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ASI strives to become a leader of health & wellness and prevention in Northern Virginia. ASI's mission is to provide innovative, practical and highly-standardized medicine to our patients and community. With a focus on quality of care and patient awareness, ASI uses a multi-disciplinary, individualized approach to improve the lives of our patients. John offers chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy


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While dry needling and acupuncture may sound similar, they are quite different.

Learn how dry needling differs from acupuncture during Getting to The Point of Dry Needling on Wednesday, August 9th.



You’re not alone! Fear of needles is very common.

Not to worry, the needles used for dry needling are so tiny you may not even feel them! If you’re in pain, don’t let your fear of needles keep you from experiencing natural relief.

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Did you know dry needling can speed recovery time?

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Here are our top foods and nutrients to support your optimal hormone balance!

PROGESTERONE: avocado, salmon + zinc, vitamins B6 & C and magnesium

ESTROGEN: carrots, flaxseed, + magnesium, vitamins E & B6

TESTOSTERONE: eggs, grass-fed organic beef, blueberries + magnesium, zinc

CORTISOL: chocolate, sweet potato + magnesium

THYROID: seaweed, Brazilian nuts, + iodine, magnesium, selenium,

MELATONIN & HEALTHY SLEEP: grass-fed organic dairy, cherries + magnesium, B vitamins

These will help you supply what your body needs to make and regulate your hormones and optimize signaling.

But there’s one step missing, which is hormone receptor health.

You see, hormones lock into your cells at locations called hormone receptors, or “binding sites”. But hormones aren’t the only thing that can bind to your cells at hormone receptors. Heavy metals like cadmium and lead, as well as substances like xenoestrogens.

This is where problems can begin, because as you can imagine, they don’t have the same effect on your cells as a normal healthy hormone would.

This is why we are happy to have found a product to share with our patients and clients that aids in the detoxification of these “fakers”, allowing the good hormones to work their magic.

It’s simply called Receptor Detox. It contains magnesium, B2 & B6, selenium, and others–the nutrients in the above list, in fact. It comes highly recommended for mature people on hormone replacement.

Would you like to give it a try?

You can find it over here:


Common questions about dry needling include:

Does dry needling hurt?

How is dry needling different from acupuncture?

How long is a dry needling session?

Get the answers to these questions, and more, during Getting to The Point of Dry Needling! To join, RSVP at


You don’t have to turn to drugs or drastic treatments to manage your pain symptoms. There are more natural alternatives today than any other time in history! Lucky you!

Learn more about the technique of dry needling and how you can benefit during Getting to The Point of Dry Needling.

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Join us for Getting to The Point of Dry Needling on Wednesday, August 9th!

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Have you tried these simple swaps for hormone balance?

Investing in your health in this way doesn’t need to cost the earth or be done all at once, but these are some key items to switch out in your kitchen to block hormone-disrupting substances from entering your body–and of course the bodies of your family.

This is because substances like plastics, BPAs, dish soap fragrances and parabens, harsh chemicals and Teflon are not only toxic to your body, tiny amounts can get into your body through your food and kitchenware… then get stored in your fat cells.

They can begin to give your body instructions that lead to hormone dysfunction. Hormones are like messengers. So, the question is: which messages do you want to give to your body?

Positive ones, right?

Which kitchen utensils and products will you switch out first? We’d love to know in the comments below!


Looking for natural ways to heal faster and speed recovery time? Great! We can help!

Join us for Getting to The Point of Dry Needling on Wednesday, August 9th. Our goal is to reveal all the benefits of dry needling, explain the process, and prepare you for your first session.

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Without healthy hormone receptor function, hormones can have no positive effect on the body. This is because receptors are the “gates” that let all hormones lock into and communicate with your cells.

Designed by Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson, Receptor Detox contains carefully selected nutrients shown to gently, effectively and safely “detox” and clear hormone receptors, ensuring healthy hormone signaling.

Receptor Detox is recommended daily for optimal receptor functioning for both females and males, and highly recommended for mature people on hormone replacement.

Could healthy receptors be the missing piece you need to quickly move forward in your wellness journey?

It’s designed to help all women and men!

Receptor Detox can be found here:



It’s no surprise really that many people are being told that they have high estrogen when you consider that xenoestrogens are all around us.

Xenoestrogens are man-made chemicals found in:

- Cosmetics

- Tap water

- Fragrances

- Birth control pills

- Toys (including slime)

- Receipts

- Sunscreen

- Artificial food dyes

- Basically all forms of plastic and home furnishings just to name a few.

They mimic our own estrogen but can be 1000X more powerful and may be significantly contributing to hormone imbalance.

And what’s more, most of us aren’t consuming the right levels of nutrients that can help safeguard you against estrogen imbalance…

As well as put you back on course when hormone levels begin to move away from the optimum ratios.

Your liver needs certain cofactors and enzymes to do this more effectively.

Want the juicy details?

