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St John’s College. 21st Century Thinking. Traditional Values. Founded in 1986, St John's College is a leading independent secondary school in Zimbabwe.

The College admits boys from the age of 12 to 18.


Let's support our Rams!💚

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 02/12/2023

On Monday, 27 November, we had our first-ever St. John’s College Graduation Ceremony for the Foundation Course in the Practice of Teaching. This was a special evening celebrating 28 teachers and their achievements. We are delighted to have our certificate recognised by the Association of Trust Schools in Zimbabwe.

Please contact the following email address if you are interested in applying for very limited places for the class of 2024 [email protected]

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Well done to all our athletes for another weekend of good performances! Our U14A Basketball team won the Peterhouse Tournament whilst our U14A Cricket team came second at the Westridge T15 tournament. Our Cricketers had an enjoyable outing against Peterhouse and six of our Footballers were selected into the Zimbabwe U15 Football team! 💚

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A brilliant week of sport as our U14A Volleyball and Basketball teams win their respective tournaments. Our U15A Waterpolo team had a wonderful tour of South Africa at the Highbury School Festival. Well done gentlemen! 💚

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 02/11/2023

The week that was💚

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Thank you to our amazing PLC Mums and Dads for organising and executing another successful St John’s College Spring Fair. Your dedication, hard work, and unwavering support continue to make a massive difference in our students' lives. This year’s proceeds will be channelled towards the expansion of the Da Vinci Centre.

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Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 23/10/2023

Computer laboratory at Chemachinda Schools, Guruve

During October, The College hosted an ICT teacher from Chemachinda Schools, Guruve, for training on computer refurbishment and maintenance. Thereafter, on October 13th 2023, the College donated 21 computers and the Interact Society contributed USD1000 to Chemachinda Schools for the creation of a computer laboratory. Present to receive the donations were the Headman of the area, Village Heads and Councillors, community members and Chemachinda staff and children. Mr Winshod Gengezha, the Village Head and Chair of the Former Students Association, and Senior plumber at St. John’s Educational Trust, along with colleagues from the College, handed the donations over.


Congratulations to both Callum Smith, Form 3, and Rohnan Nicholson, Form 2.

Rohnan won the Bronze Medal in the U15 Boys Africa Triathlon Championships. Callum and Rohnan also raced in the Youth Men Africa Duathlon Championships in Hurghada, Egypt. Callum secured the Silver Medal and Rohnan took home the Bronze Medal. Well done gentlemen! 💚

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Come down and watch some exciting Volleyball and Basketball action! This weekend we host the St John's College "Crocco Motors" U15 Basketball Tournament and the St John's College U15 Volleyball Tournamemt💚🏀🏐

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We celebrate yet another milestone in the history of the College. Congratulations to one of our Deputy Head Boys, Ndapuwa Timba, on being awarded the Black Blazer at our Seniors Awards Assembly on 2 October 2023. A Black Blazer is awarded to a student who achieves 5 Full Colours across all three facets of school life: Academics, Culture, and Sports.
Timba has achieved this rare feat in Athletics, MUN, Drama, Academics (Honours) and Music.
This exceptional accomplishment is a testament to his hard work, passion, grit and commitment.
This milestone brings to two—the recipients of the prestigious Black Blazer in one year, both our Deputy Heads.


Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 27/09/2023

Another cracking week of sport! Go Rams! 💚

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 25/09/2023

Congratulations to one of our Deputy Head Boys, Chief Musabayana, on being awarded the prestigious “Black Blazer” for achieving 5 Full Colours in 5 disciplines ranging between Academics, Sport and Culture. Chief has achieved Full Colours in Hockey, Academics, MUN, Drama and Public Speaking.

Chief becomes the 4th recipient of this prestigious award in the history of the College.

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 20/09/2023

A super weekend of sport!! Well done to all our athletes!!💚💚

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 19/09/2023

🏆 We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the T20 Rams cricket tournament at St. John's College an incredible success! It wouldn't have been possible without our amazing sponsors, dedicated parents, talented players, and hardworking staff behind the scenes. 🙌

🌟 First and foremost, a massive thank you to our main sponsors, Health International, Bon Marche, and Pure Drop Oil. Your generous support helped make this tournament a memorable experience for all involved. 🌿💧

🙏 We are especially grateful to Rooneys for their impeccable set up and unwavering support with all events at our school. Your contribution added a touch of magic to the tournament, and we cannot thank you enough! ✨🎉

💙 A special thank you goes out to all our other sponsors who lent their support to this fantastic event. We couldn't have done it without the incredible backing of our community. 🤝

🎉 To the devoted parents on the cricket committee—your hard work and planning made the event a grand success. Thank you for orchestrating such an unforgettable experience! 🙏🏼

🌱 Thank you to the remarkable St. John's staff behind the scenes, including the kitchen staff and ground staff. Kudos to your exceptional work! 👏

🙌 To the teams and coaches, your passion for the sport and incredible sportsmanship made the tournament thrilling from beginning to end. ⚡🌍 A special shout-out to the 3 teams who travelled from South Africa and also those schools from out of town.We appreciate the efforts.

