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Welcome! I’m Lindsey! I make custom home decor- specifically etched-glass & wood! Get in touch!✨

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 12/15/2022

Considering cancelling Teri’s order so I can keep this one for myself 😍

Jk, I would never do that! But I might have to make myself one of these, the wood grain is soooo beautiful and I love where the edges meet!

Ps. Thank you to everyone who came to OMNI last weekend, it was so fun! Definitely my fav craft show location! I will admit, I’m excited for after-Christmas-slow-season though 😅

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 11/28/2022

We got our first Christmas card in the mail today, so it’s officially the Holiday Season! 🎄

Don’t know where you’re going to display all your cards this year? My NEW PRODUCT might help ya out! 😉 Take a look and order yours now, I might throw in a copy of our holiday card with your order, to help you fill it up!


Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 11/14/2022

Ugh, that time of year again where you have to come up with something to gift the person who already has everything and needs nothing. I’m not even kidding when I say, I’VE GOT THE SOLUTION FOR YOU this year! This oil bottle set is fully customizable, looks so chic in any kitchen, and is most likely something they do not already have!

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 10/22/2022

Making my annual Mac Snaks tonight, anyone who orders a leash holder in the next 48 hours will get a free baggie of treats for your pup with it ❤️🐶

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 10/05/2022

So, I said like 3 months ago that I had an announcement, right? Well here it finally is: I‘M ENGAGED!!!! 💍 Be prepared to see alllll the wedding crafts! Since our entire wedding party has finally been asked, I can publicly show the first of the projects now! Yay!

So each of our groomsmen got his favorite liquor- etched with our wedding date, of course! a glass to go with the liquor, also custom etched, and a flask customized with his initials! I’m obsessed!


Getting excited for the next Bark market at OMNI Brewing Co. THIS SUNDAY! This was another custom order from the last sale, message me today if you’d like to order one of these, I might even be able to have it ready for pick up on Sunday! 🤩


You’ve seen my layered wood pet portraits, and you’ve seen my bottle openers, but what if they were COMBINED!? That’s right, another custom order comin atcha! Appa the corgi is one of the cutest models ever, I need to make more corgi merch!

I love doing Bark Markets at OMNI brewing (I don’t think I’ve ever seen SO MANY dogs in one place before!!), and speaking of, I’ve got another one scheduled for September 18- so I’ll see ya there! 😉

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 09/06/2022

Happy post-labor-day-weekend! Hope everyone enjoyed their extra day off!

I tried a new technique with this leash holder, I think it really paid off! Look how cute this one turned out!

Finally finished the custom orders from Bark Market, and the last pick up is scheduled! 🙌🏻 Ready to take on more! 😉 Shoot me a message!

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 09/01/2022

I love my lil side hustle! I get asked to make the coolest stuff! We had our 20th annual family reunion at the cabin, which we call Mudfest, and my aunt asked me to make a HUGE sign for it (2’x6’- yes FEET!) No context, she just wanted it to say Mudfest. So naturally, I went above and beyond, and incorporated all the best parts of the cabin. Rockets, tubing, baggo, the works. It turned out so awesome! And we had the best 20th year ever! 💕 (ps, I also made the cups 💁🏼‍♀️)

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 08/04/2022

So, if you didn’t know, I can also do acrylic signs and wood sign holders! These turned out SO DANG BEAUTIFUL and- with all the florals and the most beautiful couple- it was really an amazing day! Congratulations Steph & Kev!

I didn’t get a good photo of the bar signs (or really any photos- these are courtesy of The Hutton House! Thank you!!) except this horrible basement shot- so ignore the surroundings lol

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 07/27/2022

Wedding season is in full swing! I’ve got SO MANY custom orders that I need to post- I can’t wait to show you guys!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, I have so many options on my site! One of them being a NEW glass style- champagne glasses!! 🥂 This custom Mr. and Mrs. set turned out so cute!

Get in touch for all your wedding needs, I also do all types of signs, decor, etc (😏 previews and big announcement coming soon 😉)

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 07/22/2022

Ugh, all this page ever posts is dog butts 🙄

That’s right, another leash holder found a new home 💕🏡 Thanks for trusting me to make your client’s new home gift, Danielle! I hope she loves her little Chester-and-Truman replicas!

