PGMS Accounting

PGMS Accounting

Making life easier for you PGMS was established in 2006, with the vision of coming alongside key individuals and organisations to make a difference.

We use our training, experience and skill in the area of strategic management, administration, tax advice, enterprise development and accounting to support our clients. Strategic Management and Administration support offered through our business incubator model ensures enterprise development takes place.

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Middle-class South Africans are turning to side hustles to make ends meet 01/11/2021

Middle-class South Africans are turning to side hustles to make ends meet

In many instances a legitimate side hustle can help you reduce your tax liability and increase your tax refund. We make life easier for you with your tax affairs.

Middle-class South Africans are turning to side hustles to make ends meet “These include crafts, restoring furniture, teaching languages and much more. If someone has the time and ability to do something like this – without harming their current employment, it is a good idea.

The tiny tax base that’s expected to help fund South Africa’s new basic income grant 29/10/2021

The tiny tax base that’s expected to help fund South Africa’s new basic income grant

The tiny tax base that’s expected to help fund South Africa’s new basic income grant The social distress grant, reinstituted after July’s riots, is not expected to be permanent and is expected to be replaced by a form of basic income grant (BIG), says Investec chief economist Annabel Bishop.


Some die hards braving the wet George weather

Some die hards braving the wet George weather

[10/08/21]   The factors of production are commonly accepted to be Land, Labour, Capital, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge. Entrepreneurs are said to take control of these factors of production and combine them into a business process to make a profit.
In most instances, township entrepreneurs do not have full control over the factors of production and even when they have identified the factors of production that they need, there is a myriad of obstacles that they need to overcome to access what they need.
At PGMS we have been active in the sectors of Transport, Health & Beauty, Food, Security, Education and Construction in townships to facilitate greater access to the needed factors of production that township-based entrepreneurs need to create a profitable business process.
The key to unlocking township opportunities is:
• To be being adaptable.
• To prioritise co-petition, rather than competition.
• To solve a problem.

PGMS making life easier for you.

[10/07/21]   Deloitte’s explains that the digital economy is the economic activity that results from billions of everyday online connections among people, businesses, devices, data, and processes. The backbone of the digital economy is hyperconnectivity which means growing interconnectedness of people, organisations, and machines that results from the Internet, mobile technology, and the internet of things (IoT). It has already changed the way we work and engage each other and will dictate the skills people need to adequately function within the digital economy.
Times Live reports that the labour minister Thulas Nxesi recognises that the upskilling and preparing of youth for the digital economy will hopefully dent joblessness. To what extent this will translate into quantifiable actions remains to be seen.

PGMS together with Ikam Valethu Our Future and It’s Convenient has partnered to explore how greater access to the digital economy can be facilitated for the youth of township and rural communities. It will require a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to overcome the many barriers that exist.

Very much in the exploratory stage, we continue to share ideas to conceptualise a couple of workable projects that can make life easier for township and rural youth to participate in the digital economy.

[09/26/21]   Townships are vibrant spaces with lots of diversity. People are creative and have developed a range of skills, many that are applied to support survival. Subsistence economic activity is the mainstay of the majority. GG Alcock makes the point that with 44% unemployment we should be seeing the 13 million plus people milling around aimlessly in out many townships. But any visit to a township paints a different picture.

Our interest remains Township and Rural economics, just like GG Alcock we believe that they are underrated economic assists, only because our institutional thinking is not developed to incorporate them into our economic mainstream.

Covid-19 highlighted the pivotal role that townships play in our society and how lopsided and exclusionary our local economies are. Firstly, Covid-19 confirmed that the densification of townships spaces poses a huge health risk to the stability of the country.

Secondly, that when the townships are cut off from the centralised economic zones albeit in the CBD’s or Industrial zones, the township resident is completely deprived of income.

Thirdly, that when the townships are cut of from the centralised economic zones the loss of revenue that flows out of townships to those centralised businesses has a debilitating impact.

The mantra that was uttered by all and sundry during the March 2020 lockdown, “things can not be the same again”, is now all but forgotten and while everything has changed, for the townships nothing has changed.

When we reimagined PGMS to make life easier for you, we also had township economies in mind. We identified the following sectors in townships that we regarded as catalytic and endeavour to participate in. Not in any order of importance these are, Construction, Education, Food Security, Health & Beauty, Security and. Transport. We actively seek opportunities to gain exposure to these sectors and ensure that we have capability to make life easier for clients who do business in any of these sectors.

[09/19/21]   Thank you for visiting our page and liking it. We are keen to make life easier for you. Let us know how we can be of service to you with the capability we have in tax, accounting, HR, administration and management.


SERVICE SETA has opened a new funding window for the 2021 financial year. We would love to partner with your company and offer a full hassle-free training and learnership management service, including support in submitting the online application and seta administration compliance.

SERVICE SETA has opened a new funding window for the 2021 financial year. We would love to partner with your company and offer a full hassle-free training and learnership management service, including support in submitting the online application and seta administration compliance.


There are often moments when we see something different in things we look at every day.

There are often moments when we see something different in things we look at every day.

PGMS Accounting 28/08/2021

PGMS Accounting

Tax Season for individuals are underway. We experiencing that SARS is not keeping to the 21 day verification timeline. If you having difficulty with getting matters resolved by SARS, we would be glad to assist.

PGMS Accounting Making life easier for you

PGMS Accounting 29/06/2021

PGMS Accounting

Tax filing season for individuals opens from 1 July. Many will receive an auto assessment that you can accept or reject. If you are unsure if accepting it or rejecting it is to your advantage, kindly contact me to discuss your options.

