern that these measures may cause. Please rest assured that these steps are necessary for the protection of our community's digital safety and security.
Example of malicious site

Your Role in Our Cybersecurity:
Your vigilance and cooperation are essential to our collective cybersecurity efforts. By adhering to the recommended actions and maintaining a high level of awareness, you contribute significantly to protecting not only your personal information but also the integrity of our university's digital environment.

We thank you for your immediate attention to this matter and for your continued cooperation.

ICT Services


When you join Nelson Mandela University, you get more than a quality education, you also have fun and make lifelong friends. As a new student, tell us what you’re most excited about. 💬

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Reintroducing songs in the ǀXam language

Nelson Mandela University’s professor in music Alethea de Villiers together with linguistics professor Menán du Plessis, from the University of Stellenbosch, recently published an article on songs incorporated into |Xam stories.

These stories were collected by Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd from their ǀXam-speaking consultants in the late 19th century.

The article, “Historically informed performance: songs embedded in |Xam stories” was published in the journal, Ethnomusicology Forum and the research was made possible through ISME-SEMPRE funding.

Prof Du Plessis is a linguist in the field of comparative African languages, with a particular focus on diverse ‘Khoisan’ languages and currently compiling a grammar book and dictionary of the ǀXam language.

Although many of the stories in the Bleek–Lloyd corpus have been discussed by scholars in the fields of literature, anthropology, and history, no evidence exists that any of the songs have been performed since they were transcribed in 1879, says Prof De Villiers.

This study aims to re-introduce several songs in the ǀXam language formerly spoken by small communities of San people from the far northern sector of South Africa.

“The most significant contribution we make with this paper is that we present these |Xam songs as the earliest examples of transcribed music in South Africa based on the melodic possibilities of the music bow.

“We attempt to contextualise the songs through descriptions of the !Ui languages, music making of !Ui-speaking people, and influence of pitch production of the music bow on the song melodies,” Prof De Villiers says.

Read the article here:


"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation.”
We wish you every success as a Nelson Mandela University student and we’re excited to see how you change the world!


Face-face classes resume tomorrow, 21 February 2024

Nelson Mandela University students are requested to return to campus, tomorrow, Wednesday, 21 February 2024, as normal.

This follows the Central Student Representative Council and the University coming to an agreement on issues. Furthermore, more than 250 students have been placed in temporary accommodation.

Emergency Management Team


Positive progress in overcoming challenges at start of 2024 academic year - Part 1

The disbursement of the learning material allowance from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), the opening of the student laptop opportunity and progress made in the University’s concession process, are among the improvements under way in addressing challenges at the start of the 2024 academic year.

The slow release of student information and allowances by NSFAS has impacted registration, accommodation and student hunger, leading to disruptions nationally, inclusive of Nelson Mandela University.

To counter these challenges and support students through this difficult period, the University has consistently engaged with the relevant stakeholders internally and externally and implemented a number of temporary and emergency measures.

While much work still lies ahead in ensuring that all academically deserving students are given the opportunity to study at Mandela University, the good progress to date should also be acknowledged. The university has registered 29 555 students and expects those students who are currently unregistered for various reasons, to be registered before the closure of late registration.

Many staff members, as well as the Central Student Representative Council (CSRC), have worked tirelessly for the benefit of the students and remain committed to resolving these outstanding challenges.

Release of NSFAS learning material allowance

Today, the University has received the go-ahead from NSFAS to release the learning material allowance to qualifying students (as was shared in an earlier Memo today). Students can expect this allowance on their Intelli­-Card. Those who do not yet have this card should go to Financial Aid for assistance.

NSFAS laptop offer

As a result of the release of this allowance, first time entering (FTEN) students can now take advantage of the Student Device Initiative (SDI), giving them an opportunity to procure a laptop over two years at a cost of R5 400. The offer opened last night and by 11:00 am today, 1 700 students had opted to purchase a laptop.

Emergency Management Team


Positive progress in overcoming challenges at start of 2024 academic year - Part 2


With no NSFAS living allowance or directive yet received, Mandela University stakeholders have implemented a number of nutrition initiatives, over and above its long-term sustainability goals to ensure no student goes hungry. The CSRC has been providing 300 meals daily, in addition to the 600 food parcels provided by Student Health Services each week. The institution is complementing these efforts with a further 250 meals daily, and the establishment of soup kitchens for this week.

Several faculties also have nutrition support plans in place, as part of the University’s integrated efforts to address this ongoing challenge.

Donations in addressing student hunger can also be made to the institution’s Giving Campaign.


Mandela University has made substantive strides with its concessions process to exempt students from the usual study down payment. This mechanism is in place to ensure access to academically deserving students. However, this does not cover allowances and off-campus accommodation and does not constitute a reduction in student debt.

