Cynthia L Graves, DDS

Cynthia L Graves, DDS


Very personable and informative staff. Always get in very close to appointment time. Very caring!
I simply can't praise Dr. Graves and her staff enough for taking care of my emergency dental problem while I was visiting the Austin area recently. Without an appointment, I stopped at her office to reseal a temporary cap. Within 30 minutes, Dr. Graves was working on me and within 90 minutes I had a new temporary crown and was pain free which allowed me to have a very enjoyable week visiting my daughter in Austin. Kudos to Dr. Graves and staff. I wish I could take them back to Phoenix.
Marina Flores Butts
Dr Graves spent the weekend in Charlotte, NC, at the Dentsply Sirona sponsored conference titled:

EPIC Women in Dentistry.

Through this association, she will network with other female dentists who are passionate about advanced dental care with digital technology.

Did you know only 14% of the dental practices in the USA are owned by female dentists?

And of all dentists (male and female) in the USA less than 10% are fully integrated with 3D extraoral and intraoral technology.

This makes our practice exceptional!
Dr Graves spent the weekend with other female dentists at the Inaugural EPIC WOMEN IN DENTISTRY conference in Charlotte NC at the national headquarters of Dentsyply Sirona. Dr. Graves uses Sirona digital technology to deliver high tech dentistry.
We celebrate #NationalSmileDay everyday!

Join us to learn how we make dental health something to smile about. Call 512-258-8001 for your consultation or appointment. Or email at [email protected]
#NationalSmileDay should be EVERY DAY!

Smiling (even when you're having a troubled day) actually decreases your stress levels.
It's a great day when your patient asks to hug the team after a dental visit. We enjoy getting to know our patients and making them a member of our Patient Family!
I so happy I was able to get in for appt. when I was having a problem. I had seen 2 other dentist whom said nothing was wrong when I was in pain for 2 years. Thank goodness I got in and Dr Graves did the 3D CT Scan and there it was, an infection at the bottom and around my tooth roots. Had the extraction and I feel great, that was yesterday. THANKS DR GRAVES
I've probably been with Dr. Graves the longest! I trust her with my dental health! I know she is working to keep my teeth the best they can be!

Beautiful smiles, exceptional care! If you are looking for a high-tech dentist who delivers exceptional care, you will love our Austin, TX, practice.

Dr. Cynthia Graves and her staff are dedicated to staying up to date with the latest in dentistry and oral health research, so you can count on receiving the best care possible and enjoying the timeless beauty of a healthy smile. When you become a part of our patient family, you will be given full access to Dr. Graves for your after-hours emergency needs. Dr. Graves is committed to providing her p

Operating as usual


Manifest greatness


Friday is Dr Graves’ birthday. We celebrated today. Dr G is going to work on her birthday—creating a beautiful smile makeover for a patient 😃
When you love what you do, every day is a party!


You can tell I’ve been a mom with teenagers at home during the summer….
Seriously I miss those days
Stay cool 😎


My friend and classmate Dr Frank Jones and I were named Outstanding Seniors for our dental fraternity Delta Sigma Delta. This was May 1987 in my little standard shift Mazda B2000 truck. This photo was published in the dental school yearbook. I'm 24 years old in this photo (younger than my kids are now--GULP!)


Things that make ya go “hmmmm?”


8am emergency visit because I don’t want someone’s long weekend to be completely miserable.
Day One of dental school we were told it was our obligation to care for our patients even when it may not be convenient
Then at graduation we took an oath to be a mindful caregiver.
35 years later here I am
And the smile I received as this patient left today made it worthwhile


Placed a restoration on a respected peer this week. I am always humbled & flattered when another dentist asks me to be their dentist. ❤️


Another sassy sign.


Another sassy sign. And yes, I did fall from a tree in 1974 and break my arm.


This sweet scene is happening today outside of our hygiene department


End of the workday and I am alone in the office working on patient cases. It’s great to have found a career that after 35 years challenges me, provides me with new areas for growth and makes me smile like this after three busy Clinic days


Lake Creek behind the office is truly beautiful
Happy Springtime


Spread kindness.
It’s free—
But priceless


How fun! Dental themed cookies from our partners at eAssist 😊
We partnered with eAssist in 2014 which allows us to focus on patients


Happy 3.14.22


My friend Jack Green may recall the juvenile Hawk that would sit on this pole and scream at the Westwood Warrior Band as they practiced. This was a few years ago.

Today I’ve seen two hawks flying around and calling out in these trees. I wonder if they’re nesting?


See also—“mansplain”


Enjoy the warmer days!


When I was right out of dental school (1987) my mentor told me dentistry was a physically demanding field. Inside my then 25 yr old head I thought—he’s just old and out of shape (he wasn’t even 45!).
Today we are working on a smile make-over. In this photo I am using a foam
Roller (yellow arrow) and holding my left leg down (blue arrow points to my foot) to stretch my hip flexors. These are Pilates moves


Do you recognize this woman? Spa day!


