Coco Coquette

We've been turning heads and flipping hair since 2010. We're all about Wigs, Makeup, Sparkle... and

It is our mission to provide an inviting and beautiful space where all are welcome to explore the different facets of themselves; for some that might be altering their ego, for others, it's about connecting with their authentic selves. We are an LGBTQ safe space and are committed to nurturing an anti- racist environment where our employees and customers alike are treated with compassion, respect a

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Happy Wig Wednesday! 🍾 We have several new styles in shop that aren’t yet listed online, so here’s a sneak peek at a couple that are coming soon 👀 Similar, but different. Which one do you prefer? 1- Melinda or 2- Dina? 👀
The gorgeous is also wearing our gold sequin dress and velvet matte lip gloss 💄 (when trying on bold new wig colors, it helps to have a strong lip color, or graphic liner. Sometimes trying on new hair will make you feel “washed out” or like your features are taking a backseat to your new hair. Try wearing just a pop of makeup next time you come wig shopping; it can make a big difference! 💄)

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M2F Transformations are one of my favorite services that we offer. Our clients include people who are exploring their gender identity for the first time, in various stages of transitioning, and cross dressers who enjoy leaving their feminization to the pros… All are welcome, all are celebrated! 💄 We feel honored to be a part of this process, whether it’s part of a self-exploration journey, or just for play. 💄 Our in house makeup magician Hilary is an absolute genius in creating natural femme looks, and after our client leaves her chair, they get to pick out their outfit from the wardrobe that I’ve curated… then we find the perfect wig and accessories before the mini photo shoot! 💄 These pics are from our recent session with the lovely Gwen, who mentioned this appointment has been on their bucket list for awhile. We loved getting to play dress up with this sweetheart, and we were so excited to receive their consent to post these pics! 💄💕 If you’ve been femme-curious (or interested in exploring your masc side), we’d love to support and serve you! You can book directly through our website, or drop us an email with any questions you might have 💄✨ Gender is a social construct and we are in service of blurring the binary 🩵🩷🤍


Wigs Up: We’re closing Easter Sunday (March 31st) and Eclipse Monday (April 8th) so please plan your sparkle needs accordingly. We’d love to see you today and tomorrow from 12-7! Come find your floral frippery and other Springtime fantasies 🌸🐰🦋🐣
is wearing our mushroom headband magic, vintage dress and Harley wig 🪻🌻🪻


Is anyone else FEELING THEMSELVES right now? Like Springtime has kissed you awake from your Winter slumber and reminded you how gd S3XY you are? 🌱
Loving our set from yesterday shot by the amazing of beauty styled by me 💕
Megan is wearing our Bird’s Nest Crown, new wig Loraine, blue lipstick from Aromi, iridescent hummingbird earrings by and vintage dress: all available in shop! 🩵💜🩷

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Are you basking in the Bluebonnets? Or planning your springtime Bunny Bop?🪻We’re ready to dress you from wig to toe 🪻 is wearing our new bunny ear fascinator, Ivy wig in moss, flower pop sunnies, vintage dress and earrings by local designer 🪻 All in shop! Open Sundays from 12-5 🪻


Our April books are open and we’d love to glam you up! ✨ We host daytime Wig Parties for small groups between 4-8 guests, or go all in with a private after hours party for groups of 6-20 guests! ✨ Yes, we host a dazzling number of bachelorette parties, but we also love celebrating birthdays, reunions, divorces, team building, and friendship ✨ Follow the 🔗 in our bio for more info and to book 💖 And for small parties of 2-3 guests, we suggest a Mini Sesh for glam pre-game! 💘


Pastelloween is so early this year! I’m behind in my bunny mask-making and this one hopped away to her forever home the day she first made it to the floor. 🐰 Are there any special color combinations you’d like to see? Do you dress up for Springtime Easter/ Ostara picnic frolicking? 🐥🦋🌸 We have lots of powdery floral headpieces and soft-n-fluffy accessories for just the occasion 💕
is also wearing our vintage lacey lilac dress which is available 💜


Happy Vernal Equinox! 🌷 Enter SPRINGEQUINOX at checkout for 15% off your online order 🌷 Online only, but if you’d like to pick up in shop, select “local pickup” at checkout. 🌷 We hope you take time today to bask in the beauty of wildflowers 🌸
is wearing our mushroom headdress, split color Harley wig and vintage lace dress 💜

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Happy Mullet Monday! 🌈⭐️ We’re a little obsessed with this hairstyle, and our new wig Jules lets you take this style out for a spin, without the commitment of jumping literally headfirst into a big haircut. ⭐️ This style is back in stock in shop, but not yet listed online. Coming soon! 🌈

is our gorgeous model in these pics 🙌😻


TODAY (Thursday) 4-7pm: Coco Coquette and Elektra Cosmetics invite you to our free Dazzle & Tress Fest: SXSWigs Edition!