More than 9 500 students had applied for concessions by mid-February, of whom 5 053 were cleared to register. This is already more than double the number of students who received such support last year.

The concession application was also extended by a further seven days, ending on 23 February (this Friday), since Finance have been working overtime to process these.

Students are advised to apply through the link: before Friday’s closing date.


Those students whose concession application is not approved, may appeal on a case-by-case basis. This process has been expedited so that successful students may register soonest.

By earlier today, of the 878 appeals, 487 had been approved.

Emergency Management Team


Positive progress in overcoming challenges at start of 2024 academic year - Part 3


One of the challenges at present is that of the institution’s shuttle services.

In a bid to beat the long queues and improve management of these services, the institution is appealing to all students who are using, or intend to use the shuttle, to immediately register using the following link:

The information attained from students via this process and the onboard scanning mechanisms, provide the data to inform shuttle numbers and routes, as well as the overall better management of the system.

In return, the University has committed to:

Ensuring that the shuttles do undertake the agreed-upon number of trips daily for the specific routes
Increase the number of marshals to manage day-to-day operations
Increase the number of devices to gather supporting data
Fast-track the challenge of securing shuttle shelters
Provide shuttle card stickers for easy identification of users
Meal Management System (MMS)

Challenges in relation to the MMS will be taken forward in consultation with key stakeholders, inclusive of the CSRC, around the percentages of the NSFAS subsistence allowances set aside for this.


The University recognises many students do not have immediate access to WiFi, even as it made the difficult decision to pivot to online learning. To counter this, it has expedited processes to access contingency funding to allocate funding for a once-off payment for data.

In the interim, all lectures have been recorded to enable those who presently do not have access to data, to catch up once they are back on campus or elsewhere, where the internet can be accessed for free.

Emergency Management Team

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Ubuntu Award for Rescue SA & Nelson Mandela University’s Emergency Medical Care

Mandela Uni's Department of Emergency Medical Care (EMC), represented by lecturer Travis Trower, accepted a prestigious Ubuntu Award on behalf of Rescue SA.

Travis Trower

This recognition highlights the individual & collective achievements but also the robust partnership between the University & Rescue South Africa, said Head of the EMC Department Paul Allen.

The annual Ubuntu Awards, by the Minister of International Relations & Cooperation Dr Naledi Pandor, emphasise the importance of honouring those who tirelessly work to elevate SA's national interests & values across the world.

The ceremony was held in conjunction with the opening of Parliament in Cape Town.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Mandela Uni’s Department of Emergency Medical Care & Rescue South Africa, has been pivotal in advancing search & rescue operations and disaster response initiatives, both domestically & internationally.

These responses have been tested & as recently as 2023 and 2022, the University alongside Rescue South Africa has attended to the disastrous flooding in KwaZulu Natal & Malawi and supported firefighting efforts in Gqeberha, saving lives & infrastructure, said Mr Allen.

The awards recognise outstanding contributions to SA's global presence & values, & was attended by industry leaders, civil society advocates, members of the Cabinet, & the High commissioners accredited to SA.

This year's Ubuntu Awards highlighted the exceptional contributions of individuals & organisations in promoting South African values & interests globally.

As the epicentre for this critical training and outreach activities, EMC at Mandela Uni boasts state-of-the-art equipment & a wealth of expertise in medical rescue, sustaining this critical role of supporting those in need & changing the world, Mr Allen said.

First Image: This year’s winners also included Mandela Uni honorary doctorate John Kani, far right, the MaXhosa Africa brand of Mandela Uni alumnus Laduma Ngxokolo, second from left, Springbok rugby captain Siya Kolisi & Banyana Banyana captain Janine van Wyk, second from right.


Doctoral student in Chemistry Olwethu Poswayo has won the 2023 Global Challenges University Alliance (GCUA) 2030 award.

Her project titled, “Optimization of utilization of biomass for production of bio-oil and its hydro-processing to produce quality biofuel” scooped the first prize of 3500 Euro.

The adjudicators commented the following about her research, “This high-quality research focuses on the important topic of combining algae and coal into coalgae composites, which can be a part of meeting the energy demand, protect the environment and can be further optimised to reduce the greenhouse gases.

“Ms Poswayo succeeds to effectively communicate the results in a clear way and explains very well how her research contributes to global sustainable development with a focus on SDG 7 – “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all” and SDG 13 – Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”.

Nelson Mandela University is an member of GCUA and encourages staff and students to participate in different GCUA activities.

Master’s and doctoral applications are open. Please see available courses here: and follow this link to apply to apply:

Aspire. Achieve.

