Dragn Yoga

Dragn Yoga

I am a 200 hours qualified Yoga & Meditation teacher, based in Warrington, Cheshire. I teach Yoga to strengthen the body and mind, using ancient and modern techniques to provide a system for living a life of greater vitality and inner peace.

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Love to receive feedback from my students, Ryan (@ryanstandish85 ) has been coming to my Monday night class from the start and barely misses a class. His mobility and flexibility has improved massively during this time and he extols the physical and mental benefits he gains.

2 opportunities to practice with me next week:

Monday night at Culcheth Community Centre 7.15pm til 8.15pm

Saturday morning at @yogaspacewarrington for Men Do Yoga, my free monthly men's workshop to support men's mental health.

Link is in the bio for more info!

See you on the mat πŸ‰πŸ‘‘πŸ’™

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Monday nights in Culcheth are where you can catch me teaching my weekly class. I bring all of my favourite practices to this class, weaving philosophical themes and mixing hatha and vinyasa flow, breathwork, meditation and soundbathing.
These classes are fun, flowing and challenging but accessible to all levels of experience.
As I've come to the end of another cycle of training and growth, by way of thanking everyone who has supported me over the last several years as one journey into self mastery, healing and growth, I'd like to offer your next class with me for free.
Purchase a single class pass and use promo code at the checkout. If you already have a class pack, you can use this code the next time you purchase a single class.
See you on the mat πŸ’™πŸ•‰πŸ‰


So apparently today is world meditation day! (I honestly can't keep up with all these days).
Here is a short meditation for you to practice to bring some inner calm to your day.
The idea of meditation is not force our minds to be quiet, but to sit and observe the workings of the mind with a sense detached curiosity. Allowing thoughts to come and go without judgement or attachment.
In meditation we use an anchor for our attention, so that when the mind wanders we can bring it back to that anchor time and time again.
One of the simplest anchors is being consciously a ware of our breathing. The breath is intrinsically linked to our nervous system. If it is rapid and shallow, we naturally feel stressed or anxious. Due to the activation of the body's stress response.
However if we breathe long and deep and slow, through nose and extend the the length of the exhale, this signals to the brain that we are safe and that we can relax. Our stress response decreases and ur rest and digest response kicks in.
This sets of a chain of events in the body that can bring about feelings of greater calm and relaxation. We become less emotionally reactive and more discerning with our thoughts, as in which thoughts serve us and which do not.
Over time and with regular practice we train this mental muscle, our brain, to be more resilient to stress. It actually starts to change shape. The part of our brain responsible for higher executive function starts to grow. While our threat detection and alarm system becomes less active.
Mindfulness practices such as Yoga, meditation and breathwork offer us a path to better physical and mental well-being. Sharing these practices in a community of likeminded people amplified their effects further.
Have you meditated today? Drop a comment, like, share and save this post for later. Let me know what meditation means to you.
πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ•‰πŸ«πŸ§ πŸ™πŸ’™

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Where's your head at? Our attention is being hijacked constantly throughout the day whether it's at work, world events, social media etc, modern life is set up to distract us.

We can become constantly wired in to the matrix, leading to a constant state of stress that can be difficult to escape.

Staying present in the moment is the way out of this matrix. Our presence is the only container that allows us to move through the things that hold us back in life.

You are not your story. Suffering comes from a disconnect of our true self, our wholeness.

Our body is the gateway if can quieten the mind long enough for it to heal. The body connects us to the part of us that is bigger than our story, the trauma and the

Come and join us this October on retreat, connect with like minded souls and come back to the present, back to your body. Take time out to refresh and recharge in a stunning location on the coast of North Wales.

Celebrating you and the rich tapestry of your life, taking you on a journey of the self, through the self, to the self. Meet yourself wherever you are on your mat, with compassion and love. Acknowledging the beauty of who you are and your gifts to the world.

We've got a packed and exciting schedule of yoga, meditation, breathwork, soundbathimg, walks in nature, plus plenty of downtime with a sauna and hot tub. All food is catered for, just bring yourself!

