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The Inner Guide Center is a place where you can find services to improve your journey called life. Isabel S Churchill, Owner and Energy Medicine Practitioner


There will always be discomfort in our life and the key is to face it with a huge smile. So today, I choose to smile and say 'Yes, bring it on!"

Today is my last day in my Fairfax VA location. Big adventures await for me in the next weeks.

Lots of changes coming for the Inner Guide Center. Stay tuned. If you're seeking services, I will be doing distance while I'm relocating to another state. Just reach out and we can make it happen.

Lots of love 💕


We are experiencing so many opportunities for transformation at this moment in our society.

Ask yourself, what is it I want to create today?


April's energy is upon us. One of the theme this month is embodiment of your truth.

"Your truth is unconditional. Which means your conditions doesn't have to change for you to live and feel your truth.

Master your self, not someone else's processes."

From The secret language of light Oracle deck by Denise Jarvis.

Stay tuned for the energy update which will be recorded live here sometime Friday 💕


My favorite self compassion practice is Reiki.

With the beautiful energy of March and spring coming, I've returned to a self reiki practice of 21 days. I'm currently at day the end of my first week and i can already see a difference in my state.

What is your self compassion practice?


Spring energy is almost here, time to renew your self-care commitment. Let me help you with ideas and tips on where to start! Join me online Sunday, March 19th at 2pm EDT.

The spring holistic self-care workshop is a 2-hour online event where you will find ideas, recipes, tips and practical tools to help you take better care of yourself.

As a psychotherapist and energy medicine professional, I always support my clients in the importance of adopting mental and spiritual hygiene to their daily routing in order to ensure a holistic approach to their health.

In this workshop, I will share with your self-care techniques that work and that are simple and doesn’t have to take hours.

All registrants will receive the recording of the workshop for future viewing.

Self-care is about taking care of you while experiencing a fulfilling life. When you take care of yourself, you are expressing an optimal version of yourself. Therefore, it becomes easier to take care of life and others.

Don't miss out this wonderful opportunity to make yourself a priority! Register today with the link in my bio or


My next evening of Channeling is coming up on Friday, February 24th from 7 to 9p.m at my location in Fairfax, VA.

Book your tickets now; it’s always sold out!

For more info, click the link in my bio or here


I grew up in a family that always celebrated Christmas. My fondest memories as a child was being with my extended family and friends who always came to our place on the day of Christmas for a wonderful family dinner.

To me, Christmas means a time of joy, laughter, sharing, and recognizing all the blessings in my life. I wish you all the same on this beautiful day.

I am fortunate this year to celebrate with my parents and my husband. From all of us, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and send lots of love.

Metabolic Health - Unleash your personal powers! 12/22/2022

Join me for this free online webinar on Thursday December 29th at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.

Metabolic Health - Unleash your personal powers! Learn how you can unleash your personal powers by exploring Metabolic Health and what you can do to improve it!


Thank you for joining me on this new journey ❣️


This week, we celebrate Thanksgiving 💖 this card comes at a perfect time to bring our awareness to what is here right now!

Protocol for olfactory stimulation 10/29/2022

Have you lost your sense of smell?

A couple of years ago, it happened to me. For almost a year, my sense of smell was off. With the help from an aromatherapist and my determination to get my sense back, I fully recovered within a couple of weeks.

Since then, I've helped some of my clients work through this issue with a very specific protocol.

Check out my blog post for more information.

Protocol for olfactory stimulation Losing your sense of smell can be very depressing but there is a solution. You can rehab your sense of smell (and taste) with essential oils.

Photos from Inner Guide Center's post 10/28/2022

This is the best advice we could get in this moment ❤️

Practice holding your center this weekend and you will see a shift in your experience.

You got this!

Lightworker Oracle by Alana Fairchild


During this live, I will share the energy themes of the month of November so you can take full advantage of the energies that will be available to us.

Don't miss it, October 28th at 11:30am EDT - Live on IG


During this live, I will share the energy themes of the month of November so you can take full advantage of the energies that will be available to us.

Don't miss it, October 28th at 11:30pm EDT, Live on IG

Photos from Inner Guide Center's post 10/15/2022

Shungite is a great tool for the current collective energy which is inviting us to liberate our bodies from emotions and trauma that are no longer serving us on our journey.

Shungite is this beautiful black stone that hold the energy of restoration, purification, and balance. It is perfect for our Sacred Chakra. I use a pyramid shungite (can be purchased at, a quality and trusted seller).

