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Dr. Sam Sneed D.C., ART, TPI-CGFI, FDN
Dr. Steven Reinlie D.C., ART, TPI-CGFI, FDN

Operating as usual


Office is open! We will have a late start tomorrow (Friday, starting around 1:00). Give us a call if you’re hoping to get in. We’re excited to get back to helping y’all:)


Welp... the office will remain closed again tomorrow (Thursday). We hope everyone is staying warm and cozy.


Clinic to remain closed tomorrow (Wednesday the 17th). At this point let’s all just make the most of this:)


Office is closed again today (Tuesday, the 16th). We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope y’all stay safe and warm. We lost the internet, so we’ve been unable to update/call/email those of you on the schedule...sorry.


Regretfully the office will be closed Monday (Feb 15th) due to ridiculous weather 🥶. Please stay safe and cozy. We plan to be back in the office Tuesday morning :)


Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for:)


My workout partner today. We blasted the Frozen 2 soundtrack and crushed a workout #startemyoung #gainz #strictcurls


Happy Easter! We hope you have a blessed day with your family:) We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day ☀️


TeleHealth now available! And yes, we are still open to office visits with those in pain, just not currently taking wellness/maintenance care clients in person.


Yes, WE ARE OPEN! Just wanted to update y’all as we’ve had numerous calls this week. We are following all CDC and WHO guidelines. The office has never been cleaner, and we’re here for you if you’re hurting.


Welp... Thought I’d try doing the workout my #whoop recommended. Much tougher and longer than I would’ve expected. Glad to have it done though. #concept2rower


YES, we are open this week and happy to help! We are taking extra precautions with our employees, clients, and cleaning services.

If you don’t feel well or are showing any signs of COVID-19, we politely ask you to stay home and contact your doctor.

We look forward to helping ease your pain and feel your best as we all go through these difficult times together.


This post is about nothing more than the beard #vikingprince #fanbike


Well... not advisable but got away with one today nonetheless. Signed up last minute to run the @3mhalfmarathon with some friends. My lifting partner @brianshimansky and I finished in just under 1:48 with essentially zero training. Couldn’t be happier with how it went. Thanks to @katiesneed and my kids for the support. Huge thanks to @drbenhouse for the strength program and dietary advice. Just goes to show you don’t have to pound the pavement to be able to finish one of these. #givestrengthachance #illbesoretomorrow #teamworkmakesthedreamwork @ Downtown Austin, Texas


Merry Christmas... wishing y’all a blessed day and upcoming year.


It’s become quite the tradition for Levi and I to catch a football game together. Levi actually thinks this is normal 🤣 #blessed



We will be in the office today starting at 7am, business as usual. Road conditions look good this morning, no ice. TxDot has a great tool to check the current road conditions. Please drive safely.


Today, we remember and say thank you for those brave men and women who have given their lives in service to our great country. 🇺🇸 #GodBlessAmerica


My youngest is clearly my wife’s daughter @katiesneed #stickyfingers #gymnastics #Lsit #19months


Adjust your elbow position in your pushup!
• Of course there are dozens of different styles of push ups, but your default elbow position in a standard pushup should be about 30 to 40 degrees away from your sides.✔It's a little easier just to think of your body creating an arrow shape ⬆️ rather than that of a: 🚫 Straight line - elbows tucked in,
photo #2 🚫 T - elbows winged out, photo# 3

• This elbow position allows for a more balanced recruitment of the shoulder girdle musculature and therefore has many more benefits then just making those pecs pop!


🚨 Ryan’s May Special 🚨

Next Level Performance is offering the Initial Assessment + 8 Small Group Workout for $249 for the month of May. That’s a $399 value. Make this month your month!👊

Comment below or DM us for more details or to enroll!


Marly Page’s Story:

"I have two herniated discs in my lower back- I had been a very active person and after getting hurt I was in pain any time I tried to be active again. It was so frustrating and really affected me emotionally.

Dry needling truly was a miracle for me. It has helped me so many times- alleviating pain and keeping me from needing steroid injections and being on pain medicines. Working out with Ryan I am finally able to be strong again- to feel good about myself physically while working around my injury.
I want to be a strong woman - I want my children to think of my as strong physically and mentally. My kids see me as that now- I hope the example I am setting will help them to be strong when they are adults. I feel like I can now do much more than I could before- I snow skied with my husband this spring break for the first time in years and my back was fine! I am trying some golf, running a little, swimming a lot and enjoying these things pain free. My goal is to avoid fusion surgery and as Ryan says “we can do it” and I believe that we can together keep me strong and relatively pain free without having to have two levels of my lower back fused together!"


