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The Value Of a Veteran is a Human Resources training & consulting firm that teaches employers HOW to


The Value Of a Veteran, is honored to be listed as a partner to Delta Air Lines and its Veteran Talent Program.

All companies, no matter the size or the maturity of the Veteran Talent Program, can benefit from receiving advising and professional development of their program managers, recruiters, hiring managers and more.

Click the "Send a Message" button and receive a link to schedule a short complimentary call to receive some actionable advice to advance your current efforts, and learn how we have helped more than 450 of the Fortune 1,000 with their Veteran Talent Programs.


We are excited to announce that the 2025 Veteran Recruiting Conference will be taking place in Atlanta, Georgia February 25-27, 2025. Registration is now open for our 13th annual event.

A special "thank you" to our Visionary Sponsor, UPS, for allowing us to host the event at their beautiful headquarters in Sandy Springs.

Sign up for notifications about the upcoming conference at

GMU_PurpleUp_April17 04/16/2024

April is the Month of the Military Child, and we encourage all of you to wear purple tomorrow (Wed April 17th) on "Purple Up" Day to show your support. Learn more here (2 min video)

DID YOU KNOW: There are more than 1.6 million military children who face many challenges and unique experiences as a result of their parents' service. Military families move on average every two to three years, impacting military children through changing schools and support networks. Frequent moves, family separations through deployments, and reintegration following deployments can make school, home, and community-life challenging for military children.

Our Founder and CEO, Lisa Rosser, is an alumna of George Mason UniversityUniversity and a Director At Large on the George Mason University Alumni Association board, and she wants to highlight one of the things Mason has done to support the military community.

Mason, through its College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), built a curriculum which is used in schools throughout Virginia to help teachers better understand and support the needs of the more than 77,000 military-connected students residing and attending public schools across the Commonwealth.

Additionally, Virginia has Student Ambassador Programs, which are school-based student leadership programs that support all students' transition to school, helping create an accepting school culture and welcoming environment. Students at several schools have initiated Military Ambassadors Clubs to support their school’s military-connected students, families, and active duty members and veterans of the Armed Forces.

GMU_PurpleUp_April17 This is "GMU_PurpleUp_April17" by GMU-TV on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Special shout out to our military women working in the trades during this Women In Construction week.

Is filling skilled trades positions critical for your company? Are you struggling to find more women to apply for these critical positions?

Do you have a veteran talent strategy that focuses on sourcing military women with skilled trades training?

If the fact that the military has trained, skilled women with construction/trades experience is new information to you, please schedule a call with me ( to discuss how The Value Of a Veteran can help you create a veteran talent strategy.

VetJobs National Guard and Reserve Employment Summit 03/13/2024

Our CEO, Lisa Rosser, will be both speaking and facilitating a panel at the upcoming first-ever VetJobs National Guard and Reserve Employment Summit in Arlington, Virginia April 9-10.

National Guard and Reserve members make up 2/3 of those serving in uniform today - more than 2M people. Whether you know it or not, you have G/R members in your employment right now. The question is: are you truly supporting them or is it mostly "lip service"?

And if G/R members are not included in your overall veteran talent recruitment strategy - you are missing highly trained individuals with valuable skills available right in your back yard.

Come attend this FREE two day employment conference in Virginia and learn more about how you can source, recruit, hire and support G/R members.

For more details and hotel and registration information, please visit

Will Lisa see you in Arlington in April? Let us know below!

VetJobs National Guard and Reserve Employment Summit Join experts from in and around the reserve component at the National Guard and Reserve Employment Summit -Hosted by VetJobs


Celebrating our company’s 16th Anniversary today. 🎉 🎈 🎈 🥂 🍾

16 years ago the veteran unemployment rate was 23%. Employers *wanted* to hire service members, but did not understand military culture or how to translate military resumes or assess the vast experience that comes from military service. Vets were being offered roles far below their capabilities and turnover was high.

The Value Of a Veteran launched on June 14, 2007 specifically to help companies better understand the military demographic and to design veteran recruitment and retention programs that delivered results.

16 years later we are honored that more than 450 major corporations (and thousands of smaller businesses) have trusted me to assist them in their goal of improving military recruitment and retention. And, that the phrase “the value of a veteran” has become the go-to quote used by those who embrace the unique qualities veterans bring to the workplace and to the campuses where they pursue higher education.

We applaud those organizations that take veteran talent programs seriously and look at it as a strategic imperative and not merely a “check the DE&I box” effort.

Looking ahead to the next 16 years, The Value Of a Veteran stands ready to assist those companies that are serious about creating high ROI veteran talent strategies.