Here they are:

A: Magnesium, vitamin B6 promote the methylation of catechol estrogens (2-OH and 4-OH). Methylation is a very important detoxification process that happens in the liver.

B: Vitamins A & E reduce how much catechol estrogens oxidize, a process which can cause DNA damage and gene toxicity (or “genotoxicity”).

C: Magnesium, flavonoids and vitamins promote the detoxification of estrogens by helping detoxification enzymes to do their job correctly for proper estrogen balance.

That’s why we love Hormone Balance & Protect by Biotics Research.

It contains the above nutrients as well as others at dosages designed to help you balance the hormones in your body.

You can find it here



Did you know that your body makes hormones like estrogen using the same building blocks that make up a healthy diet?

Hormones are either proteins or steroids, and most of them are proteins (excluding the s*x hormones and those from the adrenal cortex). Steroid hormones are synthesized from cholesterol.

So here are some of the foods and nutrients to keep in mind for optimal hormone balance:

1: Healthy fats, such as high-quality meat and coconut oil to supply adequate cholesterol

2: Quality protein such as organic chicken, fish and h**p protein powder

3: Botanicals, vitamins and minerals that support liver detox such as Stinging Nettle, Milk thistle (Silybum marianum), and the B vitamins B5 and B6

The supplement we love to support healthy estrogen and overall hormone balance is called Hormone Balance & Protect.

Need support with achieving hormonal balance?

We’re here to help!

Simply DM us to begin the conversation



Women can choose supplements that provide the best possible nutrients and botanicals to help them achieve hormonal health.

What’s the secret?

Hormone Balance & Protect offers nutritional and herbal support necessary for the healthy metabolism of natural hormones as well as hormonal therapies.

Within this comprehensive formula, you’ll find a wide range of nutrients including:

- Vitamin A

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin B5

- Vitamin B6

- Iodine

- Magnesium

- Zinc

- PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid)

- Grape Seed Extract (95% OPCs)

- Boron

- Ginseng

- Citrus bioflavonoids

- Stinging Nettle

- Milk thistle

Designed by Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson, Hormone Balance & Protect provides the nutrients to optimize receptor health as well as key hormone-balancing nutrients.

This formula is designed to support balanced and safe hormone levels as well as foster healthy signaling between the hormone and its respective receptor.

Check it out here:



To balance your hormones in the most effective way, it’s important to choose the most powerful tools and strategies, right?

Here’s where to focus your attention for more balance in your body and mood:

1: Avoid snoozing

When you begin to wake up, your “sleep hormone” melatonin naturally starts to drop, and your “it’s time to go!” hormone cortisol kicks in and will help you feel refreshed. Except when you snooze instead, the cascade of hormones that are released after cortisol doesn’t get triggered in the same way… This can make you feel sleep inertia, or sleep drunkenness, as well as cause digestive issues, like missing your morning p**p.

2: Eat nutrient-dense food

You like to think that your body should handle anything that comes it's way with perfect poise, and it does… As best it can! Nutrients are the building blocks of your body and all the substances and structures it creates. In short, when you consume enough nutrients you give your body the best possible chance of creating hormones and maintaining optimal balance in the systems that surround them.

3: Drink 60-80 ounces of water

In order to protect digestive juices, try drinking ¾-1 quart water 20-30 minutes before a meal. Add lemon or drink natural herbal teas instead if you really don’t like plain water.

4: Move every 90 mins

Hormones travel around the body through our bloodstream, so to get them where they need to go, and maximize your body function… You could get up from your chair when at the office and walk a little, stretch. And have you ever tried yoga, which is designed to massage your organs, including your hormonal glands? Whichever way feels good, move.

5: 20 minutes of quiet time without electronics

It’s surprising how the little things can be life-changing. Grab a book, a magazine or a loved one for cuddles and watch how refreshing just 20 minutes of quiet time can be!

This simple practice will affect your stress hormones and help boost the activity of your parasympathetic nervous system, which could help support glandular repair.

6: Self-talk for hormonal balance

Simply thinking about stressful situations or imagining negative outcomes can trick your body into believing a real threat is present. And the opposite is also true! Self-affirm, compliment yourself and reassure, to tip the balance back in a healthy direction.

7: Do things that make you happy

Just like exercise, laughter and joy can boost endorphins and dopamine, which in turn tell your body that stress hormones aren’t needed. What makes you feel good? Do that, daily!

Lifestyle changes like these can be very powerful allies in hormonal regulation!

What’s 1 thing above that you can implement immediately and change your life?



He went from a reading of 166/105 to 115/65 in just 4 months.

And all he did was start a healthy diet, cut out caffeine and take a science-backed supplement to support his optimal heart health.

High Blood Pressure doesn’t need to be a jail sentence.

Bio-CardioSirt BP® is designed to help you balance your blood pressure levels, with a specific, unique (patent pending) combination of seven (7) micronutrients:

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin B6



Taurine, and

Grape Seed extract

What would you like your blood pressure readings to be?

