Looks by Erika

Looks by Erika


Aren’t they adorable?! My first wedding of this year was on a Thursday morning. Looks by Erika deserves a HUGE thank you for waking up at 4:30am to do my sister’s hair and makeup — that’s a dedicated artist. Happy Friday my friends!!
“How do you pick just one dress?” “You’ll know once you try it on. There will be no question or doubt in your mind.”
Dress: Allure Bridals from Belle Saison Bridal
Venue: Laguna Gloria aka The Contemporary Austin
Makeup: Looks by Erika
You have your own shop? Congratulations!
This is how awesome my hair looks thanks to Erika Loya. Just the way I wanted ❤️❤️
Thank you for my new color, doll! And the laughs! Just enough for fall. You know exactly what I like! You are the BEST! 🤗
I'm obsessed!!!!!!!!! Keratin treatment was awesome....I have never blown out my hair so fast!! You are the best 😍👍🏻💇🏻
Hello I sent you a message 😊
Thank you so much for my beautiful cut and amazing product recommendation for shampoo and conditioner yesterday!! My hair feels so silky soft and healthy!!
Very inspiring seeking your work. The looks are beautiful, congrats it seems your doing what you love!
Photographer: Lance Black
Hair Stylist: Marie Lynn
MUA: Looks by Erika
Dress Vendor: Ceremonias 15 & Bridal
How lucky by does your consultations take?
I'm trying to find a stylist that can color me hair silver grey. Do you do consultations? Or look at pictures of clients to be?????

Licensed Stylist/Makeup Artist for over 25yrs. Your Hair & MakeUp are an ArtForm! Make Yours Unfor


* HA-HA!

Still accurate…….

Timeline photos 06/23/2019

To all the ladies who’ve ever been in my chair😉!

Just taking a moment to appreciate our clients 😊

Timeline photos 05/10/2019

This B&A was approximately 11hrs overall. Having previously colored hair creates a lot of issues when trying to go change your look. Having knowledge on proper technique & products will allow for extreme change without compromising the hair. This technique will also allow for low maintenance and a soft grow out without any harsh lines. Oh but that blend tho👏🏼🙌🏼😍Double tap if you like her modern blonde. 🤗:

Este Antes y Despues se tomo aproximadamente 11hrs. Habiendo tenido el cabello previamente teñido, presenta varios obstaculos al tratar de cambiar tonalidades. Teniendo conocimiento sobre multíple de técnicas y productos adecuados permitirá un cambio extremo sin comprometer el cabello. Esta técnica también permitirá mantener un bajo mantenimiento y un crecimiento suave sin ninguna líneas marcadas al crecer. Doble toque, si te gusta la rubia moderna.👏🏼🙌🏼😍 . . . . . . #512

Timeline photos 05/07/2019

Lovin the dimension on this blonde! Her hair is naturally about as close to black as you can get. With proper technique & product you can get as bright as possible with minimal maintenance.

Amo la dimensión de esta rubia moderna! Su cabello natural es casi negro. Con técnica adecuada y producto puedes conseguir un tono lo más brillante posible con el mantenimiento minimal.
. . .
. #512

Photos from Looks by Erika's post 05/02/2019

GORG GORG GORG😍! I had so much fun working with and her friend makeup by yours truly hair by the amazing Jorge Buccio from J Buccio Salon ! I love that this makeup photographed well in natural and indoor lighting. Double tap if you think their makeup looked soft and beautiful🤗 #512 @ W Hotel Austin

Photos from Looks by Erika's post 04/30/2019

When Ms. is feeling her look!👏🏼🙌🏼😍. First off she is so beautiful and has the most gorgeous eyes . Makeup by yours truly and that beautiful hair by the very talented Jorge Buccio from J Buccio Salon. She wore a stunning pink & green sequined gown, so we decided to go with a soft bronzed summer glow and it looked stunning!
@ W Hotel Austin

Timeline photos 04/22/2019

This B&A is what I call a . I photograph the hair straight to showcase the seamless blend, double tap if you like her new look. 🤗 This is a result of 3 stacked techniques, which allow for 1)less time in the salon, 2)better economic value and 3)a much softer grow out between visits.

Timeline photos 02/18/2019


I love skin care and am constantly trying different products from medical grade to over the counter and everything in between. Neutrogena products are phenomenal and the price point is great so when I came across the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Mask I decided to give it a go. I loved the clean scent, creamy gel texture and it has amazing hydration and dries clear. The key ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid which holds 1000% its weight in moisture🤗 hyaluronic acid is also found naturally in our bodies. This mask is wonderful for anyone who has dry skin, if you want to give your skin an extra boost of hydration, or prep your skin for an important event......................................