Today, The Value Of a Veteran offers not only consulting and training services, but also leads a community of practice, hosts an annual professional development conference and offers transition and adaption coaching for new veteran hires.

FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Sweeping Executive Actions to Strengthen Economic Opportunity for Military and Veteran Spouses, Caregivers, and Survivors | The White House 06/12/2023

Some significant directives in this new Presidential Executive Order that specifically designed to support military spouses into employment and entrepreneurial ventures.

FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Sweeping Executive Actions to Strengthen Economic Opportunity for Military and Veteran Spouses, Caregivers, and Survivors | The White House Today, at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, President Biden will announce a comprehensive set of executive actions to increase the economic security of military and veteran spouses, caregivers, and survivors.  Joined by First Lady Jill Biden, alongside service members, veterans, and their families, car...


There are almost 600,000 people currently serving in the military in a part-time status. They are your friends, neighbors and work colleagues.

Yet the Reserve Component has a higher un-employment and under-employment rate than the broader veteran population.

Many companies with veteran talent programs don't have a specific strategy to engage with and market to local Guard and Reserve members - and this is a missed opportunity, as they are widely available across the US.

The reason many companies don't have a strategy is either they aren't aware the Reserve Component is an option to include in an overall veteran talent strategy or they are aware the demographic exists but they have no idea how to connect and engage with this population.

Join us for our next Veteran Talent Consortium session where we deep dive into the resources that can help you connect with national guard and reservists and the "best in practice" support programs needed to meet the unique needs of this population.

Register at the Zoom link below

Lisa Rosser, CEO & Founder of The Value of a Veteran - The Changeup 02/13/2023

Thank you to Keith Hernandez for the wonderful interview he conducted with our founder Lisa Rosser on his small business podcast "The Changeup".

If anyone would like to learn more about Lisa's entrepreneurial journey from the military to founding this company (The Value Of a Veteran) please take a listen below (audio only ~38 minutes. Fast forward to minute 1:14 to start of interview)

Lisa Rosser, CEO & Founder of The Value of a Veteran - The Changeup This week's guest is the founder and CEO of The Value of a Veteran, Lisa Rosser. The Value of a Veteran is a women, veteran, and minority-owned small business that provides Human Resources consulting and training for organizations that are seeking...


Watch this recorded announcement of the speaker lineup and agenda for the 2023 Veteran Recruiting Conference, which is Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2023 in San Antonio, Texas.

The Veteran Recruiting Conference is the premier professional development event for talent acquisition, diversity and veteran recruiting program managers seeking leading practices in veteran recruitment and retention.

2023 is our 11th annual conference and promises to be our most exciting yet! Given the conference’s proximity to Joint Base San Antonio ("Military City USA"), we’ve added some exciting pre- and post-conference activities that will enhance employer engagement with the local population of military/veteran job seekers, including a career fair on March 2nd. Attend this livestream to learn more details about these pre/post events.

Visit and opt-in to receive updates about the conference.


Kicking off the 2022 Virginia Veterans and Military Affairs Conference in Richmond, Virginia this morning.

If any connections are here, I’d love to meet you in person during the breaks today. Look for the short redhead 👩🏻‍🦰 in the blue polka dot dress.


If you missed it, the replay of my interview with Anthony Paolino on leveraging workforce development programs to reskill / upskill diverse talent, including military veterans, is available (see link below). Workforce development programs are a great option to build robust talent pipelines by "growing your own talent".


For corporate Manager/VP level TA and Diversity practitioners
In the urgency to fill seats, are companies losing ground
on previous diversity gains?

Prior to 2020, many companies were already challenged to find diverse candidates.

In the last two years the pandemic + increasing talent gaps from the "Great Resignation" + a renewed commitment to DE&I have created a perfect storm of TA challenges.

During our March Executive Talent Forum, we will discuss these challenges and look for solutions and tactics.

DATE: Tuesday, March 15, 2022
TIME: 4:00 - 5:00 pm EDT

This online forum, hosted and moderated by The Value Of a Veteran, is for corporate Manager/VP level TA and Diversity practitioners. The event is free to attend and is by invitation only. Up to 4 members from one company may attend.

Non-attributed discussion points and ideas will be summarized and provided to attendees within 2 weeks, post-event.

Request your invitation here:

The Value Of a Veteran reserves the right to decline invitation requests from people/organizations that do not meet the criteria listed above.

You should sign up for this upcoming webinar: How to Develop a Veteran Recruiting Program. 11/19/2021

Are you new to recruiting veterans? Starting a program in 2022?

Join me for a 90-min free webinar on Wed Dec 1st where I'll be reviewing some best practices for building a veteran program that delivers results.