🏆 Last but not least, congratulations to Kearsney College for their outstanding performance and ultimate victory. Well done on your well-deserved triumph! 🎉🏆

Bon Marché Zimbabwe
Pure Drop Cooking Oil Rooneys Zimbabwe St Elmos Zimbabwe Pearlenta Nutri-Active SKM Motorcycles Croco Motors Safeguard Zimbabwe ZiFM Stereo
EY KFC Zimbabwe Chicken Inn Zimbabwe

Kearsney College Clifton School Westville Boys' High School

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 18/09/2023

Day 2 and 3 action shots!💚🏏
📸 Richard Wakefield


Ram Slam T20 Semi Final


Day 3!! Play off matches and finals!💚🏏

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 15/09/2023

Ready for some action!! See you there for Day 2!💚🏏

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 15/09/2023

Rams T20 Day 1💚🏏

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 15/09/2023

Come down and watch some exciting Cricket this weekend!! We're ready, are you?!💚🏏


Are you ready! We are!💚🏏 The St John's Rams T20 Cricket Tournament starts tomorrow! See you there💚🏏


It's nearly time for the St John's College T20 Cricket tournament! Come down for some smashing Cricket!💚🏏

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St John's College Pipe Band Attends Simon Fraser University Pipe Band Generations 2023 Concert

We are delighted to report that the St John's College Pipe Band had the incredible opportunity to attend the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band Generations 2023 Concert, held at Glasgow’s SEC Armadillo on August 16, 2023. This concert, which was the largest selling pre-worlds concert in history, showcased one of the best pipe bands in the world to a local and international audience. The experience was truly breathtaking, and the venue itself, the SEC Armadillo, provided an exceptional setting with excellent amenities.

The SEC Armadillo is conveniently located close to both the city center and west end, making it easily accessible by foot, car, train, and taxi. Furthermore, the surrounding area has undergone a transformation in recent years, with numerous hotels now within immediate walking distance of the venue. This made it convenient for our band members and their families to attend the concert.

We are incredibly grateful to our international friends, Owen Russell, Bob Worrall, the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, and the Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band, for their generous donation of 18 tickets to our band. Their invitation for us to watch the pre-worlds concert and their support throughout our tour has been invaluable. The boys were fortunate to receive signed programs from the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, soft drum cases, and a signed bass drum head. These gestures of appreciation are greatly cherished by our band members and serve as lasting mementos of this extraordinary experience.

The St John's College Pipe Band is honored to have been included in this historic event, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved. It was a privilege to witness such remarkable talent and be a part of the largest selling pre-worlds concert. We hope to continue fostering friendships and connections with the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band and the Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band, and we look forward to the possibility of reciprocating their hospitality in the future.

Once again, we express our deepest appreciation for the invitation, support, and generosity extended to our band. This concert will always hold a special place in the memories of our band members, and it has indeed enriched their musical journey.

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 30/08/2023

We congratulate the following boys for their achievement in making the U16, U17 and U20 CHISZ Basketball travelling squads to the States. Best wishes 🇺🇸 🇿🇼.

Tyler Chimbwanda
Shaun Chideme
Ray Utsiwegota
Tafara Chirambanegomo
Anotida Mukumba
Jacob Viki
Tinotenda Chiro
Bryan Ziki
Blessing Manyeche
Daniel Mpatsi
Mukundi Dube
Tsepang Ngwenya
Ahmad Elfakih


Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 28/08/2023

An update from Mandla Msipa, an OJ studying at Stanford University 💚

Dear SJC

I’m writing to let you know that this Summer, I’ve been working as a legislative intern for U.S. Senator Ed Markey – he represents the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States Senate, and I’ve been working on his education and labour portfolio. It’s been a fantastic experience to learn about national education policy: my final project was centred on recruitment and retention strategies to plug teacher shortages post-pandemic.

I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunities St. John’s has continued to open for me. I can’t emphasise enough how much my gap year helped me out. My resume was almost exclusively populated with my experience as a Junior Master in the History department and my afternoon activities from high school (MUN, The RAM, Debate). Dr. Reilly wrote my recommendation letter, mainly about Cyrano De Bergerac and a speech I wrote seven years ago. Nevertheless, my practical experience in secondary education as a student, leader, and then teacher landed me the job in a field of hundreds of applicants. In my intern class of ten, I was one of only two first-year students who were accepted.

Best wishes for the Christmas Term, and best of luck to the next volley of students applying through the U.S. College admissions process!

Best Regards,
Mandla Msipa
Class of 2026 (Stanford University)

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 21/08/2023

We are incredibly proud of our Pipe Band. They came 4th out of 30 bands in their category in the recently held World Pipe Band Championships. Please see a detailed report below from Mr Kalonga💚.

