Pilates with Christina

Pilates with Christina


Merry Christmas Christina, I hope you all have a lovely day and you manage to put your feet up eventually. Looking forward to seeing you in a brighter 2021.😎 Louise ###

Pilates in Stockton Heath & Surrounding Areas
Group and 1:1
Pilates for Back Pain - any level including post operation
Pre Natal 1:1 only
Ageing Well - including Arthritis, knee/hip replacement, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, MS

Body Control Pilates teacher offering a variety of classes in Stockton Heath and surrounding areas.

Operating as usual


Super duper mini break with the Webster’s 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Beach life


Me and my girl 🥰


To have no fear 🥰


Great to be back today after half term! Especially fab as I was at my lovely new venue - which has heated floors (fellow Pilates peeps you will understand how this makes fuzzy) 🥰🥰 See my zoomers later!


Happy birthday to me 🥳🥳 Exactly 5 years ago today I started just 2 Pilates classes in Stockton Heath after maternity leave & moving up from London. I still have to pinch myself that my business has grown so well and I now hold over 15 sessions a week; a mix of group classes, 1:1’s and post surgery clients too. There are a handful of you who were in those original classes and are still with me now. Thank you to you and thank you to all my clients past, present & future for making it a joy to go to work every single day! 😊


Current timetable and spaces are updated on the pinned post at the top of the page 👍

There are a few spaces here and there so please get in touch.

I am also starting my waiting list again as there have been so many changes over the last 18 months so if you were on my waiting list please contact me again if you are still interested in a place.


Christmas/New Year is always such a busy time for us as we also have Finn’s birthday thrown in the middle! So much so, this year I took no pictures at all but this one is credit to @issywaite me & my girl 😍


How is my boy 6 tomorrow 😩


Merry Christmas to all my Instagram. I hope everyone has a lovely festive season 🎄

I have not done Christmas cards again this year but instead donating to both Bury Hospice and the charity @make2ndscount in memory of my beautiful Mummy 😍


Well that’s a wrap for 2021 group classes (last 1:1’s tomorrow). Many sessions of the 12 days of Pilates Christmas 🎄 completed ✅

It’s been another great year for my business and again I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my clients for continuing to support my business. It means the world 🌍 it really does.

Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas and a great start to 2022!

Much love ❤️ Christina ###


Starting to feel festive 🎄


🥰 94 years young 🥰


No wonder we are a nation a of neck, shoulder and back issues. Only going to get worse as the current generation age 😢


Beautiful birthday flowers 🌺 37 years young today! Though @thelittlechildrensmarket you def made my day this morning saying you thought I was early 30s 🤗


So simple xx

Relaxation is one of the principles of Pilates! We often use this at the start of a session; to allow your body to relax and muscle tension to release so you can move with more ease.

It’s great to practice if you’ve found yourself sitting for a long time; it can help prevent and ease back pain!

The discs in-between our vertebrae act like shock absorbers, plump and fluid-filled, protecting the spine. This position allows the discs to be under minimal pressure and rehydrate.

I'm curious, have you tried this to ease back pain ? Was it helpful ?


Yes this!

Repeat after me ........DISCS DO NOT SLIP!!! They don't pop out and cannot be popped back in.

A disc is a tough yet flexible cartilage type shock absorber that sits between the individual bones in your spine. They are firmly attached to your spine. They cannot slip or pop out of place (and they can't be popped back in).

What they can do is bulge on one side, become inflamed and swell. Sometimes they press on nerves too.

When they do this you may cause you back pain (or not) and give you pain in the nerves in your leg or arm, depending where the disc problem is.

You may experience tingling, deep aching pain and weakness. You may finding getting comfortable and sleeping can be difficult.

Getting a thorough assessment, treatment and rehab plan started as soon as possible is essential to your recovery.

Many people find a disc problem is a catalyst for them to stop taking their health for granted. Meaning, with a few small lifestyle changes and positive habits, people recover form disc issues healthier than they were before.

