Seismology in Zimbabwe

Seismology in Zimbabwe


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Seismology in Zimbabwe is all about monitoring earthquakes in Zim,which is the scientific study of

Earthquakes monitoring in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been monitoring earthquakes since 1959 when the first seismic station was installed in Bulawayo. The need to establish a seismic network for monitoring seismic activity was brought about by the building and subsequent impounding of the Lake Kariba in 1958. There are more than 4000 earthquakes of magnitude 3.9 and below, about 140 in the magnitude ra


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Now it's easier to send Seismology in Zimbabwe a message. 26/10/2021

Now it's easier to send Seismology in Zimbabwe a message.

Now it's easier to send Seismology in Zimbabwe a message. 19/02/2021

Aftershock sequence of 22 September 2016, Manica-Zinave earthquake (Mw5.6),Mozambique

The September 22, 2016 Manica-Zinave (Mozambique) earthquake and its aftershocks. The occurrence of the September 22, 2016 Manica-Zinave earthquake (Mw5.6) and its subsequent aftershocks provided data to study the physics of earthqu… 24/08/2020

M 5.0 - 15 km S of Liuli, Tanzania The Earthquake Event Page application supports most recent browsers, view supported browsers. Or, try our Real-time Notifications, Feeds, and Web Services. 25/09/2019

At least 25 killed, over 459 injured in Kashmir earthquakes

So sad! Earthquake prediction, earthquake news, fracking


Moderate earthquake shaking was experienced in Beacon Hill area,Chipinge on 28 July at 23:18.Magnitude 3.5 earthquake in Mozambique but nearer to Zimbabwe border.


Two 3.7 magnitude earthquakes felt in Kariba today at 15:01 & at 18:29, 27/06/2019

Met Dept calls for use of nuclear technology - NewsDay Zimbabwe Zimbabwe’s Meteorological Service Department (MSD) acting director Rebecca Manzou has urged nations to use technologies meant to detect nuclear activities for alternative

25/06/2019 03/06/2019

Earthquake shakes Kariba THE Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has confirmed that a moderate earthquake measuring 3,9 in magnitude was experienced in Kariba, Mashonaland West, on Saturday and no injuries were recorded.


An felt earthquake in Kariba!


The main purpose of seismic monitoring of big dams is to determine precise definition of the seismic activity of the site, that is precise location of earthquake epicentres and their depth.


Dams are not inherently safe against earthquakes. We need to monitor our big dams ,Tokwe Mukosi and Kariba


The East African Rift System contributes to most earthquakes that affect Zimbabwe,its a major tectonic feature.


'If no damaging earthquake has happened in recent memory, it’s easy to ignore the need to prepare for a future earthquake of uncertain magnitude." 25/03/2019

Bikita families to be relocated

Volcano that never was! Government is mulling relocating four families in Ziki communal lands, Bikita, amid fears of rockfall and mudslides following heavy rains induced by Cyclone Idai that left more than 300 families in the district homeless.


So many fake messages circulating about Volcanoes in Bikita,Gutu etc.
Please lets stop spreading fake news. 02/01/2019


Help us on this study...Chipinge Earthquake 22 December 2018 The following questionnaire is part of a study of the effects of the CHIPINGE,5.5 Magnitude Earthquake which occurred on 22 December 2018 at 0737  AM.You are invited to use it to record what you experienced. This information will be useful for our study of the earthquake. Please send completed.... 23/12/2018

It wasn’t Armageddon, it was an earthquake

More Info.. Yesterday morning was particularly strange for some Zimbabweans. Having psyched themselves for a day of relaxing during the Unity Day celebrations, which are traditionally a prelude for the long festive period for most Zimbabweans, they were woken up, or woke up, to tremors, which rattled buildings....


We have recorded an earthquake which occurred in Manicaland on the border between Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The Earthquake was felt by some people in Chipinge, Mutare, Masvingo, Harare .The earthquake in Manicaland, South Eastern Zimbabwe occurred at 0537 UTC , which is 0737AM Local time and the coordinates 20.644°S and 32.801°E

The magnitude and epicenter of the earthquake was determined to be about Magnitude 5.5 and the epicenter is 53km SSE of Chipinge, Zimbabwe.


“Every single person on this planet has a right to live in a safe world, and I think the CTBTO
is an organization which is a leader in protecting public health and safety for civilians.”
– HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan,
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


ESC 2018 - 36th GA of the European Seismological Commission. 19/06/2018

2nd CTBT Science Diplomacy Symposium: CTBTO Preparatory Commission A successful 2nd CTBT Science Diplomacy Symposium wrapped-up on Friday, 1 June following two weeks of dynamic discussion sessions, a high-level session of keynote speeches, hands-on simulation exercises and a field trip to the Atominstitut at the Vienna University of Technology.


The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

In a new Science Magazine editorial by Lassina Zerbo, CTBTO Executive Secretary, explains the importance of the CTBT and its verification regime in connection with the recent geopolitical developments, especially on the Korean Peninsula. “[The CTBTO's] monitoring system is crucial to future denuclearization in North Korea. The CTBTO's confirmation of a nuclear test by North Korea on 3 September 2017 once again showed how the Treaty's verification regime is already working for the benefit of the international community. But the only way to secure this benefit for all time is to bring the treaty into force. Adherence to the treaty by all parties concerned is the only way to overcome the trust deficit that is a real impediment to progress on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and to building trust and confidence in the Middle East.”

Read the full interview by following the link below:


Seismology in Zimbabwe

Malawi Earthquake..

Magnitude 5.6 earthquake
27 km from Nsanje, Malawi at 10:49 AM


Magnitude 5.6 earthquake
27 km from Nsanje, Malawi at 10:49 AM


Gulf of Alaska Earthquakes 10/01/2018

The 2nd General Assembly of African Seismological Commission - 20/09/2017

Mexico earthquake: at least 217 dead after powerful quake – latest updates

Sad story Death toll is expected to rise after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes 120km from Mexico City, collapsing buildings and killing at least 217 people


sad story in


At least three dead as 8.1-magnitude earthquake hits Mexico

At least five people have been killed after a magnitude-8.1 earthquake struck Mexico, causing a tsunami and warnings for countries across Central America The Governor of the Mexican state of Chiapas announced the first fatalities following the most powerful quake to hit the country since 1985, strik...


Seismicity map for the region of today's , earthquakes are common here but a normal faulting event of this size & at 70km depth is unusual 08/09/2017

Earthquake of magnitude 8.1 strikes off Mexico's Pacific coast - BBC News

big earthquake in Mexico There are at least five deaths and a tsunami warning after the 8.1 quake off the southern coast.


An earthquake of MAGNITUDE 5.8 in Mozambique but felt widely in Manicaland Province



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