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Self-care.... we tell our clients that all day, and yet what does that really mean? Check out this great article to go beyond a bath for self care
To all the new mama's, those with kiddos or grown children check out Lindsay Stenovec new podcast. Brilliant, honest, and fun content that will sure to fill up your soul and mind!
What a great podcast!! Lindsay brings such honest nutrition advice along with compassion and truth to her show. So excited to download each episode!!

We are food teachers, and we are nutrition experts! We teach people about nutritious food that will fuel their body and help them lead better lives!

Photos from 88 Acres Foods's post 03/09/2022

Happy Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day!


This week we are especially proud to be Texans.

Just a few days ago, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against social media influencer Brittany Dawn Davis and her business for misleading thousands of women about their nutritional care. Davis promised personalized nutritional guidance and individualized fitness coaching, but instead delivered one-size-fits-all weight-loss plans with little follow-up, often to people who told her they had eating disorders.

Read more here!
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The big meal is over and now the fridge is full of leftovers that we don’t want to go to waste, but what to do with this delicious food?

During Thanksgiving, families get together to enjoy each other and the good food. Of course, there’s always Thanksgiving leftovers because everyone loves to make an overabundant amount of food. So, what can we make with the leftovers?

Check out a few of our favorite ideas here:


The season of holidays has begun and we are all preparing for the next holiday, Thanksgiving.

While many of us look forward to seeing family, watching football, and sharing a meal with others, those who struggle with an eating disorder have probably been dreading this day for several months. Offering support to loved ones can bring up a lot of fear because we don’t want to add any more stress or discomfort to the day. So how can we help our loved one?

Here are a few tips to support loved ones with an eating disorder during Thanksgiving.

Click this link to read through the tips:


What if diabetes was not getting in your way of enjoying Thanksgiving this year?

We hope to share with you some ideas and tips on how you can enjoy Thanksgiving and still manage your blood sugar.

Click here to learn a few tips to help you through this Thanksgiving:


It is finally feeling like fall in Austin, Texas, and I don’t know about you, but this might be our team’s favorite time of year.

It’s not just because of the change in the temperature that some people care for the fall season, it’s also because of all the holidays.

The dietitians and therapists at iLiveWell understand that you might not have the same love for this season as they do, and we are here to help and support y’all during this season.

We want to share some of our favorite ways to experience the fall season and shift that mindset from dread to enjoyment.

Click here to read more:



If you like ice cream, you love this delicious recipe!
I found this delicious recipe from Egglans Best.

With the sweetness of honey and brown sugar, this pumpkin pie ice cream is sure to please even the pickiest little one! You can feel good knowing about the wholesome goodness in the eggs and pumpkin!

Read more here!

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“Diet talk” comes up so often in social situations.

Somehow it weaves its way into conversations, questions, and stories, oftentimes without us even realizing it. Diet talk is sneaky – it comes up when you least expect it. Sometimes it disguises itself as a joke or a compliment. Regardless of how it manifests itself, it is almost never helpful in the road to recovery. That’s why we’re here with tips to help ditch diet talk this year.

Read more here!

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I don’t know about y’all, but the day that Facebook and Instagram was down was kind of breathe of fresh air.

It definitely gave me more mental space and more free time, which got me to think about a few things related to social media in general.

Read more here!

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We’re all moving too fast.

It’s like somehow knowing there are only three months left in the year makes us feel like we have to get it all done before December 31st and we forget about self-care.

Click the link to read more!

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Just a freidnly reminder to be kind to everyone around you!

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When we can put Queen B and ourselves in the same catgeory... WIN!

When we can put Queen B and ourselves in the same category... WIN
How you look at a situation makes all the world of a difference.

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Who can releate?🙌

Somedays after hours and hours on Zoom we can all need a break and a way to feel careed for. How do you self care after a long Zoom day?

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What are you focusing on right now?

We all have diffrent seasions we might in in with our health, recovery, and life. We would love to hear what you are focusing on in your season of life.

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This summer has been like no other in Austin,Texas right?! Just this morning we went for a walk at 8 am and did not come back drenched in sweat, which feels like a miracle, to say the least. The summer always reminds us to be mindful of the sunshine, it’s the ability to burn you and nourish you. I’m talking about Vitamin D.

Fun Facts
🌞D plays a significant role in the regulation of calcium and the maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood.
🌞D is the only vitamin your body makes… spoiler alert it’s a hormone!
🌞D plays a significant role in the regulation of calcium and the
maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood.

Food sources of vitamin D
🌞oily fish – such as salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel.
🌞egg yolks.
🌞fortified foods – such as some fat spreads and breakfast cereals.

Check out this week's blog post for more tips and ideas on how you can get in more vitamin D for your overall heath.

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Who else is FED UP with diets?! 🙌

Let's hear about it!

We would ove to hear your story and how you have had it with all the diet chatter CRAP!

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iLiveWell Nutrition updated their address. 07/30/2021

iLiveWell Nutrition updated their address.

iLiveWell Nutrition updated their address.


Recovery from an eating disorder is not linear, and there is no one set way to recovery for anyone. Overall, the journey to building a positive relationship with food and your body takes a very personal journey and support from your treatment team. Bumps along the way are VERY normal and expected. If you are struggling along your recovery path here are a few tips that might help you to turn back on the path.

Chekc out this weeks blog on 4 tips to help you get back on your path for recovery.

If you are needing more support please always fell like you can reach out to schedule an appoitment.

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Hydration and YOU!

Staying hydrated during this Texas summer can be a bit confusing. Chekc out this week's blog on tips and recipes on how YOU can stay hydrated.

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What should you o osay to someone with an eating disorder?

Here are the 7 things you should not say to someone who is struggeling with an eating disorder:

1. You aren’t fat! You look so healthy!
2. What's happening to the food I just bought?
3. Why don't you go on a diet or cut out carbs?
4. You are so skinny! What is your secret? I wish I had your willpower!
5. Why don't you JUST eat?
6. Isn't that too much food?
7. Why don't yo ujsut stop bingeing?

Check out our blog for even more details and why each of these phrase asre so harmful for those struggeling with eating disorders.

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