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Dreamroot is catalyzing dreams, unleashing potential, and accelerating transformation, one leader at a time.

*DreamRoot is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

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The construction of the training center in São José da Tapera is coming along nicely! Local leader Julio is showing our Brazil Country Director the layout of the building that will serve as a meeting place for the local community and will offer training and educational programs.

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Our Brazil Country Director, Tony has taken the month of February to meet personally with DreamRoot local leaders and visit their project sites. He has spent much of his time sharing his passions of teaching Jiu Jitsu in underserved communities and for supporting others to lead.

A special thanks to all the students at Team Passos Jiu Jitsu and ONDA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who have supported this mission at these academies over the years.

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Construction of the Projeto Gaditas Jiu-Jitsu Training Center is coming along nicely! They've already begun holding classes in the space as construction progresses.

We have been so inspired by how this vision of community-based Jiu Jitsu programs and the network of local leaders are abecoming a reality. Humble initiatives like this are transforming entire communities, countless lives, and future generations.
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First DreamRoot Jiu Jitsu Leader Cohort meeting or the year fis on the books!

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Dreamroot Leadership Institute

Check out this school in Les Cayes, Haiti making their lessons more engaging through their new tablets. Local leaders David and Rose arranged for schools in need in their community to receive this technology.

Thank you to our generous supporters for making this possible!

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Check out this school in Les Cayes, Haiti making their lessons more engaging through their new tablets. Local leaders David and Rose arranged for schools in need in their community to receive this technology.

Thank you to our generous supporters for making this possible!

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Engaging Lessons through Technology

Check out this school in Les Cayes, Haiti making their lessons more engaging through their new tablets. Local leaders David and Rose arranged for schools in need in their community to receive this technology.

Thank you to our generous supporters for making this possible!

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Student Highlight: Meet Maria Eduarda, a DreamRoot ESL student.

My name is Maria Eduarda, I am 15 years old. I live in a small town in the north of Minas Gerais, Brazil called Mato Verde. I am passionate about books, movies and music. My greatest talent is perhaps writing and my greatest dream is to travel the world.

I sometimes get concerned that I will not be able to make my dreams come true, of not being able to have a good life in the future. I know life will not be easy for me as a black girl. Not everyone will be so kind and respectful as I would like them to be.

Almost every night, before going to sleep, I lie down on my
bed, and I imagine myself on adventures, visiting various places. My dreams are big, certainly much bigger than my fears.

One day, I would love to study abroad for me to know a new place, a new culture, new people, new experiences and, of course, improve my English.

I want to know the world, learn everything there is to learn, to have the full experience of what it is to be a human being in this
planet. I want to be happy. And I hope I can achieve that.

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Through DreamRoot supporters' generous end-of-year donations, local Leaders David and Rose in Les Cayes, Haiti were able to purchase four Amazon Fire tablets that will made available to teachers in their community so that they can "bring technology into the classroom." These tablets will help the teachers present their lessons with animated visuals that will help to keep students' attention and facilitate learning.

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The Arte Suave / DreamRoot Training Center renovation in Pernambuco, Brazil is now complete! Local leader Jhon and his team recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of their Jiu Jitsu social initiative in the newly finished office.

From Arte Suave's humble beginnings of holding Jiu Jitsu class on broken down card board boxes in a parking lot to now having a renovated space of their own that welcomes over 150 students frequenting the program today, there is much to celebrate.

Through the vision and consistent presence of these leaders, lives are literally being saved and transformed. Thank you, Jhon, Eneide and the rest of the team for your dedication and serving our communities!

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The team in the Sertão of Brazil recently held a party for their community. Here, local leader Julio and their team put on a skit to teach about oral hygiene. They distributed 60 kits that included toothbrushes and toothpaste.

This is leadership in action. The local leadership saw a need in the community and how they could make a difference.

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Cheers to the New Year! It's time to celebrate the closing of one year, and the beginning of another.

There are no words to describe how much your support has meant for our team and for our local leaders. When our local leaders and communities needed help the most, you were there. Thank you for helping communities emerge resilient in 2020 and positioned to thrive in 2021.

