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One-on-One Individualized Care with highly trained therapist during every visit!! We treat all Ortho

We help motivated adults who need to work long hours without Neck / Back / Leg pain and those who want to spend quality time with their family doing fun outdoor activities. We help patients get active and recover even if they have struggled with the injury for a long time! We also help Pregnant / Post-partum Moms / Motivated women with Low back pain / Sacroiliac dysfunction / Pelvic floor issues

Revolutionizing Wellness: The Innovative Approach of Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) 01/09/2024

Have you heard about this innovative approach?

👉 We use this unique (w)holistic assessment technique in our clinic everyday with outstanding results!

👉 Read here to learn more about NKT:

Revolutionizing Wellness: The Innovative Approach of Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) is a specialized approach that has gained recognition within the realm of healthcare and rehabilitation. It represents a dynamic method that combines elements of manual therapy, motor control, and functional movement assessment. NKT aims to address imbalances, pain, and dy...


Our heartfelt greetings to you and your family:
May the coming year be your best one yet, filled with love, connection and success! ❤️
May this year bring you opportunities for growth, great health 💪, fulfillment and unforgettable memories! 😇
✨️ Happy New Year! ✨️

From Quintessence Physical Therapy


"The only thing between you and success is you."

3 things that will help you move forward:
👉 Know your options
👉 Work on your mindset
👉 Take the first step


Where there's a lot of negativity in this world, Be that positive light!


Thank you Stroll Ranch at Brushy Creek for featuring our Clinic Owner/Director and her family in the October 2023 issue of your affluent magazine!
We're beyond honored! ❤️ ❤️

Thank you Leider Photography for the cover photo on the magazine!

🍁 We're celebrating all things fall in the October issue of STROLL Ranch at Brushy Creek!

This month, we introduce you to the Chaudhardy family - Yogesh, Swapnali Chaudhary, and daughters Ashlesha and Aarnavi.

Yogesh and Swapnali met 22 years ago in India through mutual connections, and, “In that moment, I knew we were meant to be together for a lifetime,” says Swapnali. ❤️

Read all about their journey, careers and passions in our latest issue. 🍁 A very special thank you to Leider Photography for the photos! ❤️


Big toe mobility, strength and motor control is extremely crucial in your movement mechanics as it affects the entire kinetic chain with walking and standing activities and limitations in that can lead to compensation patterns overtime, which in turn cause symptoms at other body parts in the kinetic chain!! Make sure you address the symptoms early on to prevent further complications later!

Your big toe is incredibly important for walking, running, stability, and balance. In order to perform its duties properly, it needs a certain minimum of mobility. Ideally, one should have at least 60 degrees of extension available. Anything less than that and the body has to find alternate ways of moving that can have repercussions throughout the body. These can include over-pronating, walking on the outsides of the feet, hip, knee, and low back pain. These exercises can be helpful. https://rfr.bz/f6q3e41


Who we are?
What we do?
What we treat?
How are we different?

Check the image below.

We Believe In:
👉Exceptional Patient care
👉Holistic Treatment
👉Clinical Excellence
👉Open Communication
👉Patient-Centered Approach

We are committed to providing high quality care to every patient who walk in through our doors!

You may check our google business page to see what others have to say about us.

You may visit our website here:

If you have questions, please call us at 512-200-3945


This is our new office that we moved into recently! Absolutely love the space and the tranquil that inspires us to do our best each day!

Proud to say that excellence and clinical competence thrive here!

Do not compromise on the quality of healthcare that you get. You deserve the best and you have the right to choose.


"Believe you can, and you're halfway there!"
Your mindset is the most critical factor when it comes to achieving your goals! Willingness to take control of the reins will determine your success.

If you're looking for resources to help you get active and overcome the physical challenges in your path, we can help you. See what others have to say about us on our google business page.

Call 512-200-3945 or email [email protected] with any questions that you may have.


