Natural AfricanQueen

Natural AfricanQueen


This is our faces of Natural AfricanQueen! Our beautiful agents ❤️ please click on their photo to get more details about them, each one of them is uniquely chosen!

We cannot wait to add more to our amazing team.
Our main number is 067 626 0582 || 067 626 0582
A massive before and after! Her hair was very dry and damaged before using our products but you can see how her hair transforms into this beautiful set of juicy curls.

Our leave in treatment and Growth spray is both a daily use product. Apply and style as usual. No need to apply a lot, just enough to reach your scalp and strands and watch out products do the work! WhatsApp us today to place your order, 067 626 0582. ❤️
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A very happy client from Dysselsdorp. We are impressed with the results, and we couldn't be more happier. Whenever we see results like this, our heart just warms up.

Our handmade products is worth the try. ❤
This is one of our amazing clients. She's been faithfully using our products since the very start. Healthy longer and fuller looking hair! She uses both spray and leave in treatment ❤
Remember that our Black friday special started yesterday 22nd November and ends 26 November 2021. Our Agents also runs a special of their own. Please support if there's someone in your area.


Photos from Natural AfricanQueen's post 01/12/2022

We have agents in the following places:


Our Shea moisturising hair butter 🙏🏽 it’s definitely buttery and just melts in your hands. This makes your hair feel baby soft, moisturises your hair without making it feel heavy. It also promotes growth, strengthens your hair and has many beneficial ingredients added to deliver the best quality.

Using our shea butter enables your crown to be best version of itself ❤️


What an amazing support system we have. All orders are going out today ❤️💜 Our new products is busy making waves 🌊


Orders going out today. Thank you to our clients from the Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape that already ordered our new products! Your support does not go unseen ❤️ we are so grateful.


The price list everyone has been asking for. Thank you to Bredasdorp, Mitchell’s Plain, and Oudtshoorn that already purchased our new products❤️

We pray many success stories upon these. Thank you again to each and everyone. May God continue working through you to support small businesses.

0676260582. Please whatsapp us to place yours


The first song I had to start my day with 😭 I’m such a baby today! I’m so grateful man. Like I know this would never be possible without hard work determination and being persistent, but this would never be possible without Gods grace 🥺 He is so dependable ❤️ He gave us everything we prayed for.

God thank you! And everyone Happy 1st December ❤️ be blessed and know that whatever you want to pursue in life it’s never impossible.


Excuse me 😩 do yall see this? 👏🏽👏🏽
The hair moisturising butter is a 250ml jar
Braid & Loc spray 250ml
Rosemary Oil 150ml


All labels is printed and we are so happy! Tomorrow will infact be the D- Day 🥹 we have been working so hard! Late nights, early mornings. There was never doubt. Our God is faithful ❤️

Products to be released:

067 626 0582 || 067 626 0582

Photos from Natural AfricanQueen's post 29/11/2022

Our combo specials is up and running. Tomorrow will be the last day of our Black Friday special. if you haven’t tried our products, now is the time, you snooze you loooose🥺 whatsapp us 0676260582.

Limited stock available ❤️


I will be in town with the combo special from 10H30 this morning. Let me know where we can meet (Oudtshoorn)


My heart ❤️🥹 guys just look man!

I design our own labels, we make our own products. This is handmade with so much love. My heart is overflowing! I’m PROUD man😭

150ml oil, Price: R100. Availability. 1st December’22


This is a Rosemary oil infused with herbs.

It prevents dandruff
Promotes hair growth
Moisturises hair
Repairs & Restores
And helps fight scalp Alopecia

It’s suitable for all hair types ❤️❤️

We welcome this product into our lives and we wish many success stories upon this product.


Our oil is ready 🙏🏽❤️ now we just waiting for our labels. I’m such a proud owner!

Awethu ✊🏽


Finally got all labels done 🥹🙏🏽 I’m so exhausted but I just know this is going to be one for the books. Work hard, rest later. Looking forward to getting my labels printed.