Session will be recorded, and you need to register to receive the recording link.

Register for the session at

You should sign up for this upcoming webinar: How to Develop a Veteran Recruiting Program. Companies with successful veteran recruitment programs know that it takes more effort than simply posting jobs on veteran job boards or attending veteran job fairs. It takes a strategy and a comprehensive plan that addresses culture, change management, attraction, recruitment, hiring and retention t...

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Military Spouses - Why NOW is the BEST Time To Add Them to Your Talent Strategy. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar. 04/20/2021

RECRUITERS/ TALENT ACQUISITION: Did you know there is one large, underutilized talent pool that is majority female, many with leadership and international experience? That group is military spouses.

And, now that most companies have accepted that work from home and flexible work arrangements are here to stay, the timing is PERFECT to focus on recruiting military spouses.

If you've never made the connection as to how hiring military spouses can contribute to the bottom line, we invite you to join us on Wed, May 5th for a free webinar to learn more about the military spouse population and why it should and how it can be incorporated into your overall talent strategy.

We will cover:

• How talent mobility and emerging women leaders trends dovetail with the military spouse population
• An overview of the military spouse population with demographics and statistics
• Milspouse experience and education
• How to align a milspouse program with your overall talent strategy
• Strategies for outreach to and attraction of military spouse candidates

This session will be recorded - register to receive recording link.

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Military Spouses - Why NOW is the BEST Time To Add Them to Your Talent Strategy. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar. Strategic talent mobility and attracting/hiring/grooming women leaders are increasingly focus for many HR leaders. Talent management strategies that include both are primed to enable business growth, improved financial performance and increased employee engagement. Did you know there is one large, u...


Our CEO, Lisa Rosser, is hosting a Veteran Recruiting Tips Open Q&A today on Clubhouse at 11:30 am EDT. Follow to join her room.

Need an invite? Lisa has a few to extend - must be an Apple device user. Message VOAV here on FB with your cell phone and we will send the invite via text.


Answering the question "how do you implement diversity initiatives and not alienate non-diverse populations, the discussion turned to communicating how "benefits cascade out, not up" and the example of curb cut outs for people who use wheelchairs. It was implemented to help wheelchair users more easily navigate their surroundings, but its benefit cascaded out to help stroller users, dolly users, etc.

Veterans ARE a diverse population: we are diverse in thought and experience, and our population includes 35%+ minority, 25%+ women, people with disabilities and LGBTQ. The cascading benefit to implementing veteran recruiting initiatives will serve so many other communities.


Skills based hiring: top trends includes digital skills (like cloud computing) and human skills (like collaboration, creativity, leadership, etc). Veterans excel at the human skills, no matter what their previous job title in the military. Veterans also have diversity of thought and life experiences.


"Screen in, not out" I've long advised my clients to look for reasons to INCLUDE veterans, not exclude them when screening candidates for open positions. Recruiters have long been trained to (too) quickly screen out job seekers, and the poorly translated military resumes often hold veterans back from being considered.


YES! Focus on skills rather than specific past job titles! More employers focusing on skills will improve veteran recruiting results rather than looking for specific job titles or specific past experience in the industry.


The new realization that many jobs can be performed from home and under flexible work arrangements will significantly improve the results for military spouses who need those arrangements to keep working while their service member serves his/her country. 95% of military spouses are women. It can also improve employment options for veterans with disabilities who may also need the same arrangements.


"Achieving diversity without a target is relying on hope" We need to hold managers responsible for achieving diversity targets. We hold them responsible for sales/revenue targets and other business metrics, and what gets measured, gets done. Why don't we take diversity metrics just as seriously?


Amen! Laura Long, Vice President, National Equity, Inclusion and Diversity at Kaiser Permanente, says in order to increase diversity, companies need to look beyond their top 10 schools for diverse candidates for internships and leadership development roles because your top 10 schools may not be diverse enough.


Companies with successful veteran recruitment programs know that it takes more effort than simply posting jobs on veteran job boards or attending veteran job fairs.

It takes a strategy and a comprehensive plan that addresses culture, change management, attraction, recruitment, hiring and retention to make an effective program.

During this 90-minute overview session I will review the building blocks of effective veteran recruitment & retention programs including:
• Business case development
• Stakeholder buy-in
• Skills analysis and alignment
• Recruiter and hiring manager training
• Marketing and outreach tactics
• Sourcing channels
• Onboarding and management

Join me on Wed Apr 14th and get your veteran recruiting questions answered! Session will be recorded, so sign up now to get the link to the recording after. Register here:

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