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 06/17/2022

Good morning friends!

Check out this set of PUP glasses (heh, get it? 😜)
These would be perfect for a Father’s Day gift, let me know if you need a set by Sunday! 🍻

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 06/10/2022

Hi, happy Friday!

Check out my new bandana holder! This is the perfect way to clean up that pile of bandanas in the closet next to your dog’s food! Wait, just me again? Oh. lol.

If you don’t have a dog, you could also clip photos on this cute lil piece! Can also customize it with a name or saying! It’s so versatile, I love it!

(Also, shout out to Missy Pup & Co for the conversation heart bandana! She has the cutest bandana options, def check out her shop! ❤️)


New product comin’ atcha!

Etched glass cookie jars! This one was a customer request, and I love how it came out so much that I’ll be offering these as a full time product!

What’s even cuter, the saying is a quote that grandma used to say! 🥹 I hope the recipient loved it, Samantha! ❤️


Are these watering cans not the cutest things you’ve ever seen?!? I am SO obsessed!

Perfect for propagating your plants, or as a single flower bud vase! And, I can add string, so it can hang up if you’d prefer! (Like, with a suction cup in your window? 😏)

Order yours today, I only have a limited quantity of these! ❤️ you don’t wanna miss them!


Some of you noticed the mosaic piece in my story yesterday, here’s a better look at it! Definitely making more of these, but for the time being, this one is SOLD!

I think these are my favorite things to make. Mostly because I kinda just cut pieces and fit them together until I like how they look, so every piece is one of a kind, and even I don’t know how they will turn out in the end! 😍


Hey friends, happy spring!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be a vendor at Maxx Bar & Grill in Ham Lake on May 22, and I would love to see you there! I’m going to have alllll the good stuff you know and love, along with a couple NEW things you haven’t seen before! I’m SO EXCITED! Come say hi!


If you’re still looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, I’ve got a couple hanging basket holders already made! These can be picked up anytime this week, and are perfect to pair with a basket of flowers (unfortunately the ones pictured do not come with them 😜)

The one in the middle is already claimed, but the light brown ones are waiting to find their for forever homes!

Message me, or visit the site to purchase yours! Don’t leave your mom HANGING! Hah, get it?


My moms birthday gift was a hit!

I’ve been eyeing those geometric mosaic pieces that everyone is making, and it just so happens that our cabin is an A-frame, so this was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at this style of art! I LOVED IT! So, shoot me a message if you need one for yourself! 😉

Huge shoutout to my friend Jeffrey from Kurkee for cutting the tree out for me! It literally pulls the whole piece together, thank you so much!!

Also immediately got asked for a second one to put outside, too. “This time, make it out of tile so it’s weather-proof!” Lol, we’ll see Steve 🙄😂 Stay tuned to find out if I can pull that off 😬


WOW we’ve been stocked in NORTH WOODS decor & more boutique for almost a FULL YEAR! That’s wild!

I’m so thankful for everyone who’s stopped in to check the place out and made a purchase or two! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I would highly recommend it! They have the cutest things from all local MN makers, and Erika and Dianne are the loveliest of owners! ❤️ May 7th is going to be so much fun!!! 🎉

We can't believe that we are coming up on our ONE year anniversary!!!! It has been such a fun year full of so many fun experiences and so many great people! We are blessed by all of the amazing people that have become a part of our world because of our shop!

Come celebrate with us on May 7th!!!! We will have some delicious foods, umm...ice cream and cupcakes!!!! Plus some great sales planned!!!

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 04/06/2022

Coupla new faces around here so lemme introduce my favorite little specialty product!

If you’re as obsessed with your dog as I am, let me make you the cutest leash holder ever- that’s right, it’s a replica of your pups badonk! Custom carved and painted, ready to hold your fav leashes! How freakin’ cute is that!? Get in touch today! ❤️


Forgot to post this cute lil Christmas gift- look how perfect this one turned out!

Get in touch for your WHISKEY GLASS needs, they’re now available in the shop 😉



Ok this is a bit late because it’s from Christmas, but look how cute this little picture frame turned out!

I love that it’s super easy to change out the photo, so it can be updated as lil man grows up ❤️

Fits a 4x6 photo without any trimming, and has a hanger or kickstand, so you can put it anywhere you want!

