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Some of Crosfields Ladies experiencing Bootbox for pre season training with some of the U15s girls team Bootbox Cheshire 💛💙⚽️🥊
Thank you Rachel Aldersley for another great camp. I have loved it and will miss camp over summer. Now its my turn to keep myself motivated 💛🖤🥊💪 I need a camp before my 2nd Tough Mudder in September x
my moto this summer is fat not fit. get me in that September class quick 😂😂
Very privileged to announce that The Ferry Tavern is the new home of 'BootBox' hosted by Hatton Academy Cheshire. Classes will take place on the large back garden area, Mondays and Fridays 9:30am to 10:30am. Contact Rachel on 07931560866 to book your place!
Another fab session today with Rachel, thank you in advance for being the cause of my pain tomorrow 🥊😘👊🏻
LOVE! so happy - you are so talented and such an amazing coach, can't wait to do a trip over and come train with you! xx

Bootbox- boxing bootcamps- boxing for fitness 1-1's- Learn to fight yourself fit.....




A tribute to this gorgeous girl 🩷 Katie you were just wonderful, you asked me to never treat you any different to anyone else in class and that’s what I tried to do, which meant your strength, courage and bravery shone through, plus you never failed to make us laugh.

I never thought I’d have to stand saying goodbye today. Thank you for sharing your wonderfulness with us all, we were privileged to call you one of our gang.

Rest Easy now Happy Girl 🤍


Snack ideas from , if like me you have teenage boys at home 🏡 always hungry 😋 and at the same time are hitting the gym 💪 trying to build muscle and hit their protein goals 🐔 then these snacks are great for the fridge raiders….

Babybels - 10g
Chicken snack bags- 17g
Chocolate mousse- 20g
Protein Milk- 20g
Satay sticks-18g

These are just add ins to supplement our main meals that should meet the bulk of our protein needs or great to grab on the go! 🏃‍♂️


1st week done ✅

First week of camps complete and what a week! Absolute sweat fest in every class, so for those new members, those returning to me after a break and my regular crew, a huge congratulations on getting through the heat 💦 YOU absolutely smashed it 💥

Week 2 incoming and I think I can feel a plank coming on…..😂

Enjoy your weekend ☀️


Summer holidays are over, kids are on their way back to school, (I’m 1/2 stone heavier 🤪) life as we know it is starting to resume, so what’s stopping you from making time for you?

Don’t be the person always starting on a Monday and by Wednesday losing sight of your goals, “oh I’ll start next week or I can’t do it then because I’ve got that in the diary so i might as well wait….”

It’s one day or DAY ONE. Which one are you going to be?

Be brave.


The competitive nature of these lot shone through tonight…..😂

Their start time on this challenge tonight was 3.03, by their third attempt they’d got it down to an amazing 1.57 👏


Leaving the Summer a bit fluffier and less fit than you started it or maybe you’re just looking for a new challenge? Well BOOTBOX IS BACK 💥

Get fitter, stronger and learn the skills to fight yourself fit? 👊

Want to learn to box? 👊
Want to feel empowered? 💪
Want to get fit? ♥️
Want to make friends? 👭👬

Starts Tuesday 5th September ⬇️

Tuesday 9.30-10.30am Stockton Heath
Tuesday 6.45-7.45pm Grappenhall Community Centre
Thursday 6.45-7.45pm Hood Lane Community Centre
Friday 9.30-10.30am Stockton Heath


📣 Back to the area it began 8 years ago… 📣

BOOTBOX IS BACK to the Penketh/Sankey Area 💥

🟡 First trial class is FREE 💰 🟡

Starts Thursday 7th September @ 6.45pm 🕰️

Who wants to get fitter, stronger and with the skills to fight themselves fit? 👊

Want to learn to box? 👊
Want to feel empowered? 💪
Want to get fit? ♥️
Want to make friends? 👭👬

Bootbox Cheshire Bootbox- boxing bootcamps- boxing for fitness 1-1's- Learn to fight yourself fit.....


Back with this little pocket rocket 🚀 this week….

Learning to box is such a powerful emotive skill. After years of doing this, I can guarantee you never leave a session feeling less than when you came in.

