yoga in cheshire

yoga in cheshire


Hi Tabitha! Question for you! For those of us spending lots of time in front of a computer - if we have a 5-10 minute break and just want to stretch out, what postures would you recommend? Xx 💖
Hi Tabs, Are we all OK for Monday 6.35. Will you put me on the Facebook invitation
Anxiety can be life limiting. Help reduce it with yoga...#yoga#yogaincheshire #anxiety #stocktonheath
We all need to make the effort to be more active #yogaincheshire #yoga #activelife #stocktonheath
Enjoy being you & be grateful for what you have now #yogaincheshire #yoga #mindfulness
Dear the Yoga in Cheshire community, I am reaching out to you for help.

I am a yoga student, teacher and graduate student of the Clinical Nutrition and Public Health program at University College London. As part of my study, I'm exploring attitudes toward food and body image in people who practice yoga, a short survey which takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and participation is entirely voluntary.

If you are 18-65, practice yoga once a week or more and reside in the UK, please take part at:

For more information, head on to:

As a token of appreciation, you may enter a draw to win one of fifteen shopping vouchers, valued each at £20, upon completion.

Thank you so much for your help, with much gratitude,

It’s not just yoga...getting a bit dirty in the garden is good for you too! #yogaincheshire #gardening #health
Breathing practices have really helped me in hospital and they are great skills to learn about. #yogaincheshire #yoga #vagusnerve #relaxation #calm
A reminder that we relocate Tuesday/ Thursday evening classes to Stockton Heath 28th May #yogaincheshire #yogawarrington #stocktonheath
Look at the different ways meditation changes your brain...for the better...#yogaincheshire #meditation #mindfullness #awareness #brain
All classes are on this week including Friday lunchtime :)
NO CLASSES TODAY (TUESDAY) DUE TO SNOW (I AM SNOWED IN!) #yogaincheshire #daresbury #warrington #sorryiliveinMacclesfield Teaching yoga in and around the cheshire area workshops and holidays also available :)
Bookings and enquiries welcome.

Operating as usual

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How good it feels to be expanding our Yoga in Cheshire timetable -


Yoga for weight maintenance maybe more about mindfulness & body awareness than burning lots of calories!

Healing naturally: Importance of Yoga in modern lifestyle 28/03/2022

Healing naturally: Importance of Yoga in modern lifestyle

Yoga is good for healing….basically yoga helps us in all areas of life!

Healing naturally: Importance of Yoga in modern lifestyle Yoga promotes blood flow and aids post-surgery recovery. It also offers relief to patients suffering from conditions like asthma and arthritis.

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We can now take card payments in class…classes in daytimes & evenings in Stockton heath & Cuddington. Grappenhall classes coming soon


Happiness is also that lovely feeling after a yoga class ❤️ so be a gardening yogi 😂😘


Sleep is the new health food! Fancy better sleep? We’ve a sleep workshop in May discussing all the areas you may need to think about for better quality sleep.


Do we think frog pose should feature in next weeks classes?


Tomorrow the sun moves into Aries bringing us the astrological new year.

The traditional new year has never resonated with me; I’ve always found it hard to wish and dream and vision when it’s bleak and dark and cold in January.

Even nature all around us is still under the ground, hibernating, incubating.

But now, there are the first signs of growth, everything is starting to awaken and come back to life and you may be able to feel the same within you.

In order for things to grow there needs to be clean, fertile ground, we can’t expect anything to grow in hard, old ground.

Just like in nature we need till and prepare the soil and remove the weeds.

So, use these next few days to spring clean your life, home and emotions.

Are you clinging on to anything that is holding you back? Are you stuck in the past or allowing resentment, guilt or fear to hold you back?

What needs weeding out? What is stagnant and stuck that needs a breath of fresh spring air?

It’s often said that our outer reflects our inner, so take a look around you. Are you holding onto things you really don’t need anymore? Is there room for anything new to come in and grow?

This is a beautiful opportunity to clear out what is no longer needed in your life and start over with nature and the turn of the season.

