CJV Medical Supplies

CJV Medical Supplies


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MedTours has decided to share its story, the journey that we have taken and the vision we hold for the future. Watch this trailer, to get a sneak peek in the exciting story. Are you interested? Do you like it? Share and tag with friends, colleagues, and family. Enjoy!!

Follow us on twitter on our social media platforms to get new and exciting updates. The documentary will be available soon on YouTube and our website. Indian Embassy U.S. Embassy Harare CellMed Clinics CJV Medical Supplies
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Hello. How much can i get feom you, Dissection kit? i am in Bindura

My whatsapp contact is 0773606106

Calls in 0773509309

Medical and Laboratory Equipment distributors.

Operating as usual


How is your Monday??
We are ready for the new week & our Price Lock Special offer is still on.

You can get the NSSA approved first aid kit and valuable contents such as bandages on special offers too.


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January usually starts off low and quiet.
So we have a Price Lock Special offer on our NSSA approved first aid kit.
You can also get the contents such as bandages on special offer too.



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A new year has begun!
Happy new year to our valued clients and customers.
Here is to a healthy new year.

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Christmas is here!

To our valued clients, thank you for your support this year. As we get into the holiday season, please note the information below.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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As we get into Christmas Week, we have a special discount on FIRST-AID KITS!

Get 20% off the usual $70 price for a NSSA Approved kit.

Order yours today!

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As we countdown to Christmas, we have a wellness reminder just for you!

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This December, get your FIRST-AID KITS before the year 2022 begins. Since it's December, you will be entitled to a discount if you place a big order.

It's NSSA approved and well equipped with everything you need in the workplace or home.

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It's a new month and #WellnessWednesday too!

As we work for the last month this year, remember to work safely! We still need you around!

📸new stock for first aid office kits

#wellness #safetyfirst #workplacesafety #WellnessWednesday #medicalsupplies


Happy New Week to our valued customers and followers!

We have been a bit quiet on this platform but we are back with a little something for you.

End of year clearance sale!

ORDER NOW whilst stocks last: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=263712097257&text=May%20I%20please%20have%20more%20information%20on%20the%20products%20on%20Sale?

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You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills to get where you wish to be.



Hurry while stocks last !!!


As we go about our day to day business let's not forget that covid 19 is still there. Take care of you and your loved ones. DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!!!!



Come in store and choose from our range of products. We have:
✔️pharmacy equipment
✔️hospital equipment and sundries
✔️lab consumables

We are located at no. 172 Willowvale road, Southerton.


PS: Don't forget to mask up and sanitize always.


Keep Fit!!
Take Care of u!!


We have various sizes of measuring cylinders, beakers,conical and volumetric flasks and mortar and pestles to choose from.

Call or whatsapp us on 0782429570 to CHOOSE on a TUESDAY


“Mondays are the start of the work week which offer new beginnings 52 times a year!“




Your HEALTH is your greatest WEALTH. always look after yourself.

Having a basic first aid kit contributes to you looking after yourself. Buy one today for your home, car, office or factory.

Call/Whatsapp us on 0782429570 to place your order.


secure.onreg.com 23/10/2020

Run Polio Out 2020

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Happy Customer Service Week to our VALUED CUSTOMERS from us at CJV.

Pass through our offices and get a free 500ml bottle of hand washing soap as we continue to encourage people to exercise hygiene in trying to combat Covid-19.



Prevent Covid-19

Get your home kit from CJV MEDICAL SUPPLIES and help fight the spread of corona virus. Buy now and get your order delivered to your door step for free within Harare.

Call/Whatsapp 0782429570 for order placements!!

cjvmedics.co.zw 06/02/2020

CJV Medical Supplies

We are excited to share with you the news of the just arrived stock.We now have in stock:
🔵50ml Glass & Plastic Graduated Measuring Cylinders
🔵100ml Glass Graduated Measuring Cylinders
🔵Digital Fridge Thermometers
🔵Car/Office/Kitchen/Sports First Aid Kits

For order placements call/whatsapp on 0782429570 or email to [email protected] or visit our very user friendly website www.cjvmedics.co.zw and buy online.