Empowerment is what I do- No 1️⃣

I will always be your biggest cheerleader 📣

If you’re feeling small or lonely in this world, dismayed with life, you need a new challenge, you need to vent or you just want to harness all that inner strength, give boxing a chance, it won’t let you down 🙌


Changes come about by:

🔥 Habits
🔥 Routine
🔥 Consistency
🔥 Self Love
🔥 Self Development
🔥 Use of energy

Little by little, step by step, don’t give up, it’ll come 🖤


Monday reminder 🧠

Don’t waste your life’s purpose worrying about what your body looks like or what other people think about it.

Invest your time in making it stronger, spend time moving it in ways that you enjoy and most importantly look after it. Your body is AMAZING and you are the gatekeeper of everything it is capable of (stop being LAZY)

But so often I see people hating on themselves- abusing themselves and their body. Next time you feel something awful about yourself, I want you to write it down in a text to your best friend, if you can’t bear to send that message to them, then stop saying it to yourself.

You are privileged with today, you are privileged to have freedom to move around, you are privileged with the opportunity to exercise, you are privileged to be able to make yourself stronger, you are privileged to be able to fuel your body correctly, don’t waste it 😉



Please share 🙏

Bootbox Cheshire Bootbox- boxing bootcamps- boxing for fitness 1-1's- Learn to fight yourself fit.....



Please share 🙏


This is what we do 🙌


Perfect Protein Smoothie 🥜 🍫 🍌

Mid morning pick me up- Enjoy!


“If you don’t make time for wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness”

What a depressing but truthful quote 🤔

I see so many people rushing around in life who tell me they “don’t have time’ to train or exercise, which equals I don’t prioritise my health.

If you’re that person who keeps cancelling the session you have booked or who doesn’t turn up to their 60 minute class or who can’t get out for a walk to hit some steps, then it’s time to take a look at your life.

So start by focussing on just 1 thing you can improve on this week, take it one step at a time, I guarantee you that time spent on improving your physical and mental well-being will be the most valuable thing you spend your time on this week ♥️ 🧠


Learn to love what you see in the mirror 🪞

5 tips to help:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. ... being you is your super power 🦸‍♀️

2. Don’t worry about others’ opinions. ... be what you want to be not what others want to see 👀

3. Allow yourself to make mistakes. ... its how we grow 🪴

4. Remember your value doesn’t lie in how your body looks. ... or what the scale says ⚖️

5. Don’t be afraid to let go of toxic people. .. if someone is always emptying your cup rather than filling it, it’s time to turn the water off 💦


Who wants to head into Summer, fitter, stronger and with the skills to fight themselves fit? 👊

Want to learn to box? 👊
Want to feel empowered? 💪
Want to get fit? ♥️
Want to make friends? 👭👬

Starts Tuesday 6th June ⬇️

Tuesday 9.30-10.30am Stockton Heath
Tuesday 6.45-7.45pm Grappenhall Community Centre
Thursday 6.45-7.45pm Warrior Fitness
Friday 9.30-10.30am Stockton Heath


🛎️ TRANSFORMATION -Can we just take a moment 👏

Transformation Tuesday has been reborn (its Thursday 😉)

Could not be more proud in how amazing my gorgeous client not only looks but feels 🧠

We have been getting ‘wedding ready’ for a year and Kates dedication to spin, home workouts, boxing sessions and trying to fuel her body with the right foods has paid off.

I absolutely love getting to teach people how to box but more importantly I aim to build peoples confidence and mindset as to how they view themselves and their body. We are built with the most amazing strong bodies and we need to learn to love them 😍

Kate you are going to make the most beautiful bride 👰‍♀️ I cannot wait to see the photos and I expect you back in your session on the 5th 👊


Comparison is the thief of joy 💛

Don’t compare yourself to the person next to you in class, or on the treadmill or at the weights rack.

This is your fitness journey, only you can take control of what you want and make it happen. Start with small steps that work for you, the important thing is to start. Stay consistent with it, don’t give up after the first hurdle of disappointment looms. Focus on that goal and dedicate yourself to it, regardless of what others around you may be doing.

Your superpower is that you’re YOU 🌈


My gang absolutely smashing tonight’s combo💥


If you want something, work for it…


Who said eating well had to be boring? 36G PROTEIN 💥

Brunch done right….