October 14th to 17th, @bighousebythesea , Llwyngwril, North Wales. Link in the bio for more info and to boom or DM me.


Breathcamp done! And what a f**king week πŸ₯° When I signed up for this course several months ago, I could not have possibly forseen what an intensely transformative journey it would be for me personally. From owning my own sh*t to holding space for others to own and process their own. This has been an epic ride with an epic group of people that have become like a family to me, especially over these last 5 days as we've moved from being little squares on Zoom to spending days and nights together. So inspired by everyone's journey, growth and personal healing. I'm so excited to take the profoundly powerful and exceptionally simple breathing technique out into the world, with a new understanding of how the body, brain and nervous system operate and hold the story of our lives.

More gratuitous Glastonbury posts coming soon, but for now it's a long drive home with a heart full of love and gratitude for everyone I've shared this journey with β€οΈπŸ‰


4 years ago today I experienced conscious connected breathwork for the first time with @integrativebreath to celebrate Buddha's birthday. It was intense, uncomfortable and not something I ever thought I would practice regularly.

4 years on, I travel down to Glastonbury tomoorw to finish my training as a conscious connected breathwork facilitator.

Of all the modalities I have practiced and experienced over the years, to cultivate a sense of balance in life, this has been the most potent in terms of really getting to the root of the physical manifestation of unprocessed and unintegrated life experience.

During c**id I went through cycles of anxiety and depression as a result of being in constant survival mode as the rug kept being pulled from under me. It was one particular breathwork with Steph that released me from months of heaviness and inspired me to go further with this training.

We can spend a lifetime thinking or talking our way through the issues we experience, but without a physical and visceral release, those issues get stored in the body and become part of us in the way we act out in certain situations.

Breathwork enables us to tap into the nervous system to release us from the things that keep us trapped and moving forward in life, it can also lead us to states of bliss and euphoria where we can truly tap into our human potential.

The best thing about it is that it is available and accessible to us all time!

I'm excited to add this to my toolkit to begin sharing the benefits with others.

Return to Presence Retreat - North Wales - Oct 14th - Oct 17th 2022 - Dragn Yoga 02/05/2022

Return to Presence Retreat - North Wales - Oct 14th - Oct 17th 2022 - Dragn Yoga

We are very excited to announce that after months of searching and weeks of planning, Hayley (of Sattva Yoga) and I are hosting our first-ever retreat!

This is going to be an epic journey, delving deep into our favourite practices for you to experience their positive benefits over the course of 4 days and 3 nights. Every detail will be taken care of, with luxury accommodation, an exciting schedule with all food, drink and snacks catered for.

Sat on the side of a hill overlooking the Llyn Peninsula, with stunning views up the coast of North Wales and Snowdonia, the Big House by the Sea boasts the following:

11 bedrooms with hypoallergenic duvets and pillows

A purpose-built 100m2 Yoga studio
Wood burning hot tub and sauna which overlook the sea

A comfortable lounge with open wood burning fire

Large dining room and a bar

A home cinema for movies

Wi-Fi and USB charging points in all Bedrooms

6 bathrooms/shower rooms throughout the property

Garden Room

Landscaped gardens with seated
verandas to relax and enjoy the views
On-site Parking

Walks in nature from the doorstep

5-minute walk to the village train station and local store

Immerse yourself deeply into your Yoga practice. Experience Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Pranayama and more during this carefully crafted and unique retreat experience.

Return to presence means just that. Coming back to the present moment and experiencing the simple joy of being here now with movement, meditation and breathwork.

Rest in your truest nature as you slow down in beautiful rural, coastal and mountainous surroundings, amongst like-minded people.

"We completed our Yoga teacher training with Yogacampus, a RYS Yoga Alliance, British Wheel of Yoga and Interational Yoga Network accredited school, with internationally renowned teachers Jane Craggs, Jill Amison, Graham Burns and Zephyr Wildman.

It is a shared vision to host retreats that combine our skills, experience and energy, to deliver a transformative and immersive experience."