Thanks for your partnership and leadership. Here's to a happy, healthy, and joyful year to come!

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We are grateful for our Brazil Program Director, Tony Passos. He continually encourages and facilitates the development of those around him. His passion for seeing others succeed and his selfless serving inspires us all. Even during this quarantine season, he consistently meets with the DreamRoot leadership team via WhatsApp to develop our leadership programs and to simply do life together.

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From all of us at DreamRoot, we wish you a merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

To our local leaders, collaborators, and sponsors, thank you for how you serve every day to fulfill the mission of releasing the potential of emerging leaders in underserved communities around the world.

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Our second training center construction project this winter is the Gaditas training center located in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

This center is run by local leader, Eduardo Oliveira. Eduardo has been leading a Jiu Jitsu social initiative called Projeto Gaditas Jiu-Jitsu in an under-served community for the past 11 years. He and his coaching team work with at-risk children and youth through Jiu Jitsu and mentorship. Eduardo regularly spends time with his students, speaking about hope and their future.

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youtube.com 12/17/2020

Sertão Training Center Construction

We are pleased to share that the construction on the foundation of the Sertão training center began last month! The training center will be located in São José da Tapera, one of the most impoverished zip codes in all of Brazil. The center will be run by local leaders, Julio and Alejandra.

Through the construction of the center, many members of the community have been employed and able to gained work experience. Additionally, several tradesmen of the community are leading parts of the project and offering vocational hands-on training to community members, including an electrician and plumber.

Julio and Alejandra work closely with families in the community through educational programs and extracurricular activities that focus on equipping and mentoring young emerging leaders. This new training center will serve as a gathering place and allow their team to expand program offerings and community initiatives.

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youtube.com We are pleased to share that construction on Sertão training center began last month! The training center will be located in São José da Tapera, one of the m...


Thank you for making Giving Tuesday such a success. We are excited to announce that we exceeded our goal of raising $4,000! We are now able to fully fund the construction of two new training centers in Brazil.

DreamRoot training centers provide community members a place to build healthy relationships in a safe, supportive environment. These community-based facilities serve as a refuge in neighborhoods surrounded by violence, abuse, poverty, and drugs. Each locally-led center offers a variety of quality training and educational programs tailored to the needs of the local community. These programs provide a space for mentors to lead by modeling a different path to life; igniting the dreams and goals of community members.

Additionally, every center includes a full working kitchen for hungry students to have the opportunity to eat. When their basic needs for protection and food are met, students are free to learn, grow and pursue their dreams.

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A new Jiu Jitsu social initiative has been launched in the Beberibe district in Recife, Brazil. This project is led by Laysa and Alice, two students who attended DreamRoot's first virtual English as a Second Language (ESL) course and are current students of local leader Jhon Alves at the Arte Suave / DreamRoot Training Center.

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, Laysa and Alice convene with about 15 women in a home to train Jiu Jitsu together followed by dinner as they connect and support one another. Larisa and Alice have opened the invitation for any woman in their community to join their training sessions. Their objective with this initiative is to use Jiu Jitsu as a tool to build community and transform lives physically, mentally and emotionally.

Parabéns às meninas do Projeto Arte Suave!

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Thank you to everyone at Team Passos Jiu Jitsu Headquarters for your generous donations to the food drive last month!

These items were distributed to about 75 families throughout Loudoun County.

And thank you to the team at Riverside for coordinating the distribution and for continually serving and connecting with local communities throughout Northern Virginia.

It is inspiring to see the huge impact collaboration and partnership achieves toward a larger mission.

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Today is the day! Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving. It is a message of hope, community and connection.

If you are participating today, please consider donating to DreamRoot Leadership Institute.

Our goal is to raise $4,000 for the construction of training centers in Brazil. These centers will be the hub of DreamRoot leadership programs; made accessible by being located within the communities we serve.

These locally led leadership programs help to achieve our mission to release the potential of emerging leaders in underserved communities to reverse the cycles of poverty and promote human flourishing.
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This girl is in the fourth grade. She has always been first in her class, yet this is her first year to have books. Can you imagine!?! She’s going to be amazing this year! - Rose

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Thank you DreamRoot

Thank you DreamRoot!

