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Be on the lookout for a new podcast on…drum roll please…MENOPAUSE! Dr Stewart shares ways to gracefully go through it!

Telomeres: What They Are and Why We Need To Pay Attention | Coffee With Dr. Stewart 02/21/2023

New episode with Dr. Stewart!  Listen as he explains why we should take care of our telomeres and what it could mean to our health in the future.

Telomeres: What They Are and Why We Need To Pay Attention | Coffee With Dr. Stewart Sponsored By NBX Wellness.com In this episode we discuss with Dr. Stewart: What are telomeres and why are they important? How can a provider determine our chronological age vs our cellular age through DNA testing via a simple cheek swab. When someone should pay attention to the length of your telome...

Coffee With Dr. Stewart | a podcast by kara@nbxwellness.com 02/09/2023

2 new episodes coming soon on Telomeres and Aging Gracefully During Menopause. Catch up
on past episodes now !

Coffee With Dr. Stewart | a podcast by [email protected] Dr. Stewart is a Neurotologist (Skull Base Surgeon) and Genomic expert. He has treated thousands of patients from all over the world who suffer from genetic and neuro-immune syndromes.

The Teenage Girl Brain: Hormones, Challenges w/ PMS & How To Help Them During The Teen Years 12/28/2022

Let’s help our teenage girls if needed through this difficult time. Listen to Dr. Stewart’s guidance.

The Teenage Girl Brain: Hormones, Challenges w/ PMS & How To Help Them During The Teen Years What is actually going on with young girls and teen girls before, during and after puberty. We discuss with Dr. Stewart the following: Why girls are developing earlier these days and why is that more common. Dr. Stewart discusses what POTS and PCOS is a...

The Teenage Girl Brain: Hormones, Challenges w/ PMS & How To Help Them During The Teen Years. 11/08/2022

New podcast episode with Dr. Stewart! LISTEN NOW and learn about the teenage girl brain and how we can support them during this time! and

The Teenage Girl Brain: Hormones, Challenges w/ PMS & How To Help Them During The Teen Years.

Increase In Mental Health Issues & What Is Going On Post Pandemic 07/22/2022

New episode with Dr. Kendal Stewart! PTSD from our world today is real but find out who
might be more likely to suffer from mental illness.


Increase In Mental Health Issues & What Is Going On Post Pandemic


Are you aware of what inflammation can truly bring to your body? As common and normal as it may sound, it plays a big role in keeping the body in good shape. A simple knee injury or back injury can affect your entire body not just an area where the injury occurred.

Listen and learn with Dr. Stewart as he discusses the causes of inflammation, why it can be detrimental to your health and overcoming inflammation with nutrition.

Catch this at https://bit.ly/38bzlNZ


Stress kills! Research reveals it's one of the key contributing factors to the six most common causes of mortality. In another episode with Dr. Stewart, we will discuss physical and emotional stress. He will also give us advice on how to cope-up with stress through nutrition.

Listen to the full episode at https://bit.ly/3Qs7Fps


For years, scientists have claimed that puberty alters not only your body but also your brain. This is because puberty causes hormonal changes that relate to brain cells and affect how the brain learns, grows, and reacts. Such changes are beneficial since they prepare the brain for new types of learning. On the contrary, interacting with a teenage boy can be challenging at times.

Dr. Stewart explains what's going on physically, emotionally, and biochemically with a male teen. He also gives us genetic insight into why your teen might be different from others, as well as what to look for. We will also talk about the nutritional and dietary needs of developing males.

Listen to the full episode at https://bit.ly/3mS5xK2

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Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


Worried about international flu strains and how to protect your family?
The flu can be detrimental and what can you do to recover or prevent from getting the flu can be life saving. Dr. Stewart shares with the audience on how to know the difference between allergies, a cold and the flu and offers his expertise on how to get better through nutritional support and key lifestyle recommendations.

Knowing the status of your immune system before flu season can be a big help and genetic testing can provide insight into what a child needs to optimize their immune system naturally.

