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Hi Guys, does anyone want to put a team together for “Battle Cancer” in Manchester on 07/08/21 (Saturday) - need 2 females and 1 more male! Let me know🤟🏼🤟🏼

We work with these guys already delivering their weightlifting classes (for members and non members) but we chose to promote these guys ourselves and this is why...

These guys definitely want to offer their members the very best and are always looking to learn themselves which we highly respect. They brought us in as well @therealkivell in from @bodyproject__calisthenics to deliver specialist classes too, plus their rig looks 👌

CrossFit RBR
Me after the last 3 days...... happy rest day 😁
Hi Guys.... hope everyone is well!!
Just thought I’d post these here to see if anyone was wanting to buy some new nano’s for xmas 😝 basically I ordered them a few days ago, then the shoes I actually wanted became available so I’m going to send these back unless any of you would like to buy them!
They haven’t been worn, still all labelled up and in the box.
Size 9.5
If anyone is interested just let me know 😊

See you next Wednesday 🏋️‍♀️

And if you're not part of our Pride, enjoy returning to your facility!

Remember, small gyms like us have relied on members love and support through this time and the owners of your facility will be doing everything they can to make sure that your return is as safe and enjoyable as can be. This might mean a change in hours, an adjusted timetable or rigorous cleaning which we all know isn't the greatest fun and they might make mistakes along the way but work with them, they're doing it for you! We've never been here before and we're doing our best!

This doesn't just go for family gyms like ours but all small, local businesses just like your local florist, sports masseus and nail salon!

If you know of any local businesses who you'd like to recommend, comment them on here and spread exposure for them.

We'll start with a few-

Florista on Manchester Road, Warrington, is a family ran shop who do the most gorgeous flowers which last and look beautiful 01925 653411 @dcartledge24

Friends Lane Riding School in Penketh is a fantastic family ran riding school which offers great teaching and a fun experience for all those who attend 07752341350 (@friends_lane_riding_school)

A few sports therapists and physio's from around the area who we've worked with over time - One Stop Physiotherapy Samantha Foxall Sports Massage and Therapy @bengoodacre_sr @invigoratepro

And finally a local CrossFit Box who we will be working closely with so keep your eyes peeled CrossFit RBR

#supportlocal #supportsmallbusiness
I am holding a hypno-sound session at CrossFit RBR. Come along and take time out for yourself to relax and unwind. Message to book now 😁
Great Session tonight Matt, burned nearly 1000 calories :)

Premier CrossFit gym in the Risley/Warrington area.

Operating as usual

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 27/05/2022

Same Sex 4s - RX

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 27/05/2022

Same Sex 4s - RX

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 27/05/2022

Same Sex 4s - RX

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 27/05/2022

Same Sex 4s - Scaled

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 27/05/2022

Same Sex 4s - Scaled

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 27/05/2022

Same Sex 4s - Scaled

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 27/05/2022

Same Sex 4s - Scaled

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 27/05/2022

RBR Same Sex 4s - Scaled


Get signed up to do your Level 1 this weekend at our facility in Warrington 🙌🏻

Our next available Level 1 courses are:

@crossfit.cardiff 28-29 May
@crossfitrbr 28-29 May
@crossfit_belfast 4-5 June
@cfldnuk 8-9 June
@cfaldermaston 18-19 June

Tag someone who needs to get on one of these courses!


Try 3 for Free!!!

How can you say no?! If you’re thinking about coming to the gym or if you know someone who wants to try it, here’s your sign!

3 classes of your choice to use for FREE within a 7 day period.

Spread the word team - Happy Monday 💙


As the CrossFit Open Quarter Finals begin on Thursday we wanted to say a massive congratulations to two of our own who successfully made it through ranking in the top 10% in the world.

Owner and Coach: @kieranwhitehead7
RBR Member: @_jonny_k_

Good luck to this pair for the quarter finals and for anyone wishing to come and support, we will be hosting refreshments on the following days when they complete the workouts:

Thursday 24th: 20:30
Friday 25th: 17:00
Saturday 26th: 13:00
Sunday 27th: 13:00

Make sure you give our lads some RBR support , good luck to any of our followers completing the quarter finals… we will keep you updated with how they’re getting on!!!
Let’s do this boys!!!! 💙


Keep pushing through team, we have lots of exciting things to come this weekend, with it being RBR in house mixed pairs - meat and compete 💪🏼

Keep warm , keep active , keep your bodies moving and make sure you are stretching off after class!

