Hippo Hydrate

Hippo Hydrate

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Celeste Pitts, MSN, APRN, FNP-C
Celeste Pitts, MSN, APRN, FNP-C
W 5th Street

IV therapy - myers cocktail - hangover helper - immune booster - NAD peptide - vitamins - electrolyte

IV Fluid Bar, Rehydration Station, IV bags with vitamins and electrolytes, Illness Recovery, Hangover Recovery, Dehydration Recovery, Nausea, Headaches
Concierge and House Calls Available


All Along the Watchtower
that’s along the trail
not of tears
but Edward’s aquifer
book your IV Therapy
aha moment
this week
why delay bliss? 🍒🙆‍♀️


BUSTED on the clock! Dr. F went MIA on me. Found her snoozing in the zero gravity massage chair with her IV flowing. She is getting younger by the day.


Let IV hydration
flood your body
with peptides
13 years in downtown Austin
housecalls or come to our medical clinic
because we are medical providers
we can add medication to get you back
in the game
whether that’s for a hangover
workout recovery
or a little pick me up
we gotcha covered!



The name is Earl
Earl Gray

hydrating orally is good

hydrating with IV therapy is more efficient

fluids carrying your additives (vitamins, electrolytes, medication) cross the blood brain barrier right into the brain) immediately decrease headache pain and other uncomfortable feelings.

some examples:
✅ magnesium for migraine
✅steroid for allergies
✅ B12 for metabolism
✅ NAD peptide for cell repair (anti-aging)
✅ vitamin C for immune system

many more options

skin brightening, pep in your step

it is possible to feel even better

we explain how

call to book for your IV therapy session



can you help?
we are looking for someone who can
put transitions into
or on top of
something like this…..
!!! please help !!!!!


want to capture some youth?
come in for a customized plan
many options
- peptide IV therapy
- hormones
- nutrition
- mindset

one size does NOT fit all
if you don’t want to make a change then don’t!
learning the latest options is fun, though



drinking water
is awesome!
and important
getting IV therapy
is also awesome
and helpful
for youth promotion
immune health
and more!
ask us to personalize
your bag
based on your goals


good morning
2 x 11 am spots
1 x 3 pm
2 x 4 pm
IV therapy sessions
available today
call now to book your heavenly
japanese full body massage chair (part of IV therapy)


NAD peptides
vitamin C
Myer’s cocktail
vitamin B-12
vitamin B complex
and more options!
we will taylor your bag
call now to book
come to us
we can come to you!




make it happen
bust out that business
or side hustle
be seen by our > 3,000 patients
or keep to yourself
come see the beautiful exam room for rent 😊


come in for a cooling off!
iv therapy and a tiff’s treats cookie
self care
in our NASA zero gravity chair



what do you like in your IV?
i like magnesium if i have a headache
or sore muscles

vitamin C for my dewey skin and immune boosting

NAD peptide to promote internal healing
gut issues
skin skin skin
decreased brain fog

steroid for allergies
sore muscles/joints
increased energy

famotidine for nausea
other gut issues

B12 for the vagus nerve
and nervous system

many many more!!!!


bodies strewn
we can sleep anywhere


yet another reason
to relax in our zero gravity
massage chairs
while your body and brain feel better
in this heat wave


tonic water hydrates
but do you like the taste?
- medicinal ✅
- negative for certain heart conditions 🆘

most people walking around
it’s a problem because depending on the organ:
brain - fatigue
kidney - stones + urinary tract infection
skin - easier to cut + wrinkles
colon - constipation

you get the picture

book your IV therapy session today!


Just a friendly reminder. Y’all have a great day!


tea is hydrating
even if it has caffeine
it has anti-oxidants, too
but not as many as
an IV therapy with NAD
and Vitamin C
book your in home
or in the clinic
IV therapy session
your body and brain will
feel better



Dr. Freeman recommends
allowing your thoughts
you don’t need to try to stuff them
allowing them informs you
about what is really going on
in that big beautiful brain of yours
it’s just data
neutral circumstances
THEN decide if that thought serves you (what feeling conveys from a particular thought?)
if it serves you
keep it!
if you don’t like the feeling that comes from a thought
bring it to your coach
we can help you
work through and into
another thought
it has to be believable
otherwise it’s toxic positivity
and the brain doesn’t believe you


one stop medical shop
one on one medical care

we can help you with:
back pain
b12 shots
blood pressure
IV hydration
life coaching
mental health
weight loss

