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We are software design and development studio. For us, software development is more of a calling tha The Devshop is a software design and development studio.

For us, Software Development is more of a calling than a vocation. We wake up everyday and strive to deliver technology that enables the people we pass everyday in the pavements of our cities to achieve more. We are driven by the desire to craft software that boosts business activities and enhances the way everyone who uses it lives, interacts and conducts daily activities

devshopzw/static-site-boilerplate 23/11/2018

Open Source Friday⭐: This week our pick comes straight out of our own Github repo. A boilerplate to get you started developing a static website.

✅robots.txt file
✅Facebook Opengraph Tags and Twitter Cards meta tags
✅sass to extend supercharge your css
✅gulpfile.js file to for hot-reloading and readying your files for production.

Have a look at it here

devshopzw/static-site-boilerplate A boilerplate to get started when creating a website - devshopzw/static-site-boilerplate

Home 20/11/2018

"Keeping our donors, partners and stack-holders informed on the progress and status of projects is important to us"

Rescue Life of Children in South Sudan 🇸🇸️ is employing the web more and more as a channel to connect more with stack-holders to help the children in the country,

We are glad to be working with to help achieve their goals. Read more about them here:


HospitalRun 16/11/2018

Open Source Fridays: Our favorite ⭐ pick off Github this week is HospitalRun. HospitalRun is an easy-to-use modern hospital information system built for developing countries. It is built with low resource areas in mind.🏨

Have a look at their Github

HospitalRun Open source, modern software for charitable hospitals in the developing world. - HospitalRun

Timeline photos 12/11/2018

Hey there 👋..... It's been a while. We have a surprise for you 💙

Supporting WordPress Bulawayo Meetups 09/02/2018

We are thrilled to be supporting a growing community of WordPress Developers in Bulawayo

Supporting WordPress Bulawayo Meetups We are excited to be joining a growing community of WordPress Bulawayo Meetups. Meetups are an opportunity for people who love and value WordPress to get together to learn from, and connect with each other. Regardless of whether you want to learn about WordPress or meet others who work with it, Meet...

A Software Developer's Guide to Billing 05/02/2018

Thinking of starting a service-based business or freelancing as a software developer? Here is a short article on different ways to approach billing based on our own experiences. While the listed methods are not exhaustive we certainly hope that they will help someone get started.

A Software Developer's Guide to Billing Starting a software development business or freelancing? Here is a guide on some methods of billing we have learnt from our own experiences.


We would like to wish Nkosi the very best as he leaves the Devshop to further his education. He has been an invaluable member of the team during his time here.

Though we are sad to see you leave. We wish you the very best Nkosi. Until next time! It has been amazing 💫

Make The Web Great Again: One end at a time. (Part 1— Frontend) 01/02/2018

Read Part 1 of 3 of a series by Bakani Pilime on how to Make The Web great again. An insightful article.

via Medium

Make The Web Great Again: One end at a time. (Part 1— Frontend) This is part 1 of a three-part series of articles where I hope to share some of the experiences I’ve had developing for the web, and how…

DevOps - The Story about how we are delivery more value, faster. 21/12/2017

Read on how we adopted new DevOps practices to enable us to deliver more value to our clients, partners and end-users

DevOps - The Story about how we are delivery more value, faster. How we redefined our DevOps culture at the Devshop, increased our productivity and effectively provided more value to our end-users and our clients.

Join the conversation on Mazoe. 27/11/2017

There is a lot to celebrate about being Zimbabwean (especially given recent events). We chose to celebrate one of the greatest things to come out of our country. The world's best beverage.. Mazoe

A design concept. (*Tilt your device on mobile or move your mouse on PC to get the full experience).

Join the conversation on Mazoe. See how the conversation is happening about Mazoe on Dialogue.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code 23/11/2017

Internal processes play a large part of how efficiently and effectively software development teams (and individuals alike) can deliver value to end users.

Here is a good read on how you can enhance your process and deliver more in less time.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code Have you ever heard of SEMA? It’s a fairly esoteric system for measuring how good a software team is. No, wait! Don’t follow that link! It will take you about six years just to understa…


Thank you for this one Tanaka! 😉


Birthday Wishes Terrence Mugova. We wish you many more years. Your contribution to entrepreneurship in Bulawayo has been invaluable to us and to many others like us. Thank you and God bless 🥂🎂

Timeline photos 07/11/2017

This is Bakani Pilime. He has been a monumental part of the development of the Devshop and a pillar for the team. We celebrate his graduation with a BSc Honours Degree in Computer Science. We are glad he has been awarded for something that he has been doing exceptionally for so long already. Congratulations Bakani!