Transform yourself by trying on up to 2 stunning wigs, get dazzled by an actual Glitter Professional with Elektra Cosmetics Bolt Balm, and snap your new look in our photo backdrops– all for free! We may also be selecting one of today’s participants as our new Bolt Balm model, so if you’d like to get your sparkle noticed, come thru!

We’re celebrating everyone’s unique beauty in an inclusive, fun atmosphere. No experience needed, just your fabulous self. Complimentary libations + joyful vibes provided 🥂

We look forward to seeing you! 💕


SXSWigs + BeeWhyOh presents: Wednesday 3-7pm, join us for an outdoor party + market featuring some of Austin’s wildest festival frippery makers:


Come lounge in our outdoor living room, and enjoy the tunes of DJ +
Have your portrait taken by in the wild fit you find while perusing our local wares!
Then step inside for a new ‘do or some sunnies to complete the lQQk 💅

Free bevs + vibes. Come hang!

Street parking in our neighborhood is free and there’s a lot to visit on our street for a park-n-walk adventure 🕺🏻

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When the Wig Party theme is “Leather + Fringe” 🔥🖤🔥 Scenes from our beloved MUA Zach’s going away party last weekend. We’re going to miss this special Moonbeam of our Hearts, but the heartache of farewell pales to the excitement and joy we feel for Zach who is about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. It’s truly a thrill to witness one of your near-and-dears fulfill a dream they’ve been working towards for so many years. ❤️‍🔥 Zach, we cherish you and are cheering you on as you do the blessed thing! 🙌
And if you’re a MUA who would like to work with us, hollah! We’d love to meet you ✨💄✨


Have you driven by this building and thought, “I wonder what that is” 🤔 Or lived in our neighborhood and never realized there’s an actual Palace of Sparkle and Magic mere blocks from your front door? Or maybe you’ve tried to find us, but the way our building sits set back off the street and the way our neighbor’s tree obscures the view of our sign casts confusion and mystery upon your glamour quest? Dear friend, you are not alone. We see people creep up our front stairs and peek in the front door and ask if they can come in ALL THE TIME. And the answer is always a resounding YES! Please do! We have customers delighting in their new discovery ask us when we opened and when we tell them 14 years ago, they are beyond baffled as to why they are only just now finding out about us. And to this, I say… I really don’t know! We have a neon sign, a wooden sign, a mirrored mural, and hand-lettered words describing what you’ll find inside painted on the building, and yet… we remain a “hidden glittering gem,” despite our every effort to not be a Sparkle Speakeasy! ✨ What makes you notice a business when you’re driving down the street? Should we get one of those frantic balloon people that wave and deflate and beckon, unhinged but… effective? ✨ I know most of you who will read this have probably been to the shop at some point, so thank you for finding us! Was it hard the first time? I’m curious!
is getting us some attention wearing our original Fountain headdress and sequin kaftan by Jennafer Grace (both available in shop and online) 🩵


Neville will be holding court and receiving belly rubs until 7pm today. He’s 13 and been with me almost as long as the shop! I found him in the middle of the road late one night when he was just a mud-caked pup, so his true age is a bit of a mystery! He had some alarming health emergencies last year and we are so grateful to have some more time to love this special beast of our hearts ♥️🐾 If he barks at you when you walk through the door, please don’t take it personally; himb just saying hi.


I’ve always felt antagonized by the wind. A brief gust is enough to ruffle my bangs back and blow something irritating into my eyeball, but getting caught in a strong, unrelenting gale can feel like I’m being tossed about on a wayward sailboat, unable to hear anything but air beating against eardrum, trying to hold down my skirt, while my vision becomes impaired by whipping hair and dust. It’s the feeling of total helplessness against an invisible force that unsettles me so 🌬️ And this is how I’ve been relating to the unrelenting horrors of the world’s current events, both near and far. This feeling of being caught in a windstorm and the sense of helplessness against the powerful forces of total destruction. But these forces are not invisible, and we are not helpless. 🌬️ There are paths to making our voices heard beyond a social media post, despite the loud and constant thrum of this lashing. If you haven’t yet watched ‘s 6 part reel on why it’s important to vote in the Texas primaries, please do! I’ve been noticing a despondency in myself around the upcoming elections, knowing how very few politicians support a ceasefire, including our current Prez (again, watch the reel for some strategic pointers on how to cast a vote of dissent) but we actually have someone on our TX ballot who DOES: Roland Gutierrez. Along with our progressive DA, Jose Garza, these 2 are reason enough to show up at the polls, especially if you too have been feeling whipped and hopeless by the powerful forces hellbent on total annihilation.

