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Beltone hearing aids feature the latest digital technology for clear sound, and a virtually invisible appearance.  Call to schedule an appointment with one of our hearing care professionals today.

New GN Initiative LISTEN TO THIS Unites Global Partners to Raise Awareness of Hearing and Cognitive Health Link | Hearing Health & Technology Matters 04/26/2024

Join the hearing health movement and let’s fight cognitive decline – from the ear inwards!

We are proud to share that we are part of the GN Group, which is launching LISTEN TO THIS alongside partners such as UsAgainstAlzheimer's and National Acoustic Laboratories. A global initiative connecting healthcare partners, academic institutions, policy makers, patient organizations, NGOs and more – united in making hearing health an urgent priority for cognitive health and overall wellbeing.

Learn more here:

New GN Initiative LISTEN TO THIS Unites Global Partners to Raise Awareness of Hearing and Cognitive Health Link | Hearing Health & Technology Matters BALLERUP, DENMARK – Today marks the launch of LISTEN TO THIS, a global initiative aiming to ensure hearing health is recognized as an important factor in good cognitive health and overall wellbeing. In an unprecedented collaborative effort, GN, a global leader in intelligent hearing, audio, video ...


It's International Noise Awareness Day and the below video illustrates how loud sounds can cause hearing damage to the inner ear.

There are numerous ways to protect your hearing from loud noises such as ear protection and controlling the volume of your listening devices. Learn more ways to protect your hearing by contacting your local Beltone and scheduling a free hearing screening to stay on top of your hearing health:


“I was skeptical at first, but as soon as the hearing aids were fitted in my ears, my whole world changed. I heard conversations in the office and speech sounded so clear and crisp.” - Arlene F.

Thanks to the Beltone offices in Cleveland, TN and Columbia, MO, and the Beltone Foundation, Arlene received new Beltone hearing aids so she can experience more of life!

Arlene stated she is excited to meet with her friends and family so she can enjoy conversations and connecting with others and be able to communicate important health information to medical professionals about upcoming treatments and care.

“Thank you, Beltone Foundation, for your love and support!”

Learn more about the Beltone Foundation by contacting your local Beltone or visiting


🌎 Happy ! Our new 100% packaging is designed to be user-friendly, protect your hearing aids during shipping and align with our sustainability commitment.

It’s also 17% smaller, uses 7% less materials, and is 100% recyclable, sourced from FSC-certified, responsibly managed forests. Because it’s lighter and smaller, we reduce carbon emissions to ship it by 47%!

Learn more:


Beltone Serene™ is the first hearing aid to connect to Bluetooth LE Audio & Auracast™️ broadcast audio which is expected to become the next generation assistive listening technology, improving audio accessibility and promoting better living through better hearing.

Learn more here:

What to Expect at Your First Beltone Visit | Beltone 04/18/2024

Getting your hearing tested with Beltone is easy, painless, informative and FREE!

Check out our video below on what to expect at your first visit to Beltone and schedule your FREE hearing screening at your nearest location by visiting

What to Expect at Your First Beltone Visit | Beltone This short video will go over what to expect from a first visit at Beltone. Learn more here:

TikTok · Beltone Hearing 04/17/2024

Walk the red carpet to better hearing with Beltone! Check out a sneak peek of the Beltone concept store that was featured at our 2024 National Meeting in Washington, DC last week. Stay tuned for more soon!

TikTok · Beltone Hearing Check out Beltone Hearing’s video.


Beltone Serene can connect to new Microsoft Windows PCs with Bluetooth® LE Audio, enabling easy audio streaming directly to your hearing aids!

Contact your local Beltone to learn more today,

(compatible PC required)


Stock up on the essentials for your with our April Battery Sale! Available online only at while supplies last.

Photos from Beltone Hearing's post 04/05/2024

Our TV-Streamer+ seamlessly connects with Beltone Serene hearing aids, streaming sound directly to them without adjusting the TV volume. Enjoy your favorite movies and shows with loved ones hassle-free!

Contact your local Beltone to learn more today:


Do you ever hear a whooshing sound in your ear? Our latest blog explores the possible causes and treatment options:

Take the first step toward better hearing today by scheduling a free hearing screening at your local Beltone. 1-800-BELTONE

Photos from Beltone Hearing's post 04/02/2024

Comfort meets style with Beltone Serene! Designed for all-day wear, these hearing aids are so small and comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing them so you can focus on what matters most.

Learn more by contacting your local Beltone.


💙Dennis is "very happy and appreciative" to have been nominated by Jordan Smith, BC-HIS, owner of Beltone Muskegon, MI, for the opportunity to receive free hearing aids from the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation!

Learn more about the Beltone Foundation here:


Have you had your hearing checked recently? Schedule a free hearing screening at your local Beltone today by visiting & take the first step towards better hearing!


Spring is here, and that means it's time for some spring cleaning! Don't forget to include your hearing aids in the mix.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep them working their best. Check out our tips for "How to Clean Hearing Aids" including how-to videos for different styles of hearing aids:


Struggling to hear in noisy environments? Beltone Serene hearing aids has you covered!

Say goodbye to missing out on conversations in crowded places and hello to hearing with confidence. Whether you're at a bustling restaurant or a lively party, Beltone Serene helps you stay connected and engaged.