When I work with Shungite, I ask my client to lie down on their back and position the pyramid at their Sacred (Sacral) Chakra (just below the navel). That is where we hold a lot of emotions and a great location to balance the male and female energy. This location is also the Hara (belly), an area believed that hold our true self based on Japenese Energy Healing technique.

While I have realized that many areas in our body can hold the energy of true self, I always felt that the Sacred Chakra had the biggest connection between our male and female energy. By placing Shungite on your Sacred Chakra for 15-30 minutes a day, not only do you bring balance to your emotions (body and mind) but also to your male and female energy which is essential to create the reality that you want for yourself.

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 13 Energy Work 10/04/2022

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 13 Energy Work In this episode, Isabel share about the energy work and how the collective energy can affect our own energy.

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 12: Death 09/26/2022

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 12: Death Death is never an easy subject to discuss... but that doesn't mean we have to avoid it. What if death had a different meaning or a different role in our life? Let's explore this.

Photos from Inner Guide Center's post 09/21/2022

Recall your Truth

"You are ready to love live your life from the wisdom of your heart".

From The Secret Language of Light by Denise Jarvis

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 11: Initiation 09/20/2022

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 11: Initiation A spiritual initiation is a moment in our life when we face a huge challenge and step beyond the state of discomfort. I had one of those experience and today's podcast is all about that experience.


Reiki to welcome my future Reiki apprentices!


Repressing emotions

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 10: Twin Flame 09/12/2022

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 10: Twin Flame The twin flame relationship is often (not to say always!) a tricky one. In this episode, Isabel explains the goal and the phases of that relationship to better equip you to move through it with grace and not lose yourself completely!

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 9: Discernment 09/06/2022

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 9: Discernment We have something that nobody can take away from us, that something is our power to discern. In this episode we explore how you can master that power and ensure that you always have the inner guidance to move forward on your journey.

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 8: Inner Child 08/30/2022

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 8: Inner Child To discuss the concept of Inner Child work, I have invited my friend Lu who is a subject matter expert! She helped me through my process of reconnecting with my inner child and thought you would love to learn more about it. If you feel guided to reach out to Lu, here's how to find her: https://www.i...


Channeling is the ability to connect and receive information that exists in a subtle realm. It allows others to receive information that is not necessarily in the awareness. During a channeling session, you can receive information from your higher self, spiritual guides, loved ones who have passed or even from your physical body.

A channeling session is an opportunity for you to understand your patterns or what you can do to move forward. The information you will receive during a channeling session will enable you to comprehend what needs to change and how you can put in place some changes in your life.

It is also possible to receive information about a past life or parallel lives to help you let go of the past and move on. These sessions are sometimes healing since there is often energy work that happens in the background.

You can come prepared with multiple questions or adopt an open approach with a general question like « what do I need to know now ». The most common questions that I am asked during a channeling are :

- What is my purpose on Earth?
- How can I attract more positive relationships?
- What can I do to find happiness and joy?
- What are past lives that are affecting me today?
- How can I develop my intuitive abilities?
- What can I do to grow spiritually?
- How can I heal my sickness?

To book your 30-minute or 60-minute Channeling session, visit the link in my bio.


Seeking guidance or connection with a loved one who have passed?

You are welcome to bring your questions to this channelling session. During this event, Isabel will channel guides, light beings and those who have passed to provide individuals with guidance, and give readings to the group.

Space is limited to ensure that everyone receive a personal message. Reserve your seat now; don't miss a great opportunity for an evening of connecting with the energy, and messages of Divine Consciousness.

Isabel is a channeler who have psychic and mediumship abilities. She is also an energy healer and will often be a channel of energy healing during that type of event. So don't be surprise if you go home feeling reenergized!

Cost for this in-person event: $35

Link to register in my bio - space limited.


Are you trying to let go of Trauma? Are you having difficulty moving forward?

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a Regression hypnosis/deep meditation technique inspired by Dolores Cannon's approach that goes "beyond" the perceived limits of traditional or clinical hypnosis.

This modality can be done in-person or distance (with Zoom).

BQH helped my clients:
- Let go of traumas in a safe and secure environment;
- Get rid of addictions;
- Break toxic patterns from their life and relationships;
- Release any emotional baggage;
- Live their best life!

To schedule your session or receive more detailed information, visit :

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 7: Shadow work 08/24/2022

Without your darkness, you would never know your light.

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 7: Shadow work Source: are afraid of their shadows...but I say face it! It's the best thing you could do and will find a bea...

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 7: Shadow work 08/23/2022

Inner Guide 1.0 - Ep 7: Shadow work Some are afraid of their shadows...but I say face it! It's the best thing you could do and will find a beautiful aspect of yourself .

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