Our family is growing... Celebrating your #5YearsOfService with you MedTours Africa

A peek behind the scenes as we work on bringing you the 'Cheu Pswaray & Medtours Africa Documentary' to be launched soon. Celebrating #5YearofService in #medical #tourism U.S. Embassy Harare CellMed Health Fund India in Zimbabwe (Embassy of India, Harare) First Mutual Life BonVie Medical Aid Scheme


From our team to yours, have a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. We appreciate your business.

cjvmedics.co.zw 05/12/2019

CJV Medical Supplies

💥🎄🎄Season's Greetings 🎄🎄💥

As we enter into the festive season we bring to you 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁


_Pick up your phone and call Tatenda on, 0782429570 and enjoy reduced prices on the following items_

🎄Car first aid kits
🎄 Office and factory first aid kits
🎄Crepe bandages (all sizes)
🎄First Aid dressing (all sizes)
🎄Face Masks
🎄Eye Pads
🎄Confirming Bangades
🎄Lab coats
🎄Deramed Foot care products
🎄Measuring cylinders (limited range)
🎄Room and Fridge thermometers
🎄Digital Balances
🎄Walking Sticks

And Many more

Come instore at #172 willowvale road and *SAVE* while *SHOPPING*.

Visit our website www.cjvmedics.co.zw


cjvmedics.co.zw The home of all your medical supplies


Wacky Wednesday Tips
Its #WackyWaterWednesday!!! Drinking water is so important for our bodies especially if you are looking to lose weight. Water flushes out toxins in our bodies that hinder weight loss. Flush them out, make sure you drink enough water everyday.


#KeepCool We've got just what you need to measure your fridge temperature... (and yours too if you need it) #NewStock #CJVMedicalSupplies Call/whatsapp Tatenda on +263782429570 or email [email protected] www.cjvmedics.co.zw


CJV Medical Supplies

🔵150mm Dia Porcelain Mortar and Pestle
🔵Buy 2 and get a measuring cylinder of your choice free

Call/whatsapp 0782429570 for order placements or visit our website www.cjvmedics.co.zw and buy online

Leaders in the healthcare💉 business


Come in store or visit our website www.cjvmedics.co.zw for these and other products .


Gift Salimo Sally Runganga Thomas Whitcho Laura Munyoro Daisy Dzora Craig Maweni Pardon Mlambo Norah Jhamba #mypharmacistfriends



Call/whatsapp or come instore to enjoy the winter promotion on the following products

Mortar and pestle was US$40 now👉🏽 US$30

Digital fridge thermometer was US$40 now👉🏽 US$30

Hand sanitizer 5ltrs was US$56 was👉🏽 US$50

And a variety of other products

Offer valid until end of this week





Call/whatsapp or come instore to enjoy the winter promotion on the following products

Mortar and pestle was US$40 now👉🏽 US$30

Digital fridge thermometer was US$40 now👉🏽 US$30

Hand sanitizer 5ltrs was US$56 was👉🏽 US$50

And a variety of other products

Offer valid until end of this week



#KeepCool We've got just what you need to measure your fridge temperature... (and yours too if you need it) #NewStock #CJVMedicalSupplies Call/whatsapp Tatenda on +263782429570 or email [email protected] www.cjvmedics.co.zw


We're proud to have her lead our team! #welldoneboss Cheu Pswarayi #leadingwithpurpose

Congratulations to Cheurombo Pswarayi for being awarded as the Woman of The Year 2018, and MedTours Africa as the Company Of The Year 2018 in recognition with Leadership Excellence by the Zimbabwe National Womens Awards Board. #awards #excellence #leadership


#MondayReflections “a man cannot be comfortable without his own approval”.

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Footwear in Stock!
Leaders in the Healthcare business


CJV Medicals has a wide and varied product range.Apart from the its core business of Medical and Laboratory Equipment distributorship ie;
• Mortars and pestles
• Fridge Thermometers
• Triple beam balances
• Walking aids
• Walking Sticks

.....CJV also supplies funeral parlour equipment and footcare products



Unit 3, 172 Willowvale Road, Southerton

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00

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