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countryside for me was just what the doctor ordered !

adam lorenzetti is a brilliant man - and very down to earth when dealing with likes of me - a nervous falling-down parkinson's 65 yr old!

the 'best' part was when further surgery was required - even in the throes the stay at home order for the COVID19 pandemic - dr lorenzetti redid part of my multiple fracture at 4.30pm on a friday!

this is why i love this 'orthopod' practice / plus the follow uptreatment of pt - once again during the pandemic / wit all precautions in place !

plus the staff are so friendly and courteous !

look no further i say ! 🐶🐶🐶🐶

We are dedicated to providing every patient with the highest quality, comprehensive orthopaedic care Serving the Northern Virginia community since 1991, Countryside Orthopaedics has a reputation for specialized medical and surgical musculoskeletal care, including the treatment of the diseases, injuries or deformities of the skeletal system and its joints, tendons, muscles and associated structures.

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What Are Muscle Relaxers? Muscle relaxers are prescription medications that relax the muscles and prevent spasms. Most prescriptions target your central nervous system...

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Do I Need Sports Massage or Physical Therapy? If you’re an athlete with an injury or suffering from aches and pains, your orthopaedist’s office is the best place to start. If you have muscle soreness, a massage from a certified therapist can provide relief.

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What Are The Best Treatments for Arthritis in the Hands? There is a range of treatments for arthritis, from over-the-counter medications to surgery. The treatment you choose depends on the severity of your case.

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What is the Difference Between a Physical Therapist and a Sports Massage Therapist? Many athletes enjoy and benefit from sports massage. It can provide pain relief, reduce stress and improve performance. However, sports massage is not a substitute for orthopaedic treatment or physical therapy.

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How Can I Recover After a Marathon? Most experts recommend taking a week off after a marathon, then gradually returning to activity with light jogging, cross-training, and walking. Listen to your body and be aware of potential injuries as you move forward. Common injuries include shin splints, sprains, stress fractures

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How Can I Recover From Muscle Soreness and Minor Joint Pain At Home? Muscle soreness and minor joint pain are often a part of exercising, especially as we age. We want tools to help us recover comfortably at home. But be careful not to self-diagnose or ignore symptoms if the pain becomes worse or lasts longer than usual. Some of the best at-home...

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What Are Rooster Comb Injections Used For? Doctors have been using rooster comb injections for joint pain treatment for decades. It’s especially common for knee pain but can also treat pain in the shoulders and hips. Studies have also shown that they can provide short-term pain relief and increased mobility for patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis.

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Are Marathons Bad for Me? Many of our patients are athletes, and our practitioners are committed to helping folks do what they love. Overall, the benefits of training for a marathon are greater than the risks if you train and prepare correctly and devote time to recovery.

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Should I See A Physical Therapist or a Chiropractor? As a trusted orthopaedics practice, we understand that some patients achieve pain relief from alternative therapies, including chiropractic treatment. At Countryside Orthopaedics, we appreciate it when patients let us know when they are getting complementary treatments as it may affect their medical care.

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What Are The Best Treatments for Osteoporosis? If your bone density is low but you’re low-risk for a fracture, you can start with non-medical approaches, including diet, exercise, and supplements. If you’re at increased risk for a fracture, your provider may recommend medication. Some of the most common include:

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What is the Difference Between a Physical Therapist and a Chiropractor? In our decades in the orthopaedics field, we’ve seen a lot of confusion about chiropractic treatment. One question we hear is: what’s the difference between a physical therapist and a chiropractor? Both PTs and chiropractors use nonsurgical therapies to help relieve pain. But for the most part, the similarities end there.

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Diagnosis and Early Warning Signs of Osteoporosis. Most of us don’t realize it, but we start losing bone mass as early as our 30s. According to NOF, up to 34 million people have low bone mass, called osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis.

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What Exercises Are Good For People With Knee Pain? When considering an exercise program for knee pain, you want to focus on strengthening the quadriceps (the muscle at the front of the thigh) and hamstrings...

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What Roles Do Physician Assistants Play in Orthopaedics? Nationwide, PAs are taking on a more significant role in nearly every medical specialty. In orthopaedics practices, PAs cannot perform surgery but can assist with surgeries...

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How can I get in shape with bad knees? Knee pain can be an obstacle to getting fit. When our knees hurt, it’s hard to motivate ourselves to exercise, and we often worry about further injuring our workhorse joints. But when we pick the right activity...