I want to remain a small corner of joy in the long scroll of horror and despair that we are witnessing collectively. I truly believe we need beauty and play to remind us of the good that resides in each of us, the potential for peace, compassion and love. And I believe voting is love in action. Polls are open now through March 1st for early voting and election day is March 5th! Make a plan, and talk to your friends about voting, too! We’re louder together ♥️

Photos from Coco Coquette's post 02/18/2024

We love seeing our wigs in the wild…especially when they get to live their best lives at Mardi Gras! 🫧 Thanks to for sharing these 🩷 Did you wear one of our headpieces or wigs to the Gras? We’d love to see your pics, if you feel like tagging us! 👀🩷


Our Raven wig is giving “deciding which mortals to toy with today” ☁️☁️☁️ Swooning over this goddess shoot from + .lizabethh ☁️ ☁️☁️ We’re here til 7pm ☁️☁️☁️


Here’s to open hearts, knowing ourselves intimately, and leading with love 🌹 We’re here ‘til 7 today ♥️


Happy Mardi Gras! 🎊 I decided to sit this one out for the first time in a long time (pandemic aside) and it’s been a beautiful reset for my energy and nervous system. ⚜️ Mardi Gras is exuberant, awe-inspiring, wondrous, magical,and exhausting. ⚜️ It was pure delight getting to create pieces that will parade through the streets without me this year and I was so grateful to experience the preparatory flutters… vicariously! ⚜️ Sending transformative release and joyful connection to all my friends and relatives who are dancing in the streets today: may your heart be full, your shoes be comfortable, and your lashes well-glued! 💚💛💜
not a MG day look, but this pic was from carnival season of 2020 on a random Thursday night, because that’s how ya do.


V-day is just around the corner; how have you been loving yourself lately? ♥️♥️♥️
This Sunday, we’re hosting a “Palentine’s Day Party for 2” (more info and ticket link in our bio) and will be setting up a couple racks of Valentines-y bits and fits in our parlour! ♥️ Come by yourself or with a friend and let’s celebrate wherever we are in this journey of loving ourselves and each other ♥️♥️♥️
Pic by 💞
Pose by 💞
Cape by 💞
Studio by 💞
Wig + Headdress + Styling by me 💕


🩷 A Palentine’s Party for 2 🩷 Is your love language spending quality time? With wigs and glitter? Well then, do we have a treat for you! 🩷 Grab your bestie or boo and join us on Sunday, February 11th for a Palentine’s Wig Party for 2! 🩷 We’re offering special appointments for 2 guests at a time to come have a fitting with our wig pros, and a mini makeup sesh (lids, lashes, and lips) with our pro MUA 🩷 Take some cute pics in our selfie station, then see where the wig blows you!

We have a limited number of slots this day, so nab one while you can!

To book your mini party, clique zee linque in our biographique! 💌


Our Flash Parties are back! 🎉 Ideal for groups of 4-8 guests, Flash Parties are just like our regular Wig Parties, but they happen during shop hours, so are not private. The same goods and services are included: all guests get to pick out a wig of their choosing (for keeps!) and enjoy a mini makeover (lids + lips) and take unlimited pics in our selfie station! 🎉 Perfect for groups who want to get glammed up early before a dinner reservation or… rollerskating/karaoke/two-step lessons/pole class/drag bingo or wherever else the wig may blow you! 🎉 For pricing and how to book, visit our linktree! 🥳

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When was the last time you put on a fancy dress and swanned around the living room? Wearing a wig and a crown for no reason? I mean, we can come up with plenty of excuses to dress up, but you also don’t need a reason! We’re alive and this moment is precious and adornment can be sacred or profane. Wearing something special can mark a moment or make the mood…
is wearing our vintage tulle gown, Emani wig and OOAK paisley headpiece: all are available in shop 🧡
dreamy photos by


Periwinkle + turmeric 💞 I didn’t know how much I love this color combo until these earrings came along! Our selection of heart tassels earrings is so good right now, you should really come see the magic for yourself. We’re here until 5pm on Sundays 🩶
is also wearing our new Emani HD lace wig and monster bauble necklace…
with the photo magic! 📸


When you put on the wig that makes you have feelings for yourself 🌹 New wig style Emani has a center part and goddess waves and we are in 💘
pic by 💕
pose by 💕