Name something that should be an Olympic sport but isn’t. I will go first :
Opening the plastic bags in the produce department at the grocery store 🤣


Be safe and Stay Warm


Dr Graves Joined in with the pandemic hair trend and now has longer hair.


Throw Back Thursday
If you look at the eyes and pretend there’s a mask on the face—you may recognize this 7 year old girl

Photos from Dr. Jane Goodall's post 01/08/2022

These two Ladies are among those celebrities I have long admired. This story and the photos are beautiful. I hope it brightens your day

PS When I was in college I went to a costume party dressed as Dr Jane Goodall—-imagine explaining that costume to fellow party goers and seeing the “nerd” look cross their face!!


Wisdom. Patients don’t always like hearing they need treatment for a condition when they don’t have pain (yet) or total tooth loss (yet)

35 years of experience has taught me I am required to speak facts, present options (doing no treatment is an option. Usually not a good one but it’s an option). Then I go through the what-ifs for each option and allow my patients to make their choice.

In our practice tou get
Straight talk and no pushy sales pitch. Just facts backed with experience.


Happy New Year!!!


Today as we were wrapping up, I noticed every single team member lingered and hugged one another before leaving on this final work day of 2021. I enjoyed each hug then found myself alone at the office thinking how richly blessed I am to have such a wonderful team❤️, a comfortable office with fun high tech equipment and fantastic patients who appreciate the extras we incorporate into our daily routines.

2021 taught me the value of running water and electricity, toilets that flush, roads that are passable and safe—simple things that were once taken for granted are appreciated on a deeper level now. I am thankful for the blessings that allow me to practice dentistry. It’s my passion and I am happy to share it with amazing people who hugged and loved on me before leaving today. ❤️❤️❤️


For the remaining two weeks of 2021-
We are open our regular hours
Monday and Tuesday 7:30-5
Wednesday and Thursday 7-3

New frozen veggie recall issued because people are breaking their teeth - see if you have any 12/05/2021

New frozen veggie recall issued because people are breaking their teeth - see if you have any

Did you buy frozen broccoli “bites”? They’ve been recalled because they contain foreign objects that are causing teeth to break!!
Beware! Be safe. 😊

New frozen veggie recall issued because people are breaking their teeth - see if you have any A recall of Birds Eye Broccoli Tots was announced by the FDA this week due to the potential presence of small rocks in the packaging.

International College of Dentists – World Headquarters Website 11/14/2021

International College of Dentists – World Headquarters Website

Today Dr Graves was inducted as a fellow in the International College of Dentists. With 12,000 members worldwide this organization recognizes outstanding dentists who must be nominated then pass rigorous qualifications after being nominated for fellowship in the organization.
Only 275 US dentists were inducted this year

International College of Dentists – World Headquarters Website Welcome to the world of ICD The International College of Dentists (ICD or “College”) has been Honoring the World’s Leading Dentists Since 1920 tm. Dentists who have been awarded the prestigious title of FICD (Fellow, International College of Dentists) are currently located in 122 countries...


This still makes me laugh
Every year.


Borrowed from a friend.

We get an extra hour of sleep this weekend!



Photos from Cynthia L Graves, DDS's post 10/25/2021

Our neighborhood squirrel gets a drink then literally jumps into the nearby tree


Stormy weather —be safe 💜


Game Day Throwback to a photo of Dr Graves when she was in the Longhorn Band 🧡🤘🏻🧡
Beat the Hell Outta OU!


We were at the office today doing a total smile makeover. All Three mills got a workout today From Left to Right
2012 MCXL, 2018 four motor MCXL, 2015 MCX


Excuse my coffee stained teeth.
I am my own patient—working to improve my airway.

This is a palatal expander I am using to reshape my face and airway. In January 2020 I had my tongue tie released by Dr Jared Poplin with OMT (oral Myofunctional therapy—PT for the face and mouth) with Tracey Brizendine RDH, OMT.

It has been life changing!!!! I sleep better, I can breath through my nose when I have dental work performed, and I have less tension headaches and neck pain than ever before.

It’s more than just teeth 😀


Science Nerd Humor.


When the world goes insane—keep your sense of humor. 😀
Keep smiling!


Summer’s here. Stay cool.

Photos from Cynthia L Graves, DDS's post 05/21/2021

One of our resident squirrels found a cool spot on a rock. Notice the classic Corgi “sploot” to place his tummy on the cool rock. This is an activity that cools the body.


In a ZOOM study club tonight: Austin Sleep & Airway study club. Never stop learning!

Photos from Cynthia L Graves, DDS's post 05/13/2021

We are updating the gardens after the Big Freeze. Our resident birds and critters seem pleased with the springtime changes.
This baby opossum is seen in early mornings. The squirrel seems to have found a friend ❤️


We have a resident possum at the office. Did you know they are a marsupial (like a kangaroo)? Their babies are born then climb into a pouch where they finalize their development before leaving the pouch.

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