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What Should I Do If I’m Injured While Practicing Yoga? Like other activities, yoga can bring joint or back pain to the forefront and give us a red flag to address a potential injury. If you hurt yourself during a yoga class, physical therapy is an excellent approach:

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Can A Physician Assistant Meet My Orthopedic Needs? They serve as primary care providers for many folks. They also play valuable roles in specialists’ offices, including in orthopaedic practices. With their extensive training, PAs can do much of what doctors do.

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What Are Common Yoga Injuries? Experienced practitioners and beginners alike can get injured while practicing, especially as we age. We see injuries from the more challenging poses like shoulder stand, headstand, backbends, and poses that put pressure on the wrists. The most common yoga-related injuries are...

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What Are The Signs of Arthritis In My Hands and Fingers? When stiff, swollen fingers make daily tasks difficult, arthritis may be the cause. The small joints of the fingers are the most arthritis-prone spot on your body.

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How Can Yoga Improve My Strength and Flexibility? Yoga has plenty of fitness benefits and is an excellent activity for men and women of all ages. It can help us improve function by building strength, boosting flexibility, and improving balance. One of yoga’s most positive features is a focus on core strength.

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How Can I Prevent Sciatic Nerve Pain? The Mayo Clinic offers several essential tips for preventing sciatic nerve pain:

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What Are Rooster Comb Injections Used For? Doctors have been using rooster comb injections for joint pain treatment for decades. It’s especially common for knee pain but can also treat pain in the shoulders and hips.

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What Is Piriformis Syndrome? The sciatic nerve runs through your pelvis, passing underneath the piriformis muscle, which runs from the lower back to the thigh.

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Protecting Your Hands In The Kitchen This Holiday. We sometimes hurt ourselves when cutting our favorite foods. Kitchen knife injuries to the hands are more common than we think. The American Society for Surgery of the Hand offers helpful hints on how to cut an avocado–and why it’s essential to cut safely.

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What Is Sciatica? Sciatica is a condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve roots on the lower vertebrae of your back become pinched or compressed. There are several primary causes:

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What Causes Compartment Syndrome? A leg fracture is one of the most common causes of Acute Compartment Syndrome, according to a 2015 study in Muscle, Ligaments and Tendons Journal. Swelling or bleeding related to the break can lead to...

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When Should I Consider Professional Physical Therapy for Muscle or Joint Pain? At-home recovery tools are accessible and can be highly effective. However, if you have consistent joint or muscle pain or an injury that won’t go away, it’s time for an orthopaedic evaluation.

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Should I Be Worried About Osteoporosis? The medical community calls osteoporosis the “silent thief.” You can be outwardly healthy and still be at risk for osteoporosis. Our bones weaken gradually, but we may not realize it until we experience a fracture.

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The Best Ways to Manage Sore Muscles and Joint Pain at Home. When we’re experiencing pain or soreness from exercise or an injury, our first inclination is treatment and recovery at home. We want to give home therapy a shot before rushing to the doctor.

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When Should My Young Athlete See An Orthopaedist? If your child has an injury that doesn’t go away after three or four days, it’s best to see a doctor. In many cases, families start with their pediatrician, who refers to an orthopaedist as needed. However, depending on your insurance...

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The Avocado Slicing “Epidemic” And Other Hand Injuries. There’s been an “epidemic” of avocado-related knife injuries in recent years. There were a whopping 27,059 avocado-related knife injuries between 2013-2017. Who’s cutting themselves most while slicing into those green beauties?

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Recognizing Serious Injuries in Young Athletes. Kids can and do get injured playing sports. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons warns that young athletes are at greater risk of injury than adults because they’re still growing. Some of those injuries can lead to long-term health problems


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What Kinds of Therapies Can My Physical Therapy Practice Provide? Today, doctors are turning to physical therapy in many cases where they might have prescribed opioids in the past. Successful pain management therapies include:

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What Should I Know Before I Start Lifting Weights? Strength training involves using weights to create resistance to make your muscles stronger. Here’s the scoop on how weight training can help and how to avoid and address injuries.

Get the Best Orthopaedic Care and Rehab Services

Serving the Northern Virginia community since 1991, Countryside Orthopaedics has a reputation for specialized medical and surgical musculoskeletal care, including the treatment of the diseases, injuries or deformities of the skeletal system and its joints, tendons, muscles and associated structures.

A Wide Range of Services for Patients of All Ages

Comprised of three board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons, Countryside Orthopaedics offers a wide range of expertise in conservative and operative care of patients of all age groups — from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Dr. Lower completed subspecialty training in Foot and Ankle and Lower Extremity Reconstruction and Dr. Khan completed subspecialty training Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery and Microsurgery. Dr. Lorenzetti completed subspecialty training in Shoulder Surgery and Reconstruction.



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