Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

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Savor Nature
Savor Nature

I encourage and guide my clients down the path of a happy and healthy heart, mind, gut, and life.

My name is Laurlena and I am an ICF Certified Health and Life Coach who specializes in making every moment count. I integrate holistic wellness, spirituality, self-acceptance, and awareness in my approach to helping clients dive into the many layers of themselves, the Universe, and their surroundings. By doing this, my clients and I are able to find their reason for being and embrace their individual super powers that many of us seem to have lost or left behind.




You are strong.
You are brave.
You are happy.
You are worthy.
You are powerful.
You are power.
You are loved.


new beginnings ≠ fresh beginnings

fresh beginnings ≠ new beginnings

but they CAN exist at the same time


A gentle reminder for those that this may align with:

DO NOT manifest under this Solar Eclipse! YES, we have a New Moon and we know that our New Moons bring us the best opportunities for new beginnings, manifesting, and setting our intentions. LET THAT GO, this time. Instead use this amazing opportunity to do something we rarely have time (or even think) to do. Hold your energy. Do not give anything your energy - simply be - and see what/how things REALLY ARE without your energy added. Once you see how much your energy effects your experiences, you'll have more power than you've ever felt before, right at your fingertips. Who's for you and who's not? What's fun vs what's not? Do I love this job or does this job love me? Use this with any and every aspect of your life.

But remember - just be. Just notice. Pay attention. Don't take action. There is a time and place and right now, let time stand still. Watch what happens in the dark come into the light.


Flowers and good intentions go a long way.


For those struggling to find an appetite for whatever reason they may have

- Snack on a little something every time you feed your children and/or pets
- Anything is better than nothing, don't feel guilty for eating a chocolate chip cookie instead of a full meal
- Water, water, water (helps regulate appetites, eating cycles, and digestion)
- Every bite is energy
- "Just a bite" yourself until you're satisfied
- If you can, try eating something within or around an hour of waking up

We are kept in a perpetual state of fight/flight/freeze/fawn mode. It is not your fault that the world around you is effecting you. You are human. Treat yourself with kindness, patience, and an open-minded approach to situations within and around you. Take a deep breath and release that tension in your neck and shoulders. A sip of water might do us all some good, right now.


if you wait until you're thirsty to drink - you're already dehydrated


It's worth it.


Even on a bad day, my glass is always full.


When will you be done waiting?


What are the times you feel most tired or feel you get the most/best sleep? Day and/or Night.


Yes, certain things will "always be there", but why wait to act on something you can do right now?



"Breathing in, I know I am breathing in."

Allow your breath to take place.
Become aware of it and enjoy it.
The same thing is true with walking mindfully.
Every step you take is enjoyable.
Every step helps you to touch the wonders of life, in yourself and around you.
Every step is peace.
Every step is joy.
That is possible.

"Breathing in, I know I am breathing in."


What's your most common anger response?

1) Silence
2) Crying
3) Destruction
4) Walk Away
5) Shouting
6) Laughing
7) "Self Soothing"


Hard to go wrong with flowers and good intentions.


"If you feel stuck, look stupid."

Basically, if you're starting to feel like you're not progressing in an area in your life, or you simply feel "stuck" - go do something new. Don't let the fear of looking "stupid", ignorant, or "green" hold you back, anymore.


Waste time this year.

Take the scenic route.
Sip your coffee.
Dance in the rain.
Have a conversation with a stranger.
Take a picture.
Entertain a child.
Start a puzzle.
Relax in the shower.
Laugh with someone new.
Write on a napkin.
Cook a new meal.
Stand barefoot in the grass.
Eat with your hands.
Follow a butterfly.


How many of us have stress in our daily lives?

I'm assuming the answer is, "me! me! me!" Because the truth is, we all do. Stress levels may be lower one day than the other, but the hard fact is, in today's society, stress is one of the few things guaranteed to us.

What if I told you that you could USE that stress to improve your life?

In 2 steps you can take everyday stress and use it as an opportunity to transform that negativity into fuel for a better you.

First, you want to acknowledge the presence of stress. Often times we rush events and occurrences in our lives and are unable to comprehend, accept, or even appreciate what's happening. This causes us to lose sight of what is happening in the now, for something that may or may not occur in the future. By not allowing ourselves to feel what is currently happening, we take away space in the future for happiness, positivity, and peace to be taken up, again, by what we are feeling or experiencing in the now, that we want to avoid. Allowing it to reoccur, typically, in the negative manner.

I'm not saying to wallow - I'm saying to pinpoint the stress, accept it, and release it. Make room for more positive feelings in the long-term sense.

Second - UTILIZE THE POWER OF WORDS. What we tell ourselves, programs us. "Bad things always happen to me. " So they do. "No matter what I do I remain stuck." So you do. "I can't stop eating this stuff even though I know it's doing nothing for me." So you continue. Reframe these sentences and suddenly, it's like magick. "Bad things have been happening to me, but I will notice/accept the good despite what may happen." Suddenly, the bad things that you felt where holding you back, are just higher steps in the stairway to success. You stretch a little higher, but you don't stop. Whereas before it felt like you couldn't even see or reach the next step.

