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Clearview MRI
Clearview MRI

Intimate Botanical Experiences for Intentional living. SuperiorNourishment. Experience a Botanical Our products are PURE, they contain NO water or fillers.

We’re dedicated to hand crafting: small batches of luxurious, organic, #RAW SKIN CARE. Including body butters, lip balms, skin salves, beauty balms, scrubs and more to aide in REVIVING and NOURISHING your skin. Every ingredient is carefully chosen and accompanied with INTENTION. Made with ingredients that are ALIVE like, cold pressed oils and unrefined butters to assist in maintaining your’ epider


Hello! 💜 unfornuately due to childcare I won’t be able to attend the market tomorrow..one of my biggest struggles but now I get to watch my son play basketball! I’m sorry!

💘 shop online 24/7 💘



We are so excited for this Pop Up market this Saturday! In south Austin Texas. Many new sparkly things and we are fully stocked on lip balm 😘

At long last, it’s time for our annual LOVE YOURSELF FIRST Valentine’s Market! This Saturday 2/10 from 12-4pm🎀We’re hosting another dreamy crew of local creators with oodles of amazing gifts to pamper yourself and your cherished ones! ✨🌿🌵🌴🌸👼We’ll be restocking the greenhouse with more heart-shaped plants, pink succulents, heavenly houseplants and some incredible 🤗 Plus our super cute gift shop has a massive haul of fresh crystals, new & vintage treasures, and as always, more rad stuff!🧉☕️We’ve got, [rad af plastic-free ICED TEAS] + [Season of the Witch blend] + valentine’s snacks + some libations for the 21+ crowd! 😉 As always, we’re creating custom arrangement magic on the spot for y’all!🪴


🌸—- .pokes [super cute HANDPOKE TATTOOS ooohwee!]🌸
🫶—- [transcendental tarot & oracle readings]🫶
🌈—- [fantastical nerikomi ceramics in all the colors]🌈
🤘—- [radical handprinted clothing + totes + art]🤘
🌼—- [I found this for you, curated vintage home decor & clothing ]🌼
💎—- [modern gemstone jewelry inspired by the metaphysical healing powers of crystals]💎
💝—- [handpainted dark chocolate truffles infused with tea & love]💝
🕯️—- [cosmic candles + vintage lifestyle & decor]🕯️
🏺—- [unique vintage finds for your home]🏺
🪴—- [brilliantly-hued cement planters]🪴
👄—- [lip nectar honey lip balm, it’s the bees knees y’all]🫦
💘—- [forever flowers & plant trellises & pot charms]💘
🌹—- [reimagined tarot artwork]🌹
🍄—- .studio [stunning pop art stained glass]🍄
🌵—- [energy cleansing to help you bloom & cord-cutting]🌵
🎂—- [super fun clay earrings & croc charms & fake cake!]🎂
❤️‍🩹—- [reiki healing]❤️‍🩹
🌻—- [pressed floral jewelry]🌻
✨🌿🌵Keep an eye on our instagram stories for more vendor highlights & Valentine’s Events🌵🌿✨
See y’all real soon!


Idk why it took me so long to understand this (I’m 31 lol) but if you feel resistance in your life from the people around you (might be co workers, friends, family..) just because you are growing and evolving, trying to become a better you for YOU, you may get hated on, gossiped about, criticized, or even demonized, there’s literally nothing wrong with you…All of that is to be expected (and it means you’re doing something aligned)… society’s perceptions of you is a reflection (we are mirrors🪞) of the lack of courage to be authentic and grow within theirself…keep going. Keep growing no matter how small or minuscule it may seem to others.. stay glowing. This world needs your magic✨🌠Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is on the other side of this resistance. Don’t stop for anyone…I hope you have great start to your Monday! 💋


💎💎💎this Thursday in Austin Texas 💫

✨ The ultimate Girls Night out⁠

5.4 Girls Night with and women-owned vendor market with .shop .sylva.art⁠


🥳SHARE THIS REEL WITH UR BESTIE 👯‍♀️Celebrate my dirty 30 & 3 year anniversary by giving you 30% off of ALL LIP NECTARS for 30 hours only!!

🥳I rarely give discounts so stock up or try something new!! Use code “DIRTYFB30” at checkout to redeem this celebratory discount!!

Thank you for sharing you’re favorite lip balm with everyone.
I appreciate you!
I love you!

-Vanessa De La Cruz
Flower & Bee Synergy
Holistic Lifestyle + Beauty + Wellness

Shop link in bio or explore at FLOWERANDBEESYNERGY.com

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️READ OUR FIVE STAR REVIEWS 🫶🏽 Product is tagged.