Introducing a new monthly event beginning next week! 💜 Whether you’re walking a well-worn path of sobriety, newly looking to shift your relationship to alcohol, or simply interested in exploring alternate ways of socializing that don’t revolve around booze, you’re invited!
Join us at Coco Coquette on the last Wednesday of the month from 5-7pm for Clear + Sparkly: a zero-proof happy hour! We’ll open our gathering with a relating game or conversation-starter, we’ll sip on lively liquor-less libations, nibble cute snacks, and we’ll find new ways of connecting with ourselves and in turn, each other!
And just like the name suggests, this is an opportunity to wear something sparkly; whether that’s a sequin dress, or a dab of glitter; we’re here to shine! ⭐️
We’re joyfully co-hosting this special event with of . Here’s a little about where we’re coming from:

Bonnie is the founder of Savoring Sobriety - an open and growing resource for anyone looking to support their sober journey/ curiosity with nutrition. As a professional chef & licensed health coach, Bonnie infuses her love for the culinary arts into the fabric of well-being. A recovery advocate & artist at heart, Bonnie is here to redefine what it means to be a party girl, embracing a lifestyle that celebrates connection, creativity, & savors life, one meaningful moment at a time.
Allyson (that’s me!) is the owner of Coco Coquette and a seeker and celebrant of the full spectrum of emotional experience. In service to “feeling it all,” she started experimenting with an alcohol-free lifestyle in 2015, and has found wild joy, deep sorrow and an unmasked awkwardness to be the exhilarating result. Allyson enjoys creating space for authentic connection and delights in working with clients who wish to reimagine themselves through the transformational magic of wigs, costume, and makeup.

We hope to see you there!

Photos from Coco Coquette's post 01/19/2024

In honor of Dolly Parton’s birthday today, we present: Big Wigs 💕 We’ve been teasing up some new styles in shop for Fat Valentine’s (the holiday that’s created when Mardi Gras falls on the day before V- Day) 💘 Are you looking to get closer to God(dess)? You know what they say about Higher Hair…
Pics from our shoot with
is wearing our pink + lavender stack, and sequin jacket from 🩷 is in our side high lavender ‘do; dress and earrings are also available in shop!
shot at the cutest studio 💕

Photos from Coco Coquette's post 01/18/2024

Four new pieces have emerged from the Polar Vortex, and are in shop today, including this Party Pup dazzle- doo-da! Dress and split Harley wig are also available, if you’re ready to Commit to the L👀k…
Pic by of from the blissful blur of yesterday’s photoshoot at (if you’re wanting a magical shoot of your own, this location is so special! 9+ set ups with loving attention down to the smallest details, a true gem!)
We’re open from 12-7 today!

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Our Story

By day, we’re a vintage inspired boutique for all that’s sparkled/ feathered/ teased and outrageous; by night, we host private wig parties where guests can relish in our favorite part of going out: getting glamorous!

But Coco Coquette is more than just fake hair, sparkly makeup and over-the-top accessories; it’s an opulent parlor that invites guests to step outside of their “comfort zone” and try on a different version of themselves in an environment that celebrates self- expression, in whatever form that might take. Wigs can be different things to different people, and the right wig can tease out a side of ourselves that has maybe been lying dormant, waiting for the right moment to show itself.

In addition to our famed wig parties, we also play host to different workshops and events that are inclusive and supportive of the community we serve. It is our mission to provide a safe and beautiful space where all are welcome to explore the different facets of themselves; for some that might be altering their ego, for others, it's about connecting with their authentic selves.

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Our ❣️MAKEUP SALE❣️ ends tonight at midnight! All previously marked down cosmetics are an additional 25% off (discount t...
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Let’s talk about masks and why we’re still requiring them at the shop (hint: it’s because we love you) ♥️
Happy 4/20, babes! We’re here til 6 if you’re looking for some chill activities 😎 This is an old pic of Cleo, and that w...
So many cute gifts in shop right now 💗 We’re open 12-6 today for in store masked shopping and local porch pickups. Any o...
Normalize Naps! Set yourself up for Sleep- Success!  Upgrade your Dream Routine! 🌙💤 New sleep masks from New Orleans’ fi...
The Halloween countdown is on! We’re open everyday this week from 12-6 except Tuesday, when we’re closed and Sunday 12-5...
Halloween is coming to shore…do you have your supplies? 👻 Throwback video from years past with model @deesse_belle 👻 We’...
:: Us trying to keep our cool about October being less than a day away ::🖤🖤@marigold_b_copeland is wearing our #newfavor...
Do you have decadent plans to lounge around on your couch, wearing nothing but a wig and some flower petal pasties this ...
Sprang for Sundays; we’re now open on Funday from 12-5 👯‍♀️ We’re also back to requiring masks for everyone during our r...
New wired head wraps from @whirlingturban are now in shop (and coming to the website soon)! We’re swooning for the new f...



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Monday 12pm - 6pm
Wednesday 12pm - 6pm
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