PGMS Accounting Making life easier for you

PGMS Accounting 08/06/2021

PGMS Accounting

Have you or your company received a letter of demand from SARS for outstanding income tax? Contact us for assistance with all your tax issues.

PGMS Accounting Making life easier for you

[05/16/21]   We make life easier for you. Our capability is in Tax, Accounting, Administration, HR and Adm. Should you or someone you know need assistance, we would be glad to be of service.

[02/24/21]   We have noticed that SARS is now raising penalties against companies for outstanding tax returns. Kindly discuss with us if you need your business tax issues resolved.

[01/28/21]   New unit established to serve interests of SMMEs, traders and travellers
The Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMME), Traders and Travellers Division is a newly established unit within SARS.

As such the unit is undertaking a study to understand the challenges faced by the stakeholders concerned in a bid to ease the burden of compliance.

Particular emphasis is placed on how tax legislation, policies and incentives are being experienced by these stakeholders. It is hoped that a fuller understanding may assist SARS in improving its service offerings.

The exercise is strictly for SARS use and your participation will remain confidential and will not be used to prejudice you in your dealings with SARS. Participation is completely anonymous and voluntary and taxpayers can withdraw from the study at any time and without consequences for choosing not to participate.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and it will be launched in December 2020 and intended to run until the end of January 2021. We hope that you will participate as we would like to ensure that we can continue to fashion our services to match your needs.

[01/17/21]   We start our second working week of 2021. The focus is IT12 returns for provisional taxpayers and the provisional tax due end Feb.

[12/13/20]   Our office will close on Friday 18 Dec 2020 for the Christmas Holiday break and open on 11 Jan 2021.

PGMS Accounting 10/12/2020

PGMS Accounting

As tax season is winding down, we have been giving attention to tax disputes. One of the biggest success this year was getting R248000 tax liability reversed and one of the smaller ones today was getting a client's liability reduced by R8000. If you unhappy with the outcome of your tax assessment, we will be happy to review your assessment.

PGMS Accounting Making life easier for you

PGMS Accounting 29/11/2020

PGMS Accounting

Many are holding legal entities for future projects and not trading. We here to make life easier for you. Our Future Projects package will ensure that all your compliances are taken care of at a very affordable fee. Contact us.

PGMS Accounting Making life easier for you

[08/18/20]   In many instances it feels that SARS is so focused on finding every possible way to punish paying taxpayers, but to those who simply stays outside of the tax system - life is rosy.

[08/07/20]   Tax season is now in full swing. Many will receive an auto assessment from SARS. We will be happy to review it for you before you make a decision to accept or reject it.

[07/29/20]   From August selected taxpayers will receive from SARS an automatic assessment. Taxpayers can accept this by doing nothing. If you not happy with the SARS automatic assessment you will need to submit a ITR12 return. We are offering a free review of the automatic SARS assessment. If we are of the view that you should receive a greater refund that SARS is offering, we will attend to the ITR12 return on your behalf at a negotiated fee.

[07/12/20]   The government decision to ban the sale of alcohol sales with immediate effect is a devastating blow for businesses in the sector. Most would have taken cash to stock up by Thursday last week, with the expectation to sell it from Monday to Thursday. Now they reduced their cash and can't sell their stock to generate cash. Who knows for how long they will be closed this time. There is no regard by the government for the business circumstances of those in the liquor sector.

[07/06/20]   SARS income tax filing season for individuals starts soon. During August SARS will send out automated assessments. We are recommending that you have us review it before accepting the outcome. If taxpayers are not happy with the automated assessment, then from 1 September we can start filing returns. Kindly contact me if you have any questions.

[06/28/20]   Thank you for liking our page. We offer our clients a holistic approach to financial planning. Our vision is to make things easier for you. All our clients are leaders in some sphere of society, often focused on the interest of others - resulting in their own financial planning being neglected. Our approach is holistic - we bring together a range of services within the financial sector to add value to our clients. Topmost on everyone's mind now is Tax. With all the financial challenges we facing, optimizing your tax position is critical as overlooking taxable expenses could result in you having to pay more tax than you have too. I would welcome the opportunity to introduce our value proposition to you. Kindly message me with your name and contact number so that I can give you a call.

[04/25/20]   Of the Covid-19 relief announced by the Minister of Finance.
R 2 Billion – to assist small and medium enterprises and spaza shop owners and other small businesses.
R 100 Billion – value of assistance in the form of loans, grants and debt restructuring provided to small, medium and micro enterprises, spaza shops owners and other informal businesses

[04/23/20]   A collection of photos taken in our garden and around at the places we have vistied in the past 5 months. If you love the mountain and the sea, then tere will always be something to do and somewhere to go.


PGMS Accountants Covid-19 Update for SME''s

Covid-19 Update for essential service SME's

Update of requirements for essential service approved businesses operating during the South African lock down

[03/24/20]   Our office will be closed as per the lock down requirement of the RSA government. We will remain available on phone, social media and email to assist our clients as best we can during this period. As we obtain clarity regarding the relief programs of government, we will communicate this to our clients. We will do our best to make life easier for you during this time.


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Making life easier for you!

Achieving success to us means having a sustainable livelihood. The key facets to a sustainable livelihood are economic, social, civic, personal, environmental.

PGMS was established in 2006, with the vision of coming alongside key individuals and organisations to make a difference. We use our training, experience and skill to build strategic, organizational and operational capability in organisations pursuing rapid growth. We are a small team, offering you a comprehensive service that supports your vision.

We are based in George, in the Southern Cape, but work with clients across the country.

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