🍯What’s Lip Nectar? 3-in-1 lip treatment designed to soften + refine + repair all lip types. May be worn on top of lip liner/lipstick or to prep lips for makeup application! Read our 5 stars reviews online 🍯💋

🍯Lip Nectar available for purchase link in bio/ product is tagged 🫶🏽or visit flowerandbeesynergy.com to try b4 u buy a full size!


🌱While ur at it lay down on the grass. Maybe you’re listening to ur kids play (or argue 🤣🫶🏽). Maybe ur holding hands with a beloved friend or partner. Maybe ur crying…

💓Rose Quartz acts as the physical reminder that nature holds u down during all seasons. 🌬 an undeniable energy exchange ♻️ do u feel it?


🍯 Pouty Lip Look 💋 I feel like I’m living my bratz doll dreams with this look!

💋In the video she used one lip liner but I recommend using two lip liners to get more dimension! I go for a nudey brown & nudey pink! She over line the Cupid bow only and traces her bottom lip. For more dimension & subtle sparkle In the center I always add a shimmer lipstick and always, always top with moisturizing Lip Nectar, it helps to blend everything & adds a beautiful dewyness to the lips that you see in the video!

🫶🏽What do you think? 💋

Products used: Lip Liners by in foolish & honeymoon

Shimmer lipstick by (it was go to)

Lip Nectar (Rose Honey Balm) to seal /blend products & to add a dewy shine for the summer!

Lip Nectar available for purchase in the link in bio / product is tagged in video!

Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 07/04/2022

💘I know one thing that’s for certain, no gov will ever convince me to hate nor discriminate you for not aligning with my lifestyle. 💋🫶🏽

Do not allow these fools to rob u of your joy. 🥰it’s all love…. until you f**k around & find out 😘 Happy 4th! Live responsibly 💥🫶🏽


🐝🕯Lil reel of a custom beeswax candle I created for .mama.bev This candle weighs just over 1lb. That’s 1 pound of yellow unrefined beeswax!😱 I estimate this beauty will burn around 70 hours if cared for properly!

🐝Fun facts: Our beeswax candles are made with beeswax sourced from small apiaries and a touch of organic coconut oil prevents tunneling. Our h**p wicks are one of the cleanest in the market. No mystery ingredients here!

❗️❗️Trim your beeswax candles! Fire safety 1st!!!- never burn wicks with caked up soot!! Always trim wicks to 1/4” . * beeswax candles require care, if you do not want to do this then beeswax candles are not for you.

💌Dm me, comment, email for more info our custom candles!

I tagged the candles that are always available for purchase online! 🙂 need a larger size? Or multiples? Then u need a Custom order! Please message me.
A delight to make these candles, always!
Xoxo, Vanessa

**p **pwick *t


Sensitive Skin Lip Nectar is formulated to be used from head-to-toe! High performance formula & gentle on rashes.

Shop Lip Nectar (Sensitive Skin Honey Balm) now https://www.flowerandbeesynergy.com/collections/lip-nectar/products/pure-lip-nectar-all-over-a-botanical-honey-balm


🚀Ready to blast off & delight in honeyed lip balm? 👀 🍯Link in bio to experience the healing magic that is Lip Nectar. 📲


Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 04/09/2022

🏆Go for the gold🌟Mother Nature approves 😉🐝

🥳New packaging feels like a brick of gold, maybe a portal, window, or a door- whatever your eye sees consider this your invitation to heal.. 🍯👄

🏆Which honey balm formula are you currently obsessed with?

3 formulas 2 finishes find your Lip Nectar (Honey Balm) at FLOWERANDBEESYNERGY.com


Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 04/08/2022

💗Friday vibe check ~ Which one are you? 💗 Lip Nectar is tagged on each photo!

🛍Tinted Lip Nectar (Ruby Honey Balm) IN STOCK NOW. Link in my bio to snag yours!

🍯🍯3 formulas 2 finishes! Find your honey balm online FLOWERANDBEESYNERGY.com ❣️

Happy Friday! I had a fun time creating these :) all body sprays from my child hood LOL the Britney spears one is my fav! Who remembers that scent??!! It reminds me so much of our rose honey balm formula! 🔥

Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 04/06/2022

🍯🍯You’re favorite local lip balm formulated & hand poured here in Austin, Texas. Slide for some honey FACTS 💯 😘

🍯Lip Nectar (Honey Balm) available in 3 moisture rich formulas:

🌹Lip Nectar ( Rose Honey Balm) -
The original Honey Balm & best-seller . Leaves a softening dewy finish formulated for normal/dry lips.

🧁Lip Nectar (Sensitive Skin Honey Balm)-
Formulated with sensitive skin in mind. May be applied from head to toe.

