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LIKE our page, SHARE this post for your chance to win a FREE website design. Closing time and date is Monday 12.03.18 @ 17:00hrs (5pm. T&C's apply
LIKE our page, SHARE this post for your chance to win a FREE website design. Closing time and date is Monday 12.03.18 @ 17:00hrs (5pm. T&C's apply
For all your Website Design, Graphic Design and Video Marketing Services...
For all your Website design, Graphic design and video marketing services..
FREE Advertising for your business, goods and services.

Affordable web design, hosting and domain registration services for businesses, organizations and personal projects. Our company offers excellent and innovative packages to various selected groups.

We achieve this through strategic partnerships with various companies and individuals, that ensure that we are able to provide innovative and reasonably priced packages that leaves the client smiling and satisfied.


What's the best miscommunication you've ever had with a client?

My favorite miscommunication happened about two years ago. I was helping them with their Google Drive.

Me: It looks like there was an issue with the sync.

Caller: What?! What's wrong with my sink?


After record low ratings and a pandemic-marred 2021 show, producers this year turned to one of the biggest stars around Beyonce to kick off an Oscars intended to revive the awards’ place in pop culture. And in what appeared to be a brazen attack live on TV , Will Smith walked up stage, smacked Chris Rock for a joke that referred his wife Jada as "GI Jane". Smith went back to his seat dropping the F-word, leaving the entire auditorium and viewers from around the world in horrified silence .

OK, so the security personnel came up and dragged Smith out of the hall and straight into a waiting police car. As Chris Rock filed for assault charges against Smith.... Well that's not how it ended.

The orgainsers did not take any action neither did Rock, press any charges against Smith. In fact Smith, went on to receive his first Oscar for his appearance in the movie, King Richard. Not only that, he went on to deliver a 5 minute tearful speech about his role in the movie and received, a standing ovation. 🤔

What on earth is an Oscar 🎭

The Oscars are awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry.

Was this a publicity stunt by producers of the show or Smith went too far?

Did Smith issue an apology? Yes, during his 5 minute speech. In which he talked about his role in the movie and protecting your loved ones. He apologized to the Academy but fell short of issuing an apology directly to Rock.

Over to you

1. Put yourself in Smith's shoes. How would you have handled the situation?

2. As the organiser of the event how would you have handled it?

3. These guys are professional actors and know how to pull a convincing act. Do you think this was staged?

That's a wrap! This is sure to go down as one of the most shocking and controversial Oscar ceremony in history.


How to encourage customers to buy your product

Customers are the most important part of a business since the profit is mainly base on customers. If customers buy more product sales and profits will increase. But, attracting customers to a business is a major problem in any business.

There are several ways to encourage your customers to buy your products.

Let's explore some of the ways:

Make them feel uniquely special.

Smile and truly welcome your customer. Exchange pleasantries without going to a hard sell first. Your attitude must be one of friendly service and interest in them.

Offer lots of information.

Consumers look for trustworthy, knowledgeable individuals to educate them on a purchase. Trust is the most important factor leading to long-term relationships and repeat sales.

Customers need to be involved in the decision.

Help them by using sensory techniques. If possible, place the object being considered in their hand. This not only offers touch, but a sense of ownership, which you should encourage. Say, “Your new earrings will look wonderful with that outfit.” Encourage shoppers to touch a fabric, handle, taste or smell the products if appropriate.

Tell the story.

How did you start your own business? Did a trip to a foreign country inspire you? Where did you come across the beautiful design used in your creation? Stories are a powerful connector which will become “part of your product,” and the buyer will retell those stories when showing their purchase to others.

Make realistic promises.

Taking a special order for a customer? Be honest about the time frame and make sure you follow up. Contact them after the order to thank them again, and reassure them about their order, but don’t over promise. Be realistic, and then exceed their expectations!

Provide a high level of service.

Show respect for them and for their time by being on time for any appointments you may have set up. If you are late, call. Be consistent with a quick response, and keep them well-informed.


What problem/need does your business solve?

While not all businesses look at themselves as problem solvers, every business I have come across does solve a problem for their clients or customers. Whether it is a problem of what to wear, what to eat, accommodation, or what kind of house to build, all businesses solve problems.

Many businesses forget or overlook this important aspect and instead of asking ‘how can I solve others problems?’, they skip straight to ‘how do I make more money?

Need help marketing your business online? Get in touch with us today.


The 3 C's Principle

1. Don't Compare yourself with any entity under the sun, each one of us, was uniquely designed by God and there is no room for Comparisons.

2. Don't Compete with anyone, we are not in a race but we must compliment one another, many people landed in serious problems and heartaches because of competition.

3. Don't Complain. Anything that comes our way, is tailormade for us, we have the capacity to tackle it, whatever mammoth or Herculean it may appear.


What sets your business apart from competitors?

Imagine you've lost your phone and you decided that you needed to buy a new smartphone. You get into town and find ten individual shops next door to each other, all in a nice neat row and basically all the same. How do you decide which shop to purchase your new phone from?

