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✨ Welcome Ta**us Season! ♉️

As we transition into this earthy & sensual time, we're invited to embrace the energy of stability, abundance, & groundedness ... 🌱

Ta**us is ruled by Venus, the planet of love & beauty, & it reminds us to slow down & appreciate the simple pleasures of life. It's a time to reconnect with nature, indulge in self-care rituals, & cultivate a deeper sense of security & stability in our lives.

Let's welcome this season with open arms & hearts, ready to embrace the beauty & abundance that surrounds us. 🙏🏼

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Grandmother Flordemayo ❤️


**us **usSeason **usSzn

Photos from Frida Friday ATX's post 04/12/2024

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☀️ An Eclipse Prayer 🌙

Divine Universe,
We come before you with open hearts & humble spirits.

As the moon aligns with the sun, casting its shadow upon the Earth,
We are reminded of the eternal dance of light & dark, of endings & beginnings.

Grant us the wisdom to embrace the transformative energy of today,
To release what no longer serves us & welcome in the blessings of renewal & rebirth.

Guide us as we journey through the shadows of our souls,
Illuminating the hidden truths & insights that lie within.

Grant us the strength to confront our fears & limitations,
Knowing that through darkness comes the light of understanding & growth.

May we emerge from this eclipse with clarity, courage, & a renewed sense of purpose.

Protect us as we navigate the cosmic energies at play,
Shielding us from harm & guiding us along the path of Divine alignment.

May we be open to receiving the gifts & blessings that the Universe has in store for us, trusting in the divine plan & surrendering to the flow of Life.

May we be reminded of our interconnectedness with all beings & the sacredness of this earthly journey.

May we honor the cycles of creation & destruction, knowing that each ending paves the way for a new beginning.

May our hearts be filled with gratitude for the beauty & wonder of the cosmos, & may we walk in harmony with the rhythms of the Universe.

Bless us, dear Universe on this day, & may we be guided by the light of your love & wisdom.🙏🏼

Thank You,
Grandmother Flordemayo ❤️

** Art by Anna Bousquet




The March “Worm Moon” this evening shining bright as it rises above Bradenton. Awesome shot!

Credit: Craig Mezzullo


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“The cuetlaxochitl was honored as a divine gift in acknowledgement that it had been given to humanity to help re-birth the light on Mother Earth. Temples were adorned with this elegant and dignified plant as its flowering coincided with the date of the birth of Huitzilopochtli, Left-Handed Hummingbird, representative of the sacred power related to the sun, whose red leaves symbolized the sacred energy of the life force of blood. It also represented the blood of warriors killed in battle and heralded the return of those warriors to this world as hummingbirds, returning to release the honey from the flowers (honey being associated with light). Flowers being among one of the important spiritual symbols for the Soul.”

It arrived in the United States vía Dr. Poinsett, ambassador to Mexico, known for his racist and anti-Indigenous stance and endorsement of the governing of Mexico by “White Creoles”. Many, as I do, feel that it’s time to reclaim its original Nahuatl name.
—

Pronounced, Kuet-la-sho-shēl (Nahuatl language) you can hear it spoken here:

May our venerable Cuetlaxochitl bring light, healing, peace, and hope to your heart and your home this holiday season.

Maestra Grace
Curanderismo, the Healing Art of Mexico

Artist: image on left, Cuetlaxochitl by Jose Gonzalez,


School of Constructive Arts in Alpine, Texas is holding a free program this fall in which volunteers gain hands-on experience and formal education in earthtbuilding and regenerative design. Volunteers receive education, meals, and lodging free of charge. More information:


Dearest Friends & Family in the Four directions,

“Everyone is taught that angels have wings. The lucky ones of us find that they have four paws.”

Our sweet Alebrijes have begun to visit us in the real world!🙏🏼❤️

Alebrijes are our beloved departed pets that have passed on. Alebrijes are vibrant mystical creatures known as “spirit animals” that can help guide the spirits of the dead on their journey.

