yoga in cheshire

yoga in cheshire


Hi Tabitha! Question for you! For those of us spending lots of time in front of a computer - if we have a 5-10 minute break and just want to stretch out, what postures would you recommend? Xx 💖
Hi Tabs, Are we all OK for Monday 6.35. Will you put me on the Facebook invitation
Anxiety can be life limiting. Help reduce it with yoga...#yogaincheshire
We all need to make the effort to be more active
Enjoy being you & be grateful for what you have now
Dear the Yoga in Cheshire community, I am reaching out to you for help.

I am a yoga student, teacher and graduate student of the Clinical Nutrition and Public Health program at University College London. As part of my study, I'm exploring attitudes toward food and body image in people who practice yoga, a short survey which takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and participation is entirely voluntary.

If you are 18-65, practice yoga once a week or more and reside in the UK, please take part at:

For more information, head on to:

As a token of appreciation, you may enter a draw to win one of fifteen shopping vouchers, valued each at £20, upon completion.

Thank you so much for your help, with much gratitude,

It’s not just yoga...getting a bit dirty in the garden is good for you too!
Breathing practices have really helped me in hospital and they are great skills to learn about.
A reminder that we relocate Tuesday/ Thursday evening classes to Stockton Heath 28th May
All classes are on this week including Friday lunchtime :)
NO CLASSES TODAY (TUESDAY) DUE TO SNOW (I AM SNOWED IN!) Teaching yoga in and around the cheshire area workshops and holidays also av

Teaching yoga in and around the cheshire area workshops and holidays also available :)
Bookings and enquiries welcome.


Our final class of 2022 this lunchtime at 1pm with a chance for a brew and a chat over cake afterwards 🥰 about 2.20pm hope to see you later


wishing you a happy holiday season & updating you on new yoga classes -


Next week we have cake! This week we have cold! It maybe a little cold but we have underfloor heating today and tomorrow in classes so come along!please be careful walking from your car…

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Make time for you this December…just one day of yoga & indulgence can set you up for many days of inner happiness! Just two spaces left & a special offer if you come together….


New drink alert! This is the Milk & Honey, a stirred down riff on the Bee’s Knees - we’ve kept it super clean with lactic acid solution replacing the lemon, a lovely wildflower honey and + a lightly fried sage leaf garnish for some heady aromatics and a tiny tiny snack.


You know it’s a good evening when you forget to take a photo until you leave! A lovely Yoga in Cheshire festive evening 😂🎄🥰


Just 3 weeks left of the full class timetable then we break for the festive season. Some ideas if you have back pain … a good article!

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My poor little girl Mookie had surgery to remove a breast lump yesterday so is getting extra cuddles

Photos from yoga in cheshire's post 26/11/2022

A lovely evening at Temple of Sounds sound bath with extra crystal healing! Thank you ladies & looking forward to more at the yoga & spa day next month… details here


Timings for this Sunday's festive meal & new yoga class info -


It’s Friday tomorrow…make some time for legs up the wall pose!! #grappenhall


Workshops, classes & retreat days -

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I love these two girls & their adorable happy faces after an afternoons yoga! They do love joining us at class….for the cuddles as well as the treats! Though they do snore at times 😂


I try to avoid the whole consumerism & buying stuff just because it’s Christmas but I think these are lovely ideas… make moments & memories not just wasting money on clutter


So true this last few weeks… but there’s a lot of positivity about to overflow from that busyness into our world! Updates soon 🎉🥰😊


As we in the UK gradually adjust to darker evenings, this quote from Chapter 2 of Embodying The Yoga Sutra comes to mind.

"Yoga recognises that much of our suffering is a response to change on some level, either dissatisfaction with the past, an emotional response to what's in the present or anxiety about the future."


Lovely time at the Manchester art fair & the only thing I photograph is my coffee 🙄 great seeing & some fabulous pieces.


Use this Pooh weather day to get those things done! Maybe book in a yoga class on a dark cold evening so you feel yummy with inner warmth ….


Wise words

From Embodying The Yoga Sutra:

“Think of how you use a walking stick. It is a literal ‘support’ that allows us to do something that otherwise might be difficult or impossible (assuming we have difficulty walking). So let us consider the steps in using the walking stick.

The first step is to have an intention: the desire to walk better and to use the walking stick for support. Walking sticks don’t pick you up – you have to take the initiative.

The second step is learning to use the walking stick: there is some technique involved.

Thirdly, you have to lean on the stick and allow it to support you. This may seem obvious, but in fact is a critical step in our analogy. Unless you actually lean on it, have confidence in its strength and stability and really give yourself to it, it can’t support you.

Finally, you have to be willing to accept what it can give you in order to step forward. Using a stick may feel awkward or unnatural at first: it takes practice to develop your technique and build a good working (or walking!) relationship with it.