Do you look for the cheapest, the one with the most cheerful staff, the biggest, the smallest, the longest established, the one that you have visited before or simply the one closest? These are the kinds of questions that we subconsciously ask every time we go to purchase an item.

The big question is: what makes your business different from your competitors? If your customers are trying to choose between your business and your competitors’ businesses, why should they use yours? You need to come up with the answer to this question and it needs to be convincing.

One thing that is certain in business is that competition will continue to increase. There will be more people trying to sell similar items to the same number of people. For this reason it is important to identify what makes your business different to and, ultimately, better than your competitors.


On this let's uphold women’s achievements, recognize the challenges they face, and salute those trailblazers who inspire us every single day with their grit, courage & perseverance.


Success is good but failure is better.

You must not let successes get to your head but also must not let failure consume your heart. Know that, sometimes, actually most times, things don’t go as planned and that is perfectly fine.

But failure doesn’t mean your idea wasn’t valid or that your dream isn’t good enough. Failure simply means there is something to be learned or another direction to be taken.


Happy New month


We make social media do the work for you.

Call/App 0713 903 533


We make social media do the work for you

Call/App 0713 903 533


Beyond educating the public about how solar energy works, Shinko is on a mission to create positive environmental impact. We wish you a productive week . .



Supawood is a versatile board that can be vanished, painted or merged with other board types. It is used to make furniture for the whole house and office from bathroom vanities to cotbeds for the little ones to office desks and storage cabinets. Get your Supawood from Rayden Inc. Available in 16mm and 9mm

Discounts available for bulk orders


The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger -


Buy the smoothest pure *Chocolettie Peanut Butter* and enjoy the peanut butter you've been craving for!


May this year be prosperous to you all


Christmas Deals!!

Get in touch with us:
Harare :0774435343, 0719435343
Bulawayo : 0772 603 067

Office: 1791 Clara Avenue, New Marlborough, Harare.

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Need Solar Lithium Batteries?

Get in touch with us:
Harare :0774435343, 0719435343
Bulawayo : 0772 603 067

Office: 1791 Clara Avenue, New Marlborough, Harare.

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Christmas Deals!!

Get in touch with us:
Harare :0774435343, 0719435343
Bulawayo : 0772 603 067

Office: 1791 Clara Avenue, New Marlborough, Harare.

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"If you have no Honey in your pot, have some in your mouth"


Get started with digital marketing and branding services with us and explore more business opportunities online.


Earn a supplementary income

INUKA offers one of the most rewarding compensation plans in the network Marketing industry.

No registration fee, only the purchase of your business kit is required to become a member.

Call Now: +263 718 747 686


Say goodbye to load shedding. Switch to solar power!

By switching to solar energy, you can make huge savings on monthly electricity bills in the long-term.

Get in touch with us:
Harare : 0774435343, 0719435343
Bulawayo : 0772 603 067

Office: 1791 Clara Avenue, New Marlborough, Harare.

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A great way to spoil yourself or a loved one, over Christmas.

For the most wonderful time of the year, when streets are aligned with twinkling lights and festive magic is palpable, we have an amazing traditional hampers for you this Christmas.

Our healthy hamper is full of handpicked products that are perfect for every member of the family, from pure Honey to dried MuNyevhe, it's got all the healthy foods they will need.

Even better you can get this quickly delivered straight to your door in Harare.

Order yours today!
+263 71 983 0188
+263 71 932 2761

N.B - Hamper basket picture is representational & products will differ based on the availability.


Brighten up your home this Christmas.

In stocks we have a wide range of products, Growatt Inverters, Canadian Solar Panels, Lithium Batteries and many other solar related products.

Call Now!

0774435343, 0719435343
1791 Clara Av New Marlborough, Harare.


To ensure that we are all safe, keep wearing a mask even if after you have been fully vaccinated.


Enhance your bathing experience with INUKA Modern Me bath salts.

INUKA Modern Me Bath Salts, soothes the muscles, hydrates the skin, detoxifies the body, and relieves internal swelling.

Whether you are seeking silkier skin, a better night’s sleep, or a little detoxification, INUKA Modern Me bath salts can play a beneficial role within your day to day routine.

Order yours today for $5 only.
Call Now: +263 718 747 686


Want a perfume with a pleasant and refreshing scent? Then INUKA perfumes are the plug!

Get in touch with Tsitsi, for all your designer-inspired generic perfumes at affordable prices.

It's not just a fragrance; it’s a lifestyle.

Call Now: +263718747686


Want a perfume with a pleasant and refreshing scent? Then INUKA perfumes are the plug!

Get in touch with Tsitsi, for all your designer-inspired generic perfumes at affordable prices.

It's not just a fragrance; it’s a lifestyle.

Call Now: +263718747686


NZEVE Deaf Children's Centre

Stronger together!
Celebrate Deafness! Celebrate International Week of the Deaf!



5th Floor, Hurudza House, Corner Nelson Mandela

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