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The best. Thank you Jason!
Today I had my first massage appointment at Apex Muscle Therapy. I was sore from a great week of my GoldsFit class so I booked the Sports Massage. The facility was clean and very comfortable and Jason was a true professional. He stretched, worked joints and muscles better than any therapist I have experienced previously. He also added some hot stones, wow, that was awesome. And to cap it off he used a mint lotion/oil on my head and neck and then wrapped my head and face with a hot towel. I would highly recommend Apex Muscle Therapy and Jason.
Done- totally dig your new page! CONGRATS &GOOD LUCK!!!
How exciting is this. I have a couple people i can send your way already. 🤗🤗
Yay!! Congratulations so happy and so very proud of you!! Can’t wait to be Work neighbors! 💋love ya!

At Apex Muscle Therapy I believe that we can succeed at accomplishing any goal through pain free movement. Re-discover you're strength!

Operating as usual

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Big Thanks to @joshuacamry for allowing me to continue working my magic time and time again! Check this amazing athlete out @rideindoorcycling
Always a beast! Always killing it!

Photos from Apex Muscle Therapy's post 03/31/2022

Thank you @philatatx for letting work on your right shoulder. Intense training and extreme outdoor activities take their toll on the strongest bodies! Take the time to recover properly and book your appointment ASAP!

Photos from Apex Muscle Therapy's post 03/16/2022

Another satisfied client! Big Thanks to @oops.i.forgot.about.dre for letting me work my magic on his shoulders. Message me if you’re interested to know how cupping therapy can help you regain pain free mobility and range of motion.

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Deep tissue massage combined with cupping therapy for @kenneth_hunsicker on low back and right shoulder alleviating tension and increased range of motion. You feel immediate relief as soon as the cups come off. This approach promotes the a quicker healing process for sore and stiff muscles. #immediaterelief

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Today I applied cupping therapy to @ldkibodeaux for right shoulder impingement. I massaged first. Then scraped the area. I applied the cups on both sides to create a symmetrical effect. He left with better range of motion and no pain. I see a lot of shoulder issues with hairdressers and people who work with their hands in front of their bodies. If you’re interested to know what cupping can do for you message me!

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Had a great time at the Active Release Techniques Institute training along side like minded minded professionals dedicated to healing, repairing and strengthening the human body. This program has changed my life and the way I approach soft tissue therapy. I am proud to be an ART professional.

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Thank you to everyone at the ART institute for all your knowledgeable support and guidance at another amazing workshop this past weekend. Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs will always have a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to come back!

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Today I leave Colorado Springs having reattained my Active Release Techniques certification. The workshop this past weekend was humbling and inspiring. And I can’t wait to get home to implement new effective treatment to my services! Thank you to my loyal clientele, friends and family for supporting me along my journey.

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More cupping therapy for @heinekenkh this time treating tight low back and hamstrings. Decided to treat all the way down the kinetic chain to alleviate tightness and balance each side.

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Cupping Therapy alleviates tightness and increases range of motion. Thank you Josh Bush for coming into the studio!

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Cupping therapy for anterior, lateral and posterior shoulder treatment on @heinekenkh
Decompressing the area and promoting blood flow.

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Today I worked on the great @msritzybitz
I applied cupping therapy to traps, rhomboids, and lats to alleviate tension and increase range of motion. If you’re interested to know what can do for you contact me at (512) 765-1353 or make an appt at massagebook.com/biz/apexmuscletherapy

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therapy followed by ROM to alleviate tight shoulders and neck on Josh Hart Now that he’s got his shoulders worked out go show him some love at Oil Can Harry’s


Pushing yourself to your physical limit is something we sometimes take for granted. We get up everyday relying on our body to operate and function to its fullest potential. I’m here to help you reset and replenish your muscles. Make your appointment ASAP! If you have questions feel free to message me here or 512-765-1353! See you in the studio!


Break free from the day to day and venture outdoors!
•Spending time outdoors reduces your symptoms of anxiety and depression.
•Spending time walking among or simply looking at trees lowers blood pressure and reduces the stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline.
•Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.
And be sure you schedule a massage with yours truly afterward!