Side plank:

The side plank is a fundamental and often butchered core exercise that, when done effectively, builds a strong and stable core to support your spine. Essentially, when you perform a side plank, you want to do so with "perfect" posture". When we coach a side plank, the 3 main things we focus on are:

1. Glutes activated - when you do this, it not only further stabilizes the low back, but also tilts the pelvis posteriorly which more optimally aligns the spine and allows for more complete core muscle recruitment.
2. Packed chin - By creating a "double chin", you activate the deep neck flexors which relieves the tension in the back of your neck that gives you those painful tension headaches! Also, creating and reinforcing the habit of proper head/neck posture during exercise is a wonderful idea.
3. Strong and tall support arm - Side planks can be tough on the shoulder joint if you have existing shoulder pain but if not, as long as you do this, they can really help with the strength/stability of the entire shoulder girdle. When planking, create a strong fist on the supporting arm and push your body away from the ground while keeping your shoulder pulled down toward the feet (keep your shoulder out of your ear).

Do these 3 things and you might find your boring old side plank to be quite challenging. We work up to 100 seconds on each side for everyone with no postural deviations.


Elaine Day asked us to post a video walking through the CORRECT way to use the rowing machine. Here it is!

First of all, it is important to remember rowing coaches devote their life to teaching people the perfect performance methods to row competitively, and this is not our expertise. However, we do know the general techniques for getting the most out of your rowing workout, while conducting it in a safe manner.

Here are the three most important things to remember:
- Move through your hips, not your lower back
- Row the handle to your chest/upper abs
- If you have symptomatic back pain, come see us before you get on the rower

Feel free to comment below any exercises or workouts you’re curious about and we will post a video walking through it!


Southwestern Golfer, Sutherland Stith, on how Next Level Chiropractic, Rehab and Performance changed his life:

"Before finding Next Level, my biggest athletic challenge was just feeling 100% on the golf course. Every time I played I was in pain and never felt I could play to my full potential.

My daily life was confined because I couldn't do the usual things kids my age football, go skiing, or even just chill and be comfortable. My back was in a fragile state and was constantly on my mind, so I even felt trapped in my own head. Not many positive thoughts and basically was just frustrated a lot of the days.

Next Level’s services not only helped quickly, but gave me hope that I was finally headed in the right direction. Having the ability to work with Sam more on the chiropractic/therapy side and then the ability to work with Ryan on strengthening and creating mobility all under the same roof is perfect. They can be in constant contact and we can adjust my routine wherever we need to.

My lifestyle is improved because I can now play basketball, go skiing, or just enjoy each day without constantly being concerned about my back. Athletically I can compete at a higher level because I'm not in pain all the time, as well as, can recover quicker after rounds."


The importance of incorporating rows or other horizontal pulling exercises in your fitness program cannot be overstated. There are many reasons why, not the least of which is looking good in a tank top! Rowing variations strengthen the muscles in your forearms, biceps and throughout the upper back. I can think of hundreds of reasons I would want a strong grip and biceps, but for this post I'm going to focus on the upper back. Having well rounded strength in your upper back helps keep your shoulders happy and strong when pressing or doing other activities outside of the gym, like rock climbing and even just throwing a frisbee. They also help keep you upright! Strengthening the upper back muscles promote "good posture" as we age and continually hunch over our smart phones and keyboards. Nothing says vitality like strong, proud posture!

Bad example: Here we see 2 of the most common mistakes when performing a row. Each of these faults feed on one another so fixing one will generally help with the other. 1. Too much elbow behind the body, creating what's called anterior humeral glide. Basically, the front of her shoulder is poking forward creating tons of stress on the tissues in the front of the shoulder. This is the fastest way to anterior shoulder pain if that's what you're after! 2. The shoulder blades are not fully retracted. The end of a row should be signified by the full retraction of the scapula. Then, when the arms begin to move forward for another rep, the shoulder blades should follow them smoothly and initiate the pulling action when beginning the next pull.


Absolutely ridiculous #allergyseason


New Blog Post this week: “Box Squats for Low Back Pain”
In part two of our Spinal Hygiene series, we walk through the mechanics of a proper box squat. Geared to those with acute low back pain, but it’s also a good review for all of us to not slip into bad habits at the gym.
#austinchiropractor #boxsquats #physicaltherapy #spinalhygiene #sportschiro


New Blog Post this week... Perfecting the Hip Hinge
This is the first installment of a four-part Spinal Hygiene series on the blog. We're kicking off with the Hip Hinge because it's one of the most important movement patterns in strength training.


Nice little Saturday. A quick 10 miles on the bike in the sun while watching the family garden. Followed by a cup of ice water. @katiesneed Next Level Performance


Come out tomorrow for the latest offering from Next Level! You don’t want to miss our Yoga class with @kelseymkrohn ! Tomorrow at 10:00. See you here!
#nextlevelchiropractic #austinyoga #keepaustinfit Next Level Performance


Our phone lines are in and out today. Email us if you cannot get through on the phone...
[email protected] 02/18/2019

You Can Prevent Running Injuries | Austin Chiropractor | Next Level Performance

Did you know that almost all knee pain and low back pain is both preventable and predictable? Check out our latest blog post to find out more! Here comes a bold statement for the runners out there ... Did you know that almost all knee pain and low back pain is both preventable and predictable?


So good. The kids had a blast but I know I had more fun than them


Another miserable day in February 🤣 Get outside if at all possible. Oh how did I miss you, sweet ☀️. All jokes aside, no time like the present to soak up some Vitamin D

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