💄Tinted Lip Nectar (Ruby Honey Balm)-
Formulated with an extra softening shine & sheer ruby tint. Gorgeous on all beautiful people.

Grab your formula at the link in our bio or shop the tagged products!

Tinted Lip Nectar (Ruby Honey Balm) RESTOCK IS FRIDAY 4/8/22


Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 03/10/2022

💞Stop worrying about if it’s “right” & begin following your intuition! Swipe for Thursday thread 😘

💖You’re invited to l explore Lifestyle + Beauty + Wellness at FLOWERANDBEESYNERGY.com

Thank you. I appreciate you. I love you!


Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 03/09/2022

💞Thank you for subscribing and purchasing anything from my online shop. I love the notes you leave me at check out 🥰 I appreciate your company in this digital space. I love the ability you have to honor your feelings and do what feels right to you. ⭐️ I am eternally grateful for everyone who has shouted me out, said my name in a room full of people or sent me good vibes along my journey! 👁I see you! This post is for you. Thank you for being part of my growth both spiritually & financially. Everything I’ve ever received I send it back to you ten fold! 💖⭐️



🐇elevate you’re everyday rituals at FLOWERANDBEESYNERGY.com 😘


Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 03/03/2022

🙃If you don’t like it don’t f**king look. 👁⚔️

🌈 Moods for the month of March ➡️💗👁⚔️💘😋🥰🤯😭😽👅🫀🧠🗣

Attn: Ruby Honey Balm restock March 7 💘

*t #444 .

Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 03/02/2022

💗Labor of love a series of nutrient dense foods tested by me and my family. 💗

🙏🏽Use this herbal bone broth as the soup base for your next dish! The flavors in this bone broth are subtle yet flavorful and play well with various cuisines. Take this recipe and add other herbs and spices to create the soup of your dreams!

❤️‍🔥I suggest adding one cinnamon stick & two cloves to create a dish inspired by Vietnamese cuisine. Add your toppings and nourish those cells!! 🧠⚡️

😋I am going to try making a homemade menudo with this base & a mushroom soup!! Stay tuned for those recipes 😌

Eat more real food! Make it with love! Here’s nutrient dense food we love!

🥰Tag me if you make it 🥰


Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 03/02/2022

❤️‍🔥The fact that my brother asked me to care for my kids so I could enjoy a “random” Wednesday night out (today) AND my revised lip balm cartons for Lip Nectar have been delivered THE SAME DAY is PURE MANIFESTATION. IT’S SOUL HEALING!!!

📸Familiarize yourself with Lip Nectar (Honey Balm). Read those ingredients baby 🔥🔥👄
🍯Swipe left for a little teaser💄 😘 I LIVE for these synergies. 💞

💗From this day forward, all Lip Nectars will be housed in this delicious carton. 🍯


🌎It means it’s glyphosate free (a known toxin)
🌎It means the farmers are in a less toxic work environment & work space
🌎It means LESS pollution in our water supply, air , soil & body!
🌎It means the company has set their STANDARD above the governments!
🌎It means SAFER ingredients
🌎It means it’s a VOTE for a truly better world

⚡️This synergy will raise your vibration!

❤️Flower & Bee Synergy consciously curated essentials.
Lip Nectar (Honey Balm)
🍯Refine + soften + Repair 💞


💄That feeling you get when you apply Lip Nectar 🥰 ⬇️

💋Pro Tip: Grab your favorite lip liner & define your lips. Apply Ruby Honey Balm from out Lip Nectar line , it’s tinted! It adds a yummy shine & subtle tint of color. You can play up the color for your skin tone with lip liner 😘

💄Ruby Honey Balm tagged- samples available :) all samples recieve free shipping!

Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 02/22/2022


✨22222 selfie with this beautiful bee creature- I LOVE YOU! I see you 😘

🐝Every time I open my doors BEES come rushing in to greet us. What a pleasure 😊😊

❤️ Their vibration = meditation


Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 02/21/2022

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Rose Honey Balm from our Lip Nectar line- review ✨✨

Listen, I’ve only added pure Organic Vanilla Extract nothing else has changed in this formula. I DO NOT use mere “vanilla flavor”/“organic flavor” like most companies do for a few reasons... The first being every ingredient I select with an intention to perform. I won’t just add ingredients to enhance scent, that’s NOT how I formulate. Secondly, extraction methods are my love language! If you’re curious if a product you’re using topically on your body/face is TRULY clean or not, you’ll find that info when you dig a little deeper & research extraction methods. For example, all “organic vanilla extracts” are not created equal!