Don't let background noise hold you back – experience more of life with Beltone Serene by contacting your local Beltone to learn more:

Decatur woman receives free set of hearing aids 03/20/2024

💙Thanks to the amazing staff at our Beltone Decatur office, Minnie received a free set of Beltone hearing aids through the Beltone Foundation to help her experience more of life.

Minnie's reaction says it all: 'I'm amazed. I truly am, and having the support I needed has been a blessing.' Watch her heartfelt interview below.

Decatur woman receives free set of hearing aids Minnie Townsend of Decatur received a free set of hearing aids Monday through the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation.


Happy First Day of Spring! 🌼👂 Spring is not just a beautiful looking season— it’s also beautiful sounding.

Check out our list of 5 seasonal sounds you won’t want to miss this spring and schedule a FREE hearing screening at your local Beltone today by visiting:


💙Today, Beltone celebrates its 84th anniversary!💙

For over eight decades, Beltone has been dedicated to helping people hear better & experience more of life! Founded by Sam & Faye Posen, Beltone was open for business in 1940 in a modest building in downtown Chicago. In that first year of business, Beltone introduced its first hearing aid model, the Beltone Model H™.

But Beltone is more than the story of hearing aids. It’s the story of people who have brought about numerous, positive changes in the lives of the individuals they help and within the hearing care industry. Learn more about Beltone's history here:

Here's to many more years of innovation and changing lives! 🎉


Beltone's Great Start 30-Day Patient Onboarding Program is here to ensure you have the best start to your journey to better hearing!

Our dedicated team is committed to supporting you every step of the way. Contact your local Beltone to learn more


: Did you know there is a vital link between sleep & hearing health? Check out our latest blog to learn more as well as practical tips for managing hearing health for better sleep:


🌟 Discover why Todd F. is raving about our new Beltone Serene hearing aids in this fantastic 5-star Google review for our Joplin, MO office and HCP Ric Stiegman!

"Ric Stiegman is a great friend. He has walked alongside me on my hearing loss journey for two years after failing a hearing exam at another hearing aid company. Let me share two steps that have been a blessing to me…First, the exam was amazing and promised hope. Ric helped me to know that what had become “normal” hearing was NOT normal. Secondly, I have been fitted with my new Beltone Serene 17 hearing aids. In a word….WOW!!! I am a minister in my 42nd year of ministry. I can’t wait to have folks visit with me in a crowd or to visit with someone in a noisy restaurant. These hearing aids are life-changers!!!

Experience the life-changing difference for yourself. Book your free hearing screening today and join the ranks of happy Beltone customers!


Step into the future of connectivity & hearing with Beltone Serene – the first hearing aid featuring Auracast™ & Bluetooth® LE Audio.

Stay effortlessly connected and experience more of life by scheduling a free hearing screening at your local Beltone to learn more:


💙Happy International Women's Day! Today, we're thrilled to celebrate by sharing the inspiring story of Katelyn, a soon-to-be mother who was in need of better hearing.

Our O'Fallon, IL Beltone office fitted Katelyn with our amazing Beltone Serene hearing aids, gifted to her by the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation. We're overjoyed to share that Katelyn is expecting her first baby in a few months and is absolutely thrilled at the prospect of being able to hear the sweet sounds of her new baby soon!

Learn more about the Beltone Foundation by visiting


Our Beltone Serene microRIE hearing aid is the industry’s smallest rechargeable Receiver-in-Ear design! But don’t let the size fool you - it's loaded with advanced features and delivers an incredible hearing experience, even in noisy environments!

☑ Our smallest RIE style
☑ Rechargeable
☑ Can be paired with CROS/BiCROS transmitter for individuals with single-sided deafness

Contact your local Beltone to learn more today! 1-800-Beltone


👂 Let's talk about ear care! It's time to change our mindset and start taking better care of our ears. From using ear protection in loud environments to avoiding using cotton swabs to clean our ears, there are so many simple steps we can take to keep our ears healthy.

Take the first steps to better ear care by scheduling a free hearing screening at your local Beltone by visiting


💙 Transforming attitudes towards hearing loss involves understanding how to create a supportive environment for those with hearing impairments.

If you're a caregiver or know someone with untreated hearing loss, reach out to your local Beltone to explore the advanced hearing solutions available to help them experience more of life. Visit for more information.


👂Yesterday was World Hearing Day, but at Beltone, every day is Better Hearing Day! This year's theme focuses on Changing Mindsets About Hearing Loss. Explore the myths and realities of hearing loss in this insightful infographic from the World Health Organization.

Take the first step towards better hearing by scheduling a FREE hearing screening with Beltone. Discover the importance of hearing health and explore the available solutions for those with hearing loss at


We had the honor of fitting our new Beltone Serene hearing aids for a remarkable 104-year-old WWII Veteran at our Ft. Oglethorpe, GA office this week. Thank you for your service, sir! 💙

Looking to improve your hearing with new aids or upgrade your current ones? Reach out to your nearby Beltone office or visit to discover the latest in hearing technology with Beltone Serene.


Many images of people wearing hearing aids in the media are outdated and don’t reflect reality. We want to change that!

Coming this World Hearing Day (March 3), The New Norm, a new, free bank of misperception-busting images - provided by our parent company, GN Group.

Watch our video to hear from some of the amazing real-life people with hearing loss taking part in The New Norm.

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