If you won't care for you, who will?!
How are you performing your Self care?
Stop placing yourself on the back burner and make yourself a priority!

If you're having any health issues, make sure you get it assessed and treated. If you've any challenges limiting you from moving freely, find a physical therapist/pelvic floor therapist who is a good fit for your needs!

We all need a support system so we can continue performing at our best and be the best version of ourselves! Your family needs you to be at your best!

If you've other ways of selfcare, please share in the comments.


When there's a prolonged period of excessive heat stay safe by being aware of signs & symptoms to watch out for, and check the post below to see how you can avoid it.


Thank you for the 5 star review and for recommending us! 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟🌟
If you think you or your family/ friends might benefit from our services, you may call 512-200-3945
For more information about how we can help, here is our website: www.quintessence-pt.com

Is Your Gut Mycobiome (Fungi) Impacting Your Metabolism and Health? - Ann Shippy MD 07/11/2023

What do you know about your gut health?
Here's some great info:


Yes, every individual needs an individualistic plan based on a lot of factors. Talk to you MD/PCP/Functional medicine doctor about this to get a specific plan for you.

Is Your Gut Mycobiome (Fungi) Impacting Your Metabolism and Health? - Ann Shippy MD Discover the latest findings on the gut mycobiome (fungi in the gut), and its connection to the micobiome, modern diets, metabolism and health.


Muscles don't have a mind of their own. They do what they're told. Simply releasing muscles, stretching them, etc. rarely has any effect on what they're being told to do by the brain. Neurologic corrections are usually key for lasting change.


🎊🎉🎈Celebrating 100+ 5 star outstanding reviews!!! 🎈🎉🎊
Excited to have reached this milestone, as we continue to follow our passion to help austiniites get active and limitless, so they can achieve their dreams!

We feel privileged to be able to offer uncompromised high quality care to our patients at Quintessence Physical Therapy! Thank you for showing your appreciation and making us one of the top-rated physical therapy clinics in austin!!

If you've been struggling with being active, having repeated injuries, having symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, pain, tightness, stiffness, numbness, we can help you!

Here is our website:
You may reach us at 512-200-3945


🎊We've some BIG NEWS to share! 🎊


The new location is in BLDG A now, SAME parking lot! Contact information (Phone number, fax number, email) is the SAME.

We are super excited and Quintessence Physical Therapy is looking forward to taking care of our patients here!

New address:
13740 N Highway 183, Ste A3
Austin, TX 78750

We'll be seeing patients at the new location, starting today, MARCH 6th 2023.

If you've difficulty finding us:
Please call 512-200-3945


With a heart full of gratitude💓, as we are looking back at 2022, and counting all our blessings, we are proud to see our continued growth↗️, and success over the last year, and we're greatly thankful 🙏 for:
👉 our patients to give us the privilege to help them achieve their goals, to lead an active life,
👉 outstanding patient reviews, recommendations, and 5 star rating,
👉 our profession for giving us the tools🪄 to provide uncompromised high quality care and,
👉 You all, for supporting our small business by liking and following us on FB and insta!!

May the next year fill your home 🏡 with joy 🙃, your heart ❤️ with love, and your life with laughter. 😀
May this year move you forward toward your 👉 goals and May all your dreams come true! 😇
Warmest wishes to you and your family from ours! 💓
✨️✨️Happy new year!!✨️✨️
✨️✨️Welcome 2023!✨️✨️

- Quintessence Physical Therapy


Whatever is beautiful. Whatever is meaningful. Whatever brings you happiness. May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year! 🎉🎊😇

✨️✨️Happy holidays to your family from ours!✨️✨️
- Quintessence Physical Therapy


Learning never stops!!
👉 Learning new skills, keeping updated on the latest research, using critical thinking and analytical skills to achieve the best outcomes is important to us!

Took NKT level 3 course in Boulder, CO and it was mind blowing! Grateful 😇 to all the instructors, mentors, peers and the entire NKT community for the knowledge and wisdom that they've been generous with.
Armed with this knowledge, skills and new tools, we're super-excited to help our patients at Quintessence Physical Therapy even more!!