It was so refreshing to be live with you. Those who requested a picture to see my lashes one more time, here you go ❤️😂


Join me on a live within few minutes, let’s talk hair ❤️


We won’t be available in Oudtshoorn this weekend. If interested in our Black Friday special, you can collect today, arrange for meet up in town or wait for Monday to get your products



Photos from Natural AfricanQueen's post 23/11/2022

Please note that the prices of our agents is not the same as the head office! It was R220 for the combo at our agents, its now R180! save R40. We only have specials on our combo deals and not individually.

Head office: Was R180, Now R160. You also qualify for frew shipping if you spend R500 & more ❤️

Specials valid from Friday, 25th Nov until 30th Nov or until stock lasts. Thank you for your support.


Black Friday deals will start Friday. I will upload specials by tonight.

Amandla ✊🏽


This part right here is what I hate most. Can someone not start a business that removes braids at your comfort. 😭 few taken out 1000 to go! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone if I don’t make it in time ❤️


Today exactly 2 weeks ago I had my butterly locs installed and we taking them out later already. I will do a video on how I treat my hair after removing a protective style. Because my hair is natural and so curly, I unfortunately cannot wear a protective style for to long. Our hair is prone to breakage and can get dry and brittle very easily. This was a great few weeks with my hair being tucked away but it’s definitely time to allow my scalp to breath again.


We have 14k page followers but my post reached almost 17k people. Please like our page if you enjoy our content and products. We appreciate your support in getting our page to grow ❤️ 


I would love to go live. Please share few questions you might have about hair, I will do a Question and Answer live session ❤️

Leave your comment and let’s interact


I’m literally in heaven right now. I Love the smell of nature and fresh Aloe Vera ❤️


Big shout-out to my newest top fans!

Shauné Botha Mārlēy, Rosemary Job, Elsabé Kween Béah Harmse, Hesme Billie, Esmarelda Diedie Diedericks, Christi-ann Herman, Sybil De Jager, LOuiSE Willeman, Leeann Lee


Our products are divided and ready to be shipped 😀


Thank you for all orders! Next week our new products will be launched and we so excited with how many people waiting for it. This has really been a game changer, and my hair has been thanking me every step even while rocking my protective style.

Update: we stocked up on our leave in and growth spray and already we low on stock! Tomorrow morning our Aloe Vera leaves will be delivered and the process starts again. Please place your order while we have products left. It’s holidays and we wouldn’t want you to go without yours ❤️


If you would like to place your order. Please whatsapp us, we do have a few unread message so please resend if we never got back to you. We are sending all packages today, have your order added and start your hair journey with us 🙏🏽


Thanks for being a top engager and making it onto my weekly engagement list! 🎉 Naomi Jullies, Bell's van Wyk, Lizel Arnold, Nicky Levendal, Junika Meyer, Pauline Paula Adams, LOuiSE Willeman, Lauren-Lee Devilliers, Elmarie S Stoffels, Doneshea Matthews, Nadia le Grange, Devaney Witbooi, Monica Wildschutte, Lenay Rhaman, Candice DE Jager, Kaylin Jayde Kennedy, Janine Stander, Asemahle M'Benny Joy Nyuka, Sherwin Luwayne Gertse, Ayesha Wilson, Esmeralda Samantha Juries, Liezl Ceasar, Juliana Jules, Marilyn Solomons Fortuin, Jenice Jansen, Elizabeth Prins, Berelise Van Vuuren, Vanessa Lottering, Chimone Lewis, Richana Anri Agus, Shirley De Jongh, Angelina Jooste, Anneline Swati, Marsha Jacobs, Berenice Cloete, Angela Palisa Malgas, Esmarelda Diedie Diedericks, Kelly Februarie, Jolene Bailey NailsandMassages AndMore, Georgina van Wyk, Corrie Arries, Mershel Mapasie, Marilyn Mohammed


The process of making our products is so beautiful! Each and every step is unique! Our spray is officially done! Now everyone who ordered and still interested in ordering, can receive their products 😀😃


We have been working till morning hours. Today we print testing our product labels 😀🙌 We very excited! We will also have a new look soon for the leave in treatment and growth spray. ❤️

Guys this is our season 🥹 and we love to have you part of it. God is truly faithful.


