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Well, here's some news. Facebook, in it's infinite wisdom has said they are deleting this page for reasons they will not clearly state. I have been given no time to remedy. I appealed. But you know how these people are. Look for some new iteration of CatsTCMNotes out in FB land sometimes soon. *Sigh*.

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Happy New Years, folks!


Happy 3rd day of Christmas, folks.

I can feel you thinking it: "Sucking hot smoke into your lungs damages Lung Yin, Cat! What are you thinking?" I'm glad you asked. I'll tell you.

Once upon a time when I was a baby acupuncture student, I walked past a Fuddruckers. For those of you who are not blessed to know about this "heart attack on a plate" restaurant, it's a cheezy 80's style, over-the-top place filled with people who are threatened into acting ridiculously happy on the job regardless of their actual state of being. Think Disney with slightly less expensive food. Five Guys with a Chucky Cheese atmosphere. McDonalds with more grease and enough televison screens to rival a sports bar.

As I was strolling past this place thinking my judgey acupuncture student thoughts I glanced in the window and saw one of my Chinese professors enjoying a heart attack burger. I was shocked and rocked. Shaken, I continued on to my incredibly healthy and completely cardboard tasting raw lunch feeling somewhat betrayed.

When I asked him about it later, he was unflappable, stating that once in a while you need to give your body a challenge to fight or it will be unable to be strong. He likened it to going to the gym.

Are you sitting with your phone in your hand, a look of horror on your face, mouth open, wondering how a Chinese professor of medicine can say such a thing? Yeah, I did too. It took some time to understand, but he is right.

As a rule, yes. Set healthy habits for yourself in all areas of your life, but allow for flexibility and challenges. Rigidity leads to stagnation and stasis, as we well know.

So I challenge you this holiday season, this in-between time that spans from Christmas to the new year, to shake up your healthy routine. Do some things that maybe would be bad for you* if you did them all the time, but are celebratory.

Eat that cake, have that cup of coffee, take a bite of something that isn't organic, go to McDonalds, indulge in that movie someone would judge you for watching. Do it. Give yourself a little work to do.

*don't do hard drugs!


Happy Christmas Eve, my friends.


After some years on hiatus, I'm pleased to announce CatsTCMNotes is awake again. Changes are coming, my friends. We have a new admin on the horizon too. More soon.


Happy Solstice, friends. It doesn't stay dark forever.


Not sure who needs to know this right now, but I got you.

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