We might define the practice of yoga as ‘to take support’ or ‘to benefit from a supportive relationship’. To do this requires the following steps:
- choose your support appropriately
- take the initiative in using the support
- learn the technique required to engage with the support
- have confidence in the support so that you can give yourself to it and let it support you
- accept how the support can bring about its effect
- develop your technique or relationship with it through repeated practice so that it becomes more effective.”


This was before the calm, the postures, the laughter, the food, the treatments, the whirlpool bath, the cold water pool, the steam room, the sound bath, the breathwork, the Yoga in Cheshire spa retreat day! Another lovely day of lovely people 🥰 blessed


More soil shovelling today! Taking fabulous Latchford soil to improve Macclesfield clay garden soil! The plants said thank you 😊

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A happy chihuahua eating her Sunday lunch after a walk at Dunham Massey! Good thing hubby is a meat eater as roasted celeriac probably wouldn’t have been enjoyed quite so much!


The days maybe shorter but yoga (& cake) will help you smile -


"Our aim was to write a practical book while still remaining quite faithful to Patañjali’s ideas. The idea of ‘embodying’ the Yoga Sūtras is another way of saying how do we make them useful? A lot of people may read a little bit of the Yoga Sūtra, and then that’s the end of their engagement philosophical tradition of yoga. What we do is to dig a little deeper and see how some of the ideas can be used in the modern context."

- Ranju Roy on Embodying the Yoga Sutra 🙏


"Our aim was to write a practical book while still remaining quite faithful to Patañjali’s ideas. The idea of ‘embodying’ the Yoga Sūtras is another way of saying how do we make them useful? A lot of people may read a little bit of the Yoga Sūtra, and then that’s the end of their engagement philosophical tradition of yoga. What we do is to dig a little deeper and see how some of the ideas can be used in the modern context."

- Ranju Roy on Embodying the Yoga Sutra 🙏


A yoga & spa day retreat takes you back to yourself. Your inner smiles 🥰😊

Photos from yoga in cheshire's post 19/10/2022

So many flowers still enjoying the sunshine! My gladioli & sweet peas are happily in flower a few months later than usual!


Remember we have a lovely new 2.20pm Monday dynamic Hatha class in Grappenhall

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Exciting times! I get to eat small amounts of walnuts in a safe environment at the allergy centre at Wythenshaw hospital. If I don’t react then I can start rd introducing them to my diet! Yay coffee & walnut cake here I come 🥰🥳


Yoga & spa retreat days near Alderley Edge… Saturday 29th October & 17th December! Make time for you to chill, to move, to indulge & refind you


Lovely day with good people & nature



Following the end of the summer break and some of our lovely team returning to College and University, we now have a few exciting Front of House positions available at Hartford Golf Club!

Become part of our vibrant team and enjoy flexible working patterns, progression opportunities, PLUS plenty of employee-exclusive benefits and discounts when you join!

We have the following roles available:

~ Bar Staff
~ Event Staff
~ Kitchen Assistant

We are looking for someone who is…

~ Passionate about gaining experience in hospitality and events
~ Reliable and flexible with working hours
~ Able to work efficiently both on their own and with a team
~ Able to commit to a monthly rota system

What we offer…

~ A workplace that values work/life balance, offering flexible working patterns to fit around you and your commitments
~ Daytime and/or evening shifts available
~ Monthly rota system so that you can plan ahead
~ A relaxed work atmosphere and fantastic team spirit
~ An experienced team to support you wherever needed
~ Full training provided
~ Complimentary use of both the Golf Course & Driving Range across 2 sites (available upon request)
~ Pro shop & food/beverage discount

If you would like to make the most of this fantastic opportunity, please email a copy of your CV to [email protected] and we will be in touch!

Photos from yoga in cheshire's post 27/09/2022

This afternoon was spent at the allergy clinic… a good lesson that stress can result in many weird physical responses but now I’m less stressed my body is more resilient! Maybe I’ll be able to eat nuts again 🤞🤞 ps I plan to ignore the dust mite allergy as otherwise I’ll have to clean more 😂😂😂


I love the transformation of a yoga day or workshop. I’ve added another one for winter solstice as well as our Samhain one on 29th October! Have a look at how beautiful the venue is & I can totally recommend the yummy food 😍


Best bar in the South East!

New on the drinks list this weekend - the Rye Can’t We Be Friends. It’s first drink on the menu and a banging twist on the Naked & Famous (which is a twist on the Last Word, fact fans). Rye whiskey, yellow chartreuse, aperol and our house acid blend stirred down into a layered herbal sour.

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Yoga in Cheshires timetable for 2022 All classes in person at Stockton heath Methodist church hall, walton rd, WA4 6LP &...




Stockton Heath Methodist Church Hall, Walton Road, Stockton Heath WA4 6LP

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 8:45pm
Tuesday 11am - 9:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Thursday 11am - 9:30pm
Friday 11am - 6pm

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