StudioNia Santa Fe

StudioNia Santa Fe


Five days until I leave for 3 weeks! Join me this week for my final classes until I'm off to Fargo and wedding bliss!!! Monday and Friday at 9 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 a.m.
Hi, will there be a 5Rhythms class on this coming Tuesday morning? We're visiting from Australia and really looking forward to a dance! Thank you.
Nia Community Solstice in action. Thank you Elsa for bringing in the depth, surrender, and an inner journey of Solstice and Sarah for your 9:00 Desert Choral singers!
The Holiday music was amazing. Some of the songs are still going through my head. Could you post the playlist?
EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT, Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythm Wave 7pm - 9pm at Studio Nia Santa Fe. A lightly guided, deep space to be in the body, move the heart, release the mind, groove the soul and get spirited!

StudioNia Santa Fe is home to the Nia Technique,Pilates, Yoga, and more!. Visit www.StudioNiaSantaF


We are focusing on the ribcage this week at StudioNiaSF, moving from the heart to stimulate the whole spine, and Kate is rocking her routine adaptation of Kelle’s and Kevin’s epic routine: Source!


Last day to take advantage of 10% off our biggest passes! Enter NEWYEAR10 for your discount!!


Time has come to say goodbye for now. Join me this week and next week for my last two classes at StudoNia StudioNia Santa Fe. Hope you can join me!!


Time has come to say goodbye for now. Join me this week and next week for my last two classes at StudoNia StudioNia Santa Fe. Hope you can join me!!


Check out our Teacher Focus of the year for you! Dedicated to Greatness!


Join Kate today for this phenomenal offering!!! Register here:


I can't wait to share the MAGIC of BreatheFIT with you! Learn to clear out your nervous system and forge new pathways for manifestation through intentional breath and movement. Here's your link to register:


Today's the day!

Will you join me to celebrate my last regular virtual class at tStudioNia Santa Fe?

9am MT | 11am ET

Register here:


Hello friends!

This Thurs Jan 26 is my last regular virtual class the studio.

Will you join me to celebrate this beautiful relationship?💙💜

Thurs Jan 26
9am MT
11am ET



Are you free at 9am MT today? I'd love to dance and move with you. Join me for the Power of the Pelvis, our basin of life-force.


Take off your shoes and FreeDance with Kate Latimer this morning at 9am! Let your feet teach you how to move sustainably. Let you feet show you the path forward. Let your feet touch the earth gently and joyfully with each step! Register for class in person or online:

Feet never lie.

They’re wonderfully forthright and let us know instantly if something is wrong.

Through direct contact with the floor, our feet send us spontaneous, accurate readouts on the efficiency and safety of our movements.

This is why I remove my shoes whenever possible.


And then there is this thing called FOCUS 🧘‍♀️!


I'm very much looking forward to sharing Nia with you on Thurs Jan 19 (9am MT / 11am ET)!

This will be my second last class with this beautiful studio (last class next Thurs Jan 26).

Please join me!


I have been dancing with this music for over 25 years. It is timeless in its message, layered in its delivery, and conducive to movement. I can almost say I live for music with so much meaning. Please join me today at StudioNia Santa Fe, online, at 9am MT, 10am CT to dance to this glorious music and feel the ache for freedom, and the release that comes when you find you have it. Register here:

Join me tomorrow at 9am MT, on zoom, to honor Martin Luther King and the dream he launched. Register here:


Join me tomorrow at 9am MT, on zoom, to honor Martin Luther King and the dream he launched. Register here:


What does CALM mean to you? Intro to BreatheFIT @StudioNiaSantaFe!


Step into CURE, the newest routine from the Nia Technique, with Kelle! Sign up now, and step into something new for the new year!


Will you come dance with me tomorrow?

I'll be dancing at 9am MT and 11am ET.

Register here:

I look forward to teaching this class until Thurs Jan 26, so please come along to this class while it's being offered!


Here’s to another great week of beginning 2023 together at StudioNia Santa Fe!!!


Our focus of the year @ StudioNia is LOVE 💕. This is the year of love! Self love, body love, community love, family love, real love! 💕💕💕


I'm delighted to share my first Nia class of 2023 with my StudioNia Santa Fe community!

Please join me on Thurs Jan 5 9am MT | 11am ET for a time of connection, movement and joy. 💟

Register now:


Step in with Holly this morning!!!