I hope this message finds you well. I am delighted to share the incredible achievements of our College Pipe Band at the recent World Pipe Band Championships held at Glasgow Green on Saturday, August 19th.
The day started with the band participating in the heats, competing against 30 other bands worldwide, including Scotland, the USA, Canada, and Australia. Our crew performed exceptionally well, securing an impressive second place in the heats and advancing to the finals.
With only an hour to prepare for the finals, our band truly showcased their talent and dedication. Their final performance earned them a commendable fourth place out of 30 bands overall.
On behalf of the band, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the College Board, Management, Faculty, and Pipe band parents' fundraising committee for their unwavering support, which made this tour and competition possible. I must also extend my immense appreciation to our main sponsor, Expacare Ltd, for their invaluable help procuring new gear for the band. Additionally, I am grateful to Quedec and Mr Parmar for their generous donation of travelling kits that kept us warm and presentable throughout the tour.
Special thanks should also go to our international friends Owen Russell, Gordon Brown, Bob Worrall, Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, and Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band. Their presence and support significantly impacted our band's performances and achievements.
I want to mention Mr Rademeyer, our bandmaster, for his exceptional dedication in mentally and behaviourally preparing the boys and girls for the workshops and competitions. Although he could not witness our performances due to a band member's medical situation, his contributions were significant and greatly appreciated.
I greatly thank our pipe band instructors, Mr Kamwaza, Mr Olivier, Mr French, Mr Sakuhuni and Mr Muchongwe, for their exceptional leadership and teaching. Their guidance played a vital role in the success of our band.
I also want to express my utmost admiration for the incredible resilience displayed by our band members during the recent World Pipe Band competition. Despite facing numerous challenges and unforeseen circumstances, they rose above it all and showcased their unwavering dedication and professionalism.
Just days before the competition, over half of our band, fell ill, posing a significant obstacle. However, this setback did not deter them from giving their best. They remained focused on their goal and continued to put in the necessary effort to ensure a noteworthy performance.
As if that was not enough, a false fire alarm disrupted our preparations the night before the competition. Despite being forced to stand outside in the cold at midnight, wearing pyjamas and without shoes, the band members handled the situation gracefully and professionally. They did not let this unfortunate incident dampen their spirit or distract them from their purpose.
Despite all these challenges, our band members delivered remarkable performances that left a lasting impression. Competing in Scotland for the first time against international bands and winning prizes is an extraordinary achievement. Our band proudly secured one trophy and two shields and gained valuable experience.
I would also like to recognise the exceptional leadership of Pipe Major Tait Beets, Drum Major Tinashe Chirambanegomo, and Drum Sergeant Kudzai Taruwona, who magnificently guided the band throughout the tour.
Lastly, we extend our sincere appreciation to Mr and Mrs Barber, Founder Tutor of the College Pipe Band, Mr Alasdair Trotter, Pipe band parents fundraising committee Chairman Mr Smith, parents, old Johannians, and all the supportive Zimbabweans who attended the event. Your presence and encouragement were greatly valued, and we deeply felt the overwhelming support from everyone back home.
Once again, heartfelt congratulations to our College Pipe Band on their outstanding accomplishments.



Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 17/08/2023

Update from Mr Kalonga

We are delighted to inform you that Kudzai Taruwona, accompanied by Tinashe Chirambanegomo, Wade McShaw (drums), Tungamirai Mukwazhi, and Imraan Jooma (pipes), participated in the Innovation Glasgow 2023 competition held yesterday at Barras Art and Design in Glasgow.

Organised by Innovation in collaboration with its main sponsor, British Drum Co, this prestigious event showcases some of the best pipe band drummers from around the world. Each performer, including guest performers, gets five minutes to captivate a vibrant audience with their musical talents. This competition marked the fourteenth edition of its kind during the World Pipe Band Championships Week.

We are proud to announce that Kudzai and his group emerged as the competition's overall winners. Their performance stood out among the participants, garnering overwhelming support from the audience. Consequently, Kudzai and his team were awarded a bass drum courtesy of the British Drum Company, a Hardcase drum case courtesy of Hardcase, and percussion accessories courtesy of Evans and Promark, with a combined value of £500.

St John’s College Pipe Band, Harare, Zimbabwe, would like to express its heartfelt appreciation to all the Innovation Partners who played a significant role in making this event possible. We extend our gratitude to acoustIQ, Evans Drumheads, Hardcase International Limited, Jim Kilpatrick, Promark, Scott Currie Music, and TyFry Ltd. Their invaluable contributions and support significantly contributed to the competition's success.

Photos from St John's College Zimbabwe's post 15/08/2023

Update from Mr Kalonga

The band had a fantastic opportunity to participate in the highly anticipated North Berwick Highland Games on Saturday, 12th August, where they competed against several school bands, which will also be vying for success in the upcoming World Pipe Band Championships.

Despite the challenging weather conditions and heavy rainfall throughout the event, the band displayed tremendous resilience and dedication, ultimately securing an impressive 2nd place overall and winning the esteemed R.S.P.B.A Lothian & Border Branch Shield.

Photos from Kingdom Thistle Pipe Band Supplies's post 13/08/2023


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Thank you to our amazing PLC Mums and Dads for organising and executing another successful St John’s College Spring Fair...
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#warcries #meningreen
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Rams Head Coach, Max Madziva.
A sneak peek of the Friday morning War Cries.#Rams#College
We are pleased to announce the end of Christmas Term Award Recipients and 2021 Prizewinners in Forms 1, 2, 3 and L6. Con...
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