Return to Presence Retreat - North Wales - Oct 14th - Oct 17th 2022 - Dragn Yoga Welcome to the Return to Presence Retreat at the Big House By the Sea! Nestled in into a Hillside on the Llyn Peninsula, with stunning sea and mountain views stretching up the North Wales coast.


It's been a vision of mine for a long time to hold space for men to experience the benefits of yoga, breathwork and meditation and today it came to fruition.

This has been the culmination of years of practice, training, teaching, dealing with and owning my own sh*t, along with all the disruptions over the last 2 years.

It's immensely satisfying and humbling to bring other men together, especially those who may be struggling or who have never entered a Yoga studio and may be feeling apprehensive. To guide them through these practices and to witness their willingness to step out of their comfort zone.

Each one of these men left with a sense of calm and relaxation that I hope stays with them long after today. I hope too that this is the start of their own yoga journey towards self mastery πŸ‰πŸ™

Timeline photos 27/04/2022

In his book β€˜Yoga Reminder’, A.G. Mohan describes mental steadiness as β€œthe ability to hold in the mind a peaceful thought of one’s choice and allow it to come into the mind again and again. In time one is able to hold on to the peaceful thought even while facing adversity”. He goes on to describe the three modes of the operation of the mind.

β€œThe first mode is characterised by feelings of lightness and brightness, contentment, quiet and clarity”. We refer to this as Satvva.

β€œThe next mode is characterised by excitement or stimulation – by excess mental activity, obsession, agitation and lack of control.” We refer to this mode as Rajas.

β€œThe third mode is one of heaviness or dullness, insatiability and delusion, and lack of self-control. In this mode, we are likely to take action without thinking or to take no action at all.” We refer to this mode as Tamas.

These modes act as a pendulum. We need Rajas to get us moving and we need Tamas to bring us to rest. As with all things, they need to be balanced by Sattva in the middle.

If we are too Rajasic we may experience anxiety or anger and excessive neurotic thinking. This leads to false projections of reality.

If we are too Tamasic we may experience feelings of despair. This may lead to a sense that everything is against us and we may feel a great weight on our shoulders.

As a result, both of these states can lead to chronic stress. This leads to anxiety and depression and other physiological and psychological illness.

With Sattva, we may feel a sense of β€˜equanimity’. Which gives us the ability to approach the challenges of life with a sense of calmness and composure, especially in difficult situations. Operating from the Sattvic state, life can begin to consciously unfold with greater ease and flow from the present moment.

Without the overwhelm of constant input and stimulation, the mind and body can remain calm and present and instead of reacting, can respond rationally and positively.

About Me

I’ve been practicing Yoga and Hot Yoga for 6 years, initially as way to improve mobility, posture and physical strength and as an aid to recovery from Muay Thai Boxing and weightlifting training. Throughout a long process of healing from my own physical and emotional burn out, following the birth of my son and along with 2 huge career changes, I found that it was a great antidote to modern life.

Having experienced chronic stress which led to feelings of anxiety and depression, Yoga helped me to reverse that constantly wired, stressed out state that I had become and provided a pathway to cultivating a sense of inner peace and calm, helping me to deal with the pressures of life in a more productive and less stressful manner.

As a 40 something man who has always led a physically active life, it has also helped me to maintain a high degree of fitness and mobility that enables me to continue to train to a very high level of intensity.

These are the things that inspired me to train to be a teacher. In July 2019 I completed my 200 hour teaching diploma with Yogacampus, graduating with a Distinction. I like to teach with an emphasis on working with the breath, creative sequencing and functional movement using sound anatomical cues. Moving between strong and challenging to gentle and restorative. I also like to work with philosophy, pranayama, meditation and sound healing.

It is my aim to educate and empower people through Yoga in a fun and non-dogmatic way. To help others tap into their own Inner Warrior, to strengthen from within and enable them navigate through the challenges of life with a greater sense of purpose and ease.

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Friday Lockdown Yoga - Easy Hatha
Lockdown Yoga With Dave
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