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We recently presented FSSC 22000 ver 4.1 training in Harare

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Enjoyed the different Merlot and Shiraz wines with #rwendowines


Food business use certification to show their ability to consistently make safe food #FoodSafetyEveryonesBusiness. The journey to certification involves setting food and quality standards and processes, food safety culture, commitment, structure, implementation and leadership #DQS #Standards Association of Zimbabwe 22/06/2020

World Food Safety Day 2020: “Food safety, everyone’s business”

We are with you Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Irvine's Zimbabwe, @ Food and Nutrition Council of Zimbabwe. The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe, @ Food and Authority Ghana FDA in celebrating World Food Safety Day World Food Safety Day 2020: Introduction and Online Quiz 08/06/2020

World Food Safety Day 2020: “Food safety, everyone’s business”

#World Food Safety Day 2020. World Food Safety Day 2020: Introduction and Online Quiz 25/10/2019

A guide to ISO 22000:2018 When it comes to food and food production, keeping food items safe is of critical importance. Read on for a guide to ISO 22000:2018...


William Samoei Ruto

A focus on the development of food safety and quality standards, including strengthening the food value chain will shift food production and consumption towards greater sustainability. As we embark on improving standards, expanding productivity and enhancing market access, we must consolidate and intensify interest in the quality, production and handling of consumer products, especially food. Codex standards must remain pillars of food safety to steer our economies and societies into more sustainable patterns of production and consumption. This is the best path towards ending hunger and all forms of malnutrition by 2030.

During the official opening of the 23rd Session of the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Africa, Nairobi County.


BBC News Africa

"If I see someone with the same disability as I have, I encourage them to show the world what you can do."

Manners from Zimbabwe makes this beautiful artwork using the beer and energy drink cans that you throw away.


Standards Association of Zimbabwe

ISO 22000:2018 is here. This standard is closely conforming to global food standards. Please join us for transition training.

What's new in ISO 22000?


Standards Association of Zimbabwe

Standards help to enhance the workplace for women

SAZ joins the rest of the world in celebrating International Women's Day 2018 #ISO #IWD2018


Social equality is just one of thousands of areas advanced by ISO International Standards and, today, on International Women’s Day, ISO pledges to advance it even further.

A hundred years ago, women in most countries were not allowed to vote, drive, buy property or work in many industries. While progress has been made, the gender equality gap still remains.

According to a 2017 report by the World Economic Forum, there is still a worldwide difference in gender equality of 32 % .
International Women’s Day recognizes the contribution that women make to society and the importance of raising awareness about women’s rights and equality.
At ISO we believe that women not only make a valuable contribution to the products, services and systems that drive our society, they also deserve to have an equal voice in their development.
ISO Secretary-General Sergio Mujica said: “Our aim is to encourage equal representation in standardization, to strengthen the participation of women in the development of ISO International Standards and to make them more relevant to women around the world. We intend to promote among the ISO family the importance of women’s participation in ISO work.”
This is why ISO has joined a number of other large organizations in the pledge to be an International Gender Champion, as part of a leadership network working to advance gender parity in executive management.



We are always on the lookout for local products that are making waves in the industry. You can just imagine our excitement when we came across Dr. Trouble Chilli Sauce in local supermarkets. From a family recipe that is over a hundred years old to one of the best sauces on the market! #Harare #Ndeipi 11/07/2018

'We thought slavery had gone away': African men exploited on Irish boats Joseph and Isaac had hopes of a better future in Britain but ended up doing ‘the heaviest jobs’ 20 hours a day on Irish trawlers


Dr. Trouble Chilli Sauce

Thanks to ZiMunda-Farming for the great article!


Yes we are joining the fight against listeria. It needs some thought leadership!! 31/03/2018

California requires coffee cancer warning Coffee sellers in California must warn customers about the chemical acrylamide, a state court rules. 12/03/2018

Fake processed food is becoming an epidemic in African urban life If left unchecked, this trend will exacerbate the nutrition and health challenges faced in Africa.


Minister Motsoaledi announces source of Listeriosis and actions to follow.

Source of Listeria Monocytogenes in South Africa found

Please subscribe and share. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! You are request to abide by the following rules when commenting. 1. No racial slurs are allowed. 2. Refrain from ...


Dr. Trouble Chilli Sauce

MUTARE we are now in stock @ SPAR MUTARE.


The Black Chef

• L I G H T W O R K •
Took about 7mins to put this together minus the 4hr Dr. Trouble Chilli Sauce marinated chicken breast. But this is just what I needed for a Sunday late lunch/early din din quick meal.... PS that background got me feeling all kindsa #blackpanther feels 😊
🔻@drtroublesauce smoked chili marinated chicken breast, grilled with a little olive oil, red chili flakes and garlic, tossed the pomegranates in right at end just before serving, mixed lettuce leaves, 24Hr pickled cucumbers, cherry toms, purple onion and yellow capsicum 🔺
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Nutrition and public health: Here’s why eating wisely is a must Barley has 5.66% soluble fibre per 100 grams, the highest among cereals consumed in India, while parboiled, milled rice has 0.76% and atta or wheat flour, 1.63%. Gooseberry (amla) is the richest source of vitamin C (252 mg per 100 grams)—no points for guessing—followed by pink-fleshed guava (222...