New products loading 😀🙏🏽


This guy’s hair is everything man 🥹 short or long hair we here for you.


Our Moisturising hair butter label is complete ✊🏽 this is a shea butter with extra flaxseed and rosemary with amazing other organic ingredients. This moisturising blend specializes in strengthening, repairing, it adds shine, promotes growth and prevents split ends. If your hair is dry, lacks moisture and is damaged. This is for you.

All our products is specially designed for both Natural and chemical processed hair ❤️ tomorrow we heading to George to get our labels print tested so that we can go ahead and get our products out by end of the month 😀


Our growth spray takes 3-4 days to make. It’s the making process, the standing process, the cooling process, the straining and bottling. Nothing can be done in 1 day. Everything takes time. This is a unique blend which makes your hair bloom! Trust the process.

We can not wait for you to try out our new products! It’s also a mission to make but we handmix everything with Love ❤️


our leave in is smooth and beautiful. Now onto our growth spray 👏🏽


We worked until 4am this morning and we still working. I know we haven’t been as active on our messages as we suppose to be, but please be patient. Currently busy getting our new products ready before the month ends. We designing our own product labels as well and oh this is a definite brain teaser. All our focus and energy goes into this.

Currently preparing ourselves to dive into our products and hand mix with love.

We have received orders, and some of our old orders of last week are still pending. we have no stock left and working really hard to get the products ready for it to be shipped off to our clients.


A short video of what I use for my hair,to get this length and to get my hair so healthy and moisturized😊❤To order yours,please contact us 067 626 0582, you can also send us an email to [email protected]🥰Or you can inbox us😊❤


Having hair confidence doesn’t come from having the perfect hair. It’s about embracing your natural hair and accepting that yours is beautiful even if its not like the next person ❤️

@NaturalAfricanQueen Design’s

Hey Sista Queens. I am a Naturalist I decided to accept and embrace my natural beauty the year 2017. 2018 I knew I had to let go of my dead damaged ends not just on my hair but also toxic damaged people. It wasn’t easy, I had so many people question my abilities, my mission that I ended up questioning myself. I knew what I wanted out of this. I now have long beautiful bra length hair! Going natural is so much more than just hair, you learn your capabilities and limitations. You get to know yourself, You gain patience and self confidence. I want that for you too! Be Natural, Embrace who you are. Love yourself, Be yours before you anyone else’s.

I decided to create a clothing line that makes you look and feel good. I have different sizes available. different design’s, kids line and now for your hubby. This is to encourage my Sista Queens, to motivate and inspire others.


Videos (show all)

A short video of what I use for my hair,to get this length and to get my hair so healthy and moisturized😊❤To order yours...
Everything is better after a haircut ❤️
The shrinkage is real and the curl definition is beautiful 😍 I cannot believe my hair still looks and feels so great aft...
Hair length check,our Natural Aloe Vera hair products is what gives me the length and moisturized hair❤☺Do send us an in...
There you guy,do sent us a message to 067 626 0582 to order,or send us an email😊❤I'm here with...
For those of you that asked what I use for my hair,the secret is out😊❤There's the plug,if we didn't get back to you yet,...
Hair length check😍🥺Our hair products does wonders🙌before,my hair only grew till a certain length,but look at that length...
Here's the plug guys☺❤You're welcome.Do send us an inbox or send a message to 067 626 0582 or email naturalafricanq@gmai...
A video of my hair growth,using our natural Aloe Vera hair products🤭The first video was my hair 3 months after my big ch...
A short video of how defined my curls are with our Aloe Vera hair leave in treatment😍🥰These products does wonders for my...
Yet another very happy client🔥😚🥵look at that growth😍😍need I say more😍🥵Our products are suitable for all hair types❤Also ...
Another update of my hair journey using the Aloe Vera hairspray and leave in treatment🔥🥵The results is just amazing😍To o...





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