TIENS Healthcare Products Zimbabwe

TIENS Healthcare Products Zimbabwe


Together we share be health
I want to register with your group ,please help

*I am looking for PARTNERS who are willing to join SUPERLIFE Business in December*
_I am looking for hard working people._

💫People who say " Yes I'm employed but I cannot even afford to entertain my kids"
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_Life is Super_

Contact; *+263775098112*

INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED HEALTHCARE Products for preventing and treating all kinds of diseases. Call +263 712 504 909



-Enhance men's sexual functions
-Increase Testosterone
-Increase stamina and vitality in adult men by maintaining normal function ---- promotes spleen funtions
- Mantain muscle strength and bone density
-Effectively adjust men's endocrine ---- promotes lungs functions
-Improves blood circulation and relieves pain ---- promotes heart functions
-Resist bacteria and diminish inflammation ----- promotes lungs functions


Tiens Slimming Tea

[09/01/15]   TIENS Internationally Recognised Healthcare Products for preventing and treating all kinds of diseases :- BP, Weaklibido, Prostate problems, Diabetes, Cancer, Kidney problem, Warts,Fibroids, STI, Ulcers, Piles, Anaemia, Asthma, Stroke, Gout, Arthritis,Importence, Heart problems,Cervical problems, Gallstones, Herpes, Bronchitis etc.

We have Detoxifiers, Immune boosters,and Supplements. We have Tiens Airiz Pads, Orecare toothpaste for swelling and bleeding gums, it also prevents bad breath (halitosis)and soaps for skin diseases, pimples, wrinkles and black spots. We also scan the whole the whole body, all internal organs. We have therapy machines (Leg massager & Blood Circulation Massager). For more call +263 773 250 647.


TIENS Antilipemic Tea

[07/16/15]   TIENS Benefits
1.Retail profit
2.Direct bonus 5% -43%
3.Indirect Bonus 15% -38%
4.Leadership Bous 1%
5.Honorary Bonus 5%
6. Other benefits :- a) Free Trip
b) Free Car
c) Free Yacht
d) Free Jet
e) Free Villa

[07/16/15]   BASIC FEATURES OF TIENS BUSINESS -Low start-up cost -Huge rewards -No risk -Flexible time -No experience is needed -Successful International sytem to support you -Global Business -Passed on to heirs


TIENS was originally founded in 1995 by Mr Li Jinyuan. The Headquarter of Tianshi is housed in Henderson Centre in Beijing. The main plant is located within the New Technological Enterprises of Wuqing Development Zone in Tianjin. This covers a total oof 1,72milllion square meters.

Tiens (Tianshi) group as a healthcare giant incorporates both 5,000 years of Chinese medical and nutritional essence with the latest scientific research and leading-edge bio-technology that consistently brings about the development of traditional health medicine to its highest levels.
Tiens has grown to become one of the largest manufacturer of herbal products in the world today.

Join Tiens and enjoy Health and Wealth.
The benefits are many and unique You will find out that it is one of the fairest, most generous Marketing Plan ever devised.

The first step:- All you have to do is join TIENS as an Independent Distibutor and purchase a Global Business Pack (Business starter kit) for minimal cost of US$20. That's it. You are now a fully fledged member of TIENS global family.This first step will entitles you to purchase healthcare products at wholesale price.

Tiens create wealth for you. As a member of the Tiens global family of distributor, the sky is the limit. As an Independent distributor, you have the potential to earn very significant permanet income, thats residual income.
Residual income is where you are paid over and over again throughout your lifetime, as long as you are ordering products from TIENS, you will receive the bonus of those sales, even if you haven't been personally responsible for making the sales. Its not your personal sales that produce your income for you, but the combined purchases and sales of those you have introduced to the business of TIENS and who they also introduced and so on.

TIENS is a global Business which is operating in more than 190 countries.Join a Team of Enterpreneurswho are in patnership with TIENS International.
Please note that Sponsor details you will require at the time of registration :-
SPONSOR NAME : Shelta Charunda
SPONSOR's CODE : 98446802
CONTACT No : +263 773 250 647

-Become a distributor today and own your own business.You are required to complete a registration form and pay USD20
- You will become the owner of your own Health Business for life.
-You can visit our Office (Dublin House , Suite 229, 2nd Floor,Harare,Zimbabwe) and obtain a registration form. Fill it and submit there
- Please get your copy of application form and also your receipt and check if you have filled your sponsor details correctly, so that we can have you in our TEAM and help you in in success steps ahead.

[07/07/15]   Join Tiens and enjoy Health and Wealth.


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Which Tiens products would you like?



Detoxifiers, Supplements,Immune Boosters,Therapy Machines,Beauty Products



Dublin House, Suite 229,2nd Floor,Corner Mbuya Nehanda & Albion Street
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