👄I select high quality organic vanilla extract that’s extracted with Co2. It allows a beautiful composition of vanilla & most importantly, it’s clean from contaminants!. In our Organic Vanilla Extract your skin receives all the healing codes & benefits this plant has to offer!

💡Fun fact: a TRUE vanilla extract (no matter extraction method) will ALWAYS ALWAYS deepen & expand aroma as it ages!

💡💡Another fun fact: there’s no such thing as “vanilla essential oil” 😝🙃I said what I said!!

💡💡💡last fun fact: we source our organic vanilla extract from a small supplier!! They bottle our oils in miron glass too to help protect and extend the shelf life! It also keeps the plants vibration pulsating perfectly!! Go look up miron glass it’s fabulous!!!

😘Nature made it all. I just listen & formulate!

Photos from Flower & Bee Synergy's post 02/21/2022

⭐️Chance: “Let’s pretend we’re climbing a mountain brother. Hey, Mom! Take a pic!”

Me: 📸⭐️⭐️🌲


💗For truth seekers, intuitive healers, mothers, & all the gorgeous humans who have high standards. 🖤 We’re different 😘

🎁Experience high vibrations:

✅Minimally-processed ingredients
✅We support small biz suppliers
✅ Unadulterated Beeswax from small apiaries
✅Made with nature made ingredients
✅Safe products for your whole family

💗Tap to learn more about what I offer or explore 🐇Flowerandbeesynergy.com for all the beautiful things!

**p *t


🫖Mom things 💞🥰 this was taken a couple days ago. Closet I can get them to have a tea party with me is take them for dragon fruit lemonade 🤣 one day…🫖

P.s stay away from red synthetic/artificial dyes (All colors) they are in a lot of kids fruit drinks and treats…they add it to bring color back into the drink/food. Artificial dyes heavily processed & the color is not worth the risk! Red dye is linked to carcinogens + it’s banned in other counties- it’s that toxic!! Read the ingredients label and check if it’s in your kids food/drink!


👁Let them witness a divine creation 😘🍯✨✨✨

Meme found on

💗Lifestyle + Beauty + Wellness
Flower & Bee Synergy


💗 Sporty Spice Vibes Valentine Edition💘

❤️I don’t usually gravitate towards red but this top called me!

🤳🏽A beautiful hot mess vibe yesterday & everday💘

❤️❤️I LOVE YOU! Have a wonder-full Tuesday ❤️❤️❤️❤️

🗣Mantra of the day: Take up space!!

💘Lifestyle + Beauty + Wellness

Want your business to be the top-listed Health & Beauty Business in Austin?
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Lifestyle & Beauty

Lifestyle & Beauty- a communion of living intentionally and adorning your body and space with pure botanical essences. Intimacy is organically rooted in an intentional lifestyle and essential to our well-being. This communion is a part of every collection; every piece made as a reminder to anoint and reclaim ones-self. You are uniquely and intentionally made and so are our pieces. We hope you indulge in our intimate botanical experiences.

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🥳SHARE THIS REEL WITH UR BESTIE 👯‍♀️Celebrate my dirty 30 & 3 year anniversary by giving you 30% off of ALL LIP NECTARS ...
🌱While ur at it lay down on the grass. Maybe you’re listening to ur kids play (or argue 🤣🫶🏽). Maybe ur holding hands wit...
💋I feel like I’m living my bratz doll dreams with this look!
🐝🕯Lil reel of a custom beeswax candle I created for @dr.mama.bev This candle weighs just over 1lb. That’s 1 pound of yel...
Sensitive Skin Lip Nectar is formulated to be used from head-to-toe! High performance formula & gentle on rashes. Shop L...
🚀Ready to blast off & delight in honeyed lip balm? 👀 🍯Link in bio to experience the healing magic that is Lip Nectar. 📲#...
💖SOURCE💖Is PURE PERFECTION 👁🐇elevate you’re everyday rituals at FLOWERANDBEESYNERGY.com 😘#madewithlove #soulgrowth #soul...
🌎It means it’s glyphosate free (a known toxin)🌎It means the farmers are in a less toxic work environment & work space 🌎I...
💄That feeling you get when you apply Lip Nectar 🥰 ⬇️💋Pro Tip: Grab your favorite lip liner & define your lips. Apply Rub...
🫖Mom things 💞🥰 this was taken a couple days ago. Closet I can get them to have a tea party with me is take them for drag...
💗 Sporty Spice Vibes Valentine Edition💘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️I don’t usually gravitate towards red but this top called me!🤳🏽A beautifu...
💘Which lover are you? ⬇️🌹SELF CARE LOVER~ Has their morning routine down to perfection, takes self out to coffee dates &...


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