The days of Dia de los Mu***os are now upon us! Pets & animals can also be observed during these sacred days. Just as an ofrenda would be made for the spirits of adults & children, one could also be made for our furry friends that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Laying out a picture of a beloved pet along with their favorite toys, treats, beds, collars, & leashes is what would be commonly seen for a pet altar.🐶🐈

Amor y Luz,
Grandmother Flordemayo ❤️

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Annular Eclipse 2023. Taken south of Farmington, New Mexico.
By: Chris Schmidt


“You talking to me?!?!?”
Eastern Screech Owl looking out from its cavity in a mesquite tree.
Santa Clara Ranch, TX
📸 Hector D. Astorga Photography

Timeline photos 03/10/2023
March 20 is Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy Day 03/10/2023

March 20 is Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy Day!

March 20 is Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy Day Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy Day, held March 20, gives massage therapists tools to help the public understand the benefits of massage.


FULL MOON IN VIRGO TAROT: I’m back back back with some strong magic for our full moon broadcast, y’all! This collective spread is giving us some supportive, grounding reminders from the Virgoan full moon, which arrives on the same day that Saturn goes into Pisces for the next three years!

There are powerful messages for us in this spread regarding our work in the world (and that’s WORK with a capital W! WERRRRK!), looking at what we dedicated ourselves to (and why), and examining how much all that has changed, even in the last few generations.

We’re told, “Follow your passion!” and “Do what you love, and the money will follow!” but it’s rarely acknowledged how difficult doing that can be in late-stage capitalism. Most of my close friends are pursuing some version of creative and unusual entrepreneurship – and despite the struggles of making a go of it on our own, without a lot of cultural or societal support (other than, ummmm toxic girlboss culture and hustle and grind bu****it!)

But stop and take a moment to consider how far we’ve come…If you have an occupational surname like Carver, Barber, Weaver, Tanner, Shepherd, Gardener, Butler, Brewer, Mason or Potter you’re carrying the ancient job titles of your ancestors!

On my grandmother’s side we were Goldsticks, which originally came from the Yiddish word for “one who embroiders with gold thread”. I thought that was especially interesting considering that my great-aunt is a talented embroiderer, and that I have also been known to do a bit of embroidering in gold thread from time to time…

My point is though, that for many generations, it was expected that you would grow up to participate in the family business that your people had set up in advance – and that you would carry it on, keep it going, and move it forward (while also benefitting from every bit of generational wealth that had already been established).

We don’t really think of what the names mean much anymore, because few people still earn a living (such a weird phrase, that) by being Carters, Saddlers, Abbotts or Aldermen. But the names remain, and are still passed down.

You’re a Miller? Well, way back, someone in your family probably owned a mill, and that mill sustained your ancestors until industrialization of that work occurred. But what if you didn’t really want to be a Miller? Or a Wheelwright? Or a Cook?

My great-grandfather was expected to take part in running the Polacheck Lighting Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He wanted to be a writer and poet instead, but that…just wasn’t really an option. It could be that his distress over not being allowed to follow his passion, and pursue his true vocation led to depression, which led to his eventual decision to end his life – a choice that made massive ripples of trauma that still affect my family to this day. That’s another way this stuff gets passed down.

When we do choose to allow ourselves to take the big leap instead, and do the work we feel most passionate about – even when it’s a struggle, even when our families don’t understand or approve, and even when we fail, we are changing a deep old pattern. We’re honoring every one of our ancestors who wanted to run away and join the circus, or be an actor, or musician, or even just be allowed to pursue any kind of career that were only open to white men (most of them really).

There’s a massive tension in choosing the path of passion – because it also has to be combined with competence (which is only built up with time and practice, oh hi SATURN!) and with dedication, discipline, and a lot of plain hard work. And even then – sometimes it still fails. Our ideas are too ahead of our time, or there’s economic hardship (like, um a fu***ng GLOBAL PANDEMIC!), or it just doesn’t really thrive or make enough money to make all our toil worth it…

But goddamn, I truly believe that for every one of us that has gone for what we really wanted in our work, that pursued a dream, a passion, a vocation – and did everything we could to become really good at it, even when it failed… We’ve honored our ancestors who probably didn’t have the freedom to pursue whatever path that called to them – and that goes even for the white men (like my Jewish-Bohemian great-grandfather).

There’s heartbreak in risking, and heartbreak in never risking it at all – never following your dreams, or getting the chance too. I remember this story about my dear friend’s dad (love you !), who played it safe his whole life to provide for his family – even though he really wanted to be a drummer. In the end, he discovered he could still be fired from his “safe” job. Even the most staid and stable option can fall apart when you least expect it.