Join us for a spring equinox ritual tomorrow night, includes a 3-in-1 soul enquiry workbook. Link in bio 🌱

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Loving the sunshine

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Love the signs of spring… daffodils bring sunshine ☀️ I’ve got them snuck in everywhere & so many different types to flower still!


Happy international womens day. A day to be grateful for those who made us who we are, supported us, dried out tears & provided laughter at the right moments


Life can feel tough so I’m
Playing with ideas of moving our daytime classes to a room with underfloor heating …would you be interested in joining me?


Yoga & the yoga community have helped me to become who I choose to be 🥰


Let me tell you where to go next…in a yoga class! Tonight, Wednesday, at 6.30pm in Stockton heath


Did you just turn your screen to check 😉


No silly weather excuses! Get yourselves to a yoga class to release your stresses.


Excitingly planning a workshop around sleep for health. It will be a Friday evening in Stockton heath. Anyone with issues getting to or staying asleep? Learn how to resolve & improve sleep issues & learn some skills to relax. Meditative movement, information, mindfulness & discussion. Plus a little treat to take home


Get your moon water & crystals out under the moon

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Getting ready for an online class remembering how many benefits there are to doing yoga regularly

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You can get some yoga stretching in at a time that suits you! Like in front of the tv!


Back in person Monday 1pm Stockton heath & Cuddington at 6.30pm. Feel good even when it’s raining outside by getting some yoga time in.

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Planning ahead & feeling optimistic -


Things may seem the same on the description but when it arrives some people give you much less than others! Make sure your yoga teacher is a minimum of 500hr trained & qualified with a respected organisation. Yoga in cheshire teachers are all over 750hr trained with BWY 500hr diploma as a basic requirement. Classes are in person Monday, Wednesday & Fridays

yoga in cheshire updated their business hours. 03/02/2022

yoga in cheshire updated their business hours.

yoga in cheshire updated their business hours.

yoga in cheshire updated their address. 03/02/2022

yoga in cheshire updated their address.

yoga in cheshire updated their address.



I am the dream of awakening. I am the returning of the light.

I am the tough green shoot pushing up through the pavestones, I am the first kiss of sunlight on the unfurling petals of the snowdrop. I am the wind which whispers the gentle pull of home to the migratory bird.

I am the drop of ice melting on the mountainside with its great dream of the ocean.

I am the sap rising in the blossom tree just before it reveals its sticky buds to the sky; I am the riotous celebration humming away beneath the earth’s mantle of frozen sleep.

I am hope, potential, rebirth and promise. I am the kindling breath which transforms the flicker of inspiration in your creative core into a blazing torch.

Give me the silent crescent moon rising over the sea and I will build you a bridge of silver light so you can walk up and lie in it.

Give me the frost-hardened wilderness and I will breathe radiant green life over it.

I am the time to honor your unique gifts for their true worth and to protect and nurture your creative self as you would a child. I am the deep longing of the spirit which refuses to be consumed by a narrative of fear and chooses instead to place itself vivaciously on the side of love.

I am Brigid, I am the fierce Protector of the sacred fire.Tonight I bestow my gifts of power and courage at the hearth of your soul: power to step out of the shadows of self-doubt and negativity which have held you in darkness for too long, power to shed all that which no longer serves you, and courage to clear your heart and mind for the dawn that awaits you.🤍🍃🤍🍃

Poet Caroline Mellor 🤍

. #🍃⭐️🦢✝️

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Amazing vegan cake at the Yoga in Cheshire day at

Timeline photos 21/01/2022

back to in person classes ...please support our being together in person -


Some retreat days up so far! Loving hearing your ideas so next one to plan will include a sound bath

Yoga Retreats – Yoga in Cheshire 20/01/2022

Yoga Retreats – Yoga in Cheshire

New yoga & relaxation retreat days planned with Ali & Mima so far. With a sleep psychologist, therapists for massages & treatments as well as beautiful spa facilities. Let me know what/ who else you'd like. Working on a soundbath & crystal healing one next!!

Yoga Retreats – Yoga in Cheshire


Stockton Heath Methodist Church Hall, Walton Rd, Stockton Heath WA4 6LP

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 8:45pm
Tuesday 11am - 9:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Thursday 11am - 9:30pm
Friday 11am - 6pm

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