"What giving the books did was give the teachers hope that they can work and have a successful year with as many students passing as possible. The students have hope that they have a better chance at passing this year because they have the number 2 tool needed ( teacher being # 1 ) for a successful year, the parents have some of the stress of choosing between food on the table or books for their kids reduced." - Rose and David


Local leaders David and Rose in Fonfrede, Haiti lead several initiatives in their local community where they serve families in their district.

They hold a deep value of education as a means to change the trajectory of individual lives and their nation. This led David and Rose to identify which students in their local community did not have school books.

Through DreamRoot supporters, they were then able to provide 127 school books for students ranging from first grade to sixth grade. For many of the students, it was their first time ever receiving books. Tablets were also purchased and made available to the teachers to bring technology and apps into their classrooms.
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We are excited to partner with Team Passos Jiu Jitsu this month to provide food for families in need! This month, we are collecting non-perishable food items and toiletries that will be distributed to families throughout Northern Virginia. For those who are able to contribute, you can drop off donations at the Team Passos academy now through Saturday, November 21st.

Suggested items include: canned veggies (ex. green beans/corn), boxed mac-n-cheese, instant oatmeal, granola breakfast bars, boxed spaghetti and sauce, and toiletries.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated! We are so grateful to have a community of leaders that positively impact many people and to provide for those in need. We look forward to an amazing month of giving!

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Where talent was buried under hopelessness, brilliance is taking root. Where dreams were hidden behind the heaviness of poverty destinies are sprouting up.

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At the center of all we do is relationships and community. There is no transformation without personal relationships. Here, at the grassroots level, we are seeing organic mentoring take place where youth are leaving drugs and violence, kids are gaining quality educational programs, and adults are learning new life skills.

A community is coming together to collectively create a better future. People who otherwise would never have the means to enjoy simple pleasures in life or educational classes be given the opportunity to participate and dream higher for their own lives and generations to come.

Thank you to all the leaders investing in their local communities and working to bring transformation of education, peace, prosperity.

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Jhon, the DreamRoot Director of Leadership Development in Brazil conducted a site visit to our local leaders, Julio, Ale and Davi in the São José da Tapera. The impact that these humble and serving leaders are having on their community is inspiring.

This particular weekend they orchestrated a fun event with games, a trampoline, music and a potluck for the families in their community. Jhon, Julio and Davi then topped off the weekend with Jiu Jitsu class.

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Local DreamRoot leaders Julio and Ale recently organized an event to celebrate the children in their community in the Sertão. This power couple work with impoverished families in their small town to gain the skills and perspective needed to flourish.

Our shared vision is to see every person, regardless of their life’s circumstances, be given the opportunity to realize and achieve their dreams; where they are living out their fullest potential and all of society advances as a result.

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As One Individual Rises, We All Rise

Dreamroot is a global initiative that serves to equip leaders in underserved communities to transform their own lives, their communities and generation to come.

Many people around the world, due to the consequences of poverty and broken systems, have been unable to realize their dreams. Being stunted and paralyzed by their current situations, their lives are a struggle just to survive. Consequently, their dreams become forgotten or buried. But when given the permission to dream again, coupled with training and a conducive environment, amazing things begin to happen. This is where Dreamroot comes in. We are catalyzing dreams, unleashing potential, and accelerating transformation, one leader at a time.

DreamRoot works to combat poverty, underdevelopment and the travesties that come with it by collaborating with a network of partners and local leaders. We come along side with those in under-resourced communities who are working to effect change by serving their neighborhoods and cities through social initiatives like sports programs, after school tutoring and college prep, the arts, music, life skills classes, and coming up with solutions to meet dire basic needs.

We help to equip these proven local leaders by offering further leadership training from a dedicated team of coaches. They learn the hard and soft skills required to successfully launch and run a social initiative whether it be a volunteer outreach program or a social business as an entrepreneur. DreamRoot collaborates with trained and vetted local leaders on the design, implementation and running of their social initiatives. They have access to a DreamRoot support network and mentors and are also eligible to receive seed investment and sponsorship.

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