Happy New Year! 🎆🎈🎊 Take advantage of our discounts in January!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️


Happy New Year! 🎆🎈🎊 Take advantage of our discounts in January!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️


New Year’s Day, at Studio Nia Santa Fe, we will gather as a community and connect to our intentions for 2023 with a FreeDance practice designed to activate our human potential for creativity and self healing!

Photos from StudioNia Santa Fe's post 12/31/2022

Ring in the New Year with Kate Latimer Saturday and Sunday! Register here for Saturday:
And here for Sunday:


Please join me this week for my last Thursday virtual Nia class of 2022!

Thursday Dec 29 9am MT | 11am ET 🪷

Register now!

Sting - Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (Official Music Video) 12/27/2022

Sting - Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (Official Music Video)

Hi ya'll. I am teaching online today at StudioNia Santa Fe at 9am MT, 10am CT. I have had a love affair with Sting for many years. I love the way he remixes his songs to create something new, and familiar at the same time. His music is richly emotional, with stories being told that can touch us all. Join me today to dance with Sting and explore the 5 Sensations of Fitness: Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Strength, and Stability. There is actually a 6th sensation, Stillness, that we will also explore. Join me here!

Sting - Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (Official Music Video) REMASTERED IN HD!Music video by Sting performing Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot. (C) 1996 A&M Records#Sting


We love commUNITY!!!!


“One of my first Nia experiences was dancing Sanctuary and feeling more soulful, free, and connected to source than ever before. My habits of linear movement shifted to undulating waves and spirals filling me with energy and vitality. It was life changing and transformational. I decided to take the white belt soon after. That was 17 years ago, and Nia has been a primary support and healing practice in my life ever since.” -Kate Latimer

Come experience this incredible routine with Kate, choreographed by Debbie Rosas, to music by the the London Philharmonic! It’s a beautiful way to feel the spirit of the season, and deepen into Joy!


Please join me on Thurs Dec 22 9am MT / 11am ET for virtual Nia! 💕



Come celebrate Kelle's birthday ON THE DAY with me! She's taking the day off, so we will do her favorite playlist in absentia! Here's your link to register:


Join me this Thurs Dec 12 9am MT / 11am ET online!

Register here:


Stepping into class online very soon. 9am MT. I'll be teaching my Enigma routine. Come on the journey with me.


Behind the scenes, working on the CURE routine booklet with Debbie Rosas, the founder of Nia 💕💕💕

Photos from StudioNia Santa Fe's post 12/09/2022

A holiday offering to you: the gift of Nia, in the form of a pre-Holiday challenge! Join Kate Latimer for three days of Nia this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9am! Let’s see how much Joy and Holiday Spirit can we cultivate by choosing to listen to sensation and expanding our body awareness! We start off with the classic Nia routine, Universal Mind, from London-based Electronica pioneers, Dreadzone. Saturday we will follow with a routine adaptation using Friday’s choreography from Universal Mind set to the music of yet another beloved UK group: Coldplay! Sunday will be a deep dive into FreeDance with a surprise playlist Kate’s been developing over the last month! Register for class, online or in person, here:


Join BreatheFIT Founder Dr. Pam Denton and Coach Anne Dussell online this Saturday 12/10 to learn the science and magic behind this powerfully healing and conditioning practice. Discover why our BreatheFIT students are reporting greater well-being, increased strength, better sleep, stress release, and many more physical, mental and emotional benefits. Invite family and friends to this FREE online Intro! Here's your link to register:


Join me on Thurs for Nia!

Register now!


Self mastery is our inspiration. As is Rumi!!! Happy Tuesday everybody!!!


Join Kate for one last dance honoring the quiet genius of Christine McVie.…


See ya this morning!

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Placing attention into the feet 👣 #NIA #somaticeducation #global #worldclass #studioniasantafe
Nia Brown Belt with ANN CHRISTIANSEN all week!!! #brownbelt #niatechnique
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Last chance to Freedance with Kate before she goes off on vacation for a bit! She’s got a special playlist she’s been wo...
Somatic education is what we do. Getting you into your body functionally is our mission! Holly doesn’t like none other! ...
Plan today to Join Elizabeth Cole tomorrow morning with the focus on the Core of the Body to explore stability and mobil...
“Surround yourself with people who’s eyes light up when you walk into a room “  #studioniasantafe #community #worldclass...




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