You can purchase Bio-CardioSirt BP® at, or message us here for support.



If this graphic got your attention, we have something important to share with you.

These symptoms could suggest that you have an imbalance in progesterone/estrogen dynamics.

Always seek the guidance of your physician for diagnosis.

However, the good news is that hormones can be balanced naturally.

Adaptogens are one of the most promising tools we’ve found to give you the nutritional and botanical tools to help:

Better support the main and “master hormone glands” in your brain and body

Provide your body with hormone-balancing phytonutrients that work at a molecular level

Hack your stress response and related hormonal cascades

To learn more about how to use adaptogens to find optimal hormone balance for your unique situation, send us a DM or give us a call at 703.594.4650.


10 Most Common Heart-Healthy Foods

Did you know that there are 10 foods well-known for their heart-promoting properties?

Fish - Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids, which support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Oats - Soluble fiber has been shown to keep cholesterol levels healthy.

Berries - Berries are packed with fiber, known to support healthy cholesterol levels, but what makes them so colorful - the anthocyanins - are the secret powerful ingredients for berries.

Dark chocolate - With its high percentage of cocoa (and low sugar), you can incorporate this antioxidant boost into your diet.

Potatoes - Surprised by this? Well, potatoes are filled with potassium, necessary for the healthy functioning of your heart.

Legumes - Loaded with fiber and B-vitamins, enjoy a bowl of chili or black bean soup for your heart.

Tomatoes - Rich in potassium and lycopene (where that red color comes from), tomatoes are good for your heart.

Nuts - A beautiful balance of fiber and healthy fats, nuts in moderation are very heart-healthy.

Olive oil - Extra virgin olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, necessary to keep the heart in fine function.

Coffee - If you love a cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll enjoy it even more now knowing its high antioxidants help support healthy cholesterol levels and inflammation.


When was the last time you had a spinal check-up?

Even if you’re not experiencing pain, you may be living with herniated discs. Learn more before pain strikes during All About Spinal Decompression Therapy.

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Yes, you guessed it, choosing alternatives to the culprits in our graphic here, and we’re here to support you on your journey.


Natural products for your home and bathroom

High-quality meat, vegetables and filtered water for your kitchen

Digital detoxes for your weekend and evenings

Metal bento boxes with silicone lids and glass cookware


Add a researched, science-based natural supplement to support healthy hormones!

Here’s one we love!

Hormone Balance & Protect provides nutrients designed to foster balanced and safe hormone levels including zine, vitamin B6, grape seed extract, ginseng, citrus bioflavonoids, and much more

You can find it right here:


Degenerative disc disease is a natural part of aging. If you’ve been diagnosed, or have been suffering from back pain, spinal decompression therapy can help.

Learn more about the spine and natural techniques for pain relief on Wednesday, July 12th at


Physically active people have lower health risks as a whole, but in particular heart health. Exercise does the following:

1. Helps improve the muscle’s ability to pull oxygen out of the blood, reducing the need for the heart to pump more blood to the muscles.

2. Reduces stress hormones that can put an extra burden on the heart.

3. Slows heart rate and lowers blood pressure naturally.

4. Decreases risk of atherosclerosis.

Carve out time every day to MOVE! Your heart will thank you!


These are terms used to describe issues with spinal health. Find out more during All About Spinal Decompression Therapy!



Here are some tips to help you prevent back pain:

- Maintain a healthy diet and weight.

- Remain active—under the supervision of your doctor of chiropractic.

- Avoid prolonged inactivity or bed rest.

- Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes.

To learn more, sign up for All About Spinal Decompression Therapy at



Biotics Research put together a research project to test the effects of a formula designed to support men’s hormone health called b-VITAL®.

b-Vital® provides "A Treasure from the Andes", Peruvian Maca, used for centuries to restore balance and increase energy, combined with Velvet Deer Antler, harvested live (no need to destroy these awesome creatures) from American Elk.

The many traditional uses of these adaptogenic compounds are due to their rich and diverse nutrient, chemical and phytochemical compositions.

The study showed that, in men ages 45-55, supplementing with b-VITAL® for 30 days increased salivary “free testosterone” in 100%of the subjects.

Would you like to test this product out for yourself?

You can find it here:


Do you understand the complexities of your spine?

Would you like to know more?

We’re here to help! Join us for All About Spinal Decompression Therapy on Wednesday, July 12th at


Did you know your heart beats about 100,000 times per day? There are lots of heart facts not commonly known.

For example:

1. The heart is not the sole mover of blood, but rather creates a self-propel mechanism in the blood vessels.

2. Animal foods may increase cholesterol in the blood, but can’t be blamed as the driving force in heart disease.

3. Some heart attacks occur without any blockages.

4. Heart cancer is rare because the heart has innate qualities to protect itself.

5. When describing the heart, it’s not a propulsion pump but rather a hydraulic ram.

Take some steps to understand your own heart better to keep it pumping strong and healthy every day!

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