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Are you searching for direction in your life? I can help you to see your way. Are you feeling lost? Coach and Mentor


If we come together, support and lift each other up, build and believe in each other... just imagine what each other could be ♥️


As our lives have become ‘virtually possible’ take a beat to think about that...that means nearly, not quite...If this sums it up for you, it’s good but not quite, remember the old days. Take your life away from being a discussion and get practical again, get creative, get thoughtful, get up, get out! Be truly present ♥️


Oooooo what a lovely treat 💜

Welcome to March 🌸 Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day! Appointments available from April 12th💜


Fab Christmas Gift idea! 💜

Treat your loved one this Christmas with a Nails By Emily gift voucher☃️ Due to multiple people asking if I offer Gift Vouchers I have decided to take the plunge! Vouchers can be used on any treatment🎄 The perfect Christmas gift 💜


What you own...does not make you happy

What you do...makes you happy ♥️


I took this photo a few years ago, look at the dark & light. When we are low we feel in the shadows, the dark, it’s gloomy. As our life lifts our mood lifts, we travel into the glow!!! At our peak we shine bright. Something inevitably comes along and we rotate back into the shadows BUT if we keep moving, taking small action steps each day WITHOUT DOUBT we will ride back into the light. Little side note: if we keep a track of the action we take in the glow it may prevent a prolonged period of feeling low ♥️


Here you were a lovely photo, what you won’t know is that a few years ago a trip on this boat for 5 days, as a crew member with 10 other people....literally saved lives. The closeness, the full on action, debating, no electronics, the sea air, the horizon, the skills learned, the courage when it was rough out at sea, the resilience needed, being part of a team. Get your thinking cap on, plan activities, join in whenever you can, seize opportunities, volunteer to support on trips & adventures. YOU MAY TOP UP YOUR TANK, IT MAY EVEN BE WHAT SAVES YOU ♥️♥️♥️ absolutely loved this trip.. now where can I buy me a boat like this 🤣


DAY 1...
The single most important thing you can do is speak up if you need help
It is a strength not a weakness
It is self-care, it is resilience, it is THE ANSWER


It is going to be tough, no doubt about that. The next few weeks will test the strongest of us. If you are strong and resilient make sure you look for opportunity to help in whatever way you can, if you are not feeling strong or resilient please ask for help and if someone offers, let them help you. Top of the bill, self-care. Set little goals each day, breathe fresh air, talk in any way you can, listen to music, eat healthy, sleep well, make someone else happy (this really does help you ♥️) if you want someone to ask what or how I AM ALWAYS HERE ♥️


There is absolutely no is a time for bravery, digging deep, pulling together, taking action, sharing & caring ♥️


A simple photo from my window. How many of us look down at what is right infront of us, maybe critique, maybe quick glance and look away. Dream big, set goals that make you look further, beyond the mud, fences and jobs that need sorting and onto the amazing scenery, beautiful sky, and horizon of unlimited possibilities ♥️


My own photo, sat on my cycle, ready to set off down to the coast, later that day I cycled back up 😍 responsibility, action, momentum, goals, accountability, drive, are skills you can master, but motivation comes from really passionately wanting it! If I hadn’t wanted this I would not have done it and I would never have known I could achieve it. Sometimes it pays to......


We can be our own suffering or our own bliss, choice comes before consequence, choose wisely ♥️


If you are not are not winning!


Nature as a teacher! If you look closely you can see that the greenery has gently blended on one side and there are 4/5 connections there BUT there is a definite line on the other. This is true for the people we meet, some...we just don’t blend with, no matter how many years pass...others become part of our world forever. You can’t choose who you stand next to, but you can choose who you hug ♥️


🎵 I’m gonna buy me a one-way ticket
Nothin’s gonna hold me back 🎵

Uncertain times, don’t say WHAT am I goin to do ....say what AM I going to ▶️ on your life! ♥️


The precious gift you have is your time. Gift your time, you will receive the greatest payback of all, LOVE for yourself. Helping others is powerful. In this current climate there are endless opportunities to be somebody’s sunshine ♥️


I am going to Win my Day, EVERYDAY, I am recompleting in order to recalibrate my mental toughness heading into Winter, with the possibility of further lockdown and restrictions, I am going to be ready to do whatever it takes ♠️ day 9 already ♥️


And BELIEVE me this is a sign of strength, great strength ❤️


Same place, different views, this is life, sometimes it’s grey and sometimes a little Blue but the magic happens when it’s blazing with colour....make sure you add Colour to your life EVERY SINGLE DAY and you will see the beauty ❤️


It’s never too late to tackle life! It’s only too late if you don’t ❤️


You can of course Quit before you fail....but that’s no fun 😍


Little bit of nostalgia, looking through my photos, this was the inspiration for my logo back in 2012!!


And...repeat step 1 ❤️


Sometimes you just need coaching out of your comfort zone!


DREAMS 🖤 ASPIRATIONS 🖤 LIFE 🖤 OPPORTUNITY 🖤 GOALS 🖤 a virus that can absolutely affect your whole life not just a year!!


The Last Post...not really 😁 this was the last post I wrote...we had no idea what was heading our way. You may have thought you were the only one feeling this way, I can promise you September 2020 you are definitely not alone, lives have been shattered.

Do you feel in crisis?
Do you let others crash your dreams?
Low self esteem? Low mood?
Do you want more from life?
Demotivated? Uninspired?

That ain't Livin! ...There is definitely a better way! With support you can find hope 😃 IT IS ABSOLUTELY OKAY TO TALK, I AM HERE ❤️


Are you 'stuck'? Do you feel in crisis?
Do you let others crash your dreams?
Low self esteem? Low mood?
Do you want more from life?
Demotivated? Uninspired?

That ain't Livin......There is definitely a better way! With support you can find hope 😃

Places available for Mentoring and coaching, if you message me I will contact you privately. No discussion or disclosure will take place on social media.


From one event to another! Danced til half one so I could have the banners at the WYC Summer ball then out early and set back up!!! Not bad for an old bird!! 🤣🤣

The team are out in force today, proudly supporting Armed Forces Day and representing WYC, come and say Hi if you see us!!!! Our fantastic Immortal Dreamers will be singing too 🎶 we’re at Crossfields rugby ground in Great Sankey!


Are you 'stuck'?
Do you feel in crisis?
Do you let others crash your dreams?
Low self esteem?
Low mood?
Do you want more from life?

That ain't Livin......

Places available for Mentoring and coaching, if you message me I will contact you privately. No discussion or disclosure will happen on this post.


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Upcoming courses with a couple of spaces;-

31st January - Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work, 1 day course

10/11/12th Feb - Level 3 First Aid at Work - 3 day course

If you would like to book please email

[email protected]




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