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We’re excited to announce our General Manager, Beth (right) has been selected as one of the Charleston Queen’s for the upcoming Mad Hatter Tea Party put together by Jenn Parezo (left)!
The event is hosted by Twenty Six Divine Tea Room + Private Events and is celebrating many incredible Charleston female business leaders.
We want to recognize all of the Charleston Queens for helping to pave the way in our community.
Abigail McClam of Lotus Healing Center
Johnny + Neka of Cocktail Bandits
Jen Caruso of Caruso Presentes e Decoração
Kelly Kleisner of MIRABELLE.baseshop
Teeny Morrison of The Vault On King
Torborg Davern of Toborg Davern Design
Randi Weinstein of FAB Workshop
Jill Schenzel of Semilla
Andrea Serrano of Charleston Shop Curator
Angel Holmes of Sipindipity
Andi Jahde of Jahde Leather Atelier
Kathy Paul of Studio 418
Tiffany Jackson of EcoHealth Wellness Center & Detox Spa
Ashana is the best massage I’ve ever had! Life changing! 5 out of 5!
Help us give a warm welcome to these new Certified Local business members who recently joined our Local family:

LOTUS Charleston, Code Martians, The Middleton Group, The Restored Board Design Co., The Nourished Principles, Trident Technical College

Browse our more than 550 business members through the online Local Business Directory and find a neighbor to support with your personal or business needs:

Will there be any NYE meditations or ceremonies at Lotus this year? I may be in town and really loved the workshops last year.
Cabin friends! LOTUS Charleston will be at the Cabin Saturday morning... Join us for Coffee & Crystals! Yum. See you then!
Eat here before traveling at the Charleston International Airport!
#CharlestonEats #CharlestonAirport #FairfieldCHS

Bertha's Kitchen, The CODfather, Proper Fish & Chips, Carribean Delight, The Junction Kitchen & Provisions, Sesame Burgers and Beer, LOTUS Charleston, EVO Pizzeria, park pizza co., Básico, Butter Tapas, Mixson Market, My Three Sons of Charleston Restaurant, Thai Palm, Pho No. 1, Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant, La Nortena Taqueria
It's Friday! A big day for travel, and we know you'll get hungry! Here are some of the best restaurants located near the Charleston International Airport!

Bertha's Restaurant, The CODfather, Proper Fish & Chips, Caribbean Delight, The Junction Kitchen & Provisions, Sesame Burgers and Beer, LOTUS Charleston, Lotus Vietnamese Cuisine, EVO Pizzeria, park pizza co., Básico, Mixson Market, My Three Sons, Thai Palm, Pho No. 1, Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant, La Norteña mexican grill
Our hotel is located conveniently near Charleston International Airport AND great food! Check out some of these great restaurants while traveling.

Bertha's Restaurant, The CODfather, Proper Fish & Chips, Caribbean Delight, The Junction Kitchen & Provisions, Sesame Burgers and Beer, LOTUS Charleston, EVO Pizzeria, park pizza co., Básico, Mixson Market, My Three Sons of Charleston Restaurant, Thai Palm, Pho No. 1, Phuong Vietnamese Restaurant, La Norteña mexican grill
Delite Dental, a NEW, MODERN, integrative HOLISTIC office in Summerville has a special promotion for the month of July! Call quickly to book your appointments! They will go quickly!

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LOTUS Healing Centre is a collaboration of holistic health practitioners unified by their mission to inspire, empower, and educate our community.

We offer holistic health care options including Massage Therapy, Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling, Five Element Acupuncture, Reiki + Crystal Bodywork, Arvigo Therapy, Herbal Medicine Consultation, Meditation, Sound Healing, Yoga Classes, Heart Math, + More

Operating as usual


For those attending and those interested in our Reiki Level One class this weekend,we have 2 seats left! We will be meeting Saturday 9-3 & Sunday 9-2 ✨

Come join us for some spiritual self-care in a wonderful, empowering environment.

Link in bio to register + details.


For those attending and those interested in our Reiki Level One class this weekend, we have some date changes! We will be meeting Saturday 9-3 & Sunday 9-2 ✨
Come join us for some spiritual self-care in a wonderful, empowering environment.

Link in bio to register + details.


“a call to four corners
To the direction of North
To the element of Earth
May you be guided toward truth.
To the direction of East
To the element of Air May you discover your wings.
To the direction of South
To the element of Fire May you rise and fall like dusk and dawn.

And, to the direction of West To the element of Water May you always find your way. Woman, be like water And find your way home.”