My kind of Sunday Funday. If you’re active and putting your body through the weekly grind. Let me help you reset and unwind. Book your appt ASAP to keep you’re body functional and pain free. Book now at 512-765-1353 or Massagebook.com/biz/apexmuscletherapy


Happy Hump Day! Book your next appt this week. I have availability for an amazing self care experience. Wether it’s relaxation or cupping therapy I can help you reset and replenish mind and body. Message me at (512) 765-1353 or book online at MassageBook.com/biz/apexmuscletherapy


If you find yourself in this predicament I have a variety of services from Swedish to Sports Massage. I also incorporate heat and assisted stretching.


Howdy Guys! It’s a brand new year! So make sure you give back to yourself by scheduling your next appointment. Let’s make 2022 the best year yet! See y’all in the studio! Massagebook.com/biz/apexmuscletherapy

Photos from Apex Muscle Therapy's post 12/30/2021

Treating tight calves and plantar fascia

Photos from Apex Muscle Therapy's post 12/02/2021

This past weekend I had the honor of working on barrel racing sensation @cheyennerondeaux
I applied heat and cupping therapy to her shoulders and back. This will enable her body to heal from the wear and tear from sport she feels so passionate about. Miss Cheyenne is true athlete! And I’m so excited to see what she does in the near future!

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Firelight South Ranch is a total vibe. Working on location.


It’s hard to believe the Holiday’s are already here! If you’re looking for a great gift and a way to support a local business I have gift certificates available. Also I have added a full body 60 minute stretch session to my service menu! This session is a game changer by improving overall flexibility and range of motion. Message me for more information on my Holiday Special package! Thanks to everyone for making this another great year! And huge thanks to Adam Noreen for taking the time to help a brother out with my new photos! See y’all in the studio!

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Assisted Stretching class completed! I’ve been really looking forward to this weekend for a while now. And I am ready to integrate these techniques to my current services. Also I am creating a whole new service completely focusing on stretching alone. I look forward to to sharing this with y’all soon!

Photos from Apex Muscle Therapy's post 11/06/2021

Ready to implement new skills and modalities. I can’t wait share with everyone!

Photos from Apex Muscle Therapy's post 10/21/2021

Big THANKS @g3fit___p for allowing me to cup his injured shoulder from an accident. We managed to increase mobility and range of motion. Slowly but surely it will be good as new!


Today’s workout was brutal but I’m finally feeling stronger and getting closer to my fitness goals. Although we can’t control what traumas we face in life. We can definitely control how we react and nourish our bodies. Don’t let depression and anxiety force you into negative coping mechanisms like drinking or overeating. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety on a daily basis I find that exercise and selfcare go a long way. Motivation comes from setting and achieving goals no matter how big or small. We are all capable and deserve greatness. So don’t ever let anyone or anything make you feel unworthy or diminish your contribution to this world. Book your appointment ASAP and let me help keep you moving pain free and off that couch.


As we come to the end of another summer, I’m most grateful for everyone who’s helped keep my business going. At times I haven’t always been my best even when I try so hard to be. And this year especially I found myself short of being strong more often than not. But my passion for my work as a Massage Therapist has helped me stay focused and somewhat sane. Im very fortunate to have the support of an amazing clientele base that’s been the one consistent factor through these tough times. So as we come to the apex of a new season I am thankful and excited to share my gift of healing with everyone because you all help heal me.

Photos from Apex Muscle Therapy's post 08/14/2021

Another cupping therapy session for my client Fernando who’s been training to get back on the soccer field. Cupping therapy enables tissue to heal faster by increasing blood flow and decreases inflammation.


Crushin leg day! If you’re struggling to make gains try taking a step back and allow your muscles to properly recover. Integrating massage is the best way to bust through plateaus and muscular set backs. Be proactive and make you’re next appointment before those aches and pains set in! Your body will appreciate it! 512-765-1353


If you find yourself swimming through stagnant waters, remember to keep going. Let me help you find clarity through great bodywork. Wether you need an deeper intense sports session or a relaxing hot stone massage that makes your muscles melt. I can help reset your body, mind and soul. Message me at (512) 765-1353 or MassageBook.com/biz/apexmuscletherapy
I look forward to seeing y’all in the studio!

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