- holistic approach
- evidence based
- same day appointments
- osteopathic manual therapy
- TMJ intra oral manipulation

small, beautiful clinic
KNOW your providers
there are 2 of us
we KNOW you
which is super fun


happy monday, y’all!
it’s my favorite day of the week
if it’s not yours
come in for an IV
in a gently rocking massage chair
we can help you feel better

if it is also your favorite day then come in thursday for an IV
a boost if you will


it’s that time of year
in Texas
wear a hat
and a smile
sparkling water IS hydrating (we’re full of good news)
recover from frolicking with an IV today

May is magnesium month

magnesium is a smooth muscle relaxant this is how it decreases migraine and other headache pain via IV (the IV brings the magnesium directly into the brain)

treat yourself to an IV today in our sweet rocking and heated massage chairs



IVs are the medical gold standard
to hydrate the entire body
every organ
including the brain

-IVs can clear brain fog
- boost metabolism
- increase energy
- flush kidneys
- flush liver
- our trademarked formulae can relive headache pain including migraines
- decrease pain (clear lactic acid)
- calm a nervous gut
- resolve nausea, vomiting

many more potential benefits

regardless of your age
you may be an athlete; maybe not

call 512.391.9400 or come by and see how an IV can help you feel better in austin plenty of free parking

- housecalls available
- hippohydrate.com

fun hydration fact: alkaline water is not necessary- my advice is to spend your money on something else


come get your IV!

national shortage of IV fluids
come get yours
when they’re gone they’re gone

most of us walk around chronically dehydrated- let us help you feel better

medical grade additives, supplements, electrolytes and vitamins

get your INDIVIDUALIZED bag today

#78704 #78703


happy hydration, friends!

however you celebrate i hope today is fun for you.

i celebrate easter & love thinking of 2 things;

i will have more FAITH ……..things really do work out

i will allow more GRACE - when things don’t go as i’d planned.

swimming helps get my spirit there

what’s something that fans YOUR spirit?



when i see someone wearing our t-shirt or hat or f***y pack i reward them with swag! today this lady got a brand new teitlist 1 ball


picture yourself here!
are you great at IVs?
want to work in a fun clinic?
maybe you’re premed
maybe you’re a paramedic
you tell me who you are
apply now
immediate need
email: [email protected] or call 512.391.9400

thank you


Happy HUMP DAY! Celebrate by treating yourself to on of our medical grade IV hydration therapy sessions. 💧


we earned our IVs this weekend!


if you’re headed for the mountains this spring break
- drink even more water
because at elevation your body needs more hydration
- apply lip balm liberally
- sunscreen yes and include underpart of nose (opening of nostrils) + ears
- run a humidifier day & night
- easy on the booze (if any) as the effects increase at altitude
- have fun!
- share your pics



good monday morning!!

welcome to secret little hydration bar
so close to you
monday - friday 9 - 5
let’s GOOOOO!!

#78703 #78701


Need an IV on the weekends??

Best pricing in Austin for medical grade IV's. With a long list of addicted to customize your perfect cocktail 😉


Y'all don't wanna miss it! ❤️❤️❤️
Our sister account is having a VALENTINES DAY PROMO!💕 either send me or her a dm if you want more information or call the clinic to schedule yours TODAY!💕


Y'all don't wanna miss this! Come by during our open house and receive 15% OFF ALL BOTOX AND FILLERS!💕💕💕


🤣 you’re welcome


yep, it’s a thought
available to you
does it serve you to think this?
how does it make you feel
to think that you are fun
and funny?
if you like the feeling then
think that thought
and again
you’re probably fun
and funny
look - i’m laughing already


sometimes when the clouds are moving
among shadows and light
i feel as though i’m in a caravaggio painting
sooooo gooood
i continue to recommend
1. fresh air
2. sunshine
3. exercise
4. love (in all the forms)
5. hugs and kisses
6. vaccines
7. see each other’s faces
8. listen to someone else
9. hear your own thoughts
10. remember there were never any guarantees

#78703 #78701


it’s ski ⛷ and other travel season!
that means dehydration……..

your skin, brain, other organs will love getting an IV drip

when EMS comes or you go to ER almost regardless of the problem you get an IV
because bypassing the gut gets fluids (and anything else in the IV bag) to your organs……immediately!

and thoroughly

the gut is greedy; when you orally ingest fluids (drink) the gut takes most of the fluid

the remainder moves to other organs but not quickly….

hippohydrate brings pharmaceutical grade IVs to the clinic/your home/hotel/work

don’t wait for EMS or the ER!

book now and save money with our holiday packages

to your health!


open today regular hours (till 5) come on by for a refreshing IV in our brand new massage chairs

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Austin, TX

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