Cals: 399 P:36g F: 13g C:29g



Who wants to head into Summer, fitter, stronger and with the skills to fight themselves fit? 👊

Want to learn to box? 👊
Want to feel empowered? 💪
Want to get fit? ♥️
Want to make friends? 👭👬

Starts Tuesday 18th April ⬇️

Tuesday 9.30-10.30am Stockton Heath
Tuesday 6.45-7.45pm Grappenhall Community Centre
Thursday 6.45-7.45pm Warrior Fitness
Friday 9.30-10.30am Stockton Heath



New camp starts w/c 17th April

DM for details- learn to box yourself fit 🥊


Okay, not every day but I am partial to training legs and glutes 😂 🍑

Anyone else 🙋‍♀️


Peanut 🥜 Butter Lover….

If you love peanut butter as much as I do but you’re watching the calories and trying to sit in a deficit then it’s time to try the powdered stuff!!

Powdered peanut butter is amazing and can give you that drizzler effect and peanut taste without the higher calories 🍯

If you are tracking your calories then be careful about the ‘odd’ spoon 🥄 out the jar, here and there!! As you can see a ‘teaspoon’ soon adds up ⬆️

Peanut 🥜 Butter FOREVER 🖤


Happy International Women’s Day 💗

I am so blessed to get to coach the most amazing women (& guys!) but today is all about the GALS 👧

💗 And a little bit BADASSY!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart girls, for being part of my Bootbox Crew 👊


Protein Pancake STACK 🥞 32g of PROTEIN

The most delicious stack of vanilla & cinnamon pancakes, loaded with berries 🍓

Cals: 318 P: 32g F: 5g C:40g

Quantities in the comments ⬇️ hit SAVE


Show up:

🌈 Not because you feel like
🌈 Not because you have the time
🌈 Not because you have the energy


✔️ Because you are committed
✔️ Because you want the results
✔️ Because it will all be worth it AND you will be so proud ⭐️


I absolutely love learning from this guy 📝


Walking in to Monday like….. 💥



Life is tough, but darling so are you 👊




Boxing is always so much more than just learning to box 👊


Message for more info 📥




Happy Valentines Day my BOOTBOX CREW ♥️


Same S**T…… different day 🙌

It may seem boring but trying to stick to similar compound exercises each week and learning to make them progressively harder through added weight, change of tempo or reps is where the results are going to happen 💪

I’m similar with my food and tend to eat pretty much the same breakfast and lunch every day 🍲 habits! Nearly all of what we do each day is a habit, habits are important and can help determine our behaviour concerning health, wealth and happiness 🌈

Remember small steps every day 👣


I absolutely love coaching this girl 🙌

When you see me teach, you’ll hear me talk about the bow and arrow 🏹 or elastic band effect of rotation on shots and this girl has it all, her recoil and strength of shots is amazing 💥

When I coach you- you are my number 1, it’s my job to make you look sharp on these pads and this one just makes it easy 👊

You never leave these sessions feeling 👎 come give it a try!!



So excited to announce that I have been offered the opportunity to work alongside the as a 🥇

You’ll be seeing lots more posts about the amazing facilities on offer along with training tips and member events 🙌

2023 off to a great start 💥


Photos from Bootbox Cheshire's post 23/01/2023

Absolutely loved the at the weekend- wish I’d had chance to give it a second try and bring my time down ⬇️ didn’t actually think I was that competitive 😂 but I think my constant checking of the leaderboard would say otherwise!!

Thought I was going to rank top 3 in the elite women but there are some absolute machines out there!! 🤯

Next time 👀


They wanted you to believe yesterday was but every day is what you want it to be, wake up with good intentions, a chance to make somebody else smile, give a compliment, be kind to yourself, work through that list, give somebody a hug, make them that brew and for me its move that body 🙌

Boxing makes you feel ALIVE 👊

Happiness is not by CHANCE but by CHOICE- Happy Tuesday 😘


Super quick breakfast with 37g of protein in 🙌

One of my absolute favourites especially in this miserable weather and is made almost as quick as this reel 😉


If you’re looking for a sign, this is IT 💥

Last chance to grab this camp offer….. only pay 4️⃣ weeks for a 6️⃣ week camp 👊



No better feeling than hitting those pads 💥

Want to know how? Drop me a message and learn to fight yourself fit 👊

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