Weightlifting class with coach Matt is tomorrow at 6.30pm and we also have a fun WOD scheduled for Friday by coach cal - Meat and Compete Saturday! 👏🏼 LETS DO THIS!


50% of RX male and female have sold out!!! Get registering while you can!!

Calling all scaled - grab some friends and have some fun! Great opportunity if this is your first competition, to be around such an amazing inclusive community, if this isn’t your first rodeo! WHAT are you waiting for ?

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 28/02/2022

NEW STARTERS / NEW TO CROSSFIT this one’s for you.

Take a look at what some of our members thought would be useful information when joining the box as a new member. Little bit of a checklist and jargon buster…once you get the bug for CrossFit you’ll be making lists of your own.

At RBR our community is no1 and everyone will be happy to help, we also have a members group where any questions can be asked and just for all things CrossFit, whether it’s sharing memes / PBs / footage of fails 😅 group discussions.



What a team we have at RBR and what a night!!!💙 Huge well done to everyone!!!

Kicking off 22.1 and our first Friday night lights..everyone pushed their hardest, for supported and had a great time. Thank you to everyone for being the best community there is - whether you did the workout, came to support, jumped on being a judge or brought snacks - we had a Fun Friday because of you all. The determination you all had battling through 22.1 was a joy to watch. Rest your shoulders, give your legs a shake! See you in the morning for Saturday WOD


22.1 is out team! If you missed it, check out our story. Make sure you get yourselves down to the gym tomorrow. We will be sending groups to complete the workout in waves from 4pm onwards, those signed up to the open will have a judge and of course as always at RBR once you’ve finished you support, if you don’t fancy it this year don’t worry, feel free to come enjoy the snacks and support your team.
Our coaches will throw down at 5.30!

Lots of support for each other, lots of hard work and lots of fun.
What a Friday team! See you then 💙


🚨RBR Same Sex 4s Comp🚨

If you haven’t already, grab your team and get signed up.

21st May 2022 - Link in bio


What is the structure of a CrossFit WOD?

At RBR depending on the workout of the day, we will follow suit every time.

💙 Briefing and warm up
💙 Technique drill and form check
💙 Build weight and practice rounds
💙 Opportunity to change weight and ask questions
💙 Coach will check form/ scales
💙 Practice round at working weight
💙 Grab a drink and possibly a nervous wee😅
💙 FULL SEND WORKOUT and in true RBR fashion, support one another.


The CrossFit Open is fast approaching and here at RBR we are so excited as this is our first year of the Open with our members IN the gym. We can’t wait to show our CrossFit newcomers exactly what the Open is all about.

The Open kicks off the CrossFit season and is designed for everybody to get involved. It takes place over the course of three weeks beginning this Friday where we will be hosting our very first Friday Night Lights. This is a chance for ALL of our members to get down to the gym and get involved whether they have registered for the Open or not as we will be hosting our own in house teams competition.

If anybody is looking for an Affiliate to complete their Open workouts in get yourselves booked on and down to RBR to join in with this amazing community 💙💙💙


Great Sunday Session 💙

Build to a heavy power snatch complex
3 Hang Power Snatches (75/55)
3 Burpee Pull-ups
6 Hang Power Snatches
6 Burpee Pull-ups
9 Hang Power Snatches
9 Burpee Pull-ups
(Add 3 every time)


What a great week team.

See you in the morning for
Saturday surprise team workout 💙👏🏼



💙 21st May 2022
💙 3 workouts plus a final and podium

keep eyes out for movement standards👀

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 18/02/2022

Introducing Coach Dion (DJ) @dionjohnston_

Dion is a valued member of the RBR team, since joining as a member he has practically moved into the gym , not only has he took over the shelves with his food, but he has rocketed his training embodying consistency and determination. Dion had little CrossFit knowledge before joining RBR with a background of football but as in true Dion fashion he threw himself into his training and soaked everything up like a sponge, his skill set just keeps growing and excelling. Completing his CrossFit Level 1 we couldn’t be prouder or happier to welcome him onto the team.