Replace "want" with "will".
"I want to do better." No. "I WILL do better."
"I want to eat healthy." Becomes "I WILL eat healthy."
"I want to feel happiness." Is now " I WILL feel happiness."

You are the captain of your life - so take charge. Be the version of you that you KNOW you can be.

The more stress you feel in your life is the more opportunity you have to transform that into genuine self-love and self-acknowledgement. This doesn't mean ignore your faults or the problems in your life. No - this means face situations, face yourself head on and conquer.

You can do it. You WILL do it.

"I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions." [Stephen Covey]

💌 Email Laurlena at [email protected] to take charge and feel in control, again.


As many of us know, the "average" amount of water that we should consume, daily, is about 8 cups. Each cup consists of 8 ounces, which is where the 8x8 rule came from. But where does the extra "8" fit in? That's part of the "Stay Tuned Way". The additional "8" represents part of what some may know as "The 8 Second Rule". This rule was designed by Laurlena Evans to help people struggling to drink more water to find a fun way to do so! Every time you pick up a glass or bottle of water, drink for 8 seconds. For some, especially beginners, this will allow you to drink half a cup of water, easily. Those who have been doing it for a while, may notice they are able to drink an entire 8 ounces in those 8 seconds. Make drinking water fun - and remember to always trust your body when trying new things! Create a game out of getting hydrated and see how easy it is to follow the "8x8x8 Rule"!

Happy Hydrating! 💦

{It is believed that the original "8x8" water intake rule originates from Nutritionist Dr. Fredrick J. Stare.}

✨ It should be noted that some of us may need more (or even less) water, daily, based on many outside factors such as, but not limited to: exercise, medication, age, other foods/drinks consumed throughout the day (rule of thumb is 1 cup of water per every caffeinated drink/snack), environment, temperature, health, pregnancy, and the individuals height/weight.

For more information on finding out how much water may benefit you, contact Certified Health and Life Coach, Laurlena Evans @ [email protected]!

As always - Stay Tuned~!


After noticing some common themes in a few of my clients, I thought to "spill the beans" on something I have been working on for quite some time, now. When it comes to tough situations (or maybe even everyday occurrences)... Are you naive, lazy, or scared?

What do these three things have in common? Well, let's take a quick look at the basic definition for each.

Naive: ready to believe someone/something, or to trust that someone's intentions are good. Typically due to lack of experience (or lack of acceptance - which leads us into "Denial": the unwillingness to accept that something, typically unpleasant, is true).

Lazy: not willing/wanting to work, use, or put forth effort in doing something. (Laziness often comes from a neurotic form of fear in our flight, fight, freeze, or fawn responses, by representing itself in freeze-mode.)

Scared: feeling frightened or worried; a state of fear, panic, or nervousness. (Once again, we step into the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn responses that are released from our fears, stress, anxiety, trauma, etc.)

When it comes to seeing or accepting something, always feel confident enough to ask yourself if you are seeing the whole picture or if you're unable or unwilling to do so because, perhaps, you are being naive. Or are you being lazy about it? Scared, even? Maybe none of these apply - but it doesn't hurt to know.

I've created a simple exercise to look deep into yourself and ask: "Am I naive?" "Am I in denial?" "Am I too lazy?" "Am I scared?"

In order to, truly, dive deeper into this, we must first understand what "naive cynicism" is. This is the belief that the individual, in question, expects other peoples' judgement will constantly be motivated by their own self-interest and that others will always view themselves in the most flattering light available. These beliefs are held while believing that one's own judgements and motivations are beyond questions or suspicions. (This POV should be tempered by the knowledge that there are other unselfish people who are motivated by the interest of others rather than their own, and not everyone is an egoist who believes in their own perfection.)

So... Take a deep breath in through your nose for 5 seconds. Hold it for 3. Now slowly release that breath, through your mouth, over the next 7 seconds.

The example we are using for today's question of "Am I naive? Am I in denial? Am I lazy? Am I scared?" has to do with our partners (past or present). The reason I chose this example is due to the influx of clients I've had that seem to share such a thought.

EX: "Is my partner seeing or talking to someone else behind my back?" All of the signs could be there, but you're telling yourself "no". Why is that? (Now remember, the signs/the evidence is there.)
- Are you naive and feel that this person would never do that? Blindly trusting them, even when evidence presents itself? "I trust them over this/you."
- Are you in denial that your partner would or could ever do this to you, in the first place? "They would never!" or "I wouldn't care if they were." (Even though it breaks the boundaries the two of you decided on in the beginning. This can, also, fall into fear of abandonment.)
- Are you too lazy to go through the motions and emotions that would come with finding and accepting this information? Is it easier to just "let it be/let things be" and hope it all works out? "Things are difficult, right now. Once things settle down, it'll all work out. It'll all be okay."
- Are you scared, maybe? About what you may find or be assured of? That you might be right about something you were hoping was just an itch, but nothing real or serious? "What will/would I do next?" "How will I handle that, if it's true and not just my imagination, speculations, or fears?"

The truth is - we all have a little bit of each of these categories in our lives. Self-awareness is our biggest key to unlocking our full potential.

If you're interested in finding more out about where your fears may be lying (fight, flight, freeze, or fawn), reach out to me here on Facebook, or my email @ [email protected]. My inbox is always open.

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