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In this episode we discuss with Dr. Stewart the subject of modern day and different types of viruses. He goes over the mechanics of how a virus develops and spreads. He teaches us how we can protect ourselves and how the different types of viruses (DNA or RNA) are the ones to worry about and why it is so difficult to create a vaccine due to the mutation of the viruses genome. We discuss the Corona Virus, SARS, and other viruses from the past and present and why quarantine is needed and if a mask will protect you and if having nutrigenomic testing can help you prepare.

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Part 2: Mitochondria - Why Are We So Tired? 04/28/2022

In episode 11 we continue discussing the importance mitochondria have on the brain and body and how weak mitochondria can affect our energy levels.

The following topics are discussed:
-Genetic mutations in the mitochondria pathway (ATP5C1, COX5A, COX6C, NDUFS7, UQCRC2)
-Why mutations in the mitochondrial respiratory chain complex may cause health issues
-How should a practitioner correlate different genetic biomarkers to help a person
-Nutritional support for the mitochondria and why
-How to know if you are affected by a mitochondria weakness
-Without genetic testing how does someone know they may have mitochondrial issues
-Why are the nutrients PQQ and NADH so key in supporting the mitochondria
-Overview of Neurobiologix new formula Mito Cell PQQ

Listen now!


Part 2: Mitochondria - Why Are We So Tired? In episode 11 we continue discussing the importance mitochondria have on the brain and body and how weak mitochondria can affect our energy levels. The following topics are discussed: Genetic mutations in the mitochondria pathway (ATP5C1, COX5A, COX6C, N...


WHY HORMONE ARE KEY TO YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH! In this episode we discuss with Dr. Stewart hormones, in particular women's hormones, and how maintaining good levels during these stressful times can protect your immune system and fight off viruses of the known and unknown. He discusses what a cytokine storm is in easy to understand terms and tells us how to protect and naturally boost our hormones. He also discusses who is more vulnerable due to genetic markers found in the Immune Genetic Panel from GX Sciences.

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Listen as Dr. Stewart breaks down what goes on physically, mentally and bio-chemically with a boy teenager. He also shares with us genetic insight in to why your teen may be different than others and offers insight in to what to look for. We also discuss the needs of growing boys in regards to nutrition and diet.

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Dr. Stewart discusses new findings in ADD/ADHD and mood issues and how we can naturally help those who suffer with lack of focus and poor mood and the dangers and side effects of medications in the short term and long term usage.

For information on formulas mentioned in this podcast visit: https://www.neurobiologix.com/attention-focus-s/44.htm

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Dr. Stewart shares his expertise on all things vitamin and mineral. To sum it up, Supplementation 101.

We discuss in this episode:
*The Different Types of Nutrients (water soluble & fat soluble)
*B Vitamins and their importance to proper methylation
*Different vitamins and minerals and the role they take
*Genetic & biomedical weaknesses that could hinder vitamin delivery
*Overview of why one vitamin never works alone
*What role do minerals play
*Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
*Who may need supplementation
*More supplements is not necessarily a good thing

For more information on products mentioned in this episode visit

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Dr. Villanueva is seasoned, both scientifically and experientially in a wide variety of complementary approaches including holistic medicine, natural organic herbs, chiropractic, mind/body medicine, and whole foods-based nutrition. In her practice, she uses these combined with the principles of functional medicine to find the root causes of disorders.
She is a provider that offers nutrigenomic testing and interpretation and shares with us how it benefits her patients.

Dr. V specializes in balancing female hormones, supporting auto immune disorders, type II diabetes, neuro chemical imbalances, weight loss support, genetic defects including MTHFR, insomnia, and metabolic syndrome.

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How much does our stomach health affect our brain health? Listen as how Dr. Stewart explains the amazing connection between the two.