SIDE NOTE* For years Ive used Sisley Elderflower Hydrating Mask as an overnight or traveling mask, and loved it. Both these masks are virtually identical in scent, texture & efficacy, however IMO the Hydro Boost Gel Mask offers more hydration due to its key ingredient. In any case from $140 to $2.99 its an incredible savings and an Amazing Dupe.

Timeline photos 01/17/2019

This young lady wanted something new for the new year and voilá👏🏼🙌🏼 got me feeling all kinds of ways🥰🤗. This Modern Blonde™️ is Soft and Diffused with a lot of dimension making it look like a natural & organic. Technique & color placement are essential for beautiful color. While she is now very blonde her maintenance will be minimal, due to the techniques used. Using all which kept it healthy & gave her this gorgeous color & amazing shine! Double Tap if you think change is the way to start off for the new year🤗 ................................................................................................................................................................... *ESPAÑOL*Esta jovencita quería algo nuevo para el año nuevo y voilá 👏🏼🙌🏼me encanta este cambio🥰 🤗. Este Rubio Moderno™ esta suave y difuso con una gran cantidad de dimensión, y al final se ve como un rubio natural & orgánico. La técnica & la colocación del color es esencial para un look hermoso. Mientras que ella ahora esta muy rubia su mantenimiento será mínimo, debido a las técnicas utilizadas. El uso de los productos lo mantuvo saludable & le dio este hermoso color & brillo increíble! Oprima el 👍🏼 si piensan que un cambio es la manera de comenzar para el nuevo año 🤗

Timeline photos 01/16/2019

The picture on the left is done by yours truly, the one on the right is not my work.

A Modern Blonde is very soft and diffused vs. Old School Highlights which have a stripe definite lined effect. The reason this is a big deal is the Modern Blonde is actually lower maintenance, because it is diffused you do not see an obvious line of demarcation as its growing out. Conversely due to the placement of a traditional highlight you will see the line of demarcation almost instantly as it grows out meaning you will have to come in more frequently to get it touched up; in addition if the hair is dark this creates a very stark contrast which again looks harsh. So when you show your stylist that pretty soft blonde picture you want, understand that Traditional Highlights will not get you there, Multiple techniques will be required to achieve those looks. Give it a 👍🏼 if you can see the difference😍

.*ESPAÑOL* El cuadro de la izquierda es trabajo hecho por mi, el de la derecha no es mi trabajo, ambos son el mismo nivel de oscuridad. Un rubio moderno es muy suave y el color esta difuminado, al contrario de ‘Luces Tradicionales’ estas tienen un efecto mas brusco con raya definida. Un rubio moderno en realidad es menos mantenimiento, al ir saliendo la raiz el color esta difuminado y no se ve una línea obvia de crecimiento.
Sin Embargo con ‘Luces Tradicionales’ es todo lo contrario, debido a la colocación de color la raiz es notable casi instantáneamente, en lo que va creciendo el cabello, esto significa que tendrá que venir con más frecuencia para el retoque; Además, si el pelo es oscuro esto hace un contraste muy fuerte que no luce, nada mas son lineas blacas con negro. Así que cuando le muestren a su estilista aquella imagen rubia bastante suave y difuminada, esten al tanto, que son varios tecnicas que se applican y formas tradicionales no logran esos looks. Oprima 👍🏼 si pueden ver la diferencia 😍

Timeline photos 01/08/2019

This picture is of the same girl on the same day within 5min apart. No filter, alteration of color or editing of any kind were made. In this picture you can see the extreme difference lighting plays in what you are seeing. This is extremely important to be aware of as your color will appear different depending on the setting you are in. Most indoor lighting will have a yellowish cast to them while natural light has a brighter effect. Like 👍🏼if you thought that was interesting?

*ESPAÑOL* Este cuadro es de la misma chica, en el mismo día dentro de 5min aparte. Esta foto no ha sido alteracion, ni de color ni filtro de ningún tipo. En esta imagen se puede ver la extrema diferencia, que la iluminación juega en lo que uno está viendo. Esto es muy importante tener al consciente, porque su color aparecerá diferente dependiendo de la ambiente/iluminacion en la que se encuentra. La mayoría de la iluminación interior tendrá un tono amarillento mientras que la luz natural tiene un efecto más brillante. Que les parece eso? Opriman el👍 si pensaste que este tema era halgo interesante?


Not everything you see is real. This is a perfect example of how playing with filters/camera settings/ photoshop, can alter your perspective vs what is reality.

These 7 Hair Color Trends Will Dominate 2019 12/10/2018

These 7 Hair Color Trends Will Dominate 2019

Here is some inspiration for 2019,....

These 7 Hair Color Trends Will Dominate 2019 Copper highlights, pastel pink, and so much more.


Especially around the face,.....

Timeline photos 11/02/2018

A Modern Blonde, requires different techniques other than traditional highlights. Attention to detail is needed with knowledge of color application. Even though this is Lighter & Brighter than her original color this will be lower maintenance. . . . . . . #512

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