It’s a hard lesson to learn, when you feel like it’s already to late to make a different choice. But – I’ve witnessed his son grow and thrive over many decades, having never or very rarely (at least in the long, long time I’ve known him!) worked any kind of “normal” or “safe” job.

Some may never have the privilege or freedom (still, in 2023) to follow their dreams and do something that really sets their hearts aflame. Some choose a decent, well-paying career that offers good benefits, and find ways to do what they love on the side. And others are like, genuinely happy and fulfilled being accountants or dental hygienists or whatever! Those jobs can be rad and deeply satisfying as well! We don’t all necessarily have to have a passion, a purpose, or a vocation. But…if you suspect that you might have one, and you’re not pursuing it, then…what’s all that about? Are you afraid that if you try, that it might break your heart? Or that your heart’s already broken because you’ve told yourself that it’s too late to try?

Some of the hardest sessions I’ve supported people in come when they can no longer follow their passion and chosen career – especially when they were really killing it, but it got cut short due to injury, trauma, burnout, or aging. I’ve counseled athletes, ballerinas, trapeze artists, famers, blacksmiths, and many, many social workers who discovered mid-career that their bodies and/or nervous systems would no longer allow them to continue down that particular path. Talk about a heartbreak.

Other times, it’s a wild shift that no one really understands, but just somehow happens. One day you’re a creative director, ceramicist, non-profit founder, meteorologist or a teacher or in a successful band – and the next, you’re an acupuncturist, writing children’s books, coaching gymnasts, or designing clothing! We may not always feel like we have much in the way of options, but I think that compared to what was available to many of our ancestors, our paths are full of possibilities.

I come from a long line of talented, brilliant women who didn’t get to pursue success in their passions. My mother was a brilliant artist, but she died working at a computer chip company for $2 bucks an hour. My Grandma Jean was an incredible photographer, but made her living as social worker. My Grandmother Mabel wanted to be a writer, but instead was a schoolteacher who traveled to one-room school houses on horseback. My great-grandmother Hilda wanted to be a writer (and though she did write and publish her memoir about immigrating from Poland to America), she made ends meet by renting out rooms in her house after my great-grandfather killed himself. My great-grandmother Elkie was a fantastic painter – but it was only ever treated like a hobby. She was a home-maker, housewife, and mother. As were all of the others I mentioned.

Even if they were allowed to pursue jobs, or had to to survive - they were also doing all the unpaid labor of feeding and raising children, cleaning, shopping, planning and cooking for the entire household. At the end of the day, there wasn’t likely much energy left over for creativity, or pursuing opportunities, even when they had them.

The fact that I am able to sustain myself doing what I really, truly love – reading tarot for people, and writing, feels like a such a blessing. I can make art in the meantime, and not feel like it has to pay for itself. And I feel the support of all my ancestors rooting for me, so happy that I’m finally able to make this work – maybe the first one in my lineage of my gender who has truly had the freedom to! It’s pretty miraculous, honestly – and I don’t take it for granted.

If you want to go deeper into this subject, we’re going to be talking about all this and more in my live tarot broadcast on IG around 9:30pm (but probably more like 10) this evening – so please come join the conversation!

p.s. If this post speaks to you, if you benefit from my writing, and from the work I share here, please consider sending a tip via Venmo to -Polacheck

If money is tight, but you still want to offer something, share this post, or any of my others that have helped or spoken to you! That’s totally free to do – and truly helps me immensely!

It’s essential to support your favorite mystics so we can keep bringing the mysteries through for you. It really does help us continue to stay afloat and share what we’ve spent decades learning and honing – so thank you for the reciprocity! My ancestors thank you, too!


We know that the phases of the Grandmother Moon guide the ebb and flow of the waters of women and the waters of Mother Earth; We honor our special relationship with her by making offerings of incense, to***co, song, water, flowers, and prayers...