We also discuss the following:
-How neurotransmitters affect the bowel.*
-Choosing the right nutrition to support both.*
-Maintaining a health gut flora and good brain health.*
-How the immune system affects the nervous system.*

Listen here:

For more information or nutrition mentioned in this episode visit:



Join us for a discussion with Dr. Stewart on types of concussions and how to assess a concussion at home to having a professional's opininion. Find out through Dr. Stewart's expertise how not recovering properly from a concussion or head injury can cause other issues down the line such as ADD, memory loss, instability and other neurological issues.

He discusses post concussion syndrome and the long term effects it can have.
We also discuss what nutritional products are helpful to feed the nervous system so that the brain and body can recover quickly and successfully.

Dr. Stewart discusses how someone may need pre-screening prior to playing a physical sport to ensure they are not prone to concussions. With his expertise treating professional athletes and amateur athletes, he provides his medical experience on how someone may be more susceptible to concussions.

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Dr. Stewart discusses anxiety, depression and other specific conditions that affect millions of children and adults today. In this episode we discuss why this is happening to so many individuals and what the causes may be.

We also discuss:
-Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
-Genetic mutations linked to methylation deficiencies that may be the cause of a person's anxiety and depression.

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Dizziness is one of the top 3 reasons for someone to seek out a physician. Over 40% of the population over the age of 40 will experience dizziness or vertigo in their lifetime.

Dr. Stewart discusses the reasons someone may get dizziness and vertigo. He talks about high blood pressure, viruses (chicken pox) in the inner ear, allergies, hormones, methylation and how we can go about helping ourselves recover through nutrition and diet. He also discusses blood work and testing you can receive if you experience dizziness and how improving the health status of the immune system.

With over 25+ years treating these disorders, Dr. Stewart is considered one of the leading experts in these types of neuro-immune syndromes.

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Dr. Stewart discusses in this episode his vast experience in treating children on the spectrum since 2002. He gives his personal knowledge and insight into:

-Why boys get autism or are diagnosed more than girls (1 in 20 boys is the latest statistic for autism in boys)
-How to choose the appropriate treatment and how to know when to begin therapy
-What you should be asking your pediatrician before vaccinations
-Blood work you can obtain prior to vaccinating your child
-Where to begin with a nutritional program and why METHYLATION is key to recovering a person on the spectrum
-Diet and how it plays a role in inflammation and recovery
-Genetic mutations that may be associated with autism or processing disorders
-Dr. Stewart's protocol

Listen here:



In this episode we discuss:

-The importance of dopamine and methylation to your sensory systems.
-Dyslexia & Dysgraphia - what they are and what you can do about it
-Sensory Integration and how the eyes, ears and muscles are not working together
-ADHD and auditory issues.
-How head trauma can trigger a learning disorder.
-Testing you can receive after a head injury to support therapeutically & nutritionally.
-Genetic biomarkers & mutations that could give us insight into why you may be pre-determined to a learning disorder.
-How mitochondria is key to the energy for the brain to perform at its best (Mitochondria genetic mutations).
-Manipulating the mitochondria nutritionally with PQQ and the research about this amazing nutrient.

Listen here:



Dr. Stewart and Kara Stewart-Mullens discuss the differences between having a cold, the flu or allergies.

The Following Is Discussed:
- What is the flu and what are the indications that you have the flu over a cold
- How do allergies mimic a cold or flu and how can you tell the difference
- Understanding how the immune system works and how it causes allergies when overstimulated
- How can you support the immune system and your family from catching or spreading the flu
- What are solutions for those who have the flu or cold
- What are some natural solutions for allergies and those with seasonal allergies
- What natural supplements can support the immune system

Listen here:

For more information or videos on products mentioned in this episode, please visit



Chronic Stress & How It Affects The Body & Mind - Episode 6

Join Special Guest, Radhia Gleis, wellness director from Martin's Compounding and Wellness Centers on Episode 6 of Season 2.

We discuss the following:
-Different types of stress
-How stress affects the body
-How stress affects the mind
-How to ease your stress
-Nutritional support to ease stress
-Methylation and stress and how they correlate

Listen here:

For more information visit us at www.neurobiologix.com or call 866.500.5388


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