Daily Inspiration: Meet Lindsey Fletcher - Voyage Minnesota Magazine 02/10/2022

Oh My Gosh YOU GUYS!!


BRB, screaming 😱

Also, side note, I need some new photos with my products 😅 This one ain’t really cuttin it 😬

Daily Inspiration: Meet Lindsey Fletcher - Voyage Minnesota Magazine Today we’d like to introduce you to Lindsey Fletcher. Hi Lindsey, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story? Hey, I’m so excited to be here! I’m the owner of LF Design + Crafts, a home decor shop here in the Twin Cities. My main mediums are […]


I’ve had these red mug blanks for a while now, but I finally got around to etching one! Why did I wait so long!? 😍 (Ps, the inside is white! Love that two-tone detail!)

This one is available at NORTH WOODS decor & more this weekend, or you can reach out and I’ll make you a custom one with whatever design you like! Mugs are also available in Navy, Black, Gray, Orange, or even Mint! Cozy season is in full swing, make sure you’re prepared! ❤️

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 01/24/2022

Cute lil custom order for ya on this Monday afternoon 😉

This guy is 8 inches tall by 4 FEET LONG! I’m picturing it above a set of French doors- wouldn’t that be gorgeous!?

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 01/20/2022

Couple new designs available at North Woods this weekend, as well as a restock of some of the oldies! They’ve also got ONLY ONE of my toilet boxes, so go sn**ch it up before someone else gets it!

Friday 1/21 and Saturday 1/22, 10am-2pm

If you want one of these but can’t make it out to NORTH WOODS decor & more, feel free to shoot me a message, I’ll make one just for you! Shipping or local pickup in Crystal, MN available!

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 01/17/2022

Saturday was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who came out to OMNI to visit! 🥺

As promised, a couple new products were debuted! One of them being these WOOD PUP PORTRAITS! These are the first few I’ve done, but I can also do other breeds or customize them to look like your pet!

My dog was so tired when I took these pictures, he was not happy that I was forcing him to keep his eyes open for a second… So grumpy 😂

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 01/15/2022

Don’t forget to stop by OMNI brewery today to get your pup (or yourself) some goodies! Or maybe adopt another dog!? We’re here til 3! 😊

Can you spot the new products!? 👀 there’s a few that haven’t been posted here yet!

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 01/04/2022

This one was a bit of a different project for me. Mary asked me to restore this vintage sled she had, and I happily took on the challenge!

I carefully sanded the whole thing down to remove the varnish and rust. Then I restained the wood and carefully newspapered it off so I could spray paint the metal with a corrosion protector and sealer. Then the fun part- Mary said “it used to have stars but you can put whatever you want on it” so I got to come up with the design!! I went with a snowy scene so it could be up all winter, plus hey, it’s a sled! I finished it off with a couple coats of sealer, so hopefully it holds up to many many more Minnesota winters!

I can’t wait for Mary to see how it came out, and for this beauty to get back to adorning the quaint little porch it belongs on! Check out the before and after!


Another leash holder went out this morning, for the most adorable little baby golden retriever 🥲

I’ll be at OMNI Brewing Co. on January 15th for the Bark Market, so if you’d like one of these, get your order in NOW! 🙃

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 12/28/2021

Check out this cute vertical version of my porch sign!

This was a custom order- Amy had a skinny spot on the wall in her kitchen that she was trying to fill, and asked if my porch sign could be made vertical. The answer is of course it can! I’m always down for custom requests and I love trying out new ideas- so if you’ve got a unique idea that’s not featured on my page, shoot me a message!

I love how this turned out, and will probably start stocking this regularly now 😍 so thanks for the inspo, Amy!


More Christmas gifts that got picked up today: these cute customized water bottles! Y’all have done a good job of keeping me busy this holiday season, thank you for that! 💕

Still a few more I’m aiming to finish by Christmas day! Stay posted for those 😊

Photos from LF Design + Crafts's post 12/22/2021

Did you know that my baking dishes come with a lid and insulated carrying case!? Hopefully Andrea’s Grandma Sue loves her Xmas gift 💕

Let me know what you’d like on one of these baking dishes! I only have a few more left, so hurry and get your order in!

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