May all who read these words be blessed with all they need in a good way for their health and happiness to continue their work.
• May Grandmother Moon's high spiritual light cleanse our body, mind, and spirit and, through dreams, give us clear guidance.
• May all who are selflessly working to protect Mother Earth and sacred places are given the resources they need to continue their work.
• May all children be loved, nurtured, and sheltered.
• May we forgive and be forgiven.
• May all who read these words be blessed with all they need in a good way for their health and happiness.
• May deep sleep restore our bodies so that we awaken with a clear mind, love, and peace in our hearts; and,
May prayers made with a good heart be answered with ease and grace for the benefit of All Our Relations.
— Maestra Grace

Art: Ixchel by Emilia Garcia,


We live in a benevolent universe. . . .

The benevolence of the soil is endless; it helps one single seed to multiply into millions of seeds for hundreds of years, producing colourful, aromatic, juicy and delicious fruit, feeding birds, bees, humans and animals. The tree celebrates the benevolence of the soil and becomes benevolent in return, offering its fruit to whoever is in need, without condition and without judgment. . . .
The benevolence of the sun is beyond the capacity of words to describe. It burns itself to maintain life. . . . It provides conditions for photosynthesis for the whole plant kingdom to nourish itself and give nourishment to bacteria, insects, birds and animals.
The moon is benevolent. It maintains the cycle of life and cycle of time. Time and tide are sustained by its presence. . . .
Rain is benevolent. It . . . delivers itself to every farm, field, forest, mountain and human habitat, free of charge, without needing any external supply of energy. It moistens the soil, quenches the thirst, fills rivers, ponds, lakes and wells and in partnership with the sun it feeds the world. . . .
Air is benevolent. We breathe, therefore we are. Air is related to the spirit, to inspiration, to spirituality. . . . Air is breath of Brahman, breath of the universe, breath of God. In Sanskrit air is prana, which means life itself. . . .
Space is benevolent. All and everything is held in space and by space. All movements, all changes and every kind of dynamism are sustained in the stillness of space. We always need to be mindful of reducing our clutter and maintaining spaciousness in order to be detached and free.
Soul is benevolent. Compassion, kindness, generosity and inner luminosity are the qualities of the soul. Mind, intelligence, and consciousness are held in and processed by soul. Soul is the seed of life. Feelings, emotions, sentiments, intuition and reason pass through soul and manifest in the world. . . . It is not only humans who have soul; animals, birds, insects and microbes have soul. Soil, trees, rocks and rivers have soul. . . .
The world is how you see it and what you make of it. If you look at the world with benevolent eyes, the world reciprocates with benevolence. If you project suspicion and self-interest, you get the same in return. Trust begets trust and fear begets fear. Recognizing the benevolence of the universe is not to deny the shadow side, but seeing nature as red in tooth and claw and people as selfish and greedy makes us respond in similar vein. If we sow seeds of malevolence, malevolence will grow; if we sow seeds of benevolence, benevolence will grow.

Satish Kumar, Soil, Soul, Society: A New Trinity for Our Time

(image: mine)

Photos from The Little Gay Shop's post 01/26/2023

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Blessings brothers & sisters in the four directions:

One of my main goals and intentions is to empower you all with some useful practices, rituals and wisdom.🔮

As physical beings, we are also spiritual beings. We each have our own path, our own journey when it comes to our spirituality - it is unique and special. It is transformative, life changing, healing...💫

It is about feeling connected to your inner genuine self, the world around you, nature, and to a higher purpose.

It brings personal growth, which is necessary for us to evolve as we travel through all the phases of our life. The growth and experiences we have are not always easy, but it is a beautiful journey.

Connecting to your spirituality has endless of benefits for each of us - it can improve health, better relationships, build self-esteem, heal trauma, & more. It is a personal practice that is all about you, your growth, and doing what’s best for you in order to be in touch with your mind, body, and spirit.💜✨

With Love & Gratitude,
Grandmother Flordemayo 🌎



Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”

“The ultimate tragedy is not oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Artist: Kelly Latimore

Photos from The Little Gay Shop's post 01/15/2023

I love this place!


"The spirit of her invincible heart guided her through the shadows."
-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Ancestors before us, descendants after us.
For them.
For all our relations.

Artist: Liliflor Art

Incorporating Massage Therapy into Your Marathon Training to Achieve Optimal Performance 01/12/2023

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Incorporating Massage Therapy into Your Marathon Training to Achieve Optimal Performance In this week's HSS Ask the Experts, Beatriz Villabona discusses the benefits of massage therapy in marathon training.

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