Hosting and Cloud Services | The Devshop 01/11/2017

Hosting from as little $5 per month and options for the needs of an organisation of any size

Hosting and Cloud Services | The Devshop The infrastructure needs of organisations differ and are likely to change with time, our plans can be designed and adjusted according to the needs of your organisation. Get in touch with us for specialised hosting plans and we will get you sort. To get you started, here are our generic hosting plans

Timeline photos 19/10/2017

Tools are not supposed to get into the way of creativity. They are supposed to inspire and enable.

A workstation in the Devshop War room.

Sharing our Lessons, Building a Community | The Devshop 17/10/2017

After taking some time to reflect on the past few months, we will be intensifying our efforts in promoting software development.

Our first line of actions will be to start hosting meetups for developers. Read more about it here

Sharing our Lessons, Building a Community | The Devshop The last few months have been an endless lesson for us and we are building a Community around what we have learnt about software development in Zimbabwe.


Good Morning and Happy Monday Everyone. Here is something to get your day started 😉

via 02/10/2017

Feedback that we have been receiving about Dialogue from people who have interacted with the platform in one way or another is that while the platform is useful it is still a bit difficult to use. 🙃

The good news is that we are now actively working to make Dialogue more user friendly and much easier to use. 😎

Thank you very much for your feedback, keep it coming so that we deliver the best for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

IT. IS. COMING! 26/09/2017

Everything is better when it is shared. One of our goals was to get people to share more and engage more in conversation. We are excited to share with you Dialogue and hope it is the first step towards this goal.

Signup for Dialogue 😉

IT. IS. COMING! Dialogue is coming /25.09.17/. Share More. Engage More.

Timeline photos 23/09/2017

Ahead of our launch of Dialogue, yesterday we had the first interview about the product.

Introducing Dialogue 22/09/2017

As we approach the the TechEmpowerment event where we will share dialogue with the public for the first time and ahead of the launch date, we decided to share some of the features that you will get when you use Dialogue

Introducing Dialogue

The Devshop 20/09/2017

Here is our new look website, Follow the link to learn more about us and what we do

The Devshop For us, Software Development is more of a calling than a vocation. We wake up everyday and strive to deliver technology that enables the people we pass everyday in the pavements of our cities to achieve more.

IT. IS. COMING! 19/09/2017

We are honored to share Dialogue for the very first time at a public event at the TechEmpowerment event on Thursday and Friday at The TechVillage.

See you there.

IT. IS. COMING! Dialogue is coming /25.09.17/. Share More. Engage More.


Today we celebrated the birthday of one of the best to ever do it,

Happy belated Birthday Riley. To many more years of your frontend designs


Usually we code 💻..... but sometimes we eat pizza 🍕...


Make a date with us and the Pitch Night Community tonight at the Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel as we celebrate ideas and share with entrepreneurs in our city


1 2 Testing.....

Getting ready to release to Public Beta


Some members of our team visited Zim Code this weekend to see the great work that they are doing teaching high school students to code. We could not help but feel a bit of nostalgia being in a room full of people eager to develop and people so passionate about advancing the growth of the developer community in the country so we remembered the night of the Hackfest....
..and exploring the possibility of having another hackathon invitational ourselves too.

Photos from The Devshop's post 18/07/2017

Our first pictures from our new offices. We call this one "The War Room"

Timeline photos 14/07/2017

Tuesday and Friday mornings are always great at the shop because of cupcakes. Code ❤️ Cupcakes.

Thank you so much Audrey

Timeline photos 04/07/2017

Ideas on how to get people to connect on a deeper level have been something that we have been playing with for a while. We have from time to time explored concepts to get people to share more and engage more.

Now we will begin to share the ideas that we have had so far with the community and improve on them. Our journey started at Pitch Night when we tested the first public beta of our new platform. We will be improving on it and previewing it at the next available opportunity

We are calling it... Dialogue

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Our Story : How it all started

Our story starts in a room in the basement, where a group of young people sought to start businesses that would change the country and eventually with the right determination, the continent. A community of young and vibrant young people who have ideas that they feel will disrupt the way local business conduct their everyday processes.

From the earliest days, the lack of skill in our small community to develop world class software became more and more obvious. Ideas requiring technical knowledge far outweighed the developers who could build them. Technology was an essential part of our delivering some of the small ideas that would impact our communities in a huge way.

In that small community a developer community formed and using our individual strength we began to upskill each other and continually and consistently became better. We learnt that there was strength in numbers that our combined efforts to better ourselves was greater that the sum of our individual effort. From then we have never looked back and continue in our mission to equip and empower as many developers as possible to contribute to their teams and to start then grow meaningful business.

Over time, one belief has become a fundamental to the way we work: We are only as good as how much we learn and how we implement what we know to solve problem and solve challenges that the people around us encounter everyday. We realise that we only become valuable in our societies if we have the audacity to learn and build.



Second Floor, Bambanani Center, Cnr Jason Moyo And 9th Street

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Friday 08:30 - 13:00
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