Video sourced from: SLU Global, SLU Sweden YouTube Channel


Mandela University 2024 student laptop offering

The University is continuing its efforts to enable students to participate in hybrid learning and research activities.

The laptop offering is open to all 2024 NSFAS First Time Entry (FTEN) students.

NSFAS First Time Entry students are encouraged to make use of this opportunity as online learning will continue to play a significant role in learning and teaching modules.

Laptop specifications

HP 250 G9 Celeron N4500 device with the following specifications:

• 8 Gb RAM and 256 Gb hard drive

• 3-year on-site warranty allowing you to take your device for repairs to the ICT Copy-Tech Shop at South Campus in Gqeberha or the SITS Centre at George Campus

• Includes a backpack bag

• Windows 11, with Microsoft Office 365 suite (instructions will be provided on how to load the software).

The laptop cost, of R5 400, will be funded from your book/technology allowance in two instalments over a two-year period.

Eligible students can opt in from today, 19 February 2024 with initial applications closing at 4pm on 23 February.

Please use the following link to opt-in for a laptop:

Further details regarding collection of devices on campus will be communicated by means of email.

The distribution of laptops will only take place on campus in Gqeberha and George.
Enquiries can be emailed to [email protected]

ICT Services


Urgent call to update cellphone details

The University is increasingly using digital channels to communicate and engage with students.

Please confirm or update your cellphone number by 12.30pm today (Monday, 19 February) using the link below:

We are aware that many new students, for example, registered using their parents’ contact details. Please check that this is not the case, and update as necessary.

Communications and Marketing


Stay Connected with Your Alma Mater!

As a valued member of the Mandela Alumni community, we're committed to keeping you engaged and connected to your beloved Alma Mater. With our Mandela Alumni Connect online platform, staying in touch with your fellow alumni across the globe has never been easier.

What is Mandela Alumni Connect?
Mandela Alumni Connect is your exclusive networking platform designed to enhance your professional journey and enrich your alumni experience.

Here's what you can do:
- Expand Your Professional Network: Reconnect with alumni from all corners of the world, fostering valuable connections and collaboration opportunities.
- Participate in Mentorship Programs: Give back by offering your expertise or benefit from the wisdom of experienced mentors.
- Explore Job Opportunities: Whether you're seeking employment or looking to recruit, our platform is the ideal space to share or discover career opportunities.
- Volunteer for Impact: Engage in meaningful projects and make a difference in your community.
- Market Your Event: Promote your gatherings, conferences, or webinars to a targeted audience of like-minded individuals.
- Join Geographic Chapters: Connect with alumni based on your location, strengthening your local network.
- Access Exclusive University Programs: Receive invitations to online and university events that keep you informed and involved in the academic community.
- Share Your Community Projects: Highlight your social initiatives, inspire others, and collaborate on impactful endeavors.
- Engage and Share: Stay updated and connected with your alumni community through personalized feeds and discussions.

Join us now by registering on the Mandela Alumni Connect platform for FREE!
Who can Register? All Nelson Mandela University Graduates

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Our educational philosophy is humanising pedagogy, where we strive to provide care, systems, processes and behaviours that are student-centred and educationally enabling.

Find out more about this core Mandela University teaching and learning theme, here.


Welcome to our students - Part 1

With the 2024 academic year now underway, we have compiled a Memo to assist you, as staff members and students, in making all our new and returning students to Nelson Mandela University campuses feel welcome.

Starting at a university can be a daunting experience, and so staff are encouraged to do what they can to help an anticipated 7000-plus first-time entering students settle into their new study environment.

Welcome to all students with firm offers
Many students with a firm offer to register at the institution have not yet been able to register for reasons beyond their control. These students must attend classes in the interim as we do not want them to fall behind while administrative processes are completed.

Additionally, students who have not participated in academic activities from the beginning of lectures will not be permitted to register for the module/s concerned at a later stage.

Late registration
Please note that that late registration, for which there is an additional fee, will continue until 29 February.

Finding venues
Our campuses are large. Finding lecture venues and other locations can be difficult. Please reach out to those students who are looking lost. Maps of each campus are available online.

First-Year Success (FYS) Buddies
The FYS Buddies are go-to students in terms of all these questions and have been doing an excellent job in helping all newcomers.

Students, you may view your timetable on the student portal.

Possible overcrowding
Despite the best efforts of the University’s Central Timetabling Office, due to various reasons, overcrowding may occur in some lecture halls and other facilities. Please urgently report this to [email protected] in Gqeberha or [email protected] in George.

Communication and Marketing

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When you join Nelson Mandela University, you get more than a quality education, you also have fun and make lifelong frie...
"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation.”
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1 in 3 Students miss at least 1 meal a day due to financial constraints



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