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Great learning opportunity for parents next week!

Next Friday, February 23rd, we are delighted to host an immersive workshop that will empower you to build stronger, more resilient relationships with your children. Rachel Esparza, LPC Associate (under clinical supervision of Jaclyn N Sepp, MA, LPC-s, RPT-S, NCC, RYT200) will guide you through the principles and practices of CPRT, a proven therapeutic approach designed to strengthen the parent-child bond, improve communication, and foster emotional well-being in both caregivers and children.

Here's what you can expect from the workshop:

- Gain invaluable insights into your child's emotions and behavior, and learn how to respond effectively to their needs.
- Acquire practical tools and techniques to enhance communication and resolve conflicts peacefully.
- Cultivate a deeper understanding of your own parenting style and how it impacts your child's development.
- Connect with a community of like-minded parents, share experiences, and receive support and encouragement.

Whether you're facing challenges with discipline, communication breakdowns, or simply seeking to deepen your connection with your child, this workshop is for you. Rachel's compassionate guidance and evidence-based strategies will empower you to become the caregiver you aspire to be.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your relationship with your child and create a more harmonious family dynamic. Registration closes in 7 days:

‎Shining With ADHD by The Childhood Collective: #143: Considering ADHD Medication? What Every Parent Needs to Know with Psychiatrist, Dana Reid on Apple Podcasts 02/15/2024

Sharing a very informative podcast answering many questions about ADHD medication. Note, exercise is a primary intervention along with other interventions first (reduce screen time, diet changes, sleep), but meds can help when these other things are addressed and functioning is still impacted across settings. The topic of ADHD + anxiety is also addressed here.

‎Shining With ADHD by The Childhood Collective: #143: Considering ADHD Medication? What Every Parent Needs to Know with Psychiatrist, Dana Reid on Apple Podcasts ‎Show Shining With ADHD by The Childhood Collective, Ep #143: Considering ADHD Medication? What Every Parent Needs to Know with Psychiatrist, Dana Reid - Feb 12, 2024


Have you thanked your school psychologist lately?! Many don't even know what a school psychologist does or that almost all public school districts employ them, but they play an extremely important role in our p***c schools. The role varies, but includes evaluation, counseling, and ongoing consultation with teachers and parents to help students with learning and social/behavioral differences thrive. Dr. Gin primarily focuses on private practice now, but has 21 years of experience working as a school psychologist in school districts in the Dallas and Austin areas. Having this background allows Dr. Gin to provide practical recommendations for school accommodations and modifications and to collaborate with school service providers and teachers. Now, go thank a school psychologist!


Autism v. ADHD is often very hard to differentiate diagnostically. Here is a helpful graphic showing the overlap and differences.

Inner Strength Behavioral Care 10/14/2023

New mobile psychiatric care in town!

Inner Strength Behavioral Care Modernizing house calls with appointments at a location convenient to you in the Austin area


This is very often confusing for parents and even some teachers. In TX, an IEP includes ARD meetings and individualized goals. 504 does not include “services” but can still involve gen ed dyslexia instruction (though this is moving toward sped now). 504 is basically accommodations to level the playing field for those who need things such as extra time, small group, oral admin or frequent breaks on assessments, but no specially designed instruction.


Some excellent info/tips on EF here…

Get fun stuff done. Get boring/hard stuff done. Get creative stuff done. This is all tied into your executive function skills.


Is it time ⏰for your school to have a better understanding of the past 45 years of knowledge related to executive function skills ?

Does your school have a culture of teaching executive function skills built into the school day ?

Schools with expertise related to executive function skills will have a far better ability to help students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia , dyspraxia, diverse learning needs or any other learning difference.

. .

Free Resources for Empowering Your Autistic Child | The Brain Building Book 04/18/2023

With it being Autism Awareness Month, I want to share this amazing resource from Dr. Liz Angoff. All kids really do have so many superpowers that often get misunderstood. We can help our kids build insight and self-advocate by teaching them about their own strengths/superpowers!

Free Resources for Empowering Your Autistic Child | The Brain Building Book Free Resources for Empowering Your Autistic Child Explaining Autism to Your Child A step-by-step guide for talking to your child about Autism and what it means for them. Visuals and Videos for Explaining Autism A spreadsheet of child-friendly videos, books, and visuals to explain autism, as well as....


What is a comprehensive evaluation and why is it important?

A comprehensive evaluation provides an in-depth understanding of your child’s overall level of functioning, including strengths and areas of vulnerability. This includes understanding their cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning. This also often includes their academic functioning and how they perform within the school setting. All of these areas are important in better understanding your child to provide appropriate interventions and treatment, as well as recommendations for the home and school settings.

There are so many behaviors that overlap with each other when assessing for specific conditions. For example, "my child does not pay attention" is a common behavior reported by parents. But why is my child struggling to pay attention? Is there a cognitive processing deficit that prevents them from encoding the information? Can there be a possible learning disability? Is underlying anxiety impacting sustained attention or acting out behavior? Are there specific executive functioning deficits at play? There are a number of reasons why a particular behavior occurs, and it is important to look at the big picture to properly answer the question.

At ATX PsychEd Services, Dr. Gin will use multiple sources of information and collect data using a wide variety of assessment techniques. All services are customized to answer your specific referral concerns, and you will receive a comprehensive report of individual strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations for home and school as appropriate.

Reach out to schedule a consultation if you are seeking diagnostic clarification or to better undertand your child’s cognitive, academic, social, emotional and/or behavioral functioning.

[email protected]

Photos from ATX PsychEd Services, PLLC's post 02/05/2023

I've moved to a new office - still in Cedar Park! I'm currently scheduling evaluations in March and April. Please contact me at [email protected] to schedule a consultation or evaluation for your child.




This infographic shows why it’s so difficult to differentiate between these neurocognitive differences, and sometimes it’s all 3!

Via and IG


Anxiety manifests in many different ways in children. It’s not always the obvious worries we see in many adults…

8 ways a child's anxiety shows up as something else... Check out for videos, printables, and much more to help kids manage stress and build resilience!


Here is some solid back to school advice for working with those kiddos who have some EF deficits.

This is great..."11 Things about me" invites teachers to learn a bit more about a student who has challenges in executive functioning and provides simple accommodations that can be used in a classroom setting.

From Keywell

CHADD SFV | Brain Building Book 08/02/2022

Dr. Liz Angoff has some awesome resources on her website for parents and professionals. Here is a FREE online workshop aimed at helping parents empower their children with ADHD.

CHADD SFV | Brain Building Book Free Parent Workshop with CHADD San Fernando Valley and Dr. Liz Angoff Join us on Wednesday, August 24th at 7 pm PST to empower your child by helping them understand the power of their unique brain! Parents will learn: How to explain ADHD in positive, child-friendly language When and how to start th...

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