Dr. Trouble Chilli Sauce



Dr. Trouble Chilli Sauce 23/01/2018

[WATCH] Listeriosis - Carte Blanche

South Africa under listeria crisis South Africa is in the grips of a deadly Listeriosis outbreak and with 61 confirmed deaths and over 700 recorded cases of infection, it’s one of the worst outbreaks the country has ever experienced. From fresh fruit and vegetables to meat produce, the listeria bacterium can contaminate almost any ... 03/01/2018

Harare amends food hygiene by-law

Some positive step from City of Harare. Our food safety control infrastucture needs some urgent modernisation. Our concern is even the 1924 regulations in use are not being fully enforced. If that is not addressed we will not get the full benefits of the revised regulations. HARARE - Harare City Council (HCC) is proposing amending the food hygiene by-law to include a clause on how food handlers operate and will be regulated. According to environmental committee minutes, the by-law had skipped food handlers and only concentrated on the premises. In the minutes, ...


#NowReading Just 1 baked sweet potato can give your body 400% of the vitamin A it needs to keep your eyes and skin healthy. Saka tose ngatidye mbabaira. via @WebMD


Bananas are a safer street food and good for blood presure (BP). Blood pressure is on the rise from eating too much salt in our diet. You can curb it by eating a banana. Learn why:



Meat samples from Pretoria abattoir prove positive for listeria monocytogenes.

30 December 2017 - 18:01BY TIMESLIVE

meat butcher - Gauteng MEC for Health Gwen Ramokgopa said the origin of the contaminated meat sample was traced to a shop located in the Pretoria area.

A prohibition notice has been issued to an abattoir in the Tshwane area halting it from distributing meat after samples taken from it tested positive for listeria‚ the Gauteng health department confirmed on Saturday.

Investigators were led to the abattoir after a food sample from a patient who was confirmed to have listeriosis tested positive for the pathogen.

Gauteng MEC for Health Gwen Ramokgopa said the origin of the contaminated food sample was traced to a shop located in the Pretoria area.

“Further investigations led our investigators to the abattoir which supply this particular shop with meat. Food samples from the abattoir were tested by the National Health Laboratory Services and they came out positive for the listeria pathogens. “Based on the discovery‚ the prohibition notice has been issued to the abattoir in terms of Regulations 4 (3) of Regulations governing the General Hygiene for food premises and the transport of food for preparing food to the identified abattoir‚ “Ramokgopa.said..

“Whilst the abattoir's legal rights are respected‚ they're obliged to comply until the following has been adhered to: identify the source of contamination‚ disinfection of the premises‚ take surface swabs and water samples before and after disinfection‚” she added Gauteng is the province most affected with listeriosis‚ with over 365 cases having been detected in the province‚ and 28 related deaths from the beginning of the year to date.

“In order to trace the origin and also to contain the outbreak‚ the MMC for health in the city of Tshwane‚ Mr Sakkie Du Plooy‚ assured that the city’s Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) are carrying out home visits to all clients who were confirmed to be listeriosis positive and collecting food samples from the affected clients. The samples have been submitted to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

“In the meantime the Gauteng Department of Health is calling upon people to practice basic hygiene‚ for example‚ by washing hands anytime they visited rest room and we also encourage them wash their vegetables and fruits before consuming them‚ boiling of water prior to use if you are not sure of its origin and avoid drinking unpasteurised milk as well cooking food at high temperature‚” the province’s health department said in a statement.


Government bans livestock, agriculture imports from South Africa over Listeriosis The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources has banned the importation of meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits from South Africa over Listeriosis, a viral disease also known as Kaba.


We have just completed a Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) Lead Audit Training attended by delegates from leading for food businesses in Zimbabwe. The course auditing programmes can help food industry auditors develop the skills and knowledge to carry out audits effectively. Delegates gained knowledge and ability to carry out internal audits and external audits against ISO 22000 and GFSI accredited auditing schemes include FSSC 22000

For companies engaged in the manufacture or distribution of food products ensuring food safety is a key business activity which must be planned and systematically performed. ISO 22000:2005 is one of many management system standards specifying requirements for implementing a food safety management systems (FSMS) for organisations in the food chain.

Food Safety standards require organisations to assess effectiveness of food safety controls and to drive improvement performance of management systems through review processes where audits are an integral part.

Certification to a standard demonstrates the capability, capacity, competency in controlling food safety hazards and to providing safe food for human consumption as well as to demonstrate compliance to customer and food safety legislation on the day of audit
With increasing regulators and retailers are now insisting that their suppliers subscribe to the unannounced food safety audits, businesses no longer have the luxury of preparing for your next audit but instead should maintain an audit ready everyday standards and to make food safety part of their organisation culture.

Maintaining an audit ready standard requires the organisation to implement an effective auditing processes that continuously examine all activities affecting food safety to determine if they are working as designed from a system, process, management and control perspectives. Competent staff is required with the plan, conduct, report and follow up an audit of food safety and quality management system. 19/06/2016

Get Ready for Food Safety Culture Audits!!!

A culture of food safety is built on a set of shared values, beliefs and practices that food business operators and their staff follow to produce and provide food in the safest manner. Every food business has its own unique food safety culture which could be either positive or negative. Maintaining a positive food safety culture means that operators and staff know the risks associated with the products or meals they produce, know why managing the risks is important, and effectively manage those risks in a demonstrable way. Food safety culture audits are designed to demonstrating a business ability to make safe food day in day out. We’re glad you’re here. Check out and download the attached file to see our horizon scan briefing on food safety culture and food safety culture audits!!!!


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