Dion said :
“I love pushing myself beyond what I think I’m capable of every day, and doing it with the family we have at RBR. I want to see how far I can take it and see what’s possible and help other people push themselves too because the feeling after a workout is absolutely worth it.”

Dion we are happy to have you mate💪🏼💙 As a member as a coach and as a DJ let’s do this! If you see Dion around give him an RBR congratulations


Thursday Turn Up 🔥

This week has been like any other at RBR people working hard, supporting each other, achieving goals, smashing PBs and having fun.

Thank you to all our members as usual for making the week a good one. FRIDAY is near team 💙


Whether you’re resting or working out, keep pushing through the mid week hump day!

We have to listen to our bodies at all times, at RBR you can pop into open gym for some stretching and active recovery or scale the workout of the day to your limits. Keep smiling and keep moving team 😁

If you’re feeling active today , check out our WOD or better yet come down to class.

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 12/02/2022

Grab yourselves a team and get signed up using the link found in our Bio 👆

Date: 21st May 2022
Location: CrossFit RBR
For: RX and Scaled Divisions

Swipe left for Movement Standards for both our divisions 👈

Let the fitness fun begin 💙💙💙

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 09/02/2022

Six weeks into the start of the new year…are you struggling to maintain those New Years resolutions? Are you looking to get fitter? Are you looking to try something new and meet some great like minded people along the way?

If so then come on down to CrossFit RBR and try for free. Become a part of our amazing and ever-growing community.

All of our classes are scaled to YOUR ability by one of our qualified CrossFit coaches and our aim above all is to make sure you are having FUN whilst getting fit.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try drop us a message and one of the team will get back to you.


⭐️⭐️⭐️ Little Stars is Back ⭐️⭐️⭐️ After a short break our Little Stars classes are resuming from the 13/02/2022.
Come and bring your little one’s down on a Sunday morning for some fun filled fitness and the chance to make some new friends whilst doing so.
If you’re interested in trying then please DM us and a member of the team will get back to you or if you would like to book head on over to our website where you can sign up.


Excited to announce our NEW individual programming service. Custom programming designed around you and your life style. We are taking on limited clients in this first opening phase. DM to register your interest today

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 06/01/2022

ℂ𝕣𝕠𝕤𝕤𝔽𝕚𝕥 ℝ𝔹ℝ ℙ𝕋 & 1:1 ℂ𝕠𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘
🔹Interested in dialling in to specific movements?
🔹Looking to improve your lifting tekkers?
🔹Wanting to build that engine of a lifetime?
All our coaches can offer the above and more! Swipe ➡️ to meet the team of qualified and experienced coaches that are able to offer personal training on either a 1:1 basis or in a small group!

𝔻𝕄 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕗𝕦𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣 𝕚𝕟𝕗𝕠


We grow together. Always learning. Always pushing. Always having fun. Rep By Rep the journey continues....Come and join the fun. TRY FOR FREE


Meet @ste_lowcock one of the longest members at the box!
Another dedicated athlete who specified his goals… here’s what he had to say!

“I joined the challenge because I wanted to improve my performance in the gym, body composition and to get into the best shape I could before the wedding . Achieved all three and definitely helped me get my first ring muscle up!!! Sadly it did nothing for those tan lines!!”

Once again the pics speak for themselves! 🙌🏻
Want results?! You know what to do!!

Photos from CrossFit RBR's post 01/01/2022

We know all you’re seeing is the new year, new me posts but it’s a popular time of year for people to start their fitness journeys and here at RBR we embrace this!! It’s at this point that big life changes can happen!! 💫💫💫
Some of the members are starting a 6 week nutrition challenge on 4th Jan run by coach @burncalsfitness
Because we’re a believer of actions speak louder than words… here’s @keaneminister showing off his hard work and commitment. His goal was to lose weight and gain lean muscle… we don’t need to say anymore!! Head 👉🏻 to see the results! 🔥🔥🔥
These challenges aren’t run just to see progress for 6 weeks, it’s to give you the knowledge and confidence to kick start your journey with a bunch of like minded individuals who are there for support and encouragement!
Keane still continues to work hard but also manages to enjoy life too! All about that balance 💁🏻‍♀️
Want to know more… HMU!

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