Find out more here:


Call us now to see how we could help 0161 4781877 or book easily and quickly on line https://cheadle-osteopathy.cliniko.com/bookings#service


Written by @bylouiseemmaclarke For Sarah, Sabina & all the other girls who never made it home 💔


Happy 2nd birthday to our 3rd child! We 🥰 you Ralph


Finally after what feels like forever I am back to full face to face schedule! It was amazing seeing everyone in today’s classes.

I am full for all groups (except seated Pilates Monday 12pm) and 1:1’s now but please do still enquire as I have a waiting list.

Welcome back!


An unexpected week off (sort of) with this one…send help 😂😂


1 of 31 women who die every day from secondary breast cancer. We need more fundraising for research into secondaries. 39 years old and should be entering one of the best chapters of her life. Rest in peace Sarah


New class alert!

I’m going to be running a Chair and Standing based Pilates class from September at Appleton Parish Hall. It will be on a Monday at 12pm - school term time only.

The class will be suitable for anyone but mainly for those unable to get down to the floor. Any health conditions can be accommodated.

Existing clients please share to your nearest and dearest who are not on Facebook!


Loving life!


Not your average one scoop of raspberry sorbet! As always amazing food this evening, hubby’s birthday and first meal out together minus kids for 18 months thank you @oliviertroalen_laboheme


Ice cream 🍦


Party ready 🥳🥳🥳🥳


Exactly a whole year of you 🥰 Born in lockdown and your 1st birthday in isolation. You are the happiest & cheekiest little soul and bring us all joy every single day with your gorgeous smiles and giggles. May all your dreams come true my darling girl ✨


Pretty good Teaser attempt from Harry Maguire, think he’s having a nosey to see if he’s done it better than his neighbour! 😂😂


Three Lions recover after reaching EURO 2020 final

What do you do after the biggest match of your lives to prepare for the next even bigger one?! Pilates of course!! ✨

It was SO GOOD to see this clip from yesterday of the England football team 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 being taught Pilates by our dear friend (and total genius), Suzanne Scott 🙌🏻. We know they’re in very good hands with her!

Good luck to all the team for Sunday 🏆...IT’S COMING HOME!!!! ⚽️ ⚽️⚽️

#itscominghome #EURO2020 #englandfootball #pilates #sogoodsogoodsogood


Currently availability updated 28th Feb 2022.

Monday 9.30am Grappenhall Mixed ability (ideally prior Pilates experience or 1:1 for new clients )- Full

Monday 10.30am Grappenhall Ageing well/suitable for beginners - Full

Monday 11.45am Grappenhall - Chair & Standing class. Spaces 😊

Monday 8pm - Zoom class. For existing clients who can no longer make face to face, second class a week or catch up class. Only open to new clients with experience of Pilates

Tuesday 9.30am Grappenhall mixed ability (ideally prior Pilates experience required or 1:1 for new clients). Full

Tuesday 10.35 Grappenhall (ageing well or for those who need a gentler class)- Full

Wed 10am Grappenhall (ageing well) - Full

Wednesday 6.15, 7.25 & 8.30pm (Stockton Heath). 1 space 8.30 class. All are mixed ability and require prior experience ideally or 1:1 for new clients)

Currently all my 1:1 slots are full

All classes can be adapted for medical needs or different levels. I specialise in Ageing well, post back/knee/hip surgery, Bone Health (Osteoporosis/osteopenia/osteoarthritis).


Bathroom almost done ✅ can’t wait to get rid of all the dust! Having a break from house renovations for a few months now 😂 Massive thanks to WD Plumbing & Heating & LV bathrooms who have been amazing


Stuart Broad: ‘From Pilates to breathing exercises to control my asthma, how I stay match fit’

Whether controlling his asthma or dealing with joint and back pain, the England cricketer has learned to take a proactive and preventative approach to his health.
Read full story @telegraph

#pilates #pilatesfit #breathwork #pilatesforsport #pilatesforsportsperformance #cricket #asthma


Fabulous night with the girls @maisonfleurstocktonheath last night. All the cocktails 🍸 seems like a great idea until after circa 5 hours sleep you get the 6am wake up call from the baby 👶 🤢


Rollers it’s been a while 😂😂😂

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