Wish you all a great Thanksgiving weekend!!
Wish you all good health, abundance, wellness and joy!

Warmest wishes from:
Quintessence Physical Therapy


If you or your family members feel a cold coming on, know that lymphatic drainage will help immensely, to manage the symptoms of congestion, sore throat, by using these techniques. First, make sure that you're cleared by your physician for any infections or any other medical conditions.

This is not medical advice. This is for your educational purpose only. These posts should not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat any health, medical, physical or psychiatric condition. Don't use these posts to avoid going to your healthcare professional or to replace the advice they give you. Consult with your healthcare professional before doing anything contained in these posts. Use this content at your own risk.

Sharing this very informative video by The Body Mechanic, Inc.


Timeline photos 11/21/2022

Share this with your friends/family - whoever could benefit from this information!


If you're a postpartum mom, know that there is help out there, to help you get back to doing things that you love, work efficiently and to help you to be your best self to be able to be that nurturing source for your family! ❤️

Having this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our patients, is one of the many things that we're thankful for! 😇

What are you thankful for?


Morning routine is crucial for your success! This time of the day will decide how much you accomplish throughout the day. Knowing what you need to work on, is the first step towards your goals.

If there are physical limitations with mobility or pain that affect your morning routine, this is the time to address that. If you need help with that, please call 512-200-3945

So, tell us - What's your current morning routine?


✨️Happy Diwali to all those who celebrate this festival of lights! ✨️
Wish you all with endless joy, abundance and great health! 🪔

Warm wishes from:
Quintessence Physical Therapy


"Dreams don't work unless you do."

As you put in the work to reach your goals, your passions, your dreams; we're here to support you.

If you've any physical limitations, be it pain, mobility restrictions, difficulty with movement, fatigue, decreased activity tolerance, pelvic floor issues, recurrent injuries and if you need help to connect the dots and find a solution; our movement experts can help you with our holistic (whole body) approach to get to the root cause and formulate an exact care plan for you to help you achieve your dreams!

Call 512-200-3945


Happy mother's day!

"There is no role in life that is more essential than motherhood."

Creating humans, shaping little minds and impacting generations!

If you're struggling in any way while being the nurturing source for your baby and a rock for your family because of any physical limitations or pain, we can help you.
Contact us 512-200-3945


Happy Easter to you all from Quintessence Physical Therapy!


"In any moment, a decision you make can change the course of your life forever. Choose now, choose well!"

Especially, if its a decision about your healthcare, make sure you don't compromise on the quality of care.

At Quintessence Physical therapy, we take great pride in being able to offer uncompromised high quality care to our patients. Feel free to check out our google reviews and see what our patients have to say about us.

We offer:
- 1 hr sessions
- One on one time with a highly trained and licensed Physical therapist for the entire session
- Comprehensive evaluation to find the root cause
- Establishing an exact careplan specific for you
- Unique holistic (whole body) approach
- Hands on manual therapy techniques to complement individualized corrective exercises
- Advanced EMR based home exercise plan
- Results that you want, to reach your goals faster!

We are just a call away - 512-200-3945
Choose now, choose well.


Did you get this one? 😀
What's the word?

Wordle has been the latest craze and internet's favorite game. It helps keep the mind sharp, is fun and provides social connectedness.

A few min of this brain game provides a cognitive boost for the mental health everyday. It offers respite and distraction from the complicated world. An escape that we sometimes need to relax our mind and to rejuvenate - to function at our full potential.

If you're having difficulty functioning at your full potential because of mobility issues/pain, we can help you at Quintessence Physical Therapy. Contact us at 512-200-3945

So, can you guess the wordle?

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13740 N Highway 183, Suite A3
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 7pm
Tuesday 7am - 7pm
Wednesday 7am - 7pm
Thursday 7am - 7pm
Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm

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