— The She Book v.2 by Tanya Markul


Reiki Level One is a guided exploration of universal energy lead by Abigail McClam, Lotus Founder + Energy Medicine Practitioner. No prior experience is required. This class is designed to help you  discover your own personal expression of internal knowing.

~ Please use the link in our bio to register for the course!


Happy St Patrick’s Day! Feeling lucky…. Book one our last few spots for the week! 843.724.9807. Online! Your body will thank you.
Friday Massage with Casey @rooted_resilience_ 11am to 2pm or Saturday at 1pm
Saturday Reiki/Human Design with Liz @crescentmoonapothecary at 12


Fire. Is it waking up within you? Did you know Fire is the element of the Spirit in many global spiritual perspectives. Curious to learn more?
We will be sharing with you Usui Reiki Level One… March 24,25,26 🧚‍♀️Link in Bio. Reiki Practitioners Abigail leads with Liz in a deep dive into the fire of Spirit for a powerful personal empowerment, self-care skill based, boundary centered, Usui Level One Reiki Course. Inquires? Let us know! We are happy to speak with you to see if this class is best for you.


How are you feeling? 💛
Come in this Saturday for some self-care, we have availability early morning to evening.
Book with our amazing massage therapist @rooted_resilience_ , or come in for some spiritual work with @crescentmoonapothecary for reiki, human design readings, yoni steam, an herbal medicine consultation, or a tea ceremony. Hope to see you soon!


Friday feel goods start at Lotus… 2 Reiki Appointment openings between 11:30-2pm open with Abigail #reiki #session DM or Call office for details!


Tea Ceremony… a wonderful holistic offering to join in this Spring. Ceremony is held in a one on one, as a plus one partner or gathering of 6 session in which we explore the origin story of tea, experience a hand selected tea for the season and enjoy a mindful stillness practice over tea. Curious? Give us a call 943-724-9807 or find out first hand by booking online. We look forward to tea with you! Ceremonies are lead by Abigail and Liz, 🧚‍♀️🍵


Spring is coming… can you feel her? No, not the time to push, rush, or detox. Yes, a powerful time to reflect and conserve as we move into the rise… what may this feeling show up as? The doing busyness. The anxious mind. The I can’t find my keys. Perhaps you know the experience. Need a hand? Lay down and enjoy a session with one of our incredible practitioners for a Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral, Cupping, Acupuncture session… Looking for a new perspective with a fresh lens to see with then Human Design or Herbal Consult is a great start. Not your cup of tea? Experience a tea ceremony with a friend or partner to slow down, learn tools for integrating stillness practice using tea in your daily life. By phone or book online. We look forward to supporting you this Spring. #support #health #holistichealth #massage #cupping #craniosacraltherapy #acupuncture


Homeopathy for Childhood is this Saturday! We have a few seats left so be sure to register with link in bio or reach out to @crescentmoonapothecary for additional details and questions!


Have you signed up for class this weekend? Don’t miss this informative workshop with @crescentmoonapothecary Liz! Questions? Shoot us a DM.


Lotus’s First Herbal Class of 2022! Liz Firestone owner of @crescentmoonapothecary Lotus’s resident clinical family herbalist will deep dive into Homeopathy for Childhood in this hands on learning experience Saturday 22nd registration link in bio


Happy New Year! (Wesley‘s face says it all). May 2022 be full of big smiles, long walks, great friendships, lots of adventures and naps, yes, naps. Cheers Charleston! #smile #cheers #newyear


#tuesday #life #mystery

Photos from Lotus Healing Center's post 12/02/2021

Let’s give a warm Welcome to Miwa Robbins! After a 6 month herbal intensive in NY living with her partner in the tiny house she built (!), Miwa returns to Charleston full of ideas, energy, and new knowledge.

Miwa will be weaving her herbal infused oils into her Holistic Therapy offerings at Lotus starting December 7th! Choose from Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Holistic Massage and Cupping Therapy - available for you in our online booking “book now” above.

Your health and wellness self care is a click away…. Miwa Robbins, LMT @flowstatehealing happy to have you back on the Lotus Team sharing your #magic #talent #professionalism #healingenergy #wisdom #lovingkindness #passion #newstudies with our Charleston community. #massagetherapist #herbalist


Deep restorative personal Healing takes dedication, time, and teamwork. It looks, feels, and takes all forms of care, energy/effort, and practice with patience. Who has your back in your healing journey can make all the difference…

At Lotus, it’s a pleasure and a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with you over our 10+ years on the corner of Spring/Ashley.

In the spirit of expansion into the 2022 new year ahead, we have several Big announcements taking shape with new offerings, return of practitioners + new practitioners joining our team (beginning December 6th). As always, we aspire to support you in your health and wellness goals with comprehensive + innovative holistic modalities. These diverse modalities are offered by incredible professionals. The Lotus team stand in solidarity with one another to offer their passions to our Charleston community.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s warm welcome and special scheduling opportunities! #growth #heal #learn #grow #massage #massagetherapy #bewell #movment #holistichealth


Sunday blessings… safe travels and well wishes to all! #rest #recharge #be #fullcup #bewell


We are closed till Saturday. See website for availability. Thank you! Wishing you all a happy holiday weekend. #thanksgiving #thankful #family #friends

Photos from Lotus Healing Center's post 11/20/2021

The best part of travel is adventures + new experiences along the way. Traditional Tea Ceremony with friends is _ favorite activity that fills my cup with inspiration. Liz + I are look forward to bringing home Art of Tea to Lotus in 2022! #tea #ceremony #meditation

Photos from Lotus Healing Center's post 11/19/2021

Wow what a class! Thank you all for a delightfully delicious and educational evening of Cacao + Ashwaganda! @wildcraft.chs Thank you for hosting this evening as well as providing access to these herbal medicines for our community! @crescentmoonapothecary @animamundiherbals #cacao #ashwagandha #chocolate #foodismedicine


Chocolate. Flores. Herbs. Cacao. Mmmm the making of a great herbal class! #chocolate #cacao #education #learn #heal #grow


Thank You @wildcraft.chs for sharing the @animamundiherbals and @urbanmoonshine inspiration found inside today’s Cacao + Ashwaganda Class’s Chocolates! More yummy photos to come… PS Lotus y Luna Chocolate Holiday Box Pre-Orders are BACK 12/1 ❤️

Photos from Lotus Healing Center's post 11/17/2021

Blue Bird (my truck) and I picked up the last load of fresh organic hand harvested Tulsi Basil from @wishboneheritagefarms today! Thank you Farmer David. It will go to great use… Liz of @crescentmoonapothecary + and I are Looking forward to crafting Winter Teas, Topicals + Tinctures to share at Lotus this Fall into the Winter Seasons. #plant #medicine #maker #heal #learn #grow


Hello Monday… May you be blessed with a peaceful unfurling into the week ahead. Have a beautiful day! #plants #morning #monday #awakening #heal #learn #grow


A gentle Friday afternoon reminder. Feel your feel on the ground. Be still. Breathe deep. Be in nature. Blessings abound. @thestorytellerco thank you for these wise medicine words. #breathe #bestill #behere #abundance


This little light of mine… let your light shine. A jump head first into November. Are you feeling the dip into Fall? Recharge your light with us! Sessions available this week for Massage, Cupping, and Reiki. Book Online.


Reiki Level One - Introduction to Energy Medicine weekend is coming up! Three spots left. DM for details. #reiki #energy #energyhealing #selfcare #class


A gentle reminder… 🦋 Stillness or Action. The conscious choice is yours. #fall #fullmoon


#monday #whereyouat #mindfulmoments #bethere #trust #beliveinyourself


Mmmm hand crafted artisanal chocolate with freshly made cacao nibs from toasted cacao beans, a touch of @animamundiherbals rose powder, corn flower petals, and a hint of cinnamon.

Did you know…. When you drink cacao, or consume 70% Cacao Chocolate you are taking care of your heart. Cacao is a “vasodilator”, which means that it relaxes blood vessels &, in turn, increases your blood flow by up to 30%! A biological reaction that clears stagnancy & delivers more vital nutrients to the brain and body into our tissues. A MUCH healthier Candy! Plus, “flavanols” in cacao are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, & anti-hypertensive, which supports our hearts against chronic diseases.

Cheers to healthiest & happiest hearts! 🫀 Learn more about cacao science… details to follow for Fall Cacao series in the Lotus Learning community! #chocolate #lotus #cacao

Our Story

LOTUS Healing Center is a collaboration of holistic health practitioners offering a multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness. Our offerings include Ayurveda Wellness Counseling, Holistic Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Women’s Holistic Health + Fertility, Cupping Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, and Mindfulness Education Programs.

The Lotus Team Mission is to inspire, empower, and educate individuals in mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Our vision is to cultivate a healthy, mindful, wholehearted community for future generations.

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Massage, Cupping, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Reiki, Herbal Medicine, Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage, CBD (salve/oil/tea), Rainforest Remedies tinctures, Various Mexican imports, Whole leaf tea, Books, Crystals, Smudging tools.



232 